What Size of Mount Should I Use

What Size of Mount Should I UseSometimes, getting a television mount can be a frustrating task. There are things to put into consideration such as the type, the technical specifications, and of course the size. Do you think it’s possible to squeeze a 7-feet television to a 5-feet TV wall mount?

Well, I guess the first thing on your mind when you think of a wall mount is how to place your television to your wall safely.

Getting the right size of mount for your television can be very complicated most times. But making a small investment beforehand will pay off when you have successfully decided on the location that you think is ideal for you.

To help make things easier, we have compiled this guide on what TV mount size you should go for. It contains a few facts and all you need to know about the size of a TV mount.

Does the size of the Mount matter?

Well, when it comes to making the right decision on picking out the suitable TV mount, the size matters, and sometimes, it doesn’t. Why is this? This is because most televisions and wall mounts usually conform to the VESA standard, which makes it easy to fit almost any television to practically any mount. However, fixing the television is not the thing to look out for, the mount also must be able to support the television or the TV might end up dropping and getting damaged.

Most people always recommend that your selection of wall mounts must be rated based on the display screen size the mount can hold. The ideal step to take is to check the real weight that the wall mount can handle. How do you do that? Check the mount description which is usually written on the box and find out what the manufacturing company says it’s best recommended for.

It would be best if you also had in mind that the TV weight and your television screen size do not necessarily have to go hand-in-hand. A large set from a particular brand can weigh less than a small TV display from another brand, depending on the type and quality of the television.

The wall

Sometimes, you find a place where the size of the TV mount matters and that place is your walls. The size of the television that you want to buy depends on factors like how you want to place your furniture and also the distance of your sitting position when you decide to view your television. Apart from these, you must also choose if the wall has got enough space to comfortably hold your screen.

There are varying types of wall mounts that you can pivot away from or even swivel out from the wall. Plus, if you have limited space like a corner, it is highly recommended that you pay keen attention to the space you will have after setting your TV against the wall. You can also check out our best TV bracket in Singapore to get the complete information on the different TV wall mounts, where to place your display, and how to select successfully the TV mount that is ideal for your kind of space.

Choosing the Mount Color

Don’t forget that the color of your TV mount should complement the location of the TV. So, when choosing the TV mount, do not go for a mount that’s lighter than the lightest subject. The dark-colored mount may make the picture from your display look smaller than it is. Mounts with light color can cause a subject to seem larger than it is. Also, it may cause your eyes to turn inward. However, the best color choices are black. These are usually easy and match the décor of any room.


Are you having trouble deciding what TV mount is ideal for the kind of space you’ve got? TVBracketSG.com can get you a fixed or full-motion TV mount on your doorstep as part of our service, albeit for a few bucks. All you have to do is select your favorite mount, book a TV installation service with us anytime for an easy and professional mounting process whenever you like at your comfort.


TV Mount Vs. Cinema Center: What To Look For

TV Mount Vs. Cinema Center what to look forAre you bringing your favorite movie collection tonight, or are you tuning it to watch your favorite reality TV show? Whichever you are bringing to the table, one sure thing is the fact that everyone loves to cozy up to a lovely entertainment set-up as it gives a different relaxed experience at the end of a stressful day.

Having the perfect set-up can go a long way, lightening up the atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. Sometimes, while others feel that the entertainment set-up can be a less stressful one, others feel like going for something that stands out. After all of these, the big question is, how do I decide between a TV mount and an entertainment center?

Well, we have compiled a few pros and cons of the TV mount and Entertainment center that you should consider before making your decision.

TV Mount Pros and Cons

Are you thinking about giving your space a fresh view? Then, a new TV mount offers the best opportunity to get rid of the old one. However, different TV mounts are suitable and recommended for your television display, so let’s quickly dive into the pros and cons of the TV mount.


Compatible with Entertainment centers – do you need storage? Well, with a TV mount, you’ve got it. Using a TV mount gives you more freedom to decide the kind of furniture you want to use as you don’t have to worry about the correct viewing height.

Safety – especially with kids, TV mounts that are fixed to the wall guarantee safety as it won’t fall and cause damage.

Modern and Simple – the latest designs of TV mounts, are quite stylish while looking simple and a recommended choice for your rooms, especially where you can’t add extra furniture. Imagine having a TV in your game room, kitchen, or the children’s room.

Re-arranging option – since you can mount your TV without furniture, this gives you more options to rearrange anytime. You don’t get stuck with a fixed amount like the entertainment center that only fits one wall. You can decide to switch the furniture around or even mount your display somewhere else with a TV mount.

Superior mobility for a better viewing angle – you can get a tilting mount or a full-motion mount to be able to turn your display downward or watch from any angle in the room, respectively.


Zero Storage – with TV mounts, you enjoy more freedom with mounting your display, but you will have to decide or create a storage space for your stuff.

Concealing the wires – this is one of the reasons why many people hesitate to get a TV mount. Hiding power cables and other attachments is usually complicated most times. Hey, don’t worry, because, at TVBracketSG.com, we’ve got a solution for that.

Entertainment Center Pros and cons


Fittings – these entertainment centers are quite attractive pieces of modern furniture that can give your living room a good and classic look. You can also make the entertainment centers look even more original by making them appear to be built-in.

Enough Storage – these entertainment centers are large furniture, making them easy to store enough for your media, books, décor, and toys.


It’s not safe for kids – research has shown that kids die most of the time from TV or furniture tip-over accidents. To avoid these fatalities, entertainment centers should be fixed to the wall properly.

Limited viewing angle and height – unlike the TV mount, these entertainment centers are static furniture. To change your television height, you have to add to the height of the entertainment center manually.

It’s not suitable for all environments – because of the size of these entertainment centers, they are usually not ideal for small spaces like kitchens and bedrooms. They are highly recommended for living rooms with a dedicated TV wall.

Final Thoughts

You have to be able to decide when to use an entertainment center or use a tv mount. It is best to use an entertainment center when you need enough storage space or have an exact spot to place your TV. On the other hand, you need a TV mount if you’ve got kids, a small space and don’t need extra storage.  Contact TV Bracket in Singapore Now!



HOW TO MOUNT YOUR TV IN A SMALL SPACE in SingaporeThe migration of people from rural to urban areas is fast growing; people, especially young adults, leave the comfort of their parent’s house searching for a better life and move to the city.

The city offers a different range of accommodation from large condos to small bedsitters, and depending on the size of your budget, you can choose which to live in.

For most people, living in a large condo is quite a price, so they go for a smaller space, creating a home out of it. One of the essential accessories for a home is the TV, used for entertainment and information purposes.

The TV adds beauty to the room’s overall look and takes some space, which can be a challenge when you live in a small space. So, how do you mount a TV in a small space? It’s simple, just read along.

Mount on the wall

Taking advantage of a little space requires considering approaches to get serious about the usefulness of each niche and corner, just as wall and cabinetry. Mounting your TV on the wall is a conspicuous response to small spaces. It keeps up the smooth look of your space, paying little heed to your particular style decisions. Furthermore, good for you, it doesn’t need a bit of bulky furniture to set it on.

Mount in the wall

There is no one-size-fits-all method if you’re looking at mounting your TV in a small space. Creating a hole within the wall will save you a lot of space and prevents the TV from entering your space. The hole will be created specifically to fit the size of your TV and will be secured to the wall using a TV bracket in Singapore.

Use a Flexible wall Mount.

You should also consider using a flexible wall mount to be able to create enough space you’ll need to mount a TV and manage the space in the living room. One favorable position numerous small spaces have is an open floor plan that empowers you to see your TV from more areas.

A movable TV bracket will give you the most extreme adaptability, and it sits practically well with the wall when not being used. Just extend your TV out from the wall and turn it right or left depending on what angle of the room you see your TV, and when done, place the TV back against the wall, so it no longer just into your space.

Repurpose tables

Tables like console tables, end tables, or coffee tables can be used to serve the purpose of a TV stand. Most of these tables have just the perfect height and can withstand the weight of the television so you can enjoy your viewing experience.

This is the most straightforward and inexpensive method of mounting your television in a small space. You can do it yourself; all you have to do is move the table to the point where you want the TV to be. If you want to hire the service of a professional in this regard, you won’t be making the wrong decision.

Redesign your wardrobe

The wardrobe is used as something like a movable closet, and it usually takes up space in the room. If you find a small space, you can redesign your wardrobe to mount your TV. This can be done in a couple of ways, including cutting the wardrobe in half, where the bottom half serves its original purpose and as a TV stand.

Another thing is to create a space within the wardrobe where the TV can be mounted. Doing this will help you have space where your TV can be mounted and your room becomes the entertainment center that you’d admire it to be.

Final Thoughts 

Now that you have all the information about how to make your TV mount space-efficient, you can make an informed decision about what TV to buy. You also need the best suppliers and a team of professional installers to get the best items on the market and set them up properly. This is where you need the services of TVbracketsg.com. It is a Singapore-based company that offers the best TV mounts and has proven a leading service provider in the industry across Asia.


Crafting A Gallery Wall Around Your TV: What To Do

Crafting A Gallery Wall Around Your TV What To Do in Singapore

Crafting A Gallery Wall Around Your TV What To Do in Singapore

We are used to having a gallery wall in the corridor passage that connects the entrance to the main house or the sitting room to the other room. It is also common for people to place the gallery wall along the staircase wall; these are perfect positions to place our pictures and art.

However, there is a new trend where gallery walls are placed around the TV. Placing a gallery wall around the TV is a perfect way to beautify the sitting room, and it is an ideal use of space, especially for those with small space.

It complements the rectangular-shaped object secured to the wall when not in use. If you are an art lover, this is a perfect way to display and admire art while enjoying your favorite TV program. So how do you create a gallery wall around your TV?

Creating a Gallery Wall format 

First, when creating the gallery wall around the TV, make sure that they blend well with the wall and do not cause obstruction to the viewing experience. Also, the wall and TV size will determine the number of frames you will put up, too much will be too distracting when the television is on.

Furthermore, you will want to avoid hanging pictures randomly to prevent having too many holes in the walls; however, this can sometimes be beautiful in the first attempt.

Use the Floor

Before you start hanging the frames up the wall, you can utilize the floor around the TV to give you a thought of how the photos will appear as though when you at long last balance them on the wall.

Snatch whatever pictures or frames you have available and need to utilize or get new ones you love and spread them out on the floor, with a space between them on the floor looking like your TV, ensuring you measure it to get the right measure of space. At that point, simply move them around on the floor to perceive what design you like.

You can transport the frames around on the floor of your room. Doing this will help you have a full layout of what the room will look like. Simply get an existing or new frame and lay it on the floor and craft a false shape of a TV. You can measure it so you can get the correct idea of the space you’ll need.

Use Paper Templates

This one is straightforward as well, and if you are stressed, you won’t like how the frames will look once they’re up on the wall, it’s the one to attempt. It encourages you to picture things directly on the wall before you hang the pictures.

This should be possible utilizing paper, magazines, brown paper, paper bags, or even smaller sheets of paper that can tape together on the off chance that you have to make a bigger part of the paper, place the frames you need to hang on them and cut out the size of the frames.

At that point, you simply tape them up on the wall utilizing a tape and adjust them as many times as you want until you like the display, then you are prepared to set up the genuine frames out of the paper layouts.

Break it Down

Just in case the first two steps seem stressful or time-consuming, you can start hanging directly on the wall. However, you will want to break things into sections; for instance, you can begin hanging frames close to the TV before all over the wall. This will prevent multiple holes in the walls and save a lot of time.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you mount your TV in a way that it will craft an attractive gallery wall near it. Doing this will create more space and enhance the aesthetics of your room. Also, having a gallery around your TV will also declutter your room and give it a better look.

With this ample information at your disposal, it is time to work with us at Tvbracketsg.com for all TV accessories, including TV mounts, brackets, and other mounting tools. We are the tv bracket leader in Singapore and you can rely on the expertise of our team of professional installers.

Is Mounting a TV without Studs Possible

Is Mounting a TV without Studs Possible in SingaporeDo you have studs on your wall and you have decided not to use them? Do you still want to save some space in your room by mounting your television on the wall? Do you think any of these are possible? Do you want answers to the big question? Can I possibly mount my TV without using studs?

Well, the answer is straight forward. Yes! You can mount your TV without studs; you can use any of the following; anchors, toggle anchors, ceiling mounts, mounting plates, and other mounting options that are available. Although, before making the decision, you have to first remind yourself of the TV’s size and weight to select just the right choice.

You will agree with me that mounting a TV without studs can be overwhelming most times. Although, there are plenty of options for you to choose from and if you desire to know your options, just keep reading and find out more information.


This is one of the easiest ways to mount just anything on the walls while looking for a stud. These anchors work differently to keep the attached screws from slipping out of their holes which may damage the wall.

Toggle Anchors

These anchors or bolts look like the normal screws we are familiar with; the only difference is just the butterfly toggle attached to the end. How does this work? Toggle anchors function by anchoring to the wall when placed into the wall. Applying any sort of force or pulling at the screw has zero effect as the toggle anchors forces the wall to resist rather than just crumble to the core.

Molly Bolts

Molly Bolts are a bit harder to use than the toggle anchors but quite sturdy and highly recommended for both medium and heavy loads. These bolts come in two types, the pointed and unpointed molly bolts.

Now, the pointed molly bolts are designed with a sharp tip and can be installed into the wall with just a gentle but forceful tap with a hammer. While the pointed bolts are usually recommended for plaster walls, they only require cutting out an installation hole first before inserting them.

Both bolts will remain thin if left untightened, but once they get tightened into the walls, the sleeves gradually expand which creates an anchor to the back of your wall. If you recall, this seems quite similar to the mechanism of the toggle anchors. Finally, once the molly bots are fully anchored, you can now remove the screws and replace the screws with that of your TV wall mount.

Mounting Plates

You can also consider mounting your TV mount with a clean mounting plate or a cleat made from plywood/metal. These mounting plates are usually placed behind any TV and screwed into the wall using the anchor screws listed above. The idea behind the mounting plate is that it adds extra anchor points and creates more surface area to carry the weight of the mount and display.

Things to note when mounting without studs

There are several things to carefully note if you are going to mount your TV mount without studs.

TV’s weight 

Be mindful of the amount of pounds your television is featuring. For example, a 32-inch TV will weigh up to 30 pounds, so when picking anchors, pick the ones that are capable of taking that weight.

Your Wall’s condition 

Before mounting any TV mount on the wall and if you want any of these listed methods to work for you, be sure that your wall is in good condition. A wall that is falling apart is not safe for any mounting process.

The quality and type of the mount 

There are different specifications for various mounts, and you have to put these specifications in mind before going through any of the listed methods. Also, it is up to you to select the kind of mount that is best for you. However, keep in mind that for fixed and moving mounts, anchors mounting are highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we have concluded that mounting a TV without using studs is very possible. So, with these methods, you can save more space by mounting your TV and also save your wall of some stress as well. Need some help with that, you can always visit TVBracketSG.com for assistance as we are always available.


Fusing A TV Wall Mount With A Rack

Fusing A TV Wall Mount With A Rack in SingaporeYou would agree that mounting your TV on the wall helps improve the visibility of the view and, of course, frees up enough space in your room. But then, the next question comes, what do you do with other companion equipment?

Equipment like your cable box, game console, Blu-Ray devices, DVD player have to be packed somewhere as well and close to the TV. The best solution is to have your TV mount combined with a shelf.

However, before having a fusion of the TV bracket and rack in Singapore, you should put some things into consideration and pick just the right shelf for your TV wall mount.

Integrating An On-wall Rack with your Mounted TV

This is a sleek, versatile, strong, and floating shelf unit that is usually mounted directly below your TV and is able to hold other components up to 15 pounds. This on-wall shelf is a perfect choice for viewing spaces that probably require only one or two components like a kid’s room, a small room, or a home gym where space is quite limited. These on-wall shelves can be adjusted to fit your specifications, and you can also introduce more shelf units to hold more items.

Different types of these on-wall shelves are available in different styles. The latest designs of these shelves are really nice ones because they blend perfectly with your television screen. They make the TV and Av equipment look like it is just one unified unit. We also have traditional designs, which are excellent as well as they can smoothly blend the modern high-tech side of your lifestyle with different styles and traditional décor.

Also, you shouldn’t be worried about the different wires hanging down your wall because some of these on-wall shelves come with built-in concealers to hide the cables. Apart from these exciting features, you should also know that it takes only a few minutes to install the shelf.

A Built-in Design Around your TV

This is another option for you to get the right combination of an on-wall shelf with your wall-mounted TV. You can go for a built-in entertainment center that can occupy an entire wall if you so desire. However, this built-in design is more of a deluxe option and often requires careful planning with your mason. However, with some good DIY skills, you can also convert any wall into an entertainment center or a built-in media center. You can then integrate the wall-mounted TV with this fantastic shelf concept or use the built-in shelves to hold the AV components.

Freestanding Cinema Center

Let’s say you don’t like the previously listed options, you can stick with the freestanding entertainment center. This is quite an easy shelf to get as it is commercially-made and made in different styles, sizes, and price ranges.

However, you can also show a bit of creativity and good DIY skills and convert an old bookcase or dresser into an awesome standing shelf to accommodate your screen and other electronic devices and components.

Final Thoughts

By having a combination of a TV wall mount and a shelf, you can change the look of your TV display and make your screen the center of attention. With this combination, you can make your viewing center more exciting and also be able to make it disappear when not in use.

Finally, you don’t have to mount your television on any furniture, you can simply mount it on the wall and keep other components to achieve a clean, neat, and coordinated look, which is why at TVBracketSG.com, you can get a list of options for different TV mounts.


Different types of TV wall mounts To Choose in Singapore

Different types of TV wall mounts To Choose in SingaporeWhether you like your TV to be the highlight of your room or to discreetly set aside. Picking the TV bracket ideal for you will allow you to obtain the perfect room style and the best viewing location.

Consequently, you ought to plan where your TV will look best at home before you choose your wall mount and what is the major element for you. How you want your TV to be mounted and flexible would impact the type of mount you choose, as each bracket performs a single task.

You can get any of the bellow brackets below at TV bracket in Singapore. We also offer professional mounting services.

Type of TV wall mounts

Wall-mounted TV: a moving bracket or a flat TV mount, which is better for me?

You must choose if the way your TV bracket appears in the room is your prime issue? Or if it is better to get a mount with an adjustable angle? If your issue is the wall mount’s visual appeal then you can try the low-key mounts below. However, if you prefer to have a wall mount with an adjustable angle then go for the movable options.

  1. Fixed wall bracket or Wall mounting with a low profile

The most popular type of wall mount is the flat-to-wall. It is often called a low profile TV mount or a fixed wall frame. This sort of bracket does not permit you to rotate or maneuver the TV while it is on the wall. However, the TV wall mount is hidden and lies flat on the wall unseen. It is the ideal wall mount if you want one that you don’t want to struggle with and that is not seen once it’s up. This sort of wall mount fits all sorts of televisions. However, it does not fit flat-screen televisions that come with a protruding back. Check your TV specs always or ask a professional if you don’t know if your TV is mountable.

