how to mount your tv by own or professional in singaporeAre you trying to move your screen higher or lower, or move it to a different location? Do you want to move some muscles and fix mount your television alone without the help of a professional? Well, in this post, we’re going to show you how to mount your display on the wall. However, mounting your display can make for heavy lifting, so it’s always recommended that you get someone else to help out.

Well, as we stated in other posts, mounting your TV on the wall saves your enough floor space; you can also get a better viewing angle, reduce glare from windows and lights, and finally gives your room a more classic and organized look. Apart from all these, if you are a lover of pets and you have kids, mounting your display on the wall will keep your television, kids, and pets out of harm’s way.

So let’s quickly dive into mounting your TV

  • Verify the kind of walls.

Let’s say you moved to a new place or a new room and you need to re-mount your television; you have to first verify the kind of walls you have. There are two different kinds of walls in a home, which are brick and studs.

For a brick wall, you can mount any television of any size. You only have to be sure that you mount directly into the brick and not the mortar. This is because mounting into the brick will provide the mount more secure fitting.

Most interiors walls are usually made from a wooden stud frame and plasterboard attached to it. These studs are strong enough to hold your display, but if you intend on mounting directly to the plasterboard, then you also need to use some plasterboard fixings. You need to ensure that your mounted TV weight does not exceed the fixing kit’s weight limit.

  • Get the necessary equipment complete before mounting

You must ensure that you use the right tools to mount your TV. Each state of the installation has equipment that’s suitable for it and you must get them in place. Here are tools you need to mount your TV:

Tape measure


Stud detector


Spirit level

Pencil, and

Rawl plugs

Now that we have everything gathered and you already know the exact position your television is going, let’s move to mounting your display.

  • Place your television in the right position

Before you begin drilling holes on your wall, you should confirm the exact position where your television is going to be positioned. It is always a good idea to first make a template of your TV so that you stick it to the wall and sit in the exact position you would want to view your TV. This will help you determine if the display is too high or too low, and you can now mark the exact position where you want the display mounted.

  • Place the mount on the wall

Now that you have decided the exact position you want to place your TV, you can place the wall mount bracket on the wall using the right tools, of course. While drilling, ensure that you are not drilling close to any electrical cables or pipes. After drilling, position the bracket over the drilled holes and attach the mount. Fix any adjustments and tighten up your screws.

  • Fix the bracket to your TV display

This is a nice and easy one. Simply lay your TV screen down carefully on a larger surface than your screen, search for the mounting holes, and attach the mount firmly. Be sure to confirm that the screw holes are lined up properly

  • Fix the cables and place your TV

The last step is to connect everything you want to attach to the TV before mounting it. Then, you can now carefully lift the television into place. You can do this part with someone to avoid damaging your display. And we are done! You can now enjoy your perfectly placed display.

Final Note

All the tips and mounting guides listed here are from our experienced professionals, but if you have any doubts or simply want a touch of professionalism, simply reach out to us, and we will help you mount your display. The truth remains, smashing or breaking your TV accidentally is never fun.  So, engage professional is most important to solve your worries.


HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT TV MOUNT in Singapore CountryGetting and mounting a TV is a great idea but picking just the right mount for your display is the first step, which turns out to be surprisingly easy. Before picking or selecting the right mount for your display, you have to put so many factors into consideration.

One of the best things about televisions’ latest design is that they are flat enough to get mounted on the wall easily. As we already know, Mounting a TV will save a lot of space both in your living room or bedroom.

It is important to note that mounts come in different sizes, designs, and specifications, depending on what you want. We have common mounting brackets for your display like the fixed TV wall mounts, the tilting mount bracketsfull-motion single-arm bracketsfull-motion double arm brackets, and so many more. Take a look at our collections for more details about our products.

Choosing the right mount for your display is quite easy only if you are ready to go through the following:

Verify your display specifications

Selecting a wall mount that is very compatible with the exact specifications of your television is very important. Most mounts are designed to fit displays of a specific weight and size. For example, your wall mount might only be designed to hold a 32-inch display, and if you try attaching a 50-inch display, there is a 99% probability that your expensive TV will come crashing down. So, as professionals, we always advise our customers to be sure about their television specifications and on the wall mount they want. This way, they will purchase only the one that can support their display’s height and weight.

