Read this Before You Buy Glass TV Stand Singapore!

Read this Before You Buy Glass TV Stand SingaporePossibly you have just bought a TV set recently and need a TV stand Singapore to go together with your new investment. Look no further than TVBracketSG who are the best suppliers when it comes to TV stands in Singapore. We have many TV stand choices for you to choose from and we will also help you settle on the one to buy.

When deciding on the stand you will buy for your TV, the material matters a lot and has a considerable effect on the general look and durability of the stand. There are many choices of television stands including tempered base glass TV stands in Singapore. But the big question here is; how do you know the best one for you?

To answer this question, you need to put some factors into consideration or seek the help of TVBracketSG. Read on to know how to choose the right one for you between the two.

The Appearance

In terms of look or appearance, glass television stands differ a lot. The base of this stand is tempered glass and goes well with modern looking homes because they fit contemporary and elegant appeal more often than not. Therefore, a glass TV stand Singapore is for you if your home is leaning towards contemporary.


Sturdiness relies greatly on how the stand is made and how adequately it is maintained. If it is of good quality and handled well, it will last you for many years to come. But the truth is that your TV stand will deteriorate soon if handled carelessly.

Yet, you still need to consider the material. The fact that glass stands are more easily broken suddenly is one thing you may have to worry about. But the good news is that TVBracketSG will orientate you on how to handle your glass TV stand with utmost care to last long.

However, a glass TV stand is prone to scratches. As a result, this must be avoided as much as possible.


Despite the fact that some stands are susceptible to dust, these particles are more obvious in a glass TV stand Singapore because it mirrors light. For this reason, glass TV stands Singapore should be cleaned and wiped frequently to keep up its brilliance and shinny nature.

Before you decide on a choice of TV stands, weigh their pros and cons. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can then figure out the right material that best suits your lifestyle.

Do you want to know more about TV stands in Singapore? Contact TVBracketSG at for questions and more enquiry. You can also learn more about our services at

With our more than 5 years’ industry experience, we will help you determine the best TV stand Singapore for you. Our products are durable, affordable, and of the highest quality.

Wide TV Stand Singapore for Plasma and LCD TVs will Complement Your Furniture

Wide TV Stand Singapore for Plasma and LCD TVs will Complement Your Furniture in singaporeAccessorising your home with the latest devices and electronic items will add the general look of your rooms and complement your home. LCD and plasma televisions are excellent accessories to beautify your household. Your television needs complementing elegant and portable TV stand Singapore that can hold your expensive television set safely.

TV stand exclusively made for LCD and plasma TVs should be strong and wide to keep it away from unnecessary damage to your television set. Moreover, these stands are a great way to complement your home entertainment arrangement. If you want to buy new TV stand in Singapore, you will get many options from TVBracketSG.

Vital Considerations for Buying Wide TV Stands in Singapore

Before you make a decision to buy a wide TV stand Singapore, there are a number of vital points you must consider.

Plasma and LCD Televisions

Nearly all the available LCD and Plasma TVs necessitate wide TV stands in Singapore which you can get in different sizes. As a result, make sure you opr for the one that best meets your requirements.

To choose the perfect stand, consider the available space you have to accommodate the stand. Take the measurement of the area where you want to place the stand to help you have an idea of how wide the TV stand should be. This will prevent you from buying over or under size LCD or Plasma stands.

The Size of Your LCD or Plasma Television

Stands for TV Singapore are made based on particular sizes. Hence, keep the standard size of the television screen in mind when shopping for a stand for your TV. This is important because you surely don’t want to invest on a wide TV stand in Singapore, based on the measurement of the area of your room.

Consider the type of wide TV stand you need as soon as you know the size of the available space and that of your television screen. Flat surface stands where you can easily mount your Plasma or LCD are available. On the other hand, there are stands that feature additional shelves underneath their surfaces, in case you want to store some items like your tape collections, cable boxes, DVD player, and home theatre system among others.

Materials and Colours

Despite the fact that wide TV stands are available in different materials, glass stands and metal stands are generally number one choice. If you them to complement the interiors of your room, you can buy the wood type of stands. If you are considering colour, black TV stands Singapore are more appropriate for LCD and Plasma screens.

