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Different Types of TV Wall Mounts

Different Types of TV Wall Mounts You Must KnowTelevision has been man’s partner for entertainment. It has come in different angles. The modern world has put TV into different aura. Modern televisions are mounted in a wall through a bracket. This article will present you the different types of TV wall mounts that will surely suit your taste. Also, this content will introduce you the ideal and different wall mounts that are often used in Singapore-one of the most active countries in terms of elevating the brand of modernization. Get inspired by how these different TV brackets in Singapore change the landscape of every Singaporean home.

It is undeniable that television becomes a source of entertainment for every household around the globe. This binds the family as it creates a bond in the form of watching TV series, Netflix, and other entertainment platforms. What makes television a picture of modernity is the fact that it has undergone a facelift.

As observed, TVs are not anymore just display in the usual set up. This time, they are levelled up and the modern world has brought this appliance into higher level- the use of wall mount as a medium of displaying television. Let us all be set to enumerate the different types of TV wall mounts that will give a modern atmosphere to your home sweet home. Furthermore, be acquainted on this different TV brackets in Singapore, something that will inspire the whole world to emulate the ways of one of the outstanding countries in terms of technological advancement.

The Fixed TV Wall Mount

Are you having a hard time choosing for a bracket that will surely hold a tight grip to your flat screen direct onto the wall? The fixed TV wall mount is surely the right remedy to this.

This is a TV bracket in Singapore which has a feature of putting the TV stick closer to the wall without it having to stand out too much. Known as the low profile or flat TV wall mount, this is the simplest and most basic design for your television.

So, if you feel like simplicity is the atmosphere your home is looking forward to, then this one is suitable for you.

The Tilting TV Wall Mount

Television provides an entertainment in the form of a still appliance, what more if it can be tilted? This is how tilting TV wall mount works.

This type of TV bracket in Singapore gives you a 15° entertainment experience. By tilting the appliance, the degree of adjustment on your part will be less as the TV can be tilted according to your convenience.  Just do not forget that it can vary from model to model.

This bracket gives the user the chance to adjust the vertical angles of the TV without any hassle. This can be very convenient because there might be necessity of installing TV much higher up the wall.

Take note that adjusting the angles would be very significant in this situation.

The Articulating TV Wall Mount

Have you had a problem of straining your eyes because you’re watching your favourite show in a television where the position cannot be manipulated? Or do you have the vision of carrying a TV set in such a way that it can be tilted in different angles and can be moved up, down, or left to right? If so, then the articulating TV wall mount best suits your taste.

This bracket comes in a handy full degree of motion and its most convenient if you feel like changing positions while watching your favourite TV shows.

This TV wall mount features the swivelling motion of the TV set. It signifies that you can easily pull it away from the wall without the need to remove the television set at all.

The TV bracket gives entertainment and convenience rolled into one.


There is nothing wrong about investing convenience within the reach of your home. And television can be your tool to experience this atmosphere. Choosing the right TV wall mount designs for your home is tantamount to giving yourself the biggest favour.

Remember that television has become a source of entertainment to different households worldwide. Giving it a different face will surely level up the bonding of the family.

The introduced TV brackets in Singapore has given you the idea of how you will remake your home into an ambiance where convenience and entertainment cross paths. Choosing the right wall mount is like giving your family a bonding they truly deserve.

With these mentioned TV wall mounts, it is undeniable that you become the master of your own entertainment.

Five Health Benefits You Will Get from TV Brackets in Singapore

Five Health Benefits You Will Get from TV Brackets in SingaporeSingaporean TV mounts can definitely help you gain a lot more health benefits down the line. How so? This is because it promotes a lot of experience and flexibility especially when it comes to installation. Aside from this, you will also get to enjoy comfortable family viewing without having to strain your eyes because of the distance.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of using a TV bracket in Singapore to your health? Fortunately, these paragraphs can help you understand what you can expect from these products in terms of overall physical and mental benefits. Please don’t hesitate to continue reading to learn more.

It Provides an Opportunity for Physical Exercise

First off, you will be able to get exercise if you try to install the TV mount on your own. Most of the time, TV mounts are installed on the walls. This means that anyone who would install them is required to stand up at regular intervals to be able to reach the designated location for the TV mount or bracket.