Want Swivel or not?

The next thing to put into consideration is to decide on whether you want your wall mount to rotate or just remain stationary. However, most wall mounts are designed to perform one of these functions. It is nice to have your TV display just sit in the wall and in one position, but a swivel mount may also be good for some situations, especially when you want the display to be pointed in another direction. So, deciding on whether you a swivel mount or a stationary mount is entirely up to your preference.

Mount with arm or not

This is another decision you have to take when deciding on the right TV mount to go for. There are wall mounts that hang the television close to the wall like a frame, while other mounts are designed with an arm that keeps the display out just a few inches for the wall. Both wall mounts designs are awesome, but you have to decide which of these two options will suit you best.


It’s ok to want a mount with an arm or a mount that is designed to swivel, but before you jump in making your decision, take some seconds and think about your budget. It’s ok to think that the cheap wall mount will do the job perfectly in holding up your TV display.

But at the same time, are you willing to take that chance of letting that quality hold up your expensive television? Before making your conclusion, be sure that you don’t overpay for a mount and, at the same time, avoid cheap materials.


Where Do I Choose the Right TV Mount in Singapore? There is no other place in Singapore to best TV mount apart from They offer the best products and services to the delight of buyers.  They offer affordable services and products, quality after-sale services, top-quality products, and many more.

Is TV Mount costly? Depending on the seller and model you’re buying, the prices of TV mounts in Singapore are typically modest. If you choose, you can be sure that you won’t have to break the bank to get the best TV mount.  

Final note

While making the decision to get just the right mount for your TV, you can also put into consideration buying some other device to hide all cables that may be popping out from and to the TV. Having made your decision, you can simply reach out to us to get the ideal wall mount for your display.

Five Important Tips to Help you Choose the Right TV Bracket in Singapore

Five Important Tips to Help you Choose the Right TV Bracket in SingaporeNow that you’re considering mounting up a TV in Singapore either to save up space for other things in the room or to make your TV viewing more comfortable, you might need to consider some factors that would help you make the right decision.

The best part about HD TVs is that they are so flat. You can effortlessly mount them on the wall and get an amazing TV experience. Listed below are some easy and simple tips to help you choose the right TV Brackets in Singapore to help you along the way.

Consider the Spec of Your TV

You need to make sure that your chosen TV mount goes perfectly with your TV specifications. Oftentimes, what is advertised as the diagonal size of the TV bracket may not fit squarely the specification of your TV. Most TV brackets have a specific size and weight of TV that they go with, and you need to make sure the one you purchase goes perfectly well with that of your TV.

If you choose a TV bracket that can support a 21-inches TV and then try to fit a 64-inch TV inside it, you can hold no one to account when your TV crashes to the floor. Check your TV spec and then compare it with the spec of the TV bracket before making your choice. Our TV brackets come in different sizes to ensure that you find the right one for your TV at all times.

Do You Want A Swiveling TV Bracket?

There are a couple of questions you will need to answer before you make a decision on the TV bracket that you want. This is one of them. If you choose to have it stationary, then you can go for the table stand or the ceiling mount, which are both safe and quite sturdy.

However, you have to agree that a TV bracket that swivels is something nice to have around; it gives you the opportunity to tilt or turn your TV in any direction, especially when you’re having a large gathering. You would love our tilting mount as well as the full-motion mount that comes in variations of a single arm or double arm.

Do you Want your TV Mount with an Arm?

There are some TV brackets that hang the TV super close to the wall and make it fit right in like a picture frame. However, there are other variations that keep the TV some inches away from the wall; you need to decide which you would prefer in your house and then pick.

Out single arm and double arm TV brackets will make a nice addition to your home if you want a mount with an arm.