If you need professional advice on the type of TV stand Singapore you need for your LCD or Plasma television set, turn to TVBracketSG Company in Singapore. We are the best suppliers of TV brackets and wall mounts in Singapore. Our products are of high quality, durable, and affordable. In addition, our service is second to none. With our more than 5 years experience in the industry, you will get value for your hard-earned cash with our products and services.

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 Flat Panel TV Stand Singapore: A Sure Way to Mount Your Entertainment!

Flat Panel TV Stand Singapore A Sure Way to Mount Your EntertainmentIf you are looking for the best way to take your entertainment to the next level, the flat panel TV stand Singapore is the answer. Flat panel TV stands Singapore are gaining popularity quickly these days because of the numerous benefits of using these stands.

Why Use Flat Panel TV Stand in Singapore?

It is easy to fix and doesn’t involve any technical work like the TV hangers

If maintained properly, flat panel TV stand Singapore are designed to last for a long time.

To go well with your current décor, you can get them in different shapes and colours. Using flat panel TV stands in Singapore will add attractiveness to your home décor and living space.

Different Styles for Flat Panel TV Stand Singapore

One of the advantages of flat panel TV stand in Singapore is that it is available in different styles and designs. Here are different styles for flat panel television stands in Singapore.

  1. The OmniMount Stellar

This is the most fashionable TV stand. It is the ideal stand for the big screen DLPs, LCDs and other components.

  1. Metal and Glass Adaptable Flat Panel TV Stand

This stand features a wide space and long sweeping curves for video and audio devices. It is categorised as a modern design. It has the capability of accommodating 70 inches LCD TV. On the other hand, it features an incorporated cable management system to conceal wires.

  1. Glass Drawer Flat Panel TV Stand

This type of television stand will allow you to control your TV even when put in a shelf. The design is like the two shelf design. Glass drawer television stands Singapore are safe and easy to use, particularly with little kids around.

However, you must know where to buy the top quality, even with the qualities of these stands. The good news is that TVBracketSG Company has the answer to your durability and quality issue. Visit their site at to see what they have to offer.

  1. The Two Shelf Stand

This Flat Panel TV Rack is the most prominent among users. One great thing about this stand is that it is extremely affordable. You can buy the Flat Panel TV Stand Singapore with wider shelves, if you want to keep more gadgets.

  1. Triple Play Stand with Wood Panels

This is a versatile and unique TV stand with three configuration alternatives to meet both your room and display layout. It has an optional rear mounting frame that you can use to gain right of entry to the system as a three self stand-alone table. It features a black glass shelf that makes it breathtaking and glossy looking.

  1. Hutch-like Flat Panel TV Stand

If you are one of the homeowners who want to hide their TV when not in use, this is the perfect TV stand for you. Televisions are basically put in these stands and brought out when you want to use the television.

TVBracketSG is the best seller of durable and quality TV stands in Singapore. We also offer competent and fast services through our professional engineers who will work with you to put things in order. They will also give you the best advice and recommend to you the type of stand you should buy. Visit today and give them a try!




Why You Do You Need a Video Wall Mount Installation

Why You Do You Need a Video Wall Mount Installation in Singapore officeVideo wall mount installation is usually used for business. Truly, video wall mount installation is an innovative and modern type of technology that is used by companies to promote their business – especially the huge ones. Way back a decade ago, the video wall is used with a TV bracket in Singapore and only a small segment is needed to put it all together.

Using video walls are a great way to attract people and potential customers to show some interest in your business. However, the video wall mount installation process itself is quite complicated and should be done carefully using a TV bracket in Singapore.

Key Considerations

Before you ask professionals to do the work for you and your business, you need to understand the current and modern technology first and some of the needed requirements to support the video wall mount installation. Here are the following that you need to put into consideration before you proceed with the installation:

  • Maintenance – you should know how much and how often would the maintenance be since we are talking about a huge and multiple numbers of screens.
  • Location – to not waste your time, effort, and money that you will put everything in this way of advertising your business, product or services, you need to think of an efficient location wherein there are a lot of target people passing by.
  • Image quality – the quality of the image should be in high definition so that people, who will also be your potential customer, will see what you are advertising.
  • LCD or LED – LCD is quite popular than LED due to the benefits it can offer.
  • Ease of Implementation – Before contacting professionals to do the video wall mount installation with the use of TV bracket in Singapore, make sure to look for enough space where you should put the video walls so it will not be hard for you and the professionals in the future.

