Full Motion Single Arm TV Wall Mount Bracket

full motion single arm tv wall mount bracket in Singapore_Different Size RangeA GOOD SIGHT AT ANY ANGLE

At the end of a workday, nothing beats crashing on your favorite sofa and watching a game with a drink in hand. Today is different though; you’d slightly stretch it out on the bench than use the couch and therein lies your dilemma. The TV is at an impossible angle for your viewing pleasure, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get it to face right.

I can tell you that you don’t have to worry about that any longer. You can sit in any corner of your home and watch your team play without inconveniencing yourself. Our full-motion single arm mount is just what you need. Get our full-motion TV mount that offers movements ranging from tilt, swing, panning, and dept and enjoy a multi-dimensional view from the mount’s wide range of movement. At TVBracketSG – TV Bracket in Singapore, our single-arm mounts come in two sizes – medium and large. But first, let’s discuss some vital fundamentals on why you should for full-motion single arm and see the bigger picture.

Why Full-Motion Single Arm

The full-motion single arm has the same degree of flexibility and mobility as the full-motion double-arm. The single-arm mount is perfect to position a TV in the corner of the room or office space and can also tilt the TV flat panel up or down to get the exact view angle that suits your position.

The full-motion single arm mount is suitable and recommended for home use, although it is lighter but it definitely easier to handle especially for small people.

When choosing to use the full-motion single arm mount, you have decided to either using the medium or the large size. Now, deciding on any of these entirely depends on the dimension of your TV screens.

The Medium size, just for you

The medium size is a flat panel full-motion mount with a distance of 55mm to 499mm from the wall. It fits most 32″-52″ flat panel display and a VESA compliance of 100*100, 200*100, 200*200, 300*200, 300*300, 400*200, 400*300, and 400*400mm. The mount has a swivel of up to 180° dependent on the TV size and tilt of +8°~-5°. This black-colored mount has a load capacity of 70lbs, made with SPCC material, and comes with a powdered paint coating finish.

Key Features:

  • A sleek and modern look after watching your TV
  • It is heavy enough to hold up your TV and light for a comfortable handle
  • Protects your neck from cricks and other discomforts.

Large size, the better

The large mount has a distance of 110mm to 712mm feet from the wall and fits most 40″-70″ flat panel displays. It has a VESA compliance of 200*200, 300*300, 400*200, 400*300, 400*400, 600*400mm; a tilt of -5°/+15°, and a load capacity of 150lbs. The material is SPCC with a surface treatment of powdered paint finish and is black.

Key Features:

  • Absolute flexibility
  • Protects your eyes from reflections off the screen

Why Do Buyers Choose TVBracketSG?

At TVBracketSG – The TV Bracket in Singapore, we look forward to helping you meet your mount needs, and what better team to help you than us.

  • Expertise

Our team is a group of professionals who understand their clients’ needs and fully understand the different wall types. They are aware of the tools they need for them to give you efficient service and go beyond clients’ expectations.

Our team has the right professionals that have gained experience and fit to give the necessary professional recommendation and guide you in the choosing process to ensure you choose suitably without regrets.

  • Affordable Prices

Our prices are affordable. We offer valuable products and services to our clients and a very reasonable fee.


Whether you are going for the medium-size or the large size, you have first output your TV screen dimension into consideration in order to get a mount that will be useful to you for whatever purpose you intend to use it for. Have any questions or any other enquires, check TVBracketSG as our team is always ready to give you professional advice and recommendation on our products.

You still revel in the beauty and delivery of our Full Motion Double Arm mount, right? That is exactly who we are. Make a decision today to get the best product from this brand that has experience and history.

TV Bracket Tilting Wall Mount

tilting tv wall mount bracket in SingaporeRELIEF AT LAST

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you’re trying to watch your favorite team play on TV, and you can’t seem to get comfortable no matter how hard you work? You’ve been craning your neck trying to get a better angle, but all you get for your efforts is neck pain.