Consider Your Budget

Of course, we might want to go for the cheapest on the market, but you also have to consider just how good the quality is; you don’t want a TV bracket that’s going to put your TV at risk. However, it is best to still stick to your budget when making a choice. To make it quite an easy choice for you, we have different prices attached to our varieties of TV brackets. There’s definitely something in our collection for you. if you don’t want to break the bank because you need to have a TV bracket, then you’ve got to approach the best seller.

Choose the Right Brand

When making a decision on what to buy, the first thing to consider is the history of the brand that offers the items. After all, the joy of spending money on any item is to enjoy it. Durable items often last and offer rest of mind for users. When deciding to buy a TV bracket, you must choose a manufacturer or brand that offers the best accessories in the industry. Do not compromise durability, quality, and affordability. That is why we are here to offer you the best products at the best price.

Do you want to know where to buy the best TV bracket in Singapore? Visit us and make an order for your chosen bracket. We get you covered. Decide on the type of the TV bracket you what you want to buy today and reach out to us.

Health Benefits in Singapore of Using TV Brackets

Health Benefits in Singapore of Using TV BracketsThere are many benefits of TV brackets. The main one is hiding your TV cords to provide a better appearance to a room. Also, you get to save on space in the room where the TV bracket is placed. TV brackets in Singapore also have another major function that is necessary. They help provide health benefits in more ways than one. We will discuss these health benefits below to give you more reasons to install that TV bracket in Singapore.

Preventing Eye Strain

When a TV bracket is installed, the TV is placed further away from eye contact. You can place the TV bracket where you find most comfortable for your eyesight. For instance, if you have myopia short-sightedness, placing the TV further from you is possible using the TV mounting. The same is true for hypermetropia or long-sightedness; you get to place the TV bracket closer to you and prevent eye strain.

Preventing Neck Strain

By placing the TV bracket at an angle comfortable to you, any type of neck strain is avoided. For instance, placing it too high above in a small room may cause neck strain; therefore, you should ensure that you place it lower in a small room to prevent neck strain. In a larger room, where the furniture is set far from the wall, you can set the TV bracket further up on the wall to provide comfort. Another advantage of a TV bracket is that you can place them on the ceiling. This ensures that you can watch your screen while lying down. This eradicates the probability of neck strain.

Preventing Back Pain

It is common for you to get back pain if you use your TV screen for long hours. Other than the type of seat you use causing back pain, the positioning of the TV screen is also a factor. as such when a TV bracket in Singapore is placed in the right position, it will not matter how long you use your TV screen, you will not suffer from back pain. For example, if you have a back lounger, you can place your TV bracket at a high position and not have to suffer from back pain when you watch TV with the seat inclined.

Prevents Overall Fatigue

Fatigue is common when you are a couch potato that loves to keep long hours in front of your screen. With the right angle on the TV bracket, you are likely to prevent this fatigue. For instance, if you have your TV in your bedroom, you can choose to place it at a high angle or on your ceiling. By watching the TV from your bed, you are unlikely to get fatigued. The same is true if you use the screens for job purposes, long hours in front of a screen during work can cause fatigue and this can be prevented by mounting the screen at an angle that is comfortable for long working hours.

You Get Better Viewing If There Is A Better Affinity

Installing a TV bracket that is compatible with the TV means that you get to position it well. Furthermore, it also means that the cables are hidden which means better aesthetics. Better affinity also means the ability to save on space and include other furnishings in your room as opposed to allowing the TV to take on much space in your room. This is especially so if you have a small living space.

Aesthetics of Your Room Are Not Compromised

When you have a TV bracket in Singapore that is compatible with your TV, aesthetics is guaranteed. You can have different movements and rotations for the bracket. Furthermore, you also have the chance to place the TV bracket anywhere you require in your room with the chance of improving the look your room has.

A good TV bracket installation professional will have information on the parts you need to install your TV bracket well. You can be assured that there will be no damage to the wall. Additionally, the TV bracket will be installed by the professional in such a way that the wall develops no cracks that may make it unsightly.