Ultra-Thin Wall bracket

With the ultra-thin/slim-wall bracket, your TV is unbelievably close to the wall and gives a supreme minimalist look. When selecting this sort of wall mounting, you should also know that TV cables are better concealed on the wall so you TV if you want to get the look you want. This means this sort of TV bracket is unsuitable for apartments with partitioned walls.

  1. Movable TV mount

Swivel bracket

A Swivel bracket is very identical to a flat/low-profile mount. However, it still permits horizontal movement of your TV. It normally comes with a slightly bent arm that allows for different ranges of motion. It is Perfect if you want the freedom to direct your TV at your kitchen, or sometimes at your breakfast bar. Some other swivel brackets mounts also have a tilting feature that allows the TV to change position vertically.

Tilt bracket

The Tilt Wall bracket is also identical to your flat-low profile mount but it permits the TV to tilt down instead of horizontally.

This will improve the view of your TV, particularly when it is mounted high on the wall or when the viewing angle is lower, like when using the TV in your bedroom.

The option of a tilt bracket helps you to adjust your TV location while retaining the low profile feature of a flat wall mount.


The multi-positioning wall bracket is highly useful when you want to mount your TV in a corner of a room.

It helps you to completely adjust your TV to the ideal viewing angle. These brackets have a short stretching arm that allows the television to tilt to 14 degrees and to move to 180.

In Conclusion: The best bracket to mount your Tv on the wall

When deciding which bracket to better serve your needs, first choose the position where you want your TV to be and how you want to display your wall-mounted TV.

The fixed wall bracket is the most popular but you can adjust the viewing angle, while the tilt or full movement options offer you a chance to change and adjust to the viewing angle of your TV. This might be something like seeing the TV in your kitchen at multiple angles or not wanting it to be the highlight of your room until you are watching the TV.

It may seem easy to mount your TV, but it can be more complicated than you might think! That is why we at TV bracket in Singapore offers you professional mounting services. While it may seem cheaper to get a freelancer to mount your TV. Getting a professional service to do this for you offers you better benefits without any need to worry about problems in the future.

TV bracket in Singapore has been in business for over 6 years so rest assured you are getting the best professional service possible. We take care of our customers!

The Key to Finding the Best TV Bracket in Singapore

The Key to Finding the Best TV Bracket in SingaporeIf you’re looking for the best TV bracket in Singapore, there are few things that you need to remember as far as criteria goes. These criteria will help you decide which of the wide variety of products you have to get for your own living room in the future.

Fortunately, we have a list of these major points that you can consider when buying TV brackets in Singapore in 2020. Here they are as follows:


First, you have to look for durability. Make sure that the TV bracket that you are going to buy will last for very long time. It is usually made of a metal and plastic alloy combined. This ensures that you will be able to use it for a long time without having to worry about breakage or damage down the line.


Secondly, you have to make sure that you know the purpose of your TV bracket. The best TV bracket in Singapore has versatility under its belt. It can be mounted on the wall with ease and can carry a large flat screen TV without having any issues.


You also have to make sure that you know the features of your TV bracket by heart. Some are articulated and can bend easily for comfortable viewing. If this is your purpose for buying such and implement, it would be best to take note of this feature before perusing the stores online.


In addition to this, you should also look for a TV bracket in Singapore that can easily be maintained. You should be able to contact customer service easily and get professional help when necessary, but the products should also come with instructions when it comes to maintenance. This way, you will be able to do this on your own end save on professional maintenance fees if you can.

The TV Model

You also have to take note of your TV model. Note that certain TV brackets do not fit specific models. This is why reading the manufacturer’s manual is extremely important. It will give you instructions on which bracket to buy and it will also give you a bird’s eye view on the many features that that specific bracket model possesses.

Because of this manual you will never go wrong with any purchase.

Specific Measurements

You also have to take note of your TV and the bracket sizes. Different TV brackets can handle different weights, so you have to be aware of the specifics when it comes to the measurements of your TV and your bracket as well.