Our TV bracket tilting mount lets you mount your screen above eye level, and then tilt the display down to lessen reflections from ambient light, strobe lights, and windows. Are you mounting your display above the fireplace? Our tilt mount is simply the best solution because mounting above eye level is the best way to get better viewing angles. Another reason to go for our tilting mount is a low profile because then you don’t need the mount to extend or swivel as the bracket tilting mount can hold your TV closer to the wall.

The tilting mount is ideal if most of your wall is occupied, and there’s no available space at eye level. Our mounts come in varying sizes to better ensure your comfort. Are you wondering if you will be able to connect cables? We yes! With our mount, you can tilt up slightly and this will enable you to access cables easily. For whatever screen size, we have the mount to help you own your space while watching your favorite show.

At TVBracketSG – The TV Bracket in Singapore, our small mount fits most 17″-37″ with a distance of 35mm from the wall. It complies with VESA regulations of 75x75mm to 200x200mm and a tilt of approximately 0° to +15°. It has a load capacity of 40lbs, made of SPCC material.

Special Features:

  • It has a capacity of 18.2kg
  • Surface treatment of powdered paint coating

Our medium mount fits most 32″-55″ flat panel display with a distance of 35mm from the wall. It has a VESA compliance of 100×100 to 400x400mm and a tilt of 0° ~ +12°. It has a load capacity of 80lbs, made with SPCC material, and the surface is treated with powdered paint coating and is black.

Special Features:

  • It has a load capacity of 36.4kg
  • Black coloration

The large mount is a flat panel tilted mount for a large size screen and fits most 50″-70″ flat panel display. It has a VESA compliance of 200*200, 400*400, 600*400mm. It has a load capacity of 150lbs, made of SPCC material and a powdered paint coating finishing, and is black.

Special Features:

  • It has a load capacity of 68.2kg
  • It has a tilt of -5° ~ +15°
  • It’s a good Tv wall mount

The extra-large mount fits most 70″-90″ flat panel display with a VESA compliance of 200*200, 400*400, 600*400, 600*600, and 800*600mm. It has a load capacity of 200lbs, a tilt of -5 ~ +12, and is made with SPCC material. It has a surface treatment of powdered paint coating and is black.

Special Features:

  • It has a load capacity of 90.9kg
  • It is the best TV mount

Why our Tilting Mount?

Here are some reasons why you should go for our TV bracket tilting mount which will help you decide if this is the right mount for your display situation. You would want your TV to:

  • Be mounted close to the wall
  • Help lessen glare from windows and the room lights.
  • Mounted above eye level
  • To be completely safe around kids

Why Purchase from TVBracketSG:

  • We have an experienced and knowledgeable team.

Our team of well experienced, reliable, professional, and locally-based people understands our client’s requirements and expectations.

  • Excellent QC mechanism
  • Our products are durable

Our tilts mounts are of good quality, durable, and safe for both residential and commercial use. With our tilt mounts, you are able to adjust your TV to your comfortable viewing angle.

  • Perfect product delivery

We not only offer sales of products, but we also offer excellent delivery services.

Final thought

There is a whole variety of tilt wall mounts available for you which you can use to tilt your TV display downwards or upward to create just the nest TV viewing experience. Our tilt mounts are available for LED, LCDs, and Plasma TVs of different brands.

Our bracket tilting mount is designed to reduce screen glare, strong to hold large TVs, ideal for mounting above your fireplace, and for a sleek look. You won’t go wrong opting for all your TV mounts and accessories from TVBracketSG – TV Bracket in Singapore. It’s the right place to be.

Know More About Gas Strut TV Wall Mount

know more about gas strut tv wall mount bracket in SingaporeA MODERN AND CLASSY EXPRESSION

The fact is that technology changes with every passing day, and those who don’t follow up on these technologies, you will certainly be left behind in the scheme of things. Have you ever wanted to mount your TV display at any angle and still get a perfect view in terms of comfort? Imagine being a lying posture and still enjoy the view through the modern technology that comes with our Gas Strut TV Mount. The gas strut TV mount technology is one that is manufactured to serve different purposes in various places where they are mounted.

