TV Wall Mounting Brackets

TV Wall Mounting BracketsThere have been many technological advances that have changed the way we live, but few have had the impact of our personal lives the way television has. Most homes today have at least one TV and some have two or more. There is an endless array of sizes, designs and features to consider when you are shopping for a TV. Many are designed to be mounted easily on the wall- flat screens. When it comes to mounting a TV, it is important to have the right tools and mounting kit on hand.

TV stand mounting is a home decor material which has the purpose of holding the television and other electronics connected to the TV in homes, hotels, offices and so on. TV stands have been popular since the invention of TVs and since they became really popular. However, with massive evolution, there are better, more attractive and cool TV mounts and stands for every home than there were in the past.

The mounting brackets hold the flat screen TV away from the wall and allow it to be angled or tilted as needed for easy viewing. Designed for corners, this wall mount brackets helps conserve valuable wall space and still keeps the TV safe and secure. Almost all modern TV’S are standardized to fit the main wall mount brands on the market, so it doesn’t matter whether you have a Samsung, Sony, LG or any of the other TV manufacturers. The wall mount doesn’t have to be the same brand as the TV.

Buying a wall mount brackets in Singapore sounds like a simple job, but it’s easy to be confused by the different specifications which need to be considered after spending a small fortune on buying a TV; one need not risk having it fall off the wall because one haven’t bought the right backing for it. The factors to consider when buying the right wall mount brackets and avoid replacing them at a near future include the size, weight restrictions and kind of VESA mounting pattern of a TV.

There is no need to buy the same brand as your TV manufacturers as ‘one to all’ brands are stocked by most retailers on and offline and fit most modern TV sets. The universal adjustable TV wall mount brackets are suitable for all LCD or led TVs and monitors. With integrated bubble level adjustments, the wall bracket is sturdy and safe making viewing more comfortable and the mount can be attached to any concrete wall or wooden stud and comes with an easy guide and a whole set of fittings: screws, bolts, anchors, and spacers.

Whatever the reason for wall mounting TV, the important thing is that it be done right since doing it wrong could be very costly. Not only one is risking his or her prized TV but also the wall it’s supposed to be hanging on. There are some common mistakes people make when wall mounting their TV. This include: –

Avoiding Reading The Instructions When Hanging The TV

This entails failure to read instructions or documentation and the best practice procedures.

Hanging The Wall Mounted TV Above A Fireplace

Fireplace is considered as a focal point, and that’s why it is seen as an obvious place to locate the TV. Fire and smoke don’t mix well with electrical appliances, it might not have immediate effect but it will certainly shorten the lifespan of the TV and TV wall bracket.

Wall Mounting TV Too High or Too Low

Wall mounting TV at the wrong height and with a volume of repetition will give one’s neck strain with a side effect of headaches. It is suggested that wall mounted TV in a living room should fit the sitting height and typically in the middle of a wall.

It could also be positioned in the corner but would need a full motion mount bracket to optimize viewing experience.

Other Common Mistakes

Other common mistakes people make when wall mounting their TV includes not considering sun exposure when positioning wall mounted TV, not allowing for enough cable length when wall mounting TV, not selecting the right wall bracket to hang the TV, not carrying out a dry run of the wall bracket and TV connections on the floor beforehand, not securing the wall mounted TV safely to your wall, not having a helping hand with the installation of the wall mounted TV, not using a spirit level and not putting enough HDMI cables in place for future use.

Tips to Install a TV Wall Mount in Singapore House

Tips to Install a TV Wall MountOur company has been operating for six years. TV bracket in Singapore offers a variety of services that will cater to the customer’s needs regarding to mounting their TV on the wall. TV wall mounting means attaching a flat TV screen anywhere on the walls of your home with the use of pre-installed TV brackets. If you compare TV mounts to TV strands, the TV mounts are more efficient comfort-wise.

There are different kinds of mount options and it entirely depends on the type of TV you have at home. It’s good and beneficial to have a professional install for you due to the risks that might occur while installing by yourself. There are benefits to hiring a professional, which are;

  • As an individual, you will not have to buy equipment. This is because, there are special equipment that will be used in mounting your TV.
  • If one decides to mount the TV on their own, it will consume a lot of time. Since you are not quite familiar about the whole procedure.