As we all know, standing up as a good form of exercise as well as walking around the house which you would have to do if you want to position your TV right. It can also give you an opportunity to develop your arm muscles because of repetitive action.

The Product Urges You to Think

Another health benefit that you will get from a TV bracket in Singapore is the mental exercise that it provides. This holds true especially if you are going to install the contraption yourself. By reading the instructions from the manual and try to understand which screw goes where, you will be giving herself a mental exercise without even knowing it.

It Prevents Boredom

In addition to this, installing TV brackets whether on the walls or above the fireplace is a good way to pass the time. During quarantine, one of the most prevalent problems that people go through would be boredom. If you tried to install your TV bracket for just a few hours a day, you will not realize that you have already spend your time wisely and productively by working on your equipment.

This will then keep your mind from wandering in getting bored out of its wits.

You Will Learn a Lot About Equipment Maintenance

The fourth health benefit that you will get from this particular tool is the fact that you will learn a lot about overall equipment maintenance just by installing this product. By reading the manuals that come with the machine, you will be able to learn how to take care of the bracket without much difficulty. If you are able to maintain your bracket, you will extend its life and usability.

This will allow you to save more money and protect you from any unwanted damage that can endanger not only are left with your family’s as well.

It Is A Good Way to Relax and Meditate

As for the last benefit, a standard Singaporean TV bracket can give you a great way to relax and meditate. How so? If you are able to install your TV bracket and your television set, you will gain access to programs that can distract you from the hustle and bustle of real life from time to time. This is a good way to relax and enjoy yourself while in the comfort of your own home.

This is also why TV brackets from Singapore are generally considered as good investment. Most of these products are extremely durable and can last for very long time. You wouldn’t have to worry about both internal and external damage even after prolonged usage.

The Conclusion

This means that your family will be safe from harm even after you install the TV bracket on to the wall. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a shot. I am sure that you will not regret trying to install your favorite TV bracket in Singapore as soon as possible.

Speaking of a TV bracket in Singapore, it would be best for you to get your own merchandise from a company that provides reliable supplies. In this regard, TV Bracket SG can help you find the best bracket designs for your own needs down the line. All you have to do is to love onto the website and they will be able to provide everything that you are looking for.

Why wait? Go ahead and visit the website now. You will never regret your decision to do so.

Do-It-Yourself Methods to Place TV Brackets on your Wall

Tools If Do-It-Yourself Methods to Place TV Brackets on your WallThese days, having a flat-screen TV is seen more as a necessity than an option. Compared to previous-generation TV sets, it touts more technological and environmental benefits. It also improves a house’s aesthetics and makes it look more livable. However, these benefits come at a much more expensive cost, which makes proper installation necessary. Improper installation of TV brackets or wall mounts can affect both viewing experience and the house’s integral structure. However, it is also possible to DIY installing a TV bracket in Singapore. All you need to have are the right tools and the right measurements.

Measure Properly

It takes quite a lot of effort to measure dimensions properly; there must be minimal margins of error. Otherwise, the TV bracket would not fit on the wall, which could render your flat screen unusable. You can draw up a sketch of your living room where a TV bracket in Singapore would be installed. Do not forget to include the dimensions where an approximate space would be allotted for the TV. If you only allot enough space for the TV bracket it would look impractical for the living room. That’s why it is necessary to allot enough space to cover the TV dimensions with some allowance.

Also, take note of the height where you would place your TV mount. A standard benchmark is to gauge the height of the center of the TV relative to your sitting height. If you are using a tilting TV bracket in Singapore, you can place it a few centimeters higher.

Lastly, prepare all the necessary tools and equipment needed to install a TV bracket. You must include a screwdriver, a wrench, a cordless drill, a tape measure, a utility knife, and a stud finder. Prepare extra screws and bolts as necessary, especially if the TV bracket does not have a mounting kit.

Use Stud Finders

Now that you have prepared the measurements before installing a TV bracket, use a stud finder. It can locate studs in the wall and help prevent accidental hole-drilling. Sometimes, electricity-related accidents occur because holes were drilled where wires occupied the space. Usually, electronic stud finders are used, as they can determine whether the area behind the wall has high dielectric constant.