The gas strut TV mount is the mount for you if you need a lot of flexibility in your space. It is ideal for use in a variety of locations such as your home, office space, department store, and just about any other place you can think of. Well, before running through the various sizes, we shall be looking at the different benefits of mounting the gas strut TV mount.

At TVBracketSG, our mounts give your space a clean look, securing the wires safely out of reach and reducing the incidence of accidents from wire trips or electric shock. Our mounts come in various sizes, which we’ll consider shortly.

Why Gas Strut TV Mount?

Everyone deserves the convenience when they try to present their best and that is where our Gas Strut TV Mount comes in really handy. The mount has the technology of raising the slide up the wall above the average person’s height. That way, visibility by everyone present in the room will be achieved no matter the distance of everyone present. With this model, everyone can finally have an equal opportunity during a presentation.

However, for home relaxation that will make you release all the stress you have bottled-up from your place of work or within the week, our Gas Strut TV Mount technology will give you the best position of the display that will suit any position or posture you decide to assume in your house.

Do you want it in a small, medium, large, or extra-large size? TVBracketSG gets you covered. There is really no other place to be.

The small mount fits most 17″-27″ flat panel display and has a VESA compliance of 75x75mm, 100x100mm. It has a tilt of  -50° ~ + 35° and a load capacity of 5.5lbs to 15lbs (2.5-7kg). It is black, with a 360° rotation and a swivel angle of 180°.

Key Feature:

  • Less strain of the eyes due to upright Lift Distance of 6.1 (155mm)

The medium mount fits most 30″-40″ flat panel display and has a VESA compliance of 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm, 200x200mm. It has a tilt of +15° / -5° and a load capacity of 11lbs to 22lbs (5-10kg).

Key Features:

  • Provides maximum viewing comfort with a rotation of 360° and a swivel angle of 180°.

The large mount fits most 40″-50″ flat panel display and has a VESA compliance of 100x100mm, 200x100mm, 200x200mm, 400x200mm, 400x400mm. It is black with a rotation of +3° to -3° and a swivel angle of 180°.

Key Features:

  • It has a tilt of -5° ~ +15°
  • Load capacity of 17.6lbs to 35lbs

The extra-large mount fits most 50”-60” flat panel display and has a VESA compliance of 100x100mm, 200x100mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x200mm, 400x400mm. It has a tilt of +15° to -15° and a load capacity of 31lbs to 50lbs (14-23kg). It is black and has a swivel angle of 180°.

Key Features:

  • Increased visibility with its display panel

What’s Best Brand?

At TVBracketSG, we have a team of professionals who are ready to give free advice and help you choose the right mount. Visit TV Bracket in Singapore for your mounts for:

  • Affordable prices
  • Quality products and
  • Excellent delivery
  • Incredible Quality Assurance Team


To create a living environment in your place of work, you will need this technology to hang your TV in the desired position that will suit ur luxury. This same applies when you are in your home, you can enjoy your favorite movie or program however you want to relax and still get just the best view your money can afford. It is time to take action. The gas strut mount at TVBracketSG won’t bulge under any condition. The elements are no threat to its longevity and durability.


THE QUALITY OF A FULL-MOTION DOUBLE-ARM MOUNT TV BRACKET SingaporeThe full-motion double-arm mount is suitable for commercial use and in places where the TV could be mishandled. This mount is preferable for hanging your TV in the corners of the room, and the double arm gives it the capacity to bear the heavier weight of up to 200lbs. At TVBracketSG, we offer durable and heavy-duty mounts in varying sizes.

The full-motion double-arm offers a wide variety of movements like swing, tilt, depth, and panning as well as a high degree of mount flexibility and mobility. With the mount, you can now control the level of glare by just tilting to adjust the view angle and fix the situation appropriately.