Benefits of Video Walls

Video walls can be considered as an investment. In just a single item, you can easily catch the attention of many people and informed them about your business – and of course, they might be interested in it. So, here are the reasons why you should need a video wall mount and install it:


  • Superior Brightness
  • Powerful Processing
  • Higher Resolutions


  • Manipulation of Contents
  • Dynamic Placement of Contents
  • Display Any Content Virtually


  • Resilient and Reliable
  • Flexible Shape and Size
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Long-term Use

Who Use Video Wall Mount Installation

Video walls are versatile and provide many benefits not only to companies who want to market their business but, it is also useful to many people. Here are the following people who often use video walls and installation and how they navigate it:

US Armed Forces – US armed forces use video walls and installations to visualize as well as aggregate the central platform so that they can create a plan for the operation. They also use it for meetings and conferences.

Educators and Students – video walls allow students and educators to explore as well as visualize datum in full detail and resolution. These video walls help them to clearly understand and get some information.

Business Leaders – as for business leaders, these video walls are a great help for them as well as their business. They use it for their proposals and presentations.

Control Room Operators – video walls are also a huge help for the operators in the control room. They use these video walls to monitor everything such as networks, alarm systems, video streams, and other content that are considered as critical.

Video walls are extremely beneficial in today’s generation and technology. However, before you decide to have one installed for you, make sure to familiarize yourself first with it. Furthermore, you have to use high-quality tools and equipment when the installation process is going on and have reliable professionals do the work. Using TV brackets in Singapore is also a great way to ensure that these video walls will be safely and securely installed. In TVBracketSG, every installer is professional and expert in this field, so it is a good choice to have your video walls installed by them.

Modern and Chic Ideas Using TV Brackets for Living Room to Make a Concert Experience

Modern and Chic Ideas Using TV Brackets for Living Room to Make a Concert Experience in SingaporeWhen you out to watch your favorite live classical performance or attend a rock band performance, depending on the taste, it’s so exciting to experience and the atmosphere. These days, by the help of latest technologies, you can bring good quality picture and sound to your TV screens through the hi-fi systems and sound systems it’s easy to create a concert experience in your room. Everyone loves to watch their favorite shows staying at their home comfort, now you can make your dream true by the help of TV brackets and not need to worry more about the TV bracket installation.

If you have a high-quality plasma TV, you can see your favorite show from a wide range of angles. If you attach a surround sound system with your TV, it will give you exact concert feeling in your living room. Nevertheless, wait for a second if you want to do this you need to buy TV brackets to mount the TV itself, while wall mounts for the other hardware are including sound system, etc. If you are looking for a TV bracket company in Singapore the TV Bracket in Singapore is one of the best and they have all the solutions for your TV. They can help you to buy the right TV bracket for your TV and wall mounts for other equipment’s. Let’s take a look at how you can make a concert experience at your home using TV brackets.

Choose the Right TV Bracket for You TV

The first and most important thing to consider is the TV bracket you are going to buy for your LED TV. Choosing the right type of TV bracket for your TV is very important. If you don’t know how to choose the right type of TV bracket don’t worry TV Bracket in Singapore will help you in this task. They have professional technicians and they know which type of TV bracket is best for your TV and what you want on your TV.

It looks easy to wall mount a TV but when you try it on your own, you’ll notice that it’s not that easy and you have to hire a professional for this task. TV bracketsSg working in this industry for many years and knows the pros and cons of TV brackets. So now, you can enjoy a concert experience with the help of TV brackets and don’t need to worry more.

Look For Full Motion TV Brackets

If you want to enjoy a concert experience in your room, must look for full-motion TV brackets. The full-motion bracket will allow you to tilt your TV in full motions. It’s so simple and these full motions brackets look marvelous. Full motion TV bracket allows you to watch your favorite show from a range of angles and positions so you can enjoy like a concert in your home. In Singapore, many companies are offering full-motion TV brackets but TV Bracket in Singapore offers you the best quality and low-cost full-motion TV brackets. Their expert technicians will help you from buying to the installation process and help you to take your desired output results.

