GETTING THE RIGHT VIEWING ANGLE IN YOUR LIVING ROOM TOP TIPSIf you’ve met people who mounted their TVs, you will probably hear 15 out of 20 people complaining about not being comfortable when watching TV. Any lament about the degree of neck strains they experience after completing a movie series on their favorite TV program

But then again, what is the ideal viewing angle and height to enjoy a comfortable viewing experience? Being able to answer this question correctly will save you a lot of brainstorming about ways of reducing neck strains while in front of the TV.

Imagine getting a headache, squirming, or even squinting while watching ‘The Witcher’ simply because you could not get a comfortable position to place your head while seeing the series. Now, this neck strain and the zero comfort can be a combination of both personal preference and “let’s try and see’.

Next thing to do is to read up tips on how to effectively reduce neck strains and get a comfortable viewing angle while seeing your favorite movie. This article will offer detailed tips on how to get the best viewing when mounting your TV.

Viewing Height

First things first. You should check out the proper screen size and distance for your sitting room. The perfect view is to have you’re the middle of your TV or your TV at eye level which in most cases you have a lot of people watching a program with, and it won’t be fair if the TV height is only set for a pair of eyes. Now, because of these, you would likely want to reconsider changing the position for all to see.

Several height factors go into “eye-level” which are your cushion height, the distance of the TV from your seat, your height and the height of your TV. Now, grabbing a paper and trying to run some calculations will make you go crazy and frustrated at the end of the day.

The only real test is trial and correction. First, get at least two people to help you while you try to get the perfect height, sit in your favorite spot and let your friends raise the TV incrementally till it feels right with you. Once you get that figured out, quickly mark out the spots and from there, you can carry out your mounting calculations.

No Fireplace

As beautiful as it is to mount your TV above your fireplace, it is also a very disastrous idea. First, the electronics packed inside the TV are quite fragile and sensitive and could get damaged from the intense heat that the fireplace generates.

Also, the viewing angle for your screen above the fireplace is usually uncomfortably high. However, if you insist on mounting above the fireplace, then you are going to need an adjustable mounting bracket. You won’t get a perfect position, but you will be able to tilt the TV screen to your viewing position.

Benefits of Getting the Right View Angle

Sitting down to watch the TV is one of the ways to take off your job’s stress hangovers from outgoing week and allay the fears that lie ahead of the coming week. So, getting the best view angle makes a lot of sense.

Here are a few of the benefits of getting the best viewing angle for your TV:

Eliminates neck strains: getting the best viewing takes off all forms of neck strain. I’m sure you don’t want to experience this horrible thing called neck strain; not even if you have to sit all day in front of the computer as a customer attendant in the office.

Provides comfort: you receive quality comfort while watching your favorite TV if you get the correct view angle.

Makes you Enjoy TV program: the essence of watching a TV is to enjoy the program. Neck pain can take down your interest. But a right view angle will make you want to stick to the program until the end.

Final Thoughts

The middle of your TV screen is about 10-20 inches from the bottom of the TV. So, to get that perfect viewing angle, the bottom of your TV screen should be 25 inches up the wall.

By all means, you should try and make a tiny pencil mark on the wall to all the exact positions (left, right and centre) of where the screen will be placed. Before mounting, you should hold the mount to the wall at about 15 inches up from the marks and then make new marks where the screw holes will be inserted.

Finally, provide the mount connections to the TV in the centre. Do all of these, and you will have a very comfortable viewing height. Try TV Bracket in Singapore for quality services.