Do TV Mounts Come With Screws

Do TV Mounts Come With Screws in packagingGetting to decide on the right wall mount for your television can be a lot of work most times, especially when you have to figure out which is the right one. Do you think that the holes in the TV bracket are lined up properly for your display? Do you think you can hang your display yourself?

You’re also worried about whether or not the TV wall mounts are designed with screws. What about the concern about whether the screws fit your television appropriately? Where do I even start?

In this guide, I will be presenting to you how having mounts with proper screws is a necessary part of the whole process.

So, the big question which is “do TV mount made with screws? Of course, TV mounts are supposed to come with screws to attach the display to the bracket and the bracket to the wall as well.

However, the screws that are provided for the attachment of the TV to the bracket are quite different from the ones provided to attach the bracket to the wall.

Should TV Mount Screws be Universal?

We’re agreed that TV mounts often come with screws. The next idea is to figure out whether or not the screws that come with your TV mounts are designed to fit all or most mounts.

So, if you’re worried about the universality of TV mounts screws, the worry will end here. Don’t forget TV mount screws are essentially meant to fasten your TV screen to the bracket. So, they are expected to be universal. But here’s the caveat: your TV mount screws can only be universal if they come in the same VESA size.

What does VESA mean? VESA stands for ‘Video Electronics Standard’. The idea is to come up with a standard specification for measuring and locating. This is the standard that all manufacturers of TV use to make it easy to mount the TV to the wall.

What Screw Size is Recommended for Mounting TV?

To know the sized screws that fit your TV mount, you have to know that different TVs come with different screws. The interesting thing is that VESA-compatible wall mounts feature a range of sized screws that are suitable for different specific sized TVs. This makes guesswork or approximated measurement easier. Once you can figure out the length between your TV holes, it becomes easy to guess the mount that will work right for it. you can measure the holes vertically or horizontally, and they should be taken in metric units.

To know if your TV or screw complies with VESA, you will need to measure the space between each of the four holes that the TV screws will occupy at the back of your TV. The length will inform your decision on the type and size of mount you’ll buy.

Typically, VESA screws are TV screws that are compatible with VESA specifications in terms of dimensions (length and diameter). Generally, you have the M8 and M10 VESA screws. The M8 screw refers to screws or bolts with a diameter of 8 metrics while the M10 means that your bolt or screw.

For instance, if you have a screw dimension of M4 x 8MM, the hole pattern will be 75mm x 35mm. The M4 x 10MM screw will work with a 100MM x 100MM hole pattern, and so on.

Your TV mount Screws and the Wall 

Placing your TV mounts on the wall can ruin walls. This is because these big brackets that are attached to the wall hold up to 100lbs or even more, depending on the television size. The only thing to reduce the damage that mounting TV mounts can cause is that when installing the mount, you should ensure that you span at least one or more studs to attach to. Spanning at least one will help prevent the bracket from causing serious damage to the wall.

Damage can occur because the screws, the lag bolts, and the studs will be screwed into the wall. In essence, you cannot fix the TV mount and get away with making screw holes on the walls. However, the damage caused by these mounts can be easily fixed. All you need to fix the wall is a bit of drywall mud, some paint, and the wall will go back to being new.

Final Thoughts 

On a final note, you need to understand that screws are usually provided when you get a wall mount of different sizes because a bracket can hold various sizes of TV displays. I hope with this post; you have able to get answers to the various questions regarding TV bracket in Singapore with screws. Do you need to go shopping for new TV mounts? Then just contact us at for top-quality wall mounts.