In conclusion, it is clear from the discussion that TV brackets in Singapore provide health benefits. By preventing, neck pain, eye strain, fatigue, and back pain, you can use your screen for as long as you need it. Therefore, visit that TV bracket in Singapore store to get it installed for the above health benefits.

Installing A TV Bracket on The Ceiling and How It Works

Installing A TV Bracket on The Ceiling and How It Works in Singapore

When you choose to install a TV bracket on the ceiling to mount your TV, the main issue to consider is the height of your ceiling. The height is a major influence on how well the installation is set up. TV brackets in Singaopore may not be a common sight in public places such as offices. However, you will find them in private structures such as the bedroom in your home. Naturally, the dimensions for the TV are a major factor to consider. You also need to know the viewing distance and this is determined by the height of the ceiling from the floor.  Here are some pointers when installing a TV on the ceiling.

TV Measure

The details for the TV measurement can be accrued from the conveyance container or the TV manual. If you are not certain about these measurements you need to consider contacting the manufacturing company from where you purchased the TV. Using the TV bracket from Singapore will be easier when you have these measurements. Also, you will prevent any accidents that can occur if the TV bracket cannot support the TV. It is essential to note too that the TV mounted from a ceiling is working against gravity. Therefore, it needs to be well supported.

Viewing Distance

This is the distance from the TV to the position where you place your seat. The distance is used to decide the optimal height for mounting. It is also sheltered based on the size of the TV that you purchase. Your range should be between 55 inches to 70 inches to provide room for viewing.

Eye-Level Height

The dimension for which you watch the TV is what determines the amount of stress to your eyes. In addition, the dimensions should be agreeable to prevent this from happening. The eye-level is, therefore, the distance from the floor to your eyes from the Screen. The TV bracket in Singapore that you use also determines the eye level as there is a distance between the height of the ceiling and the distance that the TV bracket provides. If you are unsure about this height; be sure to contact a professional TV bracket installer.

Installation Of The TV Using A TV Bracket For Your Ceiling

  1. Get the appliances that you require for installation. This includes a ladder, screws, drills, a screwdriver, and a TV bracket. After setting up your required tools, be sure to inspect the TV VESA holes since different TVs have different ranges.
  2. Attach the TV bracket in Singapore to the TV and consider the fact that the bracket holes are aligned to that of the TV. Upon attaching the bracket ensure the screws are tightened to prevent any accident and subsequent damage to your TV.
  3. Next, ensure you tighten the screws that are attached to the TV.
  4. After this, climb the ladder to find the stud where the stud position is. If the TV brackets fail to be mounted to the studs, there is a possibility that the TV may fall off the ceiling.
  5. Use your drill to make holes on the ceiling where you intend to attach the TV bracket. The holes also help keep the TV cables hidden. If you live in an apartment, it may be hard to run the cables through the roof; therefore, you can hold them using a tap.
  6. Finally, attach your TV to the TV bracket. Ensure you have help when fixing the TV to avoid it falling during the installation.

Once you have made the right purchase for your TV, you need to consider the right TV bracket to match the TV. For instance, the weight of the TV as well as the design considers these factors. If you buy a flimsy TV bracket, your TV may end up on the ground damaged. In addition, the design you require may be swivel, 90 degrees, or just flat screen to the wall.


In conclusion, it is always okay to use a professional to help mount your TV to the ceiling. Using the above pointers, you can manage to do a stand-up job that will allow you to enjoy viewing your favorite movies or programs.

Be sure to manage the above process perfectly as an accident from a falling TV from the ceiling can cause not only damage to the TV but also cause accidents that may cause injuries to you, a family member, or a pet.

Technical Advise you require from your Technician to Manage DIY Installation

Technical Advise you require from your Technician to Manage DIY Installation in SingaporeSo, you’re thinking about mounting a television by yourself? Whether this is due to a recent move, a home renovation, or you have simply purchased a new device, this needs to be done correctly to avoid any issues either now or down the road. But there are so many different mounting systems to choose from. How do you know which is the best?