Why Choose Full Motion TV Brackets

Full motion TV brackets are a little bit expensive as compared to normal TV brackets, but full-motion brackets have huge benefits for long-term. Installation is also hard but TV bracket in Singapore will do the job for you and you don’t need to do it at your own and ruin the TV and the bracket too. Full motion TV brackets offer you extra flexibility and you can set your TV at your desired angle and position to increase the watching experience. It will allow you to swivel and tilt your TV to the best viewing position and making a concert-like experience at your home.


If you want to make a concert experience in your living room it’s the best idea to buy a full-motion TV bracket form TV brackets and enjoy concert experience at your home. They have all the expertise and you don’t have to worry about the choosing and installation process of your desired TV bracket. Now you can just hire a professional from TV brackets and enjoy watching your favorite TV show comfortably. Just pick a Full motion TV bracket and create a concert experience in your room.

Parts Of TV Mount Bracket In Singapore

Parts Of TV Mount Bracket in SingaporeAfter choosing your desired TV brackets, determining where you want to install your TV and figuring out other aesthetic and technical issues comes the second process which is deemed the most difficult: installing your TV brackets. It is totally doable on your own; however, it would be a much wiser and better choice to hire a specialized company in order to do the work for you. Installing TV brackets can be a stressful process when done on one’s own, and can even cause danger, harm, injuries and further complications to both humans and objects if assembled incorrectly.  You might not want to pay extra money for installation. Fortunately, there are many companies in the field. But there is one that particularly stands out for its stellar services and affordable prices: TV Bracket in Singapore.

The Right Equipment

Before you install your wall mount bracket, you need sure that you have the right equipment at hand, as you will not be able to perform any assembly tasks without them. These tools include a number of different screws depending on which TV bracket you have, a drill, a hammer, and screwdrivers. Make sure that you practice basic safety precautions when using these pieces of equipment so to not cause harm to one’s self or any other individuals or objects around. Since not many people possess such equipment, hiring a company such as TV Bracket in Singapore can facilitate the whole process since the company has a number of trained professionals at hand who are in possession of such equipment and are fully trained to deal with it and deal with any issue that might arise during the assembly period.

Parts and How to Assemble

When you purchase a TV Bracket in Singapore wall mount, it comes with several different parts; each one has a different use and a different way of assembly. First of all, you need to specify which kind of TV you own: either an LED TV, or a smart TV. These two are different, and require different parts in order to be safely mounted onto a wall. After that, you will need to determine the size of your TV, as different sized TVs require parts that are differently sized, obviously. This will make sure that you get the right parts to support your TV properly and keep it mounted nicely and safely. Next, you will choose the style and function. After you have done all these steps, a TV Bracket in Singapore technician will visit your space to process any essential information and data. The technician will flush the wall where you want the TV mounted to make the attachments invisible. After that, you will be provided with three different parts: A level, a stud finder, and a wrench and screwdrivers. You will also need to have cable finders, pipes, epoxy glue, nails, and bolts. You might not need to have all these tools, but keeping them close can make installing the TV bracket easier.

Final Process

After you receive the parts, you will need to lay the long horizontal plate on the wall and mark the points where you want to hang it with a washable marker. Just make sure to press the plate firmly and mark the points properly. After you’re done, drill into the six holes already available on the plate.

Afterwards, use the studs and make sure they’re at the back of the wall where the drilled holes are. Prior to drilling, make sure to consult your landlord or a technician to avoid accidently drilling into water pipes or electricity wires to avoid unwanted complications.

After you drill and attach the plate, place your TV face down (on a soft surface to avoid scratches or damage!) and attach the two brackets on the back of it whilst making sure they are both as symmetrical as possible. Use the spacers to tighten the bolts on the TV as much as you can. When all is done, you should have no problem assembling your TV on the wall, as all TV Bracket in Singapore wall mounts comply with the VESA standards.

After all this, what you need to do is to connect the wiring and the cables in order to plug your TV in. That’s about it! The process of mounting a TV on walls made of different materials is quite the same. For best results, make sure to contact TV Bracket in Singapore by visiting thewebsite ( and checking their informative blog. TV Bracket in Singapore will be more than happy to answer any inquiries you have.