Mark Dimensions Properly

Part of proper measuring is marking where the holes would be drilled. For one, it ensures that the house’s structural integrity is not compromised. Also, it prevents the error of installing a TV bracket which looks unaligned. If this is not done, the measurements could get messed up pretty easily. Another important thing about marking dimensions is that it also helps prevent additional measurement changes. Therefore, it is necessary that once you identify where you would install your TV bracket, mark it well.

Know Your TV Bracket Specifications

It is not enough to just buy a TV bracket without knowing important details. These include the size and weight of the TV and the size of the bracket holes. Without knowing these factors, the flat screen could become unusable. Also, make sure that you choose TV brackets wisely. Usually they have properties that support TV screens up to this size and weight.

They also have holes with which you need to adjust your screw and bolt sizes accordingly. A nice suggestion is to buy screws, nuts, and bolts whose diameters are slightly smaller than that of the hole. If the screws or bolts are much smaller than the hole, the TV bracket would not support the TV properly.

Choose Us for your TV Bracket Installation Concerns

We understand it is tempting to buy a TV bracket just because we got ourselves a brand-new TV. However, without taking precaution, it would end up costing much more if you decide to go DIY without being careful. That’s why we are here to service your TV bracket installation at an affordable rate.

Our company manufactures top-of-the-line TV brackets in Singapore. Whenever you buy one, you can also avail of our complementary installation package. Your TV bracket comes with its own mounting kit and other additional tools. For a small additional fee, our professional staff will take care of your installation concerns.

By reading this article you may think that TV bracket installation looks easy and can be done quickly. However, usually issues arise if things are not done professionally. We are composed of dedicated team members who can solve your issues immediately. Our company is trusted and duly registered with more than 6 years of operation. To us, customer satisfaction and feedback are very much appreciated. Call or message us now!


your tv bracket adjustable type choices in singaporeHave you been in a conference room during a presentation, and the screen seems too far for everyone to get the message comfortably? I know you’ve been in one. At TVBracketSG, our mounts are portable and built to bear the weight of your TV. To have the ability to move your display around to whatever position you want is very important in several scenarios. For instance, a trade show, you can easily set up and move to the most optimal spot, and for the classroom, you can also wheel the stand in and out whenever it is required.

Our range of large TV mobile stands gives our clients the freedom to take your presentation wherever you want. You can go making that presentation without any failure and damaged units and be totally confident because we only stock top quality TV mobile stands in the market.

Our stands also come with space for other TV components, and the varying sizes of stands are discussed below. We have the small, medium, and the large size for you to select from depending on your display dimensions and weight.

The 1.6m stand is ideal for a TV of 32″ to 65″ and a weight limit of 50kg. It complies with the VESA distance of 660mm × 430mm and has a tilt of approximately -15° to +15°. It has a mounting height of 1.3m to 1.5m and a base size of 910mm by 680mm.

Special Features:

  • The height and shelf are adjustable and

The 1.8m stand is suitable for TV sizes of 32″ to 65″ and a weight of 50kg. It has a 660mm x 430mm (Max) and a tilt of -15º ~ + 15º. It has a mounting height of 1.5m to 1.7m, which is the adjustable and base size of 910 x 680mm.

Special Features:

  • This mobile stand is correctly built for conferences

Our KLC151 stand fits TV sizes if 32″ to 65″ and a weight of 45kg. It complies with VESA distance of 100x100mm to 600x400mm and has no tilt. It has a height adjustment of 1030mm(40.5″) ~ 1530mm (60.2″).

Special Features:

  • Base size of 850mm x 600mm

Our KLC181 stand is for TV sizes of 55″ – 80″ and a weight limit of 90.9kg. It complies with VESA distance of 100x100mm to 800x500mm and has no tilt. It has a height adjustment of 1350mm – 1650mm and a base size 1000mm x 680mm

Special Features:

  • It is black and has both wheel lock and cable management.

Our heavy-duty stand is for TV sizes of 60″ to 100″ and a weight of 90.9kg. It complies with VESA distance of 200x200mm to 1000x600mm and has no tilt. It has an adjustable height of 1390mm(54.7″) ~ 1740mm (68.5″) and a base size of 1305mm x 669mm.

Special Feature:

  • It has a wheel lock mechanism and cable management.