TV Brackets in Singapore offers a wide range of high-quality mounting systems as well as television stands. This includes fixed mounts, swivel and tilt mounts, full motion-single arm, full-motion double-arm, tv table stand, ceiling mount, gas strut tv mount, gas strut desktop, and a convenient mobile tv stand. These have a compatibility rate of 99% of all televisions. Choose one of our stands and you won’t have to worry about the quality.

The Benefits of Mounting your Television

Why should you use a mount in the first place? Not only will this help to make your area clean and less cluttered, but you will also be able to ensure that you get that perfect angle at just the right eye level. This isn’t as easy with a stand as you will have to shop around to find one that is already built to the right height.

By having your TV mounted up on the wall you can also help to save it from any unfortunate damage, provided you can achieve the mount without causing any.

Installation of your Device

Installing our brackets looks easy. Simply drill into the wall, hang up the mount and slip your TV on, right? Wrong! There are so many ways in which this can go wrong. The last thing anyone wants is for an accident to occur where your system falls off the wall, damaging the TV and possibly causing injury as well.

Do you have any idea how you intend to conceal those unruly cords so that they aren’t cluttering up your space? What about the tools needed? Do you have everything to do this yourself or do you need to go out and purchase everything?

For the best results, our professionals use the following:

  • A stud finder to ensure the mount is solid and not just clinging to the drywall
  • Masonry drill bit for creating the perfect holes in the wall
  • A power drill which is much quicker and easier to use than just a screwdriver
  • A level to achieve the correct angle
  • Easy to see sellotape to prevent marking up any walls with pencil marks
  • High-quality TV Bracket in Singapore

You need to take into consideration so many different aspects such as the style of TV, the size, what kind of mount is needed and best suited, as well as where would be the best place to mount it. Don’t forget to locate those wall studs before you start to drill any holes.

TV Brackets in Singapore guarantees that we will make this look easy as can be due to our experienced installation professionals. You will not need to worry about any repercussions from this not being solidly secured to the wall. The ease of mind that you will be entitled to will pay off in the end.

We will take care of all of the hard parts by determining which mount is best for the job as well as provide insight on locations. This may seem simple but many people make the mistake of mounting either too high or too low on the wall. This can result in neck pain from craning to look at your screen. If you choose to move it, you now have holes in the wall that will need to be filled.

Let our professionals save you the headache by doing this correctly in the first place.

Why Choose TV Brackets in Singapore

TV Brackets in Singapore has been a trusted company for more than 6 years. Not only are we registered but we also strive to perform up to the customer’s satisfaction. Our high expectations have prompted us to adopt the four p’s-professional, products, people, and price.

We take extra care when handling your device so as not to cause any scratches or other damages either to the television, walls, or any other area of your home.

Call to Action

Our promise to our customers is for a stress-free experience at an affordable price with only the latest and greatest equipment being used. We offer protection insurance should anything go wrong even after we have completed the installation and moved on. We will provide you with the best possible products to fit your specific space, needs, and style of TV.

Visit our website at for more information or to fill out a contact form. You can also email us at or call +65 9183 7250 to book your consultation.

How A Monitor Bracket Can Make Your Home Office Stylish

How A Monitor Bracket Can Make Your Home Office Stylish in SingaporeAre you in Singapore? Do you want to have a stylish and elegant-looking home office? Have you tried a monitor bracket to spruce up the look and beauty of your home office?  We’ve got you covered in every area with a stylish monitor bracket.

Having a home office is great because it is where functionality meets aesthetics; this is a place where the decorations are meant to inspire you and help increase your productivity at work. Many times, people have really boring spaces for their home office, which only makes you feel tired when you spend time inside.

This shouldn’t be the case because your home office is where you plan to meet clients, and while you’re not looking to impress anyone, your home office is the first impression people get about your work.

Working with a monitor mount in your home office can make all the difference in your office and also help make your office stylish. Here are some ways a monitor bracket can help enhance your home office.  Look outs more from tv bracket in Singapore.

More Space For You

Often times, we’re stuck having to deal with an office space that is cluttered with files and other working equipment. This can be annoying sometimes because the space for the monitor can probably be used for something else.

