TV floor stand vs TV mounts

choose tv stand or tv mount bracket in singaporeToday on like years ago the TV is almost an essential furniture piece in the house, it now even exists in virtually all rooms from the living room to the kitchen and in more popular cases the bathroom.

TV floor stand does not have any attachment to the floor; they’re just placed on the floor with an extended arm as the mount point while TV mounts can be placed in a variety of positions usually according to individuals taste or budget. Most people wonder which one would be ideal for their use, so today we’ll give the pro and con of both TV positioning and allow you to pick whichever you feel would suit you better.  At TV bracket Singapore  we can help you pick the right mount for your setup as we’re experts at delivering quality service to you.

TV floor stand

  • Moving the TV is exceptionally easy to do.
  • TV stand gives you simple access to every one of the cables should you have to reorganize them.
  • A TV stand set on a table or rack would help disguise any wires while the rack goes about as a home for other sound framework hardware.
  • An alluring table plan or bureau with drawers can be utilized in enhancing the room while as yet going about as the TV stand.
  • The TV can be effectively moved around, and position can be changed without so much issue.
  • You may not need to buy more tvs as you may move it around for share.

TV mounts

  • They are more secure for homes with kids
  • In this age where televisions are progressively dropping weight, they are more reliable to utilize.
  • TV mounts can be an expressive decision, used in improving the general perspective on the environment in which they are mounted.
  • There’s more space in the room, and the TV is anything but difficult to clean appropriately. Be that as it may, this is reliant on the mount stature.
  • Mounted TVs makes it simpler to accomplish ideal review point.

Now we know the facts; however, the question still presents itself, which one is better for my consumption? We would answer that question in two broad areas, personal use, and professional use.

Personal use; In a circumstance where you need to utilize the TV at home, there are a few factors that would become an integral factor. For instance, the reality if the home would have kids or not stands top on our rundown. Since with children present, comes the extra factor of thinking about their growth around the home. Another factor to consider is the size and weight of TV to be installed; if the TV is little and lightweight, it is prudent to utilize a wall mount than a TV stand. At long last, money becomes possibly the most crucial factor, as a homeowner, what can your spending limit oblige, this assumes an important job in helping you pick which TV mount would work for you.

We exhort that if you plan on utilizing a TV stand, it ought to be higher than the kids play zone, or there can be an outline between the TV position and the kids play zone. Anyway, it is commonly better to utilize a wall mount in homes with youngsters.

Professional use; In the workplace, the guidelines for picking TV positioning changes a bit. The critical factors in play here incorporates, accessible space, the reason for use, and in particular your financial limit. In an office where introduction happens, it is fitting to install a wall mount TV, as this would help decrease eyes and neck strain to watch the screen.

However, there are no perfect and it is all due to individual preference and situation.  Always seek for professional advise and we hope this article helps you get a better perspective of both TV brackets. If you’re still wondering which one works best for your consumption. Reach us on TV bracket Singapore  and we would gladly help you.