Crafting A Gallery Wall Around Your TV: What To Do

Crafting A Gallery Wall Around Your TV What To Do in Singapore

Crafting A Gallery Wall Around Your TV What To Do in Singapore

We are used to having a gallery wall in the corridor passage that connects the entrance to the main house or the sitting room to the other room. It is also common for people to place the gallery wall along the staircase wall; these are perfect positions to place our pictures and art.

However, there is a new trend where gallery walls are placed around the TV. Placing a gallery wall around the TV is a perfect way to beautify the sitting room, and it is an ideal use of space, especially for those with small space.

It complements the rectangular-shaped object secured to the wall when not in use. If you are an art lover, this is a perfect way to display and admire art while enjoying your favorite TV program. So how do you create a gallery wall around your TV?

Creating a Gallery Wall format 

First, when creating the gallery wall around the TV, make sure that they blend well with the wall and do not cause obstruction to the viewing experience. Also, the wall and TV size will determine the number of frames you will put up, too much will be too distracting when the television is on.

Furthermore, you will want to avoid hanging pictures randomly to prevent having too many holes in the walls; however, this can sometimes be beautiful in the first attempt.

Use the Floor

Before you start hanging the frames up the wall, you can utilize the floor around the TV to give you a thought of how the photos will appear as though when you at long last balance them on the wall.

Snatch whatever pictures or frames you have available and need to utilize or get new ones you love and spread them out on the floor, with a space between them on the floor looking like your TV, ensuring you measure it to get the right measure of space. At that point, simply move them around on the floor to perceive what design you like.

You can transport the frames around on the floor of your room. Doing this will help you have a full layout of what the room will look like. Simply get an existing or new frame and lay it on the floor and craft a false shape of a TV. You can measure it so you can get the correct idea of the space you’ll need.

Use Paper Templates

This one is straightforward as well, and if you are stressed, you won’t like how the frames will look once they’re up on the wall, it’s the one to attempt. It encourages you to picture things directly on the wall before you hang the pictures.

This should be possible utilizing paper, magazines, brown paper, paper bags, or even smaller sheets of paper that can tape together on the off chance that you have to make a bigger part of the paper, place the frames you need to hang on them and cut out the size of the frames.

At that point, you simply tape them up on the wall utilizing a tape and adjust them as many times as you want until you like the display, then you are prepared to set up the genuine frames out of the paper layouts.

Break it Down

Just in case the first two steps seem stressful or time-consuming, you can start hanging directly on the wall. However, you will want to break things into sections; for instance, you can begin hanging frames close to the TV before all over the wall. This will prevent multiple holes in the walls and save a lot of time.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you mount your TV in a way that it will craft an attractive gallery wall near it. Doing this will create more space and enhance the aesthetics of your room. Also, having a gallery around your TV will also declutter your room and give it a better look.

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