Is Mounting a TV without Studs Possible

Is Mounting a TV without Studs Possible in SingaporeDo you have studs on your wall and you have decided not to use them? Do you still want to save some space in your room by mounting your television on the wall? Do you think any of these are possible? Do you want answers to the big question? Can I possibly mount my TV without using studs?

Well, the answer is straight forward. Yes! You can mount your TV without studs; you can use any of the following; anchors, toggle anchors, ceiling mounts, mounting plates, and other mounting options that are available. Although, before making the decision, you have to first remind yourself of the TV’s size and weight to select just the right choice.

You will agree with me that mounting a TV without studs can be overwhelming most times. Although, there are plenty of options for you to choose from and if you desire to know your options, just keep reading and find out more information.


This is one of the easiest ways to mount just anything on the walls while looking for a stud. These anchors work differently to keep the attached screws from slipping out of their holes which may damage the wall.

Toggle Anchors

These anchors or bolts look like the normal screws we are familiar with; the only difference is just the butterfly toggle attached to the end. How does this work? Toggle anchors function by anchoring to the wall when placed into the wall. Applying any sort of force or pulling at the screw has zero effect as the toggle anchors forces the wall to resist rather than just crumble to the core.

Molly Bolts

Molly Bolts are a bit harder to use than the toggle anchors but quite sturdy and highly recommended for both medium and heavy loads. These bolts come in two types, the pointed and unpointed molly bolts.

Now, the pointed molly bolts are designed with a sharp tip and can be installed into the wall with just a gentle but forceful tap with a hammer. While the pointed bolts are usually recommended for plaster walls, they only require cutting out an installation hole first before inserting them.

Both bolts will remain thin if left untightened, but once they get tightened into the walls, the sleeves gradually expand which creates an anchor to the back of your wall. If you recall, this seems quite similar to the mechanism of the toggle anchors. Finally, once the molly bots are fully anchored, you can now remove the screws and replace the screws with that of your TV wall mount.

Mounting Plates

You can also consider mounting your TV mount with a clean mounting plate or a cleat made from plywood/metal. These mounting plates are usually placed behind any TV and screwed into the wall using the anchor screws listed above. The idea behind the mounting plate is that it adds extra anchor points and creates more surface area to carry the weight of the mount and display.

Things to note when mounting without studs

There are several things to carefully note if you are going to mount your TV mount without studs.

TV’s weight 

Be mindful of the amount of pounds your television is featuring. For example, a 32-inch TV will weigh up to 30 pounds, so when picking anchors, pick the ones that are capable of taking that weight.

Your Wall’s condition 

Before mounting any TV mount on the wall and if you want any of these listed methods to work for you, be sure that your wall is in good condition. A wall that is falling apart is not safe for any mounting process.

The quality and type of the mount 

There are different specifications for various mounts, and you have to put these specifications in mind before going through any of the listed methods. Also, it is up to you to select the kind of mount that is best for you. However, keep in mind that for fixed and moving mounts, anchors mounting are highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we have concluded that mounting a TV without using studs is very possible. So, with these methods, you can save more space by mounting your TV and also save your wall of some stress as well. Need some help with that, you can always visit for assistance as we are always available.