This is where a Monitor mount comes into play; you can have more space for other things when the monitor is hung on the wall. This could even go a really long way in making your home office space look even tidier.

Presentations Just Got A Lot More Interesting

If your job requires a lot of presentations, then you just might love the Monitor Mount. This is because when clients visit your office now, they don’t have to try so hard to view your monitor during presentations.

Instead, it is high up in the wall for everyone to see, and that way, you get to make a great impression on your clients as it shows efficiency and class as well. Using a monitor bracket helps to raise the level and position of your presentation screen to give guests the ample view of what’s on the display.

Reduces the Monitor Glare

We all know how bright lights can have an adverse effect on your eyes, especially when you stare directly into it for an awfully long time. You can effectively deal with this issue when you get a TV mount as it takes the glare away from you, and you can now enjoy using your monitor without fear of damaging your eyes. Glasses are cool, but there’s no need to hurt your eyes when you can easily avoid it.

If you raise the level of the monitor, you can be sure that

It’s Simply Classy

While there are lots of ways it makes your office stylish, we have to agree that your office gets stylish and cool because monitor mounts are very classy. They are modern and therefore, will make a good impression on your clients and colleagues. If you want a sophisticated look at your office, you would consider adding a TV mount to your home office.

Reduces Cable Length

Sometimes, passing cables from one corner of the home office to another can mess up the entire room. You will remember that a messy office can be a home for rodents and insects. Besides, there is a risk of being electrocuted if you step on a naked part of the wire. With a monitor bracket, you can free the entire space from the lengthy cables that spread across the floor. That way, the wires and socket extension box are hung on the wall with only a short length left on the floor.

Deciding on the Best TV Mount

Now that you have realized how great a Monitor mount is, the next question becomes choosing your Monitor mount. We have different Monitor Mounts in our collections to make sure that you get the right spec for you monitor. We will also mount and install your monitor bracket for you by a team of our professionals. Do you want after-sale service? We’re there to offer all necessary support that will make your experience with us a memorable one. Check out our product collections to make a choice.


7 QUESTIONS TO ANSWER BEFORE MOUNTING YOUR TV SCREEN in SingaporeSetting up your TV screen on the wall sounds like a good idea as it creates more space, gives a more classic and better view, and keep it out of the reach of children and danger. However, before beginning the process, you have to plan and answer some important questions about mounting your screen. Here are seven important questions and answers to note for a smooth mounting process.

Can your wall hold the mount?

The first and important question to put in mind before mounting your TV screen is whether or not your wall can hold the mount. You will find the latest designs of televisions quite heavier than your largest framed pieces, and as such, choosing a good location should be first on your mind. The location you select will need studs to hold the screws.

You need to use a stud finder to locate the studs in your wall to help hang the TV screen for better placement. Don’t have studs? Select another location that has studs exactly where you need it.

Where to mount your screen?

We live in a time where TV screens are placed in almost every room in the house. Now, deciding whether to mount or leave it on its stand is solely your preference. Well, before mounting, there are some factors to consider before mounting—factors like viewing distance, viewing angle, and others.

Before mounting, you should calculate the viewing distance by taking your TV’s size and divide it .55. It is always best to calculate the viewing distance before mounting so that you don’t have to dismantle over and over again. Another thing to consider is the viewing angle; if you like to adjust your screen depending on where you sit, you should go for an adjustable mount.

Is my TV compatible with my preferable wall mount?

Another question to answer before mounting your TV screen is to be sure that your television is compatible with your mounting choice. TVs like Samsung products are usually VESA compliant and compatible with any wall mount that is also VESA compliant. Several wall mounts are on our page, and the best thing is that whichever wall mount you purchase from us comes with all the screws, washers, and spacers for installation. Therefore, be sure that you select the right mount that is compatible with your television.

Are my tools complete for installation?

Having answered the previous questions of compatibility, where to mount, and the next question to go for is whether all your tools are complete for installation. Before mounting, be sure you have all the tools needed to mount your TV screen on your wall. Here are some important tools to crosscheck before mounting; screwdriver, stud finder, drill, and a drill bit that is the same size as the mount screws. However, if you don’t have these tools, you can either invest in them by purchasing or reach out to our professionals.

