Tips To Install Wall Mount By Yourself in SG

Tips To Install Wall Mount By Yourself in SingaporeHave you ever wished to install a wall mount by yourself? Do you question yourself the steps you have to take to mount your TV? There are three types of wall mount models. The models differ when it comes to Television adjustment. Some models allow you to adjust your TV to a comfortable viewing position. You should not worry about the styles of wall mount makes. Wall-mount installation is one of the easiest jobs you can do on your own. You can save hundreds of dollars just by reading through this article. This is because the article will help you get to know how to mount your TV.

Mounting your television has its advantages. This comes in that, wall mounting saves on space, increases picture visibility, and also improves the home décor.

What Are The Tools Needed In Wall Mount Installation?

You should make sure that you have everything needed for wall mount installation. To install your wall mount, you need to have the following tools.

  • A pencil

This is used in drawing or marking the appropriate height of fitting the television and the location of drilling holes.

  • A level

The level helps you adjust your wall mount to a certain leveled position of your television

  • Screwdriver

The screwdriver is used in hole drilling while fitting your wall mount

  • Tape measure

You will also need a tape measure for measuring distances and a mounting kit with all the mounting compartments such as bolts.

What are the Main Tips Used in Wall Mount Installation?

There are certain easy steps you have to follow while installing your wall mount and get the job done by yourself. Some of the tips are discussed below:

Look for the TV Bracket Fitting your TV

This is the first step in which you have to select the best among many TV brackets. Note that not all wall mounts will fit your television so there is certain information that you should confirm before choosing a wall mount. confirm your TV measurements between the holes at the back of your TV. This information is contained in the manual. You can also measure it.

Decide where to Mount your Television

You should choose the best location for your TV. this location should suit all your family members. By choosing the location, you will be able to choose the type of wall mount that fits the certain location.

Drill the Mounting Holes.

Using the screwdriver and the power drill, drill the mounting holes at the located points to mount your television.

Attach the Brackets to the TV

At this point, select the bolts that fit your television. In the case you need additional hardware, feel free to contact our customer care. You have to locate the mounting holes at the back of your TV and then attach the tv brackets to align with the mounting holes. Using the bolts provided in the mounting kit tighten them a little.

Attach the TV Bracket on the Wall

You are required to use the stud finder for the location of studs that will support your TV. Do not mount your TV on the wall with metal studs unless you want your TV broken. This is because metal studs do not hold the weight of your television mount firmly. Choose a wall without metal studs, mark the points using a pencil and use the drill to attach the brackets using the bolts in the mount kit.

Connect your Cables

This will depend on the wall mount model chosen. You should connect the cables in a creative way that one will not be able to see them. This is easier when you have chosen the fixed wall mount though you will need help from another person while fixing the cables. One will hold the Television while the other is connecting the cables.

Place the TV on the Wall

You should ask your friend to help you while fixing the television to avoid breaking your television. You should hold the television until you are sure that it is firmly locked to the wall mount.

Installation Testing

After doing all the above, it’s like you are through with the TV wall mount installation. What is remaining is just to test whether all your connections are functioning. Test all your TV connections to ensure that they are all working properly. In the case you would need some changes, you should follow the instructions given by the manufacturer till the end.

Finally, provided that you have read and understood the above steps, you are now able to install the TV wall mount by yourself. Make sure you follow all the steps. In case you need any type of wall mount, contact our customer care to get one. Remember to consider each make of wall mount and its advantages. Success as you install your TV wall bracket in Singapore.