Why According to research British prefer to buy products like TV brackets online

Why According to research British prefer to buy products like TV brackets onlineSince televisions are getting bigger and bigger by the day, it could be immensely useful to mount your television on the wall to save some space. There are many individuals and companies that offer installation services; however, there is one star in the field, which is TV Bracket in Singapore.


TV Bracket in Singapore is extremely versatile when it comes to bracket installation. They will be able to provide you with tons of different ways to mount your TV, including swivel wall mounting, and many others, especially if you’re someone who enjoys watching TV at a certain angle or have an odd wall which you would like your TV to occupy.

They also happen to offer ceiling TV mounting. To facilitate your purchase experience, they offer a comprehensive buying guide on their blog online which can tremendously help if you’re still hesitant and do not know which TV bracket to purchase.

In addition to that, they offer a variety of colors and designs. If you want a certain piece that goes with your décor scheme, reaching out to them is your best option, as there are many things to choose from. They also offer other services, such as concealing the wiring cables that may look unattractive, which is a great plus if you are someone who pays attention to aesthetics. They also offer stand styling tips, so if you are ever in a pinch, you can count on them.


It can often be quite tiring to find freelancers or companies that are really experienced at installing TV mounts, and this where TV Bracket in Singapore comes in. They pay attention to the tiniest of detail, which will ensure that you have the best experience.

They will do things like helping you choose a spot for your TV, testing if the wall is strong enough for the TV to stay mounted on. They give you advice regarding the angle in which you want the TV mounted in to ensure the best TV watching experience ever, and help you with the wire concealment, which can look extremely messy when left out in the open.

Installing TV brackets is not an easy task, as many would imagine. It requires a lot of planning beforehand, throughout the process and even after putting the brackets and installing the TV. It is better to hire a professional for this task, to make sure that you’re not going to face any problems after the process.

Extensive Knowledge

It is not surprising that TV Bracket in Singapore possess a huge amount of knowledge on TV brackets, as it’s their specialization. With their blog offering numerous articles on TV mount installation, it sure is a gold mine for those who are lost or do not know where to start. TV Brackets in Singapore will aid you with choosing the best brackets to support the weight of your TV, to ensure that neither your TV nor you will go through any accidents due to faults in installation.

Additionally, they can help by offering you tips on the key features of each TV bracket they offer. They also offer a follow-up service where they will give you diagnosis for any problems that might arise with your TV brackets.  Moreover, they will offer consultation regarding the size of the TV bracket. So you do not have to worry, because even if you own a TV set that’s larger than usual, they will have options to accommodate your needs.

In conclusion, these reasons should be more than enough to convince you to hire professional help, and to choose TV Bracket in Singapore when doing so. Hiring professionals in the field helps you decide and choose the right place for your TV. It will also make sure that your TV is mounted difficulty to avoid any technical difficulties in the future, which will you make your TV experience even better. Last but not least, you will have a number of knowledgeable and experienced professionals at your service. They will recommend the best options to you and with your guidance you will be able to rest assured that you are going to get the best of the best.

So, don’t hesitate and choose TV Bracket in Singapore now. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about a certain issue, don’t hesitate to visit the website, which is at: . Will always be in your service, no matter what, no matter where.

TV Wall Mount Buying Guide – Required Parts When Using the Wall-Mount Bracket

TV brackets area in huge demand in Singapore these days, because of the plasma LCD sets introduction. It is generally known as installing a TV bracket is quite easy. TV brackets area in huge demand in Singapore these days, because of the plasma LCD sets introduction. It is generally known as installing a TV bracket is quite easy. However, the reality is that buying and installing the right type of TV bracket is not that easy. Several homeowners still find the right type of TV bracket for their TV in Singapore. If you don’t know how to buy, a TV bracket in Singapore you are at right place TV bracket Singapore is one of the best V bracket company and they know how to select the right type of TV bracket for your TV in Singapore.

If you bought a TV bracket in Singapore or looking for one, below are some tips for you to install the TV bracket easily and fast.

Type of the Wall

Wall type is the most important thing to consider while you are installing a TV bracket in your home. The partition wall, brick walls, breeze block wall, stud, and concrete wall are some of the normal walls. Look professional advice from an expert like TV Bracket in Singapore, if this is difficult for you to determine wall type.

