TV Brackets – Everything You Should Know About Them In Singapore

TV Brackets – Everything You Should Know About Them In SingaporeIn the 21st century, ‘Television’ has become a household item. Today, what people are looking for is the best brand and size and not whether or not to own a TV. It is therefore, important to ensure that one is comfortable and the TV is safe while watching. TV Brackets in Singapore ensure that this is achieved and beyond. They come in different shape and features for your customized use.

Types of TV Brackets in Singapore

Moveable Brackets. They include;

Tilt Brackets

These brackets are more the same as the fixed wall except that they allows you to move your television upward or downwards. They are suitable when the TV can only be positioned high but you need to view it from a lower position. It gives you room to achieve your desired position whilst maintaining the look of a flat wall mount.

Full Motion Brackets

These brackets enable you to mount your TV in a corner. You can adjust positions to fit your desired viewing experience. They have an arm-like extension that help the TV to tilt and swivel.

Swivel Brackets

These type of brackets allow you to move your television horizontally. They are similar to fixed wall brackets but they have an extension that looks like an extended arm. The extension create the range for the movement. Some may have a slightly vertical tilt function.

Fixed Wall Bracket

These brackets are mounted in static motion on the wall.  They are firm and stable because they lay flat against the wall. You should know that once you choose these type of brackets, the TV will not move once it is mounted. It can hold any type of TV but will not work for televisions with protruding backs. Consult with TV Brackets in Singapore installation team to help you if you are unsure.  Some fixed wall brackets may be extra thin to enable the TV to get very close to the wall. However, they work well in houses with partitions since the wires need to connect from behind and be protected.

Ceiling Wall Mount

These enable you to suspend the TV from the ceiling. This can be a very painful experience and will need experts as there are many things to consider before deciding to use these type of TV mounting. It is very flexible and so you can move the TV in different positions for the best viewing results.

Benefits of TV Brackets in Singapore

The company has an efficient team which you can reach out to for help in case you get stuck. The customer care is responsive, efficient and friendly.  Technicians are always on standby to inform you more about the installation process and install it for you.

They come in different sizes therefore you can mount a TV of your choice without worrying about the size. They are made of solid materials and therefore strong enough to hold the weight. The brackets are made considering the material, function and design to give the user a quality product.

Mounting your television with TV Brackets in Singapore will make your house look tidier, spacious and feel more organized.

With our different types of brackets, you can decide where to put your television and achieve the best viewing position and the room style you desire.


Deciding on which bracket fits best for you can be draining. You need to consider a number of factors. Have a picture of how you want your room to look like, where you want the TV to be positioned and if you will need to adjust it. Each bracket has its unique functions. It is always helpful to have an experienced friend to help you through this. TV Brackets in Singapore are what you need to make the best choice. We have experts who are ready to walk with you on that path and tell you make the right decision. We will ensure you get back the value of your money and time. Installing the brackets may seem simple but you may end up having to pay more than you planned. To avoid unnecessary costs, we have a team of experts who will install for you at a friendly fee.

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