MOUNTING TV BRACKET ON A METAL STUDSThere are several ways to mount your newly purchased TV, and mounting on metal studs is one of them. Mounting on metal studs can be a little tricky and challenging, but you don’t have to be discouraged about it.

You have to understand that metal studs are quite hollow and thin walls; unlike the usual wood studs, you can simply just push in the bolts and screws. Although mounting on metal studs looks rather challenging, it is possible to mount your TV to metal studs by yourself as long as you do it carefully and properly.

We have compiled a comprehensive step-by-step mounting guide to help you mount your TV on metal studs. If you follow the guide carefully, you can rest assured that your display won’t fall off the wall and get damaged.

Step 1 – Get the right Hardware.

Getting the right hardware is perhaps the first step to mounting your TV on metal studs. Unlike the usual lag bolts and screws that are the perfect hardware when you have wall studs made from woods, metal studs are quite different. Metal studs are somewhat complicated and require different hardware for proper mounting.

As earlier stated, metal studs are narrow and hollow, so you need to get strong enough hardware to support your TV’s weight. Also, when purchasing the hardware, remember to go for the ones that are not only strong enough but long enough to reach the metal studs.

Step 2 – Locate the Studs

Locating the studs is similar to the wooden studs because all you have to do is find the studs using a stud finder. However, most metal studs are about 1.25” wide, so drilling in the precise center can be critical but possible. Simply use the stud finder on the drywall at the appropriate point in which you plan to mount your TV. Next, mark the right and left edges with a marker or a pencil in different spots along the vertical plane.

Now, to get the correct edges of the studs, as you will need the exact location later, get a small drill, and use it to explore behind the wall. Don’t worry about the holes; since they will be behind the TV, they will not be possible once you are done with the project.

Step 3 – Pre-drill the holes.

The next step is to use a small drill and drill ½” point to fit the hardware; this is to ensure that the drilled hole in the center of the stud. Then, you can now use an already made TV template to check the holes on the wall. Be sure that the TV template is mounted straight, and once you get it right, you can now drill a large ½” hole correctly.

Step 4 – Attach the hardware and the Bracket.

First, you need to install the hardware vertically to ensure that they line up with the metal studs correctly. Doing this will ensure that the TV brackets sit flat on the wall, and then you can now attach the bolt and rotate it to ensure the wings open vertically. Next, be sure that the bracket is well placed, then you can now tighten the bolts. The bolts should be well secured against the metal studs and the wall.

Final Step – Attach your TV

Now, once you are don’t tightening the TV bracket safely to the wall, you can go ahead and attach your TV carefully. We highly recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.

Final Note

Mounting your expensive TV on metal studs comes at a price, and it requires some skills. The thing about is that you need to understand how to go about it.  First off, if you follow the procedure above, you can get the expected results.

However, if you feel that you cannot handle it through the DIY method but you’re still very much inclined to mount your TV on metal studs, you can always call the experts at TV BRACKET IN SINGAPORE. Our professionals are very skilled and well equipped to get the job well done for you. With TVbracketsg, you can always trust that your TV will be mounted correctly using the right materials.