Are your ports easily- reached?

Before mounting the mount, check to see where your television ports are located. If your television ports are located at the back of the TV, then you should go for a wall mount that can telescope outward; this will give you better access to the back of your television. It is also very important to check the port’s location, especially for people who would like to add new devices to your television. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to un-mount your TV every time to gain access.

How high do you want your screen?

Height is usually the most crucial thing to consider before mounting your TV screen; you have to first think about your room and how high enough you want to view your screen. So, decide where you want to mount it and your favorite angle you wish to mount it to get a better view.

Do you want it above your fireplace?

Before mounting, you should know that mounting your TV above your fireplace is not a very good idea. So, just in case you are considering mounting your screen above your fireplace, which is not a good idea.

Where Will You Get the Best TV Wall Mount?

Now that you can confidently answer these crucial questions, it’s time to go for the best item. Make no mistake when you want to mount the best TV wall mount in Singapore. There is no place like Contact them today for the top products and service.


PRODUCTIVITY IN WORKPLACE WITH COMFORT-monitor desktop single or double clam mountThe use of computers both at home and in the workplace is now commonplace. Most people have their monitors on the regular fixed mount, which is almost always at an impossible angle for convenience. Usually, a computer monitor that is fixed at the wrong angle can be the reason for the never-ending shoulder, back, and neck ache. Continual use of such systems for a long time can result in discomfort, such as neck pain, back, and joint pains.

To enjoy the best work posture, the top of your monitor screen should always be at your eye level and the best way to achieve that is to grab our monitor mount which comes in two different forms. With our monitor mount, your comfort is guaranteed. The mount is flexible, which means that the position of the screen can be changed – it can be tilted and rotated. This flexibility reduces the strain on your eyes, neck, and back while also increasing your productivity. The adjustable height makes for an improved posture and general comfort.

They are the perfect option for anyone who intends to choose between sitting and standing work positions and still get a free workstation by creating more space on the desk.

At TVBracketSG, our mounts come in two forms – single and double. The dual mount lets you display two screens on one stand, which both saves space and increases your efficiency.  Both mount types make for a neat workspace as the cables are tucked out of view. Our mounts are sturdy while giving your space the air of sophistication.

The Single Mount

fits most 17″-27″ flat panel display. It has a VESA compliance of 75×75, 100×100 mm, and a tilt angle of +35° to -50°. The loading capacity is incredible, making it one of the most durable options on the market.

It is also designed to withstand the elements and deliver optimally, and under extreme weather conditions, it won’t bend or bulge.

Key Features:

  • It can support a load of 4.4 to 14.3 lbs (2 – 6.5 kg).
  • It is black, with a rotation of 360° and a swivel of 180°+.
  • It is easy to set up
  • It can mount sizably large monitors

Dual Mount

The dual mount fits most 17″-27″ flat panel display. It is VESA compliant – 75×75, 100×100 mm, and has a tilt angle of +35° to -50°. It is black with a rotation of 360° and a swivel of 180°+. As you would expect from a solidly-built and durable mount, the dual mount from TVBracketSG comes in handy in almost every feature.

Key Features:

  • It can support a load of 4.4 to 14.3 lbs (2 – 6.5 kg) per arm.
  • It can easily be tilted and rotated.
  • Easy to install
  • It allows independent movement of each arm

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Visit TVBracketSG for:

  • Affordable prices – we provide valued products and services at a very reasonable price.
  • Technical support – our team of professionals provides world-class support for our every client. Our representatives give in-person help in selecting and providing a solution that meets our client’s exact needs.
  • Excellent product delivery – our delivery team is a group of experts in what they do and are trained to deliver your products safely.
  • Quality materials – we deal with top quality materials to go beyond our client’s expectations.

Your Next Step

  • Have a chit chat with TVBracket team about your unique needs
  • Schedule a meeting with our professionals
  • Evaluate the most suitable recommendations
  • Discuss with our teams, features, and price
  • Off you go with your effective monitor mount
  • Want a custom solution or further enquires? Check TVBracketSG for more details.


The best way to enjoy any display at a comfortable eye level is to get a monitor mount with adjustable height and angle capabilities. With our monitor mount, you will be able to minimize the stress on the back, shoulder, and neck and also ensure your station doesn’t look too clustered. Do you prefer sitting or standing while working? Whichever one you decide to go for, our cutting-edge monitor mounts will definitely meet your needs. The mount comes with mounting options with features that give you the privilege of setting up your workstation however you decide.

The ball is right here in your court to make an informed decision for the best monitor mount. TVBrackets TV Bracket in Singapore is the right place to be. You won’t regret any action using this incredible distributor to equip your house.


What Is A Fixed TV Wall Mount and Do You Need One

What Is A Fixed TV Wall Mount and Do You Need OneOne of the features that make modern TVs very attractive and highly sought after is it flat panel and it light weight, this affords TV users the opportunity to mount it on a wall.

Despite the flexibility and ease of installation that comes with modern TV, mounting can be a serious problem if not handled by professionals with the right experience and knowledge. A lot of TVs don’t come with their personal mounting equipments and you will be required to purchase a different mount on your own if you really want to enjoy a smooth TV experience.

There are  few types of TV mount that are available for your mounting service such as Tilth mounts, Fireplace mounts, Ceiling mounts and the fixed wall mount but our attention will be focused solely on the Fixed wall mount in this post.

What is a fixed TV Wall Mount?

A fixed TV wall mount is the easiest and the simplest type of mount. This type of mount positions the TV near the wall than any other type of mount. It offers nice flexibility for the placement and positioning of your TV. It is a cost friendly type of mount and can easily fit into your budget.

Why You Need A Fixed TV Wall Mount?

Deriving enough utility from a TV is one of the major reasons why most people purchase one. This can only be achieved by mounting your Tv in the right position where you can get a proper view. A Fixed TV mount is the right choice for this if you want to get a great view of your screen at any sitting position.   Aside the nice viewing position it offers, a fixed wall mount also guarantees the safety of your TV. Placing your TV on the wall guides your TV against a possible fall, scratch and prevents it from being tampered with unnecessarily by outsiders or kids. Lastly the use of appropriate fixed TV wall mount puts your TV in a stationary position with lesser risk of damages.

TV Installation Service

Installing your fixed TV wall mount the right way is as important as purchasing a good mount. Installation of a fixed mount requires a great deal of expertise, you wouldn’t want to damage your TV and it gadgets while going through the stress of installing it. It is better you involve the services of experts or a professional company which can offer you top notch installation services without having you going through the rigours involved. This is what TV brackets in Singapore is all about, this company offers a professional installation service and save you from the risks and damages associated with poor installation.

TV bracket in Singapore

This is a registered company with about six years experience dealing with TV products &equipments and also TV installation service. The company offers professional advice and great deal of customer service care that meets customer’s needs and problems. The company is well known for its ability to deliver sound and effective service within a fast time frame. It is a well equipped company with quality products and materials which can help procure solutions to customers TV problems and requirements. Upon contacting the company, you wouldn’t have to worry about your actual place or location as the company offers and wide outreach service that can get your job fixed in no time.

Why You Should Patronize This Company

Getting your TV and other TV products from this company comes with so many benefits, one of such is that you will get quality and durable products at affordable price. TV brackets in Singapore is a registered company and well known for original products, Aside that the company also offer and good installation service that will make you have a long lasting TV experience, the company has about six years experience in delivering quality and effective products and TV equipments to many customers all around.

These products are budget friendly and really affordable. There are many fake products and TV equipments out there which you won’t prefer to waste your money on but contacting the right company that will supply you with strong and quality TV equipment and also provide you with quality installation service is really necessary. TV brackets in Singapore puts your needs at heart and getting in touch with the company for your TV, TV equipments such as mounts, stands, and brackets and also for quality installation service will meets your need and serve you right.