TV bracket in Singapore offer a variety of services and tools regarding to mounting your TV on the wall. There are types of TV brackets that we offer to our customers and these include Tilt brackets, fixed brackets and Cantilever brackets.

Tilt Brackets

The installation services for the Tilt bracket varies in sizes down from a 19-inch TV, all the way up to a 65-inch TV variety. Tilt brackets are also similar to fixed brackets considering the fact that this bracket can be lifted from the wall, bolted to the TV, and placed back onto the wall. After mounting it back on the wall, you simply lock it down, and by that your TV’s position will be secured.

Our tilt brackets are a lot more flexible and with the help of our well-experienced technicians will be able to mount your TV higher up on the wall. After the wall mounting is finally done, this type of bracket will be able to tilt your TV down almost to a 45-degree angle. This type of bracket will prevent our customers from straining their neck and eyes while watching their TV.

Fixed Brackets

The fixed bracket is quite similar to Tilt brackets, this is because It can be lifted from the wall, bolted then mounted back onto the wall. The fixed brackets vary from a 19-inch TV up to a 65-inch TV. This makes It flexible and less time consuming is that the fixed brackets consist of universal rails that have the ability to slide along the main plate.

The procedure of installing your TV using fixed brackets. First, the fixed brackets are lifted off, then bolted to the TV, they can easily be placed on the wall by using a built-in main lock to lock them in place. We encourage customers who prefer a dedicated viewing area to use the fixed brackets. These brackets are for dedicated viewing areas instead of adjusting your TV, you simply turn your TV on, and enjoy your cinematic experience

Cantilever Brackets

The Cantilever Bracket is the most flexible of all the brackets mentioned above. Cantilever brackets will give you multiple pivot locations that will allow you to pull the TV out for about three feet, as well as compressing it to the wall. This type of wall brackets come in different sizes from 19-inch panels up to 65-inch large panels. It also has a feature that involves tilting it down, which will prevent our customers from straining their eyes. As you can see, all cantilevers are fluid in motion. This type also presents stable cable management that will secure your cables.

The other procedure is to loosen one side of the frame’s bolts in the back or tighten the other side. If that does not work, we may have to take bolts out and try the process all over again. We need to go about the entire installation carefully.

TV bracket in Singapore offers all the three brackets and the services mentioned above. Do not hesitate to call us when you need help mounting your TV wall. The three brackets mentioned above come in low profile versions which is very important for keeping your TV close to the wall. If you need safe and reliable TV mounting, we are always available for you. Our company wants our customers to kick back, relax and enjoy watching their TV. We have been and always will be loyal to our customers and give them the services they need.


Tips To Install Wall Mount By Yourself in SG

Tips To Install Wall Mount By Yourself in SingaporeHave you ever wished to install a wall mount by yourself? Do you question yourself the steps you have to take to mount your TV? There are three types of wall mount models. The models differ when it comes to Television adjustment. Some models allow you to adjust your TV to a comfortable viewing position. You should not worry about the styles of wall mount makes. Wall-mount installation is one of the easiest jobs you can do on your own. You can save hundreds of dollars just by reading through this article. This is because the article will help you get to know how to mount your TV.

Mounting your television has its advantages. This comes in that, wall mounting saves on space, increases picture visibility, and also improves the home décor.

What Are The Tools Needed In Wall Mount Installation?

You should make sure that you have everything needed for wall mount installation. To install your wall mount, you need to have the following tools.

  • A pencil

This is used in drawing or marking the appropriate height of fitting the television and the location of drilling holes.

  • A level

The level helps you adjust your wall mount to a certain leveled position of your television

  • Screwdriver

The screwdriver is used in hole drilling while fitting your wall mount

  • Tape measure

You will also need a tape measure for measuring distances and a mounting kit with all the mounting compartments such as bolts.

What are the Main Tips Used in Wall Mount Installation?

There are certain easy steps you have to follow while installing your wall mount and get the job done by yourself. Some of the tips are discussed below:

Look for the TV Bracket Fitting your TV

This is the first step in which you have to select the best among many TV brackets. Note that not all wall mounts will fit your television so there is certain information that you should confirm before choosing a wall mount. confirm your TV measurements between the holes at the back of your TV. This information is contained in the manual. You can also measure it.

Decide where to Mount your Television

You should choose the best location for your TV. this location should suit all your family members. By choosing the location, you will be able to choose the type of wall mount that fits the certain location.

