TV Mount Vs. Cinema Center: What To Look For

TV Mount Vs. Cinema Center what to look forAre you bringing your favorite movie collection tonight, or are you tuning it to watch your favorite reality TV show? Whichever you are bringing to the table, one sure thing is the fact that everyone loves to cozy up to a lovely entertainment set-up as it gives a different relaxed experience at the end of a stressful day.

Having the perfect set-up can go a long way, lightening up the atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. Sometimes, while others feel that the entertainment set-up can be a less stressful one, others feel like going for something that stands out. After all of these, the big question is, how do I decide between a TV mount and an entertainment center?

Well, we have compiled a few pros and cons of the TV mount and Entertainment center that you should consider before making your decision.

TV Mount Pros and Cons

Are you thinking about giving your space a fresh view? Then, a new TV mount offers the best opportunity to get rid of the old one. However, different TV mounts are suitable and recommended for your television display, so let’s quickly dive into the pros and cons of the TV mount.


Compatible with Entertainment centers – do you need storage? Well, with a TV mount, you’ve got it. Using a TV mount gives you more freedom to decide the kind of furniture you want to use as you don’t have to worry about the correct viewing height.

Safety – especially with kids, TV mounts that are fixed to the wall guarantee safety as it won’t fall and cause damage.

Modern and Simple – the latest designs of TV mounts, are quite stylish while looking simple and a recommended choice for your rooms, especially where you can’t add extra furniture. Imagine having a TV in your game room, kitchen, or the children’s room.

Re-arranging option – since you can mount your TV without furniture, this gives you more options to rearrange anytime. You don’t get stuck with a fixed amount like the entertainment center that only fits one wall. You can decide to switch the furniture around or even mount your display somewhere else with a TV mount.

Superior mobility for a better viewing angle – you can get a tilting mount or a full-motion mount to be able to turn your display downward or watch from any angle in the room, respectively.


Zero Storage – with TV mounts, you enjoy more freedom with mounting your display, but you will have to decide or create a storage space for your stuff.

Concealing the wires – this is one of the reasons why many people hesitate to get a TV mount. Hiding power cables and other attachments is usually complicated most times. Hey, don’t worry, because, at, we’ve got a solution for that.

Entertainment Center Pros and cons


Fittings – these entertainment centers are quite attractive pieces of modern furniture that can give your living room a good and classic look. You can also make the entertainment centers look even more original by making them appear to be built-in.

Enough Storage – these entertainment centers are large furniture, making them easy to store enough for your media, books, décor, and toys.


It’s not safe for kids – research has shown that kids die most of the time from TV or furniture tip-over accidents. To avoid these fatalities, entertainment centers should be fixed to the wall properly.

Limited viewing angle and height – unlike the TV mount, these entertainment centers are static furniture. To change your television height, you have to add to the height of the entertainment center manually.

It’s not suitable for all environments – because of the size of these entertainment centers, they are usually not ideal for small spaces like kitchens and bedrooms. They are highly recommended for living rooms with a dedicated TV wall.

Final Thoughts

You have to be able to decide when to use an entertainment center or use a tv mount. It is best to use an entertainment center when you need enough storage space or have an exact spot to place your TV. On the other hand, you need a TV mount if you’ve got kids, a small space and don’t need extra storage.  Contact TV Bracket in Singapore Now!