Why Double-arm full-motion Mount

There are so many key features of the full-motion double-arm and they include;

  • The extra arm protruding from the mount bracket gives the double-arm mount more capacity to carry a greater load.
  • The double-are full-motion mount is professionally designed to take more weight up to 200lbs.
  • The mount is very reliable and designed for heavier TV screens.
  • It is highly recommended for commercial purposes where there is a high tendency for mishandling.

To fully enjoy our full-motion double-arm mount, we have portioned them into three categories, depending on the size of your TV.

Check out the Small size. It’s really portable and effective

Our small mount is a flat panel full-motion mount with a distance of 42mm to 452mm from the wall. It fits most 32″ to 55″ flat panel displays. Our products comply with VESA regulations of 100*100, 200*100, 200*200, 300*300, 400*200, 400*400mm, and have a tilt angle of +10°- 2°.

Key Features:

  • It has a load capacity of up to 80lbs
  • It’s made with SPCC materials
  • Its surface is treated with a powdered paint coating.

Do you want it in medium size? We’ve got you covered.

The medium mount is a flat panel full-motion mount with a distance of 49mm to 491mm from the wall which fits most 32″ to 70″ flat panel display. It complies with VESA regulations of 100*100, 200*100, 200*200, 300*200, 300*300, 400*200, 400*300, 400*400mm. It can swivel angle of up to 160°, which is dependent on your TV size.

Key Features:

  • It has a load capacity of 100lbs.
  • Fine black coloration.
  • It has a tilt of +8°-5°


Take a look at the large mount size

The large mount is 58 to 500mm from the wall and fits most 40″-70″ flat panel display. It complies with VESA regulations of 200*200, 300*200, 300*300, 400*200, 400*300, 400*400, 600*400mm, and a tilt angle of +10°~-2°.

Key Features:

  • It swivels up to 160° dependent on your TV size
  • It has a load capacity of 100lbs.
  • It is made with SPCC material

The extra-large mount is 116mm to 708mm from the wall, fits most 50″-80″ flat panel display and a VESA compliance of 200*200, 400*200, 400*400, 800*500mm. It can swivel up to 160°, and a tilt of +15°~-5°.

Key Feature:

  • This is one of the best Tv Mount
  • It has a load capacity of 200lbs
  • This Tv wall mount has a fine black coating.


Order for your mount at TVBracketSG for:

  • Affordable prices

At TVBracketSG, our quality products and effective services are reasonably priced and always go beyond our service expectations.

  • Efficient service

We surround ourselves with reliable and professional people who offer effective and professional service, by delivering professional and exceptional workmanship as well as giving professional recommendations and advice on selecting the right mount.

  • Great delivery

Delivery services by our excellent team are top-notch aim at bringing your purchased products at your doorstep safely and carefully.


It’s quite clear that choosing a double-arm mount depends on the dimensions of your TV screen. So, buying a mount at TV Bracket in Singapore that will serve you well, regardless of whatever purpse you need it for is the ideal thing to do. However, before purchasing one, you should consider the dimension and weight of your TV screen and let TVBracketSG help advise you in making the right decision while selecting the right mount for your display screen.

What are you waiting for? The coast is now clear for you to make an order from TVBracketSG. It is the right place to be. You won’t regret any action taken to equip your living room with the most efficient electronic accessories.

Why Install the Ceiling Mount

Why installing ceiling tv mount bracket in SingaporeHave you ever visited a supermarket and noticed that you were still able to view the TV while in the queue? Or been in a bar and was still able to watch the screen unhindered? That’s the power of a ceiling mount.

The ceiling mount, just like the name suggests, suspends the TV from the ceiling. This mount is unique for both home and commercial use. It helps in saving floor space and is perfect for a place whose setting is continually being changed.

The mount ensures that the displayed information is accessible to everyone in the vicinity. The mount is highly flexible and can be rotated to any angle of choice. Luckily for you, our company offers the sales of this product as well as the installation services for your residential and commercial purpose.