Many homeowners find it quite difficult to distinguish the difference between a concrete wall and breeze block wall because they both look similar to each other. Drilling a hole in the non-concrete drill bit is a good way to establish the wall.

However, drilling a hole on brick or concrete wall is very tricky; making holes on these types of walls required a masonry drill bit. Buying and identifying the right TV Bracket in Singapore is very critical if you want to mount the TV set at breeze wall.

Seek Professional Help

If you want to wall mount your TV set in Singapore, the best option is to seek the help of TV Bracket Singapore professionals. TVBracketSG is an experienced and professional company and they provide all types of services related to TV brackets. They have all parts, right accessories and tools on the ground to install the TV bracket perfectly.

Furthermore, TV bracket Singapore is one of the best suppliers of TV brackets and universal TV brackets in Singapore. No other company in Singapore can give you quick services like TV bracket Singapore in the whole city.

Right Accessories, Tools and Required Parts

You can easily mount your TV in Singapore if you have the right type of tools and accessories. Normally below tools are used to install TV bracket:

  • Marker Pen
  • Dust Sheet
  • Spirit Level
  • Electric Drill
  • Drill Bits
  • Flat Head and Philips Head Screwdriver
  • Stud Finder
  • Pipe Finder and Electric Cable Finder
  • The Screws, Bolts, and Nuts contained in the wall mount package

It is highly suggested that there are two people on the ground ready to help you during the installation process of the TV bracket. Because some TV mounts tend to bulky and heavy.

Picking the Correct TV Bracket

There are no 100% perfect TV brackets in Singapore and in the whole world. Every kind of Tv bracket has unique ups and downs. You just have to make sure to pick and use these metal brackets at a reasonable price. Not all TV brackets has high quality, there are different qualities and price in the whole world. Cheaper wall mounts are made of softening steel as compared to worthy wall mounts. Cheap TV brackets have fewer features and hardware as compared to costly TV brackets in Singapore.

When you buy a TV bracket in Singapore, always make sure to buy good quality and costly TV bracket. Costly TV brackets have long-term benefits because your TV safety depends on the quality of the TV Bracket you are using. Must buy a TV bracket that is durable and last for a very long time.

Final Words

Installing the TC bracket look very easy and simple, but when you actually try this at your own it’s quite challenging. TVBracketSG can help you in this hard installation process and our professionals always make sure to install TV brackets in the right way. TVBracketSG have highly professional staff and they know which parts are required while installing the TV bracket. During the installation process, if you forget to fix the important safety parts it’s very risky for the safety of your expensive TV.

Therefore, you can hire a professional from the TV bracket in Singapore and can take a deep breath and forget about the safety of your TV. TV bracket in Singapore is serving people in Singapore for more than 6 years and they know the need of Singapore people TV brackets. Let’s give a try to TVBracketSG if you want to install your TV bracket perfectly.

Use TV Brackets to Enjoy Premiership Football Matches

best tv wall mount provider in singaporeIf you want to enjoy football matches more, it’s a better time to buy a decent plasma LED TV. Once you buy the brand new LED TV now you can really enjoy watching the big games of football. If you have a SKY Sports subscription it will allow you to watch all the channels of SKY Sports. Some of the games are played on satellite TV providers and some shown on ESPN.

If you want to enjoy watching your favorite football matches in Singapore on your LED TV, must mount your LED on the wall by the help of TV bracket. Luckily in Singapore, the TV bracket in Singapore is the best TV wall mounting service providers. If you take help from this company, you can position your LED TV in very suitable positions to enjoy watching your favorite football matches more. Now you don’t have to fork out for a football match ticket because by the help of TV bracket Singapore you can watch your favorite football match at home comfortably.

If you really want to enjoy your favorite football matches more, keep a few things in your mind:

Position of Your LED TV

The second most important thing, the position of your TV. Consideration of your TV position and height is so important to keep in your mind before you select a wall mount. Distance from the TV when you are watching your favorite football games is also important as well the proper height of your TV is also an important point.

Height of your TV is so important factor. Keep height factor in mind because if you don’t set in on a proper height it will create an impact on your vision and neck too. Hiring a technician from TV bracket Singapore is a good idea because they know exactly where to set your TV. They will install your TV at a very affordable price and save your time and hassles you face while trying to do this on your own. So leave this complex installation process on TV bracket Singapore and enjoy watching your favorite TV shows.

