Which One Do You Prefer? Wall Mount Or Stand Mount

Do You Prefer Wall Mount Or Stand Mount in SingaporeAt tv bracket, we offer the best service when it comes to TV installation. Lately, it has come to our notice that some customers are finding it hard to decide the type of installation they should go for.  And that is why we come up with this article to help our client ease their doubts and worries.

There are numbers of reasons to consider when mounting TV.  This could range from new product or brand, larger size, better view, more sophisticated features etc.  With each of these reasons comes Peculiar needs and installation methods and in this article we would be checking them out one after the other.

Wall Mount:

Wall mount as the name implies means to directly fix the TV on a wall, whether in the living room or bedroom to an angle that would pose no inconvenience.

To fix a TV on the wall requires a bit of effort as one would need to drill some holes and fix some screws. However, if you are not all that knowledgeable in that area, you might get a professional to get it done at  a token. This is what we do most excellently at tv bracket. Most TVs today come with the option to wall mount, with a basic low-profile mount usually included in the TV box.

Furthermore, many TV manufacturer will offer free wall-mounted installation with your purchase, so you only need to be patient and wait for the tech guys to come over and fix it for you.  If waiting for the tech guys would pose a problem, you could purchase an aftermarket wall-mount separately and get it installed yourself.

Merit Of Wall Mount:

One of the merits of wall mounting your TV is that it saves space. There is absolutely no need for a table or any plain surface to place the TV on, this is especially helpful in a small spaced room or apartment. You can also choose precisely how high on the wall you want the TV.

Wall mounting also removes the problem of size; you no longer have to worry about the TV fitting in the space you have, as long as your wall is large enough for the TV. You can therefore have a larger screen size, without fussing about how you will have to place it in your viewing room.

Demerits Of Wall Mount:

As awesome as this method is, it comes with some disadvantages.

One, it often requires professional installation and this could add to the original cost of it all. Second, if not properly fixed, it could come undone and get the TV damaged.

Another demerit is that, Wall mounting obstructs the Accessibility of the port. This also means that other additional equipments like DVD player, gaming console etc. will need extra space to stay on.

Stand Mount:

Stand mount unlike the wall mount is the easiest and almost the quickest way to set up your TV. Stand mounting or table mounting requires putting your TV on a flat surface. This is usually a TV stand or table of moderate height and size which will raise the TV to a reasonable level for you to watch. Most flat-screen TVs today — whether LED (Light emitting diode) or OLED(organic light emitting diode) or Plasma — come with a base stand, which holds the TV upright and firm.

These method can be executed at home quickly with just home tools. If you have a table or TV stand already in place, you can efficiently place the TV onto it and get going immediately. The TV remains stable on top of the stand, and the distance can also be altered from the wall, cables unlike the wall mount can be fitted in easily and other equipment to use with it can be placed by it.

Merit Of Stand Mount:

One of the obvious advantage is the accessible ports. Also, it can be moved from one place to another. It allows for easy cleaning. The remaining space on the table can also be used for other equipment like a set-top box, Blue Ray player, gaming console, or sound bar.

Demerits Of Stand Mount:

Stand mount takes space that could otherwise be used for other things.  This method also makes accessible for toddlers and pets that could topple it over since it would not be as firm and this could damage the TV or even hurt someone.

 In all, tv bracket in Singapore gives the best of TV installation in Singapore and we know what to do incase something goes wrong. Check us out today at https://www.tvbracketsg.com/blog/.