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When we operate, we sell only the best quality products as that is our highest priority for our customers.

Who is not enthused when they see a good brand? Patronize TVBracketSG for

  • Affordable prices

The unit the cost of our products doesn’t come cheap but it is highly affordable. At TVBracketSG, we offer reasonably priced products and services and we ensure that the products and services we offer are worth the fees we charge you.

  • Durable and Solid materials

Every one of the mounts you see on our website has been designed with quality and solid materials at the front and center of the mind. Our TV Mobile Stand is of good quality, durable. With our TV Mobile Stand, you are able to move your TV to your comfortable position.

  • Quality craft.

At TVBracket, we are thoughtful and creative in our ergonomic design. We understand that every office should be able to gain access to an active work environment and we endure that happens.

Apart from the above listed, we also deliver the TV mobile stand to your doorstep as we have readily trained and experts who will ensure that your products get your doorstep safely and in one piece.


You shouldn’t wait until the ships are down before you identify the brand with the best features and identity. Your home deserves the best electronics and electronic accessories. Of course, these have to come from a reliable brand with proven experience, and TVBracketSG – The TV Bracket in Singapore is the deal.


NEW FASHION WITH SPECIAL DESIGN_tv bracket singaporeThe undercabinet mount is ideal in a situation where there is little or no space on the walls or when you desire to have a television in your kitchen or some under space under a cabinet. The mount is made of solid material to better support your TV while giving your space a facelift as with the undercabinet mount, and your TV has the appearance of floating.

At TVBracketSG, our mount makes your environment a safer place to be due to the wires being tucked away. It reduces the occurrence of accidents such as tripping over cables, electric shock and does away with the cluttered appearance wires tend to give. The undercabinet mount properly utilizes space while ensuring the comfort of viewers.

With our under cabinet mount, comfort is guaranteed as it can be swiveled to your desired position. This will reduce the incidence of strain on your back, neck, and reflections from the TV screen.  However, this under cabinet mount is made from sturdy material, with excellent coatings, and it is a perfect fit for small TV sets.

Our under cabinet TV mount is a great space saver and organizer for your home and workspace. The mount keeps your display out of sight from the reach of children until you want it. You can fit it under a cabinet to make viewing your TV display more convenient and more comfortable. Our under cabinet mount swiveling feature makes picking the perfect position even more easier.

Our mount is retractable and can be folded flat against the cabinet. It has a 90° tilt and can also be extended downwards. It is suitable for 13″ to 27″ LCD TV, LED, Monitor, flat screens, and other TV sets. More importantly, it complies with VESA regulations of 100mm by 100mm.

Special Features:

  • It’s is made with quality material
  • It perfectly holds and fit your Tv screen
  • It meets the required standard
  • It’s the best under cabinet mount in the market

Call To Action

You can’t help but embrace the incredible opportunities buyers are leveraging with the superior services of TVBracketSG. You can purchase your undercabinet mount from this brand and get a great reward for value.

         Quality products in our store

Every one of our under cabinet mounts has been designed with quality and solid materials. Our under cabinet mounts are of good quality, durable and safe for both residential use. With our mounts, you are able to mount your TV to your comfortable viewing angle and with a classic look.

         Excellent delivery

We also offer speedy and excellent delivery services for our products. We have well trained professional drivers and teams to deliver the products safely and in one piece as well as install the under cabinet mount safely and excellently.

         Experienced technicians

We have a team of well experienced, reliable, professional, and locally-based people understand who know exactly their work and are capable and trained to attend to your needs.

         Affordable prices

Our under cabinet mounts are valuable products but with a reasonable amount. At TVBracketSG, we offer affordably priced products and services and we ensure that the products and services we offer are worth the amount we charge you.

         Swift to customer needs

We have a team of well experienced, reliable, professional, and locally-based people that are ready to offer quality and top customers and meet our client’s requirements and expectations. We are customer-friendly and are able to deliver quality and professional workmanship as well as giving professional recommendations and advice to our clients on selecting the most suitable under cabinet mount.

         Other special packages to our customers

We also offer special packages to our loyal and potential customers. We offer customized professional recommendations and installation services for our clients. For more details, check TVBracketSG – The TV Bracket in Singapore.


Your home should receive the best treat as you do to your body. So, the same way you search for the best health service provider, you shouldn’t relent on the brand that supplies your undercabinet mount.

Interestingly, TVBracketSG offers you a range of sizes, colors, and shapes at a price that won’t eat deep into your budget. Never barter quality for numbers. After all, every good thing comes at a price.


The use of computers both at home and in the workplace is now commonplace. Most people have their monitors on the regular fixed mount, which is almost always at an impossible angle for convenience. Usually, a computer monitor that is fixed at the wrong angle can be the reason for the never-ending shoulder, back, and neck ache. Continual use of such systems for a long time can result in discomfort, such as neck pain, back, and joint pains.

To enjoy the best work posture, the top of your monitor screen should always be at your eye level and the best way to achieve that is to grab our monitor mount which comes in two different forms. With our monitor mount, your comfort is guaranteed. The mount is flexible, which means that the position of the screen can be changed – it can be tilted and rotated. This flexibility reduces the strain on your eyes, neck, and back while also increasing your productivity. The adjustable height makes for an improved posture and general comfort.

They are the perfect option for anyone who intends to choose between sitting and standing work positions and still get a free workstation by creating more space on the desk.

At TVBracketSG, our mounts come in two forms – single and double. The dual mount lets you display two screens on one stand, which both saves space and increases your efficiency.  Both mount types make for a neat workspace as the cables are tucked out of view. Our mounts are sturdy while giving your space the air of sophistication.

The Single Mount

fits most 17″-27″ flat panel display. It has a VESA compliance of 75×75, 100×100 mm, and a tilt angle of +35° to -50°. The loading capacity is incredible, making it one of the most durable options on the market.

It is also designed to withstand the elements and deliver optimally, and under extreme weather conditions, it won’t bend or bulge.

Key Features:

  • It can support a load of 4.4 to 14.3 lbs (2 – 6.5 kg).
  • It is black, with a rotation of 360° and a swivel of 180°+.
  • It is easy to set up
  • It can mount sizably large monitors

Dual Mount

The dual mount fits most 17″-27″ flat panel display. It is VESA compliant – 75×75, 100×100 mm, and has a tilt angle of +35° to -50°. It is black with a rotation of 360° and a swivel of 180°+. As you would expect from a solidly-built and durable mount, the dual mount from TVBracketSG comes in handy in almost every feature.

Key Features:

  • It can support a load of 4.4 to 14.3 lbs (2 – 6.5 kg) per arm.
  • It can easily be tilted and rotated.
  • Easy to install
  • It allows independent movement of each arm

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Visit TVBracketSG for:

  • Affordable prices – we provide valued products and services at a very reasonable price.
  • Technical support – our team of professionals provides world-class support for our every client. Our representatives give in-person help in selecting and providing a solution that meets our client’s exact needs.
  • Excellent product delivery – our delivery team is a group of experts in what they do and are trained to deliver your products safely.
  • Quality materials – we deal with top quality materials to go beyond our client’s expectations.

Your Next Step

  • Have a chit chat with TV Bracket Singapore team about your unique needs
  • Schedule a meeting with our professionals
  • Evaluate the most suitable recommendations
  • Discuss with our teams, features, and price
  • Off you go with your effective monitor mount
  • Want a custom solution or further enquires? Check TVBracketSG for more details.


The best way to enjoy any display at a comfortable eye level is to get a monitor mount with adjustable height and angle capabilities. With our monitor mount, you will be able to minimize the stress on the back, shoulder, and neck and also ensure your station doesn’t look too clustered. Do you prefer sitting or standing while working? Whichever one you decide to go for, our cutting-edge monitor mounts will definitely meet your needs. The mount comes with mounting options with features that give you the privilege of setting up your workstation however you decide.

The ball is right here in your court to make an informed decision for the best monitor mount. TVBrackets is the right place to be. You won’t regret any action using this incredible distributor to equip your house.


Tips to Find the Best Company for Your TV Mobile Stand Installation

Singapore Tips to Find the Best Company for Your TV Mobile Stand InstallationEveryone loves walking into a living room with a very appealing couch and a very large fine screen. The thought of picking up the remote and sinking into the couch to enjoy watching the TV cannot be defeated. However, this thought can never be a reality if your TV is still sitting in a corner of your living room. You must be tired of being restricted to one sitting position because you want to watch the TV. This is why you need a TV mobile stand installation.