Pick the Right TV bracket for Your TV

Always choose the right wall mount for your LED TV to enjoy watching football matches at home. There are plenty of wall mounts are available depending on the design and size of your TV. This step is so important and you have to pick the right type of TV bracket and this can be done by a trusted company like TV bracket in Singapore because you don’t know about how to choose the wall mount for your TV. They have experienced staff and they will do this task in a very low and affordable price you don’t need to mess with the installation process.

Choosing the wrong type of wall mounting creates problems in the long term and may damage your TV by falling down, etc. TV bracket Singapore trained staff inspects your wall and TV and decide which type of wall mount is best suits your TV. Pick a TV bracket from TV bracket Singapore and make watching football match more joy able.


Why Choose TV bracket in Singapore

TVbracketSG strongly believes in 4P principles.

  • Price: TV bracket Singapore has a reasonable price and low charges for their services. All products have a huge value for money.
  • Product: The TV stands and brackets provided by TV bracket Singapore are best in quality and they are durable for a long time. The most important thing that their products are safe to use for commercial and resident use.
  • People: TV bracket Singapore has a locally based team, highly experienced and very reliable. They assured, to deliver the best quality of workmanship.
  • Professional: TV bracket Singapore always provide professional advice to their customers. They are helping customers to select and choose the best TV stand/ TV bracket to cater for their individual needs. TV bracket Singapore understands their client’s expectations and

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a right TV bracket in Singapore to enjoy watching football matches comfortably at your home, then TVBracketSG is the best option for you. It looks very simple to install a TV bracket at your own but during installation, you may face many issues and it will ruin your installation. Many freelancers are working without a registered company but we are a registered company and working in this field from more than 6 years.

TVBracketSG strongly believes in perfect customer services. We always take care of our valued customers and solve all your issues to give you a joy able TV watching experience. Hire a professional from our company and we’ll do the rest for you.

Little-Known Facts about TV Mobile Stand from TVBracketSG

trusted tv bracket & tv stand in singaporeTV mobile stand from TVBracketSG is pretty portable for any television. These TV mobile stands are portable enough to easily be moved around your home. Another great thing about TV mobile stand is that it is steady and well-equipped to accommodate or carry the load of your television. As a result, you need not entertain fear about it being unsafe or falling over.

TV mobile stands are highly convenient options to a conventional television setup or other types of mounts, because the enormous mobility it affords can be very useful.


The Types of TV mobile stands Provided by TVBracketSG Singapore
TVBracketSG is proud of providing a wide range of extraordinary TV mobile stands in Singapore and its metropolis. Any of our mobile TV stands will surely meet your requirements. Our mobile stands are available in different heights including KLC151 and KLC181and different load bearing capacities. The height of our stand is adjustable and very solid with modern look. Mobile TV stands Singapore are suitable for both home and commercial purposes.

Heavy-duty TV mobile stand models are superbly sturdy and will last you for a very long time.

How to Identify the Right TV Mobile Stand for You
We have team of professionals who will advice you on the right mobile television stand. However, you can look at the range of options we have available at

Considering the size of your television, measured in inches is the first and most important thing to consider when you are shopping for the right television mobile stand in Singapore.

One thing for sure is that all our Singapore TV mobile stands are manufactured from high quality steel materials. Therefore, you can be sure of the quality at an affordable price.

 Services Provided at TVBracketSG Singapore
The good news is that if you buy your TV mobile stand from us, the installation would be done by our competent installers. In addition, we are into the supply and installation of TV brackets and mounts in Singapore.

When it comes to the supply of all types of universal TV Bracket and Mounting Services in Singapore, we are second to none because no other supplier can boast a product line-up that contains a lot of different types of TV Brackets, TV wall mounts, TV Floor Stands, TV Mobile Stands, Fixed Bracket, Tilting Bracket, Full Motion TV Mount and many more.

All our numerous customers testify that we are meticulous and offer quality products and services at reasonable rate. You are guarantee high-quality products and careful installation without damage to your television.

How to Buy Our Television Mobile Stand
If you want to buy television mobile stand or many other tv bracket in Singapore , all you need to do is to go to or Call / SMS / Whatsapp : +65 9183 7250. You can also send an email to: