Steps in Installation of Perfect TV Bracket

Steps in Installation of Perfect TV Bracket in SingaporeChoose a good spot or location for your TV set. A good location with a better view will add a nice spot for the house interior design that will add additional attraction in the house, think of a place that it will never be an obstruction for the room’s decoration. A right places where the television set would fit nice, a wider view for the viewers and secure place for the TV.

  • When you already have chosen your desired location, be sure that there is a cable connector for the TV for its electricity supply. There are many cases that there are no available electrical spots in the place so that you may need to install one. When installing an electrical component or socket you have to pay attention for the length of your TV plug, so the plug can reach the socket. Remember to do a proper cable management so that there are no visible electrical wires that may distract the TV view.
  • Look for a good spot to hide the extra cable and to do cable management. Changes will cost you some amount, but be sure that it will look nice to the decoration set-ups. Fit the TV set-up so that it will look nice to the other electrical components like speakers and projectors. Always consider the spaces that you take whenever you place the TV, remember that the use of TV bracket in Singapore will lessen the amount of space taken rather than using a TV stand.
  • When everything is fine, time to mount the wall bracket. Use a pencil or any marking device to mark the spots for the holes and by using the bar level, look for the accuracy and alignment of the bracket. It is one of the crucial step and needs to be performed well, if failure to do so you will notice the wrong alignment of your TV after the installation and when the TV is mounted it may not look nice because of the improper alignment. If it won’t work well, consider hiring a skilled worker for you to install the bracket and prevent damage to the TV and repetition of work.
  • With the help of a drill, locate the marks of pencils and start drilling a hole according to the size of bolts to be used. It will require a same size of bit and bolt in order to match them. Carefully drill the wall so that the bolt will be place firm and strong for it to be fasten more stronger so that it can hold the TV at a better standard. After the drilling you have to check the alignment before installing the bracket again to ensure that you haven’t mistaken any wrong calculations to the bracket to be installed.
  • The holes are now drilled, place the bracket to be fixed in the wall. The bolts need to be placed exactly and firm so that they won’t move in the installation process. A bolt requires to be tightened by the use of wrench with its own unique size. Always to remember that putting washers along with the bolts will make it stronger and better. Lock washers are better to use than the regular ones, the lock washers will prevent the bolt in loosing against vibration caused by TV. When the bolts are loosed the TV set might fall.
  • Mount the TV in a desired position with the installed bracket. Watch out and pay attention for the clearance, when using a tilting bracket position your TV set in the desired amount of angle for a wider experience in viewing the TV. Fixed type of bracket may not be able to have this adjustments feature so they are only placed in a single position.
  • Always remember to consider spaces for some cabled to be placed in the back of the TV, putting some internet cables and audio connectors will not be easy anymore because of the smaller spaces available at the back of the TV. Always to remember to put them before mounting the TV and do a good cable management to have a better looks in the created set up.


You can also install some additional lights in the back of your TV set to improve your desired set-up. Furniture’s will look more attractive as it matches your set-up. Some people recommend the use of a theater set-up where there is a wider view of the TV and only some speakers place on the side of it. Always remember to clean up the mess and always work with care to prevent injury.