Drill the Mounting Holes.

Using the screwdriver and the power drill, drill the mounting holes at the located points to mount your television.

Attach the Brackets to the TV

At this point, select the bolts that fit your television. In the case you need additional hardware, feel free to contact our customer care. You have to locate the mounting holes at the back of your TV and then attach the tv brackets to align with the mounting holes. Using the bolts provided in the mounting kit tighten them a little.

Attach the TV Bracket on the Wall

You are required to use the stud finder for the location of studs that will support your TV. Do not mount your TV on the wall with metal studs unless you want your TV broken. This is because metal studs do not hold the weight of your television mount firmly. Choose a wall without metal studs, mark the points using a pencil and use the drill to attach the brackets using the bolts in the mount kit.

Connect your Cables

This will depend on the wall mount model chosen. You should connect the cables in a creative way that one will not be able to see them. This is easier when you have chosen the fixed wall mount though you will need help from another person while fixing the cables. One will hold the Television while the other is connecting the cables.

Place the TV on the Wall

You should ask your friend to help you while fixing the television to avoid breaking your television. You should hold the television until you are sure that it is firmly locked to the wall mount.

Installation Testing

After doing all the above, it’s like you are through with the TV wall mount installation. What is remaining is just to test whether all your connections are functioning. Test all your TV connections to ensure that they are all working properly. In the case you would need some changes, you should follow the instructions given by the manufacturer till the end.

Finally, provided that you have read and understood the above steps, you are now able to install the TV wall mount by yourself. Make sure you follow all the steps. In case you need any type of wall mount, contact our customer care to get one. Remember to consider each make of wall mount and its advantages. Success as you install your TV wall bracket in Singapore.

Where to Buy the Best TV Brackets in Singapore for Flat-screen TV

Where to Buy the Best TV Brackets in Singapore for Flat-screen TVAs TVs are now light, they can be hanged from the wall or ceiling just as you want. They no longer have to occupy a lot of space in your living room. If you’re having trouble finding the best TV brackets in Singapore, this blog post will help!

TV brackets come in different shapes and sizes, so you must consider what type of bracket will be most compatible with your television before purchasing one. TV brackets are essential for people who want to mount their flat-screen TVs on the wall. There is a wide variety of TV bracket models available in Singapore, but not every type fits your needs.

This blog post will outline some key features you should look out for when choosing your TV brackets and provide examples of the best sellers at major retailers.

Advantages of TV Brackets

TV brackets come with an array of advantages that make them perfect for mounting TVs just about anywhere.

  • Save up space in your home

Mounting the TV on a bracket is one of the best ways to use space efficiently, in addition to keeping everything neat and organized. One of the benefits of owning a flat-screen TV is its ability to be mounted perfectly on the wall. This aesthetically pleasing move not only saves space but also increases your home decor and visibility while making it more attractive too.

It saves up plenty of room, which is good not just for those who live in small spaces. It has an aesthetic advantage because home decor can make a place look nice. Adding anything new like this enhances its appearance even more so makes the whole layout flow better.

  • Protects your television from damage

Mounting your TV will ensure it doesn’t get damaged from falls or bumps. Furthermore, if you accidentally knock into your television while walking around it, there is less chance to damage anything. You can protect your flat-screen television by installing it on top of something sturdy to keep it in place securely.

  • Clean and sleek look

TV Brackets allow hiding cords and having them tucked behind a unit. It makes rooms appear more organized, which is crucial for home decoration purposes. Full motion allows you to position it easily for optimal viewing from anywhere in a room, not just where that cord can reach. TV brackets will have an overwhelming impact on the interior layout, allowing greater control over major focal points in a house or apartment. Mounting your TV can transform the look of a room. Position it correctly to revolutionize your house design with a TV bracket.

  • Better viewing angle that reduces the stress

With TV brackets, you can reduce the strain on your neck or eyes since it only means that you have more flexibility in choosing an angle of viewing. This way, you end up reducing the strain on your eyes and neck to avoid eye fatigue or muscle tension at other parts of the body.

TV Brackets mounting services in Singapore

If you’re confused about mounting your TV on the wall, don’t worry! We supply a wide variety of TV Brackets for all types of customers in Singapore. We are a company that provides all kinds of TV bracket and mounting services in Singapore. We provide the best price range for our products.

