How to Safely Install a Television on a Wall? Buy TV Bracket in Singapore

How to Safely Install a Television on a Wall.Buy TV Bracket in SingaporeThe wall-mounted television takes limited space and looks stylish. A wide variety of TV brackets are available that give the flexibility to rotate the screen around the room for a perfect watching angle. It is more secured than putting a TV on a stand.

All modern TV has a VESA pattern for wall mounting that helps you hide messy wires to give a clean look. Putting the television on a stand needs a lot of space. Modern TVs are thin and big-sized that needs more supports and protection.

What you will need to install your TV

Before installing a television, you will need to consider the following things:

  • Stud Finder

If you do not want a TV disaster, do not install your television to drywall. Ensure the mounting to a stud for the stalest support. Firstly you will need to find studs on the wall. Studs are vertical posts that build the structure of your house. Finding studs will ensure your television will securely install on a wall. Studs hold interior drywall and wood blocks on exterior walls. The stud distance lies between 16 to 24 inches in the center. The electrical boxes for switches are attached to a stud.

  • Power Drill

You can decide to install your television with a screwdriver. We strongly recommend using a power drill to save time for TV mounting. Use a carbide-tipped masonry bit to make pilot holes in the drywall. You can also use a Phillips head drill bit to handle the mounting bolts.

  • Level

Use a level to ensure that your mounted television is perfectly level. It helps you to avoid bending the TV and extra holes in the wall.

  • TV Bracket

Buy a compatible TV bracket for your television model to mount on the wall. Check your television manual for the VESA bracket measurements. If you are unsure and need help choosing the best bracket, our support team can assist you. Check out our collection of the best TV bracket in Singapore. We offer high-quality and affordable TV mounting services in Singapore.

  • Masking tape 

Use masking tape when you locate wall studs. It is better to see than a pencil line, and you do not need to mark on your wall.

  • A friend

Big size televisions are difficult to lift. You will need someone to help you to put your television in the bracket. Take the help of your friend for the safest upshots.

The hanging cables from the television give a messy look. You need to tie wires together neatly and embed them in a cupboard. The covers are also available that suit your curtain and wall color. It is also a simple way to hide cords.

 Benefits of installing the TV on the wall

  • More space: The TV wall mounting saves space and provides a more spacious look to your room.
  • Safety: Your young children may drag the television down from the TV table. It will be a great tragedy for you and your kids. Mounting a TV on the wall is a safe way to avoid any injuries and disasters.
  • Viewing angles: You can enjoy your favorite shows from different angles.
  • Easy to clean:  It is trouble-free to pull the TV outward from the wall for cleaning dust at the backside of your television.
  • Suitability: It is hassle-free to bind the cords with full-motion TV brackets.

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