Why Install the Ceiling Mount?

There are so many reasons why you should install the ceiling mount in your residence or workspaces, among the reasons are;

  • More Space – Installing the Ceiling mount for your TV will guarantee of more space for your room or office.
  • Safety – You can keep children from trying to touch things at home, so to avoid any destruction and injuries, it is advisable to install the ceiling mount to keep the TV out of the kids’ reach.
  • Easy to Clean – With our ceiling mount, less trouble to pull the TV from the wall when removing dust from the back of the display.
  • Convenience – It is safe to say that installing the ceiling mount gives more convenience and comfortability.

Ceiling Mount

At TVBracketSG, our ceiling mount fits most 32″ to 70″ flat-panel LED and LCD TV. It complies with VESA regulations of 100*100 ~ 600*400mm and has a tilt of -5°~ +15° and rolls through -30° to approximately +30°. It has a surface treatment of powder painting coat finish and is black.

Key Features

  • It has a load capacity of 150lbs and
  • It is made of SPCC material.
  • It has a maximum height of 28.2″ (718mm) to 62.4″ (1584mm).

The ceiling mount is made of highly durable material, and its adjustable height makes it possible to change to our desired height and watch the television from varying angles.

The mount gives an air of sophistication to either your home or office and reduces accidents from tripping over wires as the wires are nearly out of reach. This goes a long way to keep your environment free from obstructions while giving a great experience.

Our team of qualified and highly experienced technicians is available to offer free advice and help in choosing the ideal mount based on your television size.

Why You Should Choose TVBracketSG:

  • Affordable prices

At TVBracketSG, we offer reasonably priced products and services and we ensure that the products and services we offer are worth the fees we charge you.

  • Quality materials

Our ceilings mounts have been proven to be of good quality, durable, and safe for both residential and commercial use. Our products are made with a telescopic steel pole that lets your TV suspend a display at your desired distance. With our ceiling mounts, you are able to adjust your TV to your comfortable viewing angle and swivel the TV to work virtually with any type of ceiling.

  • Great customer service

TVBracketSG team is a group of well experienced, reliable, professional, and locally-based people who understand that client’s requirement and expectation differs. With the level of understanding and professionalism, our team is able to deliver quality and professional workmanship as well as giving professional recommendations and advice to our clients on selecting the most suitable ceiling mount.

  • Excellent delivery.

At TVBracketSG – tv bracket in Singapore, we not only offer sales of products, but we also offer excellent delivery services. Our professional drivers and team are able to deliver the products and install the ceiling mounts safely and excellently.


You remember the age-long Chinese saying that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now? If you’ve not had a chance to get the best ceiling mount that delivers quality service, you may have been dealing with the wrong brand.

Make no mistakes about it, if it is not TVBracketSG, then it is the wrong place to go and choose a ceiling TV mount. After all, you won’t have to break the bank before you have this amazing mount in your living room.



CHOOSING A WALL MOUNT FIXED BRACKET OVER TRADITIONAL TV FURNITURE IN SINGAPOREThat special feeling when you just bought a brand-new TV and can’t wait to start using it? We have all had that feeling. What comes to mind after the purchase is how the TV will be placed:  on a piece of furniture or wall?

One of the things you might consider in determining location could be the availability of space. But, having had experience with the furniture stand, I can tell you that it comes with its fears; you keep hoping that you’ll not knock it off the surface and damage your new product, or you wish not to trip over the wires.

Our fixed mount comes in three sizes-small, medium, and large – which ensures that no matter the size or weight of your TV, we have you covered. Check out the specs of our small, medium, and large fixed mounts, this will help you decide which will suit you the best.

At TVBracketSG, our small mount has an ultrathin flat-panel Fixed mount (Distance of 29mm from the wall), and it fits most 17″-37″ flat panel display TV. It also has a VESA compliance of 75*75mm, 100*100mm, 200*100mm, 200*200mm. The surface is treated with a powdered painting coating with a black coloration.

Special Features:

  • It has a load capacity of 18.2kg
  • Made with SPCC coating material
  • A tilt of zero degrees.

Our medium mount has ultrathin flat panel fixed mount and fitted most 32″-55″ flat panel display. It has a VESA compliance of 100*100mm to 400*400mm and a tilt of 0°. It is made with an SPCC coating, and a powdered paint coating finishes surface treatment. It is black.

Special Features:

  • It has a load capacity of 27.3kg
  • It has a distance of only 29mm from the wall

The large fixed mount is ultrathin and has a distance of only 29mm from the wall. It fits most 40″- 65″ flat panel display and a VESA compliance of 100x100mm to 600x400mm. It is made with an SPCC coating and a powder paint coating finish.

Special Features:

  • It has a load capacity of 150lbs
  • A tilt of 0°.

Choosing a suitable TV Bracket Fixed Mount

  • Check your TV Specs

Before deciding on the wall mount, you have to first be sure that the mount is compatible with the perfect specification of the TV display. Mounts come in different sizes to fit displays of different dimensions and weight as stated earlier. So, to wrap this point up, be sure to check the specifications of the wall mount you wish to purchase buy the exact one that can support the height and weight of your display.

  • Mount with Arm or still Traditional

If you have decided to go for the wall mount rather than dwell with the traditional stand, then you have to decide again if you want a mount with an arm. There are mounts with arm that keeps the display just a few inches out the surface of the wall and others hang the display to the wall like a picture frame. You can check TVBracketSG for more details to help you decide on which of the two methods will work better for you.

  • Price

Are you willing to go for the high-quality wall mount that will hold up your expensive and valuable television set? Or you are going to go for the cheap wall mount? Well, at TVBracketSG, we don’t overcharge our clients for wall mounts but at the same time, we don’t sell cheap materials. We sell value at an affordable price.

Call To Action

No brand beats TVBracketSG when it comes to making the best TV mounts. Choose TVBracketSG, choose wisely:

  • High-quality products
  • Affordable prices and
  • Excellent customer service team.

Our Final Take

Considering that money is hard to come by, one must be careful not to spend on a product that won’t last or deliver what it is essentially designed for. At TVBrackeSG, all fear is gone. It doesn’t get better!

In addition to switching from the traditional way of the TV stand, be sure to validate what wall material you will be mounting your TV  display too. With our TV wall mounts, you can save a lot of space in your sitting room or bedroom and it is important to note that our TV Bracket in Singapore are of good quality.


Perfect Positioning and Reasons to Install a TV Bracket in Singapore

Perfect Positioning and Reasons to Install a TV Bracket in SingaporeAre you worried concerning how well to place your TV bracket in Singapore for perfect viewing? Worry no more, the following guide will provide you with the right manner to do so and give you pointers on what to consider. As expected, the weight and size of your TV is a determining factor. The same is true of the size of your home. However, despite these factors, TV mounting will help resolve the issue of space, weight, and size of your home. Once you get that professional to mount your TV bracket in Singapore, here are a few reasons to know about why mounting your screen is necessary.

Prevents Eye And Neck Strain

Naturally, a mounted TV will be far from your eyes and you will have eye strain. In addition, the position regardless of whether it is on your ceiling or wall will prevent any type of strain your neck would have. As such, with a tilt, swivel, or angled position, you are ensured of less eye or neck strain as you enjoy your entertainment. You may be enjoying some movie or gaming; regardless, you have what we may call the best-placed screen on your wall. TV brackets in Singapore are easy to come by and there are technicians for installation. Therefore, be sure to give the professional your requirements and they will do the job right.

Increase of Space in your Home

Consider the old televisions in the 1990s and how much space they took up. That is not the same for the flat and curved HD televisions once mounted on your ceiling or wall. What you need is to create more space in your living room or bedroom, or office. By using a TV bracket in Singapore, you are doing just that. Creating more space on the floor for more furniture and placing the TV on the wall.

Less Likely To Get Damaged And More Durable

There is little likelihood that your children playing will mess up with a high definition TV that is placed on the wall. In addition, when using your Xbox during gaming, there is no possibility of harming the screen due to rapid movements especially if you are working on a multiple player game. Also, consider pets and realize that TVs that are placed at a low position are most likely to incur damage from your pet.

Prevention Of Injury

High Definition TV’s that are placed in a low position may cause injury in case a child is loitering around them. If the TV drops from a table or cabinet, it will result in the injury of your child or anyone else around the house. When the TV bracket helps you mount your TV in a high area on your wall, there is no chance of these accidents happening.

Helps Prevent Damage On The Cables

You may have coaxial cables, TV consoles, and Set-top boxes that have long wires. If this is the case, a high leveled TV bracket will ensure that there are no damages to any of the wires. Furthermore, consider some insulation that will handle the wires that come from the TV and prevent contact to the ground too. 40 inches above the ground is the ideal height for your TV screen. Also, consider the angle as it may affect your eyes or your neck due to strain.

Wires Within The Wall

Naturally, flat-screen TV when connected to a TV bracket may require some drilling into the wall. Ensure that before the drilling of screws begins, you are aware of the wiring system in your home or office. Affecting the wiring system will mean that you are also cutting off the source of your entertainment. Therefore, look for the blueprints of your home before the commencement of any wall drilling.


To surmise, we have discussed how you can successfully install a TV Bracket in Singapore and the reasons why you need to do so. Note from the above discussion that there is space saved around the room where you mount your television. Also discussed is the fact that you manage to avoid eye and neck strain by placing your screen at a certain angle. Use the above pointers to ensure you know succinctly why you do need to mount your screen onto your wall. Also, higher-good technicians who will help you avoid any damage that could occur to your home or screen during installation of the TV bracket.

What is a Swivel Wall Mount?

What is a Swivel Wall Mount in SingaporeSometimes, mounting a TV on the wall can be a very difficult task especially if you do not have a basic understanding of the principles on how to go about it, and also do not have a professional installation company nearby.

Purchasing a brand new a TV and sitting comfortable to watch football and other TV programs can only be reassuring when you’re convinced that your TV is mounted firmly and securely. A wonderful wall mount/bracket is the swivel wall mount.

A swivel wall mount (or popularly known as a tilting wall bracket) is a TV bracket that permits movement or adjustment in a vertical position. This means that you can pan your TV upwards and downwards to obtain a perfect viewing experience. This TV bracket has lots of advantages which they can offer to the user. These advantages are very beneficial and maximize the satisfaction of the users.

Note: This type of TV mount is best if you decide to hang a TV in a place above eye view, for example; fireplace, bedroom.

Benefits of a Swivel Wall Mount

a)    Easy to install

Unlike the full-motion or articulating TV bracket, this swivel/tilting wall mount is relatively easy to install. It does not require so much of professionalism to install.

Although it is best to employ professional help like TV Bracket in Singapore to install this type of TV bracket (in case of any problem that might be encountered during the installation), you can still decide to do it yourself if you have the basic knowledge and the necessary tools to do so.

b)    It is Affordable

This is also one of the reasons why it is popularly used today. The swivel TV bracket is quite inexpensive (although not as affordable as the flat/low profile mount) compared to the articulating mount.

c)    Adjustable viewing angle

This is a major boom that the swivel wall mount has over the flat-mount. The swivel TV bracket is adjustable and allows movement from upwards-downwards. Although some new models have interchanged the motion to sideways motion, the most common movement it permits is the vertical movement.  This benefit helps you adjust the viewing angle (away from sun reflection) for optimal satisfaction

d)    Aesthetically pleasing

Mounting your TV on a wall bracket is also very attractive and soothing to the ambience of your home. The swivel wall mount provides another spice to the interior décor of your living space. It makes things neater and more organized compared to using a TV stand.

e)    It saves space

Using a TV stand tends to make your living space