Want to install that new TV you just bought? Start hanging your TV brackets to get the most of an enjoyable and rewarding experience. If you need to save yourself the trouble of installing your new TV on a wall, we can help!

Our professionals will provide all the necessary equipment and install it in no time at all. Using TV brackets has a lot of advantages. They are inexpensive have more benefits when compared to traditional stands. We hope you will be able to make the right decision after reading this information.

Where to Buy the Best TV Brackets in Singapore?

Are you looking for TV brackets in Singapore? It can be a tricky task to find the perfect bracket that fits your needs. That is why we are here! We have a wide variety of options available with prices range from affordable to high-end products. Contact us today or visit the website for more information about all of our different services.

It is not hard to find the best TV brackets in Singapore, but it can be tricky to know which ones are worth your time. We provide a wide variety of TV brackets in Singapore for you. Our products meet high standards before they go on sale.

Contact us today! Let us help you choose the perfect TV bracket set up that will work for your flat screen television setup. With mounting services available, there’s no better place than TVBracketSG for choosing where to buy the best TV brackets in Singapore.

What do you need to know before Buying a TV Bracket in Singapore?

What do you need to know before Buying a TV Bracket in SingaporeDo you want to buy a TV bracket in Singapore? Then, this blog post is for you. We will tell you everything to buy the perfect TV bracket for your needs and budget. Mounting it can save space by leaving valuable floor space that may be especially useful if there’s not much room left in your living area after adding furniture. You should always pay attention to what type of mount you have and how to get that done correctly for optimal viewing pleasure!

Why Should Mount TV?

With TVs now being mounted on walls, this gives you the opportunity for a modern and clutter-free room. When mounting TV, it frees up more space as well as creates less of a trip hazard. It allows for better cable management which makes things look neater and cleaner overall that makes visually appealing. TV will be more secured close to the wall that is safer than having cords or wires running on the ground.

What TV Bracket Should Buy?

When trying to figure out which bracket to buy for your TV, there are three main options: fixed, tilt and full-motion. Each of these brackets has pros and cons; let take a look at them.

Fixed TV Bracket in Singapore

The fixed TV bracket is the most common mounting system on the market today because they do not allow any movement from side to side or up-down. It gives users more stability within their living space and prevents excess damage if an accident happens while changing cables behind the television.

Some people may complain about this option, saying that having no mobility and are unable to change cable channels once the show starts getting boring. A fixed TV wall bracket is the most low-profile type of mounting that places your television close to the wall, like hanging up a painting. This model can hold TVs with widths of 80 inches or less it is perfect for a 75 inch C815 TV.


 Simple installation process

  • No more clunky boxes and wiring
  • Affordable and ideal for budget-conscious customers
  • Instantly transform your space into a modern focal point


 No access to the cables

  • No movement of the screen after installation

 Tilt TV Bracket in Singapore

 The Tilt TV bracket is the most reliable way to mount your flat screen television on a brick or concrete surface. It comes in different sizes and can be adjustable for all kinds of televisions. The Tilt TV bracket is a great way to save space and give you freedom of movement. It can be adjusted to fit your needs.

With the tilting TV Wall Bracket, you can adjust your screen up or down. It is best if you have a high-set television and want to achieve better viewing angles. The bracket fits TVs from 85 inches wide to 90 inches long it will work great with large screen televisions.


 Better viewing angle for TV

  • Cable wiring becomes easy and neater
  • Installation is much easier with the Tilt Bracket
  • Secure tilt and rotate to get the perfect viewing angle
  • Reduce eye strain by having a properly adjusted screen


 A tilt TV Bracket does not remain flat against the wall

  • It can be slightly more expensive than a fixed bracket
  • It does not have added flexibility of a full-motion bracket

Full-Motion TV Bracket in Singapore

 This full-motion TV bracket is perfect for your living room. It can hold a flat-screen up to 55 and 27 lbs, so you do not have to worry about it breaking under pressure. It has an adjustable height of 18″ and includes cable management for all your cords, cables, remotes, game consoles, etc., as well as space at the back panel where you can attach other accessories such as speakers and subwoofers. The mount also provides easy access to power outlets so that it does not block cord placement.

This type of bracket holds up to 55 inches wide televisions and allows you to view from different areas in the room. The full-motion TV bracket would be perfect for television installed on your wall and can swivels left or right depending on how many people are watching at once!


 Versatile viewing position

  • Position TV any way you want
  • It comes in a variety of sizes to suit any viewing angle


 It can be troublesome to install

  • It might cause extra strain on anchor points in the wall due to its bulkiness

TV Bracket Installation Services in Singapore

TV Brackets are a great way to display your TVs and make them more functional. This article provides information on what kind of bracket you should buy, the benefits of mounting your TV, how it can save space in your room, and if any installation services are available.

If you are not confident with installing a TV bracket, don’t stress! Call up someone professional to install a TV bracket for you. You will have peace of mind knowing that your television is installed and working well without any issues or problems hanging down at an awkward angle on top of it all.

We offer all kinds of universal TV brackets and mounting services in Singapore. These include our popular TV floor stand, fixed bracket, tilting bracket as well as full-motion brackets. If this has seemed like an overwhelming process but seems worth exploring, contact us today! Our team will help you find the perfect TV bracket for your needs.

TV Bracket Selection Guide: Find the Perfect TV Bracket in Singapore

TV Bracket Selection Guide Find the Perfect TV Bracket in SingaporeA TV bracket is a device that attaches to the back of the television and can hold its weight. If you are looking for an affordable, high-quality TV bracket in Singapore, then you have come to the right place. Choosing the right TV bracket to suit your needs can be a daunting task.

There are different types of TV brackets available in Singapore for your specific needs, whether you are looking for something modern and sleek or more traditional. If you need an extra sturdy mount to accommodate big TVs or want a space-saving option that will keep your house tidy, there is something here for everyone.

This blog post aims to guide readers to find the perfect TV bracket that will suit their needs, lifestyle, and budget. To help you make an informed decision, we have put together our selection guide to choose the best TV bracket in Singapore!

What is the VESA Standard?

To ensure you have the right TV bracket, check out the VESA standards and make sure your TV is compatible with them. The VESA standard measures the distance between four holes found on the backside of the TV, which allows you to secure it onto an accompanying TV bracket. The most common sizes of the VESA Standard include 200×200, 400×400, and 600 x 400, which depend on the size of your television screen.

The fast way to find the VESA size of your TV is by measuring distance horizontally and vertically from left to right or top to bottom. VESA standards specify the distance between mounting holes in televisions. The VESA specification remains consistent: horizontal x vertical distance in millimeters.

Compatible with the VESA Standard, our brackets ensure that your TV will have a perfect solution. We recommend you to use our website as the information provided here is accurate and up-to-date. We offer a wide range of TV brackets in Singapore for different needs and preferences with various weight capacities. You can buy a TV bracket from us after we recommend you the best one and get installation services to install it at home.

 Tips for Choosing TV Bracket                         

There are many brands of brackets on the market today and, choosing which one is right for you might take some time. However, before buying a TV bracket, consider the following factors that will make your search much easy.

  • Consider Specifications Television

Before buying a TV bracket, check the specifications of your television. If you plan to mount your TV on the wall, it should have all the supporting components needed for a sturdy hold. TV should support by a sturdy bracket for wall mounting. If not, then there might be some dangerous consequences – like having to buy another expensive television or putting yourself at risk of falling from an unstable position.

  • Choose a TV bracket that fits your needs

Do you want your TV to swivel or remain stationary? While both options exist, some people prefer the flexibility of a moving mount. For example, if there are many guests at an event and everyone wants to watch TV, it could be helpful for the screen to face them all instead of facing one direction constantly.

  • Get Professional installation

Put the finishing touch on your Television and entertainment area by getting our professional TV bracket installation services. We offer various models of full-motion brackets to suit all types of televisions from 32 up to 60 in size, along with quick 15-minute installations at competitive prices. Our Professionals are more than happy to answer questions about proper equipment placement or which size bracket will best suit your needs.

Where can you buy a TV Bracket in Singapore?

We hope this TV bracket selection guide has helped you to find the best TV brackets in Singapore that are worth your time and money. If you need help choosing a design or installation service, we have it all! You can purchase any of our brackets and get professional installation from us at a great price.

We have covered all of the information about VESA standards, specifications for televisions, and considerations when choosing a design that fits your needs. You can buy one of our brackets or contact us for installation services if you are not confident installing it yourself. Whether you need a VESA standard compatible mount or something more specific like an LED screen mount, we have a wide range of TV brackets.