The benefit of having your TV on the wall cannot be overemphasized.  First, your TV is safe from quick destruction, safe for kids to be in your home and it makes your living room very presentable. To achieve a TV mobile stand installation, you might just need a TV bracket or a company like TV bracket in Singapore. TV brackets are those metals that you hang your TV on. Now, some TVs come with these brackets which are fine. But if you want to enjoy your TV with flexibility, that TV bracket may not be enough. There are varieties of TV brackets; you can get any type from TV bracket in Singapore.

Now, once you have gotten your TV bracket, you can choose to do your TV installation yourself or hire a company that can do the installation professionally. It is fine if you choose to do the installation yourself, but to ensure that it is properly done, it is advised that you hire a company.

It would be a tragedy to have your beautiful HDTV crash into the floor after you did a lot of job screwing it into the wall like the manual said you should. It is even sadder when you pay a freelancer who promised that he knew what he was doing but your wall and your TV gets spoilt. To avoid all these stress, here are some tips to help you find the best company for your TV installation.

How to Find the Best Company for Your TV Mobile Stand Installation

It is always a wise option to hire a company. Companies have professionals that will handle your property with care. They do not just put your TV anywhere as an unprofessional freelancer would. As a professional, insights to help you find the perfect spot for your TV are offered. They consider the lighting of your room and the shape of your living room. You possibly did not know that the arrangement of your furniture goes a long way to the location of your TV. This is why companies like TV bracket in Singapore are a great option to consider if you want a perfect installation.

However, you should look out for these tips when you want to hire a TV installation company.

Accurate Scheduling

A good company should be able to work with your schedule. They should be able to come to your aid as soon as you need them. Imagine you have a match to watch or even a romantic date in a few hours but you need your TV installed. You should reach the company that will come to your aid come rain, come sunshine. At TV bracket in Singapore, accuracy is guaranteed. They come to your aid as soon as you call.


It would be a disappointment to hire a company and end up with a terrible installation. Beware of unprofessional freelancers that claim to be a company or under a company. TV bracket in Singapore is a trusted company, so put your mind at rest and put a call through. They give consultancy in addition to the service we provide.


People run away from hiring a company because they are scared that they charge high. They believe that if they go through the stress of trying to hire a company, the prices will make them regret their actions. However, this is just a paranoid feeling, hiring professionals is quite affordable. This is why one of the best companies, TV bracket in Singapore, is very affordable.


If you love your amazing smart TV, you should give it the care it deserves. It might sound funny but there are many cases of people losing their TVs to small accidents and unprofessional installation. You should not take these expensive chances, hire a trustworthy company today. TV bracket in Singapore is a trusted company that has been in business for 6 amazing years. What can the best professionalism and experience? This company also has friendly customer service, so that you can be comfortable with the service provided.

Hire TV bracket in Singapore, hire professionalism.

Singapore Best TV Bracket Company You Must Know

In Singapore best tv bracket companySo you have probably bought your family a new TV set, or maybe you have just moved in to a new home in a good neighborhood. Settling in and rearranging your new home would probably need a bit of retouch and improvement compared to your former home.

When it comes to living room matters, most people tend to try and get the most convenient way possible they could enjoy watching their TV for sure. Now, whether you are in a new home or you have just gotten your family a new TV set, the location that you choose to mount the TV set will greatly affect the viewing experience that you and your family will have.

Everyone will agree that mounting your TV at home can be done easily but unfortunately that is not the case at all. You sure don’t want to break your TV in the process, do you? Exactly. Thus, you will at some point need a professional, probably, the best TV bracket in Singapore to come and do a safe, sound and easy to maintain quality TV bracket mounting installation.

In our post, we are going to answer why TV bracket SG are the best TV bracket in Singapore for your TV bracket installation and maintenance services.

Why TV bracket SG?

If you have never bought a product or enjoyed top notch professional services from the best TV bracket in Singapore, then I bet this must be the question ringing in your mind. Don’t worry, by reading this post to the end you will have arrives at a sound and informed decision making process.


TV bracket SG are considered to be the best TV Bracket in Singapore for their utmost professionalism and service delivery. Unlike most non registered freelancers offering similar services in Singapore, TV bracket SG are a trusted and registered company with over 6 years’ experience in the TV Bracket in Singapore industry.

Customer Support

Besides being a trusted and registered company, TV bracket SG have all their customers’ needs at heart. Unlike other businesses out there offering their products only to thee clients, with this company they also have after sale services from a team of professionals.

After selling you the product you wanted, let’s say, a bracket TV wall mount, they can accompany you and come do the recommended installation. This is very important to make sure any problem that may arise is dealt with accordingly by a professional. Attempting installation by self can be risky fi you are not a professional.

Correct Tools, Accessories And Needed Parts

Mounting you TV safely and as recommended is not a walk in the park after all. Having the necessary tools and parts with you will ensure a safe and sound installation.

Since TV bracket SG have a professional team in their company, a proper installation with the appropriate tools will now be just like a walk in the park. Furthermore, some TV mounts can very complicated to put them altogether by yourself and with little knowledge and experience for that matter.

Huge Product Line Up

It is only reasonable that a company with the best TV Bracket in Singapore should have a good number of quality products they offer their customers. It’s almost irresistible in Singapore not to get your TV Bracket products without shopping with TV bracket SG.

From fixed bracket mounts, tilting bracket mounts, full motion-single arm bracket mounts to even the ceiling bracket TV mounts, your experience with TV bracket SG will never be disappointing. They have a wide array of products and services. Check them out and see for yourself.

Quality Products

If it’s not TV bracket SG I surely don’t know any other place that has the best TV brackets in Singapore. Although most of their products are not cheap, I can tell for sure, they are not low quality either. The products you get from this company are trusted and proven to be long lasting.

In addition, unlike other low quality selling vendors in the industry, TV bracket SG only sell TV brackets in Singapore that are made using stronger and durable materials. The use of stronger materials in developing their products will guarantee the durability of the products you will purchase from them.


As I had promised you earlier, you now have the relevant and most important facts you need before settling with any vendor for TV brackets in Singapore. However, before rushing to buy any product nonetheless, you should do a serious research on what product most suits your living room. This will ensure you have the best TV viewing experience with your family after the installation.

Living Room with A Wall Mounted TV Ideas

Singapore Living Room with A Wall Mounted TV IdeasAre you still caught up in the crafty and old fashioned use of the TV wall units? Do not hesitate to reach out as it is not too late for you also to be caught up in modernity! Reach out to the TV bracket in Singapore as we have you sorted out on ideas on how you can achieve a modern display of this item in your living room.

What Do You Consider When It Comes to Mounting A TV On Your Living Room?

Walls have become an essential entertainment feature in a living room. In the modern homes and apartments where the space appears scarce and has no other specific area for a TV room, you can always consider the option of mounting it on a wall.

Additionally, this option will come in with some factors to consider, as this is the place where a lot of families meet for bonding and socializing. These will include;

  • Technical Know-How-This includes the technical knowledge on assembling parts such as the brackets on installation by determining the best angle, location, and positioning of your TV. As the TV bracket in Singapore, we will offer you the best services as we have trained professionals to meet your needs. These will offer fewer hustles on your worry to tamper with the TV and the risks that come therein.
  • Necessary Tools-We knows that TVs different sizes and hence come in with the task to determine the parts to use while mounting, such as the bracket sizes, TV stands, and the right tools and quality to installation. With this in mind, it is necessary to consider quality tools and also hire out services from specialists to avoid technical hitches.

You can look at some of the ideas listed below that we can take you through and how you can incorporate them into your home.

1.      Vertical Positioning

Where the walls of your living room are narrowly designed, you can choose to place it at the center and make some vertical shelves on its sides. This will help you to balance your limited space.

2.      Parallel Art

You have to ensure that the room appears less congested every time! For this purpose, do not wrap around your sofa sets, instead place them parallel to the television.

3.      Urban Fashionable

This idea will leave you with the modern industrial feel. With a concreted wall and ceiling add on some few bright accessories and low seating.

4.      Warm Wood

Cladding your TV spaces’ walls and ceiling with wood laminates is cozy. With some lightings on the ceiling and some hanging lamps will warm the vibe.