This way, you will not need to replace your bracket anytime soon.

TV Location

You also have to be aware of the location where you can put your flat screen. If you can afford it, try not to place the TV above the fireplace. The heat from the embers may end up damaging the wiring and circuitry of your flat screen.

Contact the manufacturer website for more information on proper positioning of the TV and the bracket.

Bracket Material

Another important point that you need to remember when looking for the best TV bracket in Singapore is the material. As mentioned earlier, it is usually made of a combination of metal and plastic. This increases the longevity and durability of the product itself. If you want something that will last for a long time, take note of the material for your TV bracket.

Additional Reminders

When buying a TV bracket, you also have to take note of the price range and your budget. Make sure that you would be able to afford the product that you are trying to buy. Do not be afraid to go over budget if you feel like it will be worth it because of the quality. Quality always trumps price.

It would help to consult trusted websites online for information on the products before trying to buy them. This way, you will be able to gather all the data without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, you should not be afraid to ask for a second opinion before buying certain TV brackets in Singapore. Do not just trust advertising. Find someone who has already experienced using the TV bracket of your choice.

This way, you will have a benchmark when it comes to product samples before buying them.

The Conclusion

It pays to be well informed when trying to buy Singaporean television brackets. If you really want to find the best TV bracket in Singapore, it is important to gather all the necessary data before making a decision. This way, you will have no regrets whatsoever in the end.

In this regard, you should get a hold of TV Bracket SG online. We will be able to give you all the information that you need to ensure that you will have the best choices when it comes to this specific product from Singapore.

We will also provide you with a impeccable customer support. You won’t have to worry about making the wrong choice.

TV Brackets – Everything You Should Know About Them In Singapore

TV Brackets – Everything You Should Know About Them In SingaporeIn the 21st century, ‘Television’ has become a household item. Today, what people are looking for is the best brand and size and not whether or not to own a TV. It is therefore, important to ensure that one is comfortable and the TV is safe while watching. TV Brackets in Singapore ensure that this is achieved and beyond. They come in different shape and features for your customized use.

Types of TV Brackets in Singapore

Moveable Brackets. They include;

Tilt Brackets

These brackets are more the same as the fixed wall except that they allows you to move your television upward or downwards. They are suitable when the TV can only be positioned high but you need to view it from a lower position. It gives you room to achieve your desired position whilst maintaining the look of a flat wall mount.

Full Motion Brackets

These brackets enable you to mount your TV in a corner. You can adjust positions to fit your desired viewing experience. They have an arm-like extension that help the TV to tilt and swivel.

Swivel Brackets

These type of brackets allow you to move your television horizontally. They are similar to fixed wall brackets but they have an extension that looks like an extended arm. The extension create the range for the movement. Some may have a slightly vertical tilt function.

Fixed Wall Bracket

These brackets are mounted in static motion on the wall.  They are firm and stable because they lay flat against the wall. You should know that once you choose these type of brackets, the TV will not move once it is mounted. It can hold any type of TV but will not work for televisions with protruding backs. Consult with TV Brackets in Singapore installation team to help you if you are unsure.  Some fixed wall brackets may be extra thin to enable the TV to get very close to the wall. However, they work well in houses with partitions since the wires need to connect from behind and be protected.

Ceiling Wall Mount

These enable you to suspend the TV from the ceiling. This can be a very painful experience and will need experts as there are many things to consider before deciding to use these type of TV mounting. It is very flexible and so you can move the TV in different positions for the best viewing results.

Benefits of TV Brackets in Singapore

The company has an efficient team which you can reach out to for help in case you get stuck. The customer care is responsive, efficient and friendly.  Technicians are always on standby to inform you more about the installation process and install it for you.

They come in different sizes therefore you can mount a TV of your choice without worrying about the size. They are made of solid materials and therefore strong enough to hold the weight. The brackets are made considering the material, function and design to give the user a quality product.

Mounting your television with TV Brackets in Singapore will make your house look tidier, spacious and feel more organized.

With our different types of brackets, you can decide where to put your television and achieve the best viewing position and the room style you desire.


Deciding on which bracket fits best for you can be draining. You need to consider a number of factors. Have a picture of how you want your room to look like, where you want the TV to be positioned and if you will need to adjust it. Each bracket has its unique functions. It is always helpful to have an experienced friend to help you through this. TV Brackets in Singapore are what you need to make the best choice. We have experts who are ready to walk with you on that path and tell you make the right decision. We will ensure you get back the value of your money and time. Installing the brackets may seem simple but you may end up having to pay more than you planned. To avoid unnecessary costs, we have a team of experts who will install for you at a friendly fee.

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Singaporean Likes Wall Mount Or Stand Mount

Do Singaporean Like Wall Mount Or Stand MountAt tv bracket, we offer the best service when it comes to TV installation. Lately, it has come to our notice that some customers are finding it hard to decide the type of installation they should go for.  And that is why we come up with this article to help our client ease their doubts and worries.

There are numbers of reasons to consider when mounting TV.  This could range from new product or brand, larger size, better view, more sophisticated features etc.  With each of these reasons comes Peculiar needs and installation methods and in this article we would be checking them out one after the other.

Wall Mount:

Wall mount as the name implies means to directly fix the TV on a wall, whether in the living room or bedroom to an angle that would pose no inconvenience.

To fix a TV on the wall requires a bit of effort as one would need to drill some holes and fix some screws. However, if you are not all that knowledgeable in that area, you might get a professional to get it done at  a token. This is what we do most excellently at tv bracket. Most TVs today come with the option to wall mount, with a basic low-profile mount usually included in the TV box.

Furthermore, many TV manufacturer will offer free wall-mounted installation with your purchase, so you only need to be patient and wait for the tech guys to come over and fix it for you.  If waiting for the tech guys would pose a problem, you could purchase an aftermarket wall-mount separately and get it installed yourself.

Merit Of Wall Mount:

One of the merits of wall mounting your TV is that it saves space. There is absolutely no need for a table or any plain surface to place the TV on, this is especially helpful in a small spaced room or apartment. You can also choose precisely how high on the wall you want the TV.

Wall mounting also removes the problem of size; you no longer have to worry about the TV fitting in the space you have, as long as your wall is large enough for the TV. You can therefore have a larger screen size, without fussing about how you will have to place it in your viewing room.

Demerits Of Wall Mount:

As awesome as this method is, it comes with some disadvantages.

One, it often requires professional installation and this could add to the original cost of it all. Second, if not properly fixed, it could come undone and get the TV damaged.

Another demerit is that, Wall mounting obstructs the Accessibility of the port. This also means that other additional equipment like DVD player, gaming console etc. will need extra space to stay on.

Stand Mount:

Stand mount unlike the wall mount is the easiest and almost the quickest way to set up your TV. Stand mounting or table mounting requires putting your TV on a flat surface. This is usually a TV stand or table of moderate height and size which will raise the TV to a reasonable level for you to watch. Most flat-screen TVs today — whether LED (Light emitting diode) or OLED(organic light emitting diode) or Plasma — come with a base stand, which holds the TV upright and firm.

These method can be executed at home quickly with just home tools. If you have a table or TV stand already in place, you can efficiently place the TV onto it and get going immediately. The TV remains stable on top of the stand, and the distance can also be altered from the wall, cables unlike the wall mount can be fitted in easily and other equipment to use with it can be placed by it.

Merit Of Stand Mount:

One of the obvious advantage is the accessible ports. Also, it can be moved from one place to another. It allows for easy cleaning. The remaining space on the table can also be used for other equipment like a set-top box, Blue Ray player, gaming console, or sound bar.

Demerits Of Stand Mount:

Stand mount takes space that could otherwise be used for other things.  This method also makes accessible for toddlers and pets that could topple it over since it would not be as firm and this could damage the TV or even hurt someone.

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