If this article has helped you to make an informed decision on picking out a new TV bracket in Singapore, then we would love to have you as a customer!

Tilt TV Bracket vs. Full-Motion TV Bracket | the Best TV Bracket in Singapore

Tilt TV Bracket vs. Full-Motion TV Bracket The Best TV Bracket in SingaporeThere are many benefits to wall-mounting your television. First, you get the best possible viewing angle no matter where in a room it is placed and an elegant look that complements any décor or color scheme.

A wide variety of mounting options ensure that everyone can find something for their needs and space requirements, whether they only want their television visible from one corner of a specific area or need more flexibility when positioning it throughout the rest of the house.

Trying to decide which TV bracket is best? You might be wondering what the difference is between these two brackets and why you would need one over another.

When buying a TV wall mount, there are several key factors to consider. Firstly, you should decide if you want a tilting or full-motion TV wall mount; both have their benefits and maybe suited your space differently depending on how much movement is necessary for the room when watching television.

Tilting TV Bracket 

If you plan on mounting your TV above eye level, a tilting wall mount is an optimal option. This type of bracket can tilt the screen by 45 degrees. Instead of having your TV screen be directly facing upwards, you can mount it in a more downward position so that you do not have to crane your neck. The tilting feature on brackets also restrains glare and reflections from other light sources such as windows or lamps.

If you are mounting your TV above a fireplace, in the bedroom, or somewhere at an inconsiderate height, we recommend using our tilting bracket. The tilt TV brackets can be adjusted to flush with the wall for a sleek look when not being used.

Full Motion TV Bracket

The full motion TV mount is the most versatile due to its multiple swivel features. It allows you to tilt, swivel and rotate your TV for a better viewing experience and unique look. If mounting in a corner or recessed space provides an added benefit of giving off that extended effect seen with other mounts not capable of aiding this level of functionality.

A full-motion TV bracket is perfect for people that would like to view their television from multiple seating areas in a room. It avoids glare, accessing your ports and cables. It provides an optimal viewing position while watching the screen as well.

If you’re looking for a solution to improve your viewing experience, you should go with the Full-Motion bracket, but it is more expensive than the tilt TV bracket.

TV Bracket Mounting Experts in Singapore

Are you interested in getting your TV mounted? You don’t have to worry about anything. Our specialists will come to your home and bring all the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise required for mounting your TV.

Please Book an appointment with our expert technicians at a time that works best for your busy schedule. We’ll be there within the same day to make things as seamless and convenient as possible. Contact us if you are looking for a TV bracket in Singapore. We have an expert team of professionals who can help design the perfect solution and install it in no time at all!


This article has highlighted the different mounting options available for televisions. We hope it is helpful to you when choosing between your various choices of brackets. Some people may prefer tilt mounts as they do not need much space, while others might want a full-motion TV bracket. If you are not sure to choose the best-suited bracket for your needs, our team of experts will provide an assessment recommend the right one.

The Tilting TV Bracket is ideal for people who want to save space but need a bracket that can tilt in both directions. This type of mounting system only rotates forward and back. However, if you are looking for a more versatile TV bracket with more movement, we recommend our Full-Motion TV Bracket. It moves up and down and side-to-side, so you’re viewing angle will always is perfect no matter where you are sitting in the room.

For the best TV mounting experience, it is crucial to find a reliable and reputable company. We supply all kinds of universal TV brackets in Singapore. Our team is always ready to help with your installation needs. For help in choosing between these two brackets or any other kind of mountings services that might require installation or maintenance, feel comfortable contacting us today!

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a New TV in 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a New TV in 2021When you’re looking to purchase a new TV in 2021, it can be quite difficult to decide which is the best option for you as they all look the same. However, each TV comes with its features and limits, and you need to be aware of them before picking a TV for your home. We’ve taken a close look at the factors to duly consider when buying a new TV in 2021 and the types of TV available; check out our guide below to find your ideal TV.

Types of TV

There are different types of TV, and although they all look alike, they differ in resolution software and screens. These features are what sets them apart. Let’s take a look at some of the top best types of TVs.

  • LCD TVs

These are the commonest, and it’s used by most TVs. It comes with a backlight that shines light on the liquid crystals that creates images on the TV screen. The LCD TVs are much cheaper and are therefore common; they come in smaller sizes.