5.  Keep It White

If your home has a smaller space, the white color is the way to go. Use a TV that is not too big, and the white color will keep it looking bright and airy.

6.  Creating A Focal Point

You can make use of your cozy corner as another option. This idea will give your room a distinct identity and can also be able to surround the seats with some colorful apparel and paintings.

7. Wooden Wall

You will mount a wall and base unit combo against this wood panel back. When the TV is mounted on one end of this long console, you can use the opposite end to display some arts or lighting lamps.

8.  Luxury Looks

Different people have different tastes and preferences. If you are looking for a luxury look, you can mount your TV onto a marble effect panel. The wall-mounted units of the high-end finishes and the clear fireplace screen will enhance visual clarity as a result of making it remain on the marble.

Outsourcing services from TV Bracket in Singapore Company on your living room wall mounted TV ideas equals to:

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Keep safe! Keep neat! Go modern! Go spacious! In your living room with the best wall mounted ideas from the TV bracket in Singapore. Remember, you can always stagger in coming up with the best service providers and decisions on how to go about mounting a wall TV in your room. Feel free to reach out to us anytime any day. Notably, ensure that in your living room, it is not just about installing your television only but also your safety and its safety in the correct manner and quality accessories.

How to Choose a TV Bracket that Matches your Decor

How to Choose a TV Bracket that Matches your DecorHaving a flat-screen TV set helps bring out the minimalist vibe in a household. It also gives the idea that every accessory or decoration in the house must match or contrast accordingly. When choosing appliances or fixtures, it also matters whether they look fit for the overall ambience. It also means that there is a crucial choice between buying a prefabricated TV bracket and building your own. Either way, here are some tips on choosing a TV bracket in Singapore that matches your decorations.

Assess the Room Ambience

By assessing a room’s ambience, it helps you determine whether your TV bracket of choice is a good fit. You may consider checking the vibe in order to help you with the buying decision. For example, in a classic minimalist setting, your TV bracket needs to be sturdy but lightweight and slim. In other words, it should not make the TV set stick out too much. But if your TV bracket is sturdy and thick, it can ruin the minimalist setup. Even though the TV bracket is rarely noticed whenever the family watches movies together, it still affects the whole setup.

Determine the Necessary Viewing Angles

Having the appropriate viewing angles is also important in choosing the right TV bracket in Singapore. It is highly recommended to once again check the ambience for the right type of wall mount. A tilting or swiveling TV bracket is good if the space looks small and/or cluttered. Meanwhile, a non-tilting TV bracket is perfect in a minimalist environment. Also, you may need to consider whether your TV set produces glare in certain setups. Usually, in some flat screens, there is still a possibility that pictures fade when one watches from an angle. To maximize the viewing experience, some people recommend using tilting TV brackets. However, if your TV set does not produce glare, even a flat TV bracket is enough.

Check Whether the TV Set Complements the TV Bracket

Often, the “complement” definition here is whether a TV bracket can hold up a TV set well. That is where you need to check the specifications of both TV set and bracket. If it can support a TV set up to a certain weight, you need to check its dimensions next. Are the materials and the measurements small enough to hold up as big a TV set as possible? The rule of thumb here is to make the TV bracket in Singapore as inconspicuous as possible. It is merely a fixture and not an appliance. However, sometimes it can’t be helped if some TV brackets are a bit thick. They usually match TV sets that have huge dimensions and weight.

You can also check which TV bracket to buy depending on how often you access your TV ports. It may require dismantling your TV set from time to time, which may be cumbersome. In that case you may need to purchase a tilting or a full-motion TV bracket. However, if you rarely access your TV ports such as by using an HDMI cable, use a non-tilting TV bracket.

Check Whether the Wall is Sturdy and Safe

There are decorations near or along the wall, as well as electrical wirings behind the wall. It is unwise to simply find a good space to mount a TV bracket without damaging either. Thus, while preparing to install a TV set, choosing the right TV bracket in Singapore is necessary. Use stud finders and proper tools if necessary. Boring through the wall is an irreversible process and can ruin the room ambience. It can also ruin electrical wiring if tools are not used properly. Moreover, drilling aimlessly can affect your house’s structural integrity as well. Therefore, having the right tools and assessments is important to ensure that your TV bracket is installed well.

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