How to Choose Best TV Wall Mounts – Marketing Guide

How to Choose Best TV Wall Mounts - Marketing Guide in Singapore

High-definition televisions are flat and suitable to fix efficiently on a wall, which can preserve a lot of space in your room or bedroom. It is well-known that the TV wall mount varies in size and quality. The most reliable TV wall mounts allow rotation of television in multiple angles.

The TV wall bracket is fastening between the television and wall. Both are important in choosing the suitable television mount bracket for a specific location. If you want to mount TV to drywall, must find studs to fix the bracket in a proper location, while the brick wall is a little more flexible. You need to know some important factors before buying a television wall mount.

Check Specifications of your LCD TV 

Buy a TV wall mount that fits the exact specifications of your LCD television. Most wall mounts are designed to accommodate the specific size and weight of televisions. If your TV wall mount can hardly carry up to a 32-inch television and you place a 50-inch TV on it, there is a great possibility that your precious television will fall on the floor and crashed. Ensure the wall mount specifications and purchase one that can sustain the weight and size of your television set.

Choose a Suitable TV Wall Mount Model

Make clear whether you need a swivel or fixed TV wall mount. The fixed mount does not rotate it may be pleasant sometimes to have a TV that remains on the wall and doesn’t turn angle, while a swivel mount can be useful for rotation at different angles.

Decide Position to Fix TV mount

Some TV wall mounts fasten the television adjacent to the wall like a photo mounting, while other wall mounts have a handle that holds the television away from the wall. Determine the exact position in your home to fix the wall mount for the perfect viewing angle.

Consider the Price of TV Wall Mount 

Ensure price so that you don’t overpay for a television wall mount but meanwhile consider the quality and features for your desired model, don’t buy a low-quality TV mount. The prices of television wall mounts vary from model to model.

TV Wall Mount Installing Tip

Think about purchasing some tool to cover cables through the wall, to modernize the appearance of your living room. Drill some holes next to each other in a selected place to instantly observe what sort of wall without damaging the wall.

Mounting the TV to the Wall

Usually, TV wall mounts are slightly simple to install, although it’s smart to take help to move a massive television into position. Typically, you’ll turn mounting tubes opposite to the television, and then twist the mount’s center to the wall. It is important to fasten the mount to wall studs. Eventually, you will install the wall mount.

To hide the wires hanging from the television in a wire covered the cords into the wall. So, you may need to consult installers to cut a small shutter into the wall near the electrical plug at the ground level where the cords emerge from the wall into the socket.

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Final Thoughts

It is necessary to compare market prices before you buy a TV wall mount. Otherwise, you might purchase one that’s not fit for the available place in your home. To install a television wall mount you need to know what kinds of TV mount are suitable for a proper viewing experience.

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