  • OLED TVs

These are also known as Organic LED TVs are offer the best contrast and motion. They are quite expensive and do not use a backlight to display images on the screen. Each integrated bulbs are self-emitting, and this is why OLED TVs offer the best contrast and color control.

  • QLED TVs

These are peculiar to the Samsung brand. They are similar to LCD, and although they make use of backlight, it shines on quantum dots rather than liquid crystals, which produces more vibrant colors. The screen also makes a difference to the audio and makes it much easier to use the TV.

  • 4K TV

4K TV comes in two types. There are low cost and the Full HD. 4K TVs offer the best video resolution to viewers and are simply the best when it comes to sound and video quality. However, they cost much more than other types of TV in the market. They display sharp details and vibrant images.

Factors to Consider

  • Cost: First, you need to create a budget and find the TV that fits into your budget. LCDs are the cheapest, but you will need to go for a pricier product if you want better tech and design. Premium TVs are known for great motion processing, unlike cheap models. You can choose to wait for sales to purchase a better model at an affordable price.
  • Features: Another factor to consider when choosing a TV is the features that come with it. You could choose to go with Smart TVs that allow you to download streaming apps. PVRs also allow you to record shows into a hard drive to catch up later. HDR TVs provide better contrasts, and there are TVs that come with voice control that allows you to change channels, input, and also switch the TV on and off. The more features a TV has, the pricier it is.
  • Size: The size of the TV also matters because the bigger the size, the better the quality gets. LCD TVs come in smaller sizes. It is difficult to find 4K TVs at 32 inches, and these sizes are usually not smart. 40-43 inches are quite popular, and it’s easy to find a 4K TV at this size. They come with smart features to enhance your viewing experience. 49 inches and larger are usually the sizes manufacturers integrate their features. They come in all the TV types and are quite pricey.

Final Thoughts

There are different TV brands in the market today, offering amazing features to catch the attention of customers. Knowing the different kinds of TVs will help you decide which you prefer more and the option that best suits your need. Check out our guide above, and you’ll find it much easier to pick the best option for your home and gives you the best value for your more.

But hey! At, we have many types of TV bracket wall mount to support your new purchase TV. Beside invest in your TV, the accessories of tv wall mount bracket in Singapore also important to make your TV living room looks luxury and modern décor.


Apple Streaming Device: All You Need To Know

Apple Streaming Device All You Need To KnowApple is a household name in the electronics industry. It has produced a wide variety of products and models that offer shoppers and gadget enthusiasts multiple options to choose from. With the introduction of the incredibly fashionable and high-performance Apple TV 4K, Apple proves once again why it is a leading manufacturer of home appliances in the world.

What’s special about the high-quality yet affordable streaming device and why has it become a sought-after product among buyers in Singapore? There’s a lot to admire about the Apple TV 4K streaming appliance.

Let’s find out.

Excellent Performance 

Apple TV 4K is integrated with a lot of features, including the A10X Fusion chip and Siri’s voice. The chip feature enables the device to offer a fluid user experience and deliver fast with the speed of light. Although the Apple TV 4K is configured to power millions of pixels, its Siri voice feature helps it to deliver results instantly and without delay.

Impressive Gaming options 

Another thing that will make you beckon on for a piece of the Apple TV 4K is the impressive gaming capacity and beauty of the device. The Apple TV 4K is atop the class of all streaming devices the market offers. It comes with a load of services, including movies, music, and games.

Content Change Flexibility 

One important feature of the Apple TV 4K is its flexibility to allow users to change the content collection of iTunes (music, movie, and game) seamlessly and without charging any extra money. This feature is exclusive to this streaming device because to buy high-definition audio/visual content on other competing streaming devices comes at a hefty premium.

Supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10 

The Apple TV 4K comes with a support spec that allows users to use the streaming services on Dolby Vision and HDR 10. These two high-dynamic streaming options are the market leaders. With these formats, you won’t have to modify the device setting almost all the time. After all, fiddling with the TV setting can cause it to spoil quickly.

One-Stop Store for Streaming Content 

The Apple TV 4K is also integrated with the best streaming video content, all in one place. Since its launch, the device has become one big store for streaming all content, including Amazon Prime Video. Thanks to the Netflix app that supports the device, users can enjoy all music and movie collection from Amazon live in 4K HDR. Besides, live sports are also available for the users of the Apple TV 4K.

Affordable to Use

To use the Apple TV 4K, you don’t have to break the bank. The device is relatively affordable. Users can also change tunes and stream movies with little cost. No extra charge for changing content.

Optimum storage 

You do not need to import memory or add extra storage to the Apple TV 4K because the device comes with 32 GB of storage. You can also make an order for a 64 GB Apple TV 4K. This feature will enable users to

Advanced Technology 

The Apple TV 4K boasts advanced technology that makes it one of the best streaming devices in the world. It features a Gigabit Ethernet port plus 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity which enables hands-free use. The dual-band Wi-Fi is incredibly amazing, allowing you to connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device and play or stream your favourite music.

Other Features

Other features and specs of the Apple TV 4K include flexible control from iPad or iPhone, using iOS 11. Besides, the device also allows users an alternative to control it. Plus, there is remote control enabled by Siri and featuring different variants.

Final Thoughts

Every home deserves the best electronics and you cannot have the Apple TV 4K and not have a blast. Apart from that, the TV wall mount accessories also important to make your life easier to handle it alone.

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Advantages Of Using TV Brackets

advantage of using tv bracket in singaporeModernization never stops, as it leads the humanity to a better way of living. Together with technology, it is the pillars of hope of all the people in the world in order to success and finds a better way of living. Every appliance in a household undergoes changes and development to be more functional.

As an example the fat old television models are now being replaced by table top flat screen televisions. We cannot deny that the televisions are one of the most common appliances found in a single household. Every house has one to two sets of television that serves the family as leisure and entertainment.

Televisions arise as the media takes over the places of news broadcasting, video presentations together with sound effects are the common features of a television. Developed and equipped with antenna to gather signal in order to project videos. As the time passed by, people doesn’t need those fat looking televisions, aside from they are big, they are also space consuming appliance that occupies most of the spaces in a single table.

They Add Beauty to Your Home

As the time passes by, those fat looking televisions are now being replaced by flat screen TV. They look good because they are slim and have better viewing spaces for every corner. It is the rise of the flat screen televisions, they usually come in different brands and sizes but most of them are thinner and wider.

As the flat screen televisions arrive, they are usually placed in a table top. Many incidents happens to damage the TV as the table moves so that the TV will get unbalanced resulting the TV to fall on the floor and damage its pixels. So they come up with a solution to create TV brackets that will fix the TV screens on the wall.

Brackets usually come in different types and purposes, some are created with a specific TV brand so that they are ready to be used and some are being fabricated and available online and other hardware market stores. The availability of brackets is being popularized increasing its demand to the industry because many people patronize the usage of TV brackets.

Different Varieties

There are many types of brackets according to its use, one of them is the flat surface bracket, considered to be the simple’s one and the easiest one to install. It also the cheapest one found in the market as it supports the older models of flat screen TV.

It Can Adjust the Angle

Next is the tilting brackets with its unique feature, it can adjust its angle based on the desired adjustments of the owner. It is also easy to use and install, manufacturers says that it is the upgraded versions of flat surface brackets because of its innovative feature.

Last is the full motion bracket, the most expensive one and the most complicated one to install. It has extra arms for its additional supports, used to move the television in different angles and have a better experience in viewing. Full motion brackets are required for the latest versions of smart TV’s and to those bigger sizes TV as it provides greater supports than those smaller ones.

There are a lot of advantages in using a TV bracket. One is to have an extra space because it does not require any table to be placed on. Next is that it has a better view when the TV is installed in the wall as it does not block any decorations and furniture in the room. Next is the use of bracket is safer than the usage of TV stands because there is a lesser chances that the TV might fall. And last is the TV that is mounted on the wall will give a better experience in viewing.

Easy to Install

Most brackets are easy to install, first you have to buy your desired bracket available in the market, next is to fit it with your TV set. When the bracket matches your TV set, it is ready to be installed. When everything is ready, select your desired location of the TV set-up, when you have the decision place the bracket and mark its holed using a pen for it to be drilled.

The drilling process is easy, it only requires a same size of a bit and a bolt, and then you can bore the hole using a drill. When the drilling process is done you can check the bracket by placing it temporary and check its alignment. When everything is fine the bracket is now ready to be screwed, after that process the TV is now ready to be mounted on the bracket.

Installation is quite easy but it requires some skills to be performed well. If fail to do so it may result to damages or even injury, so try to contact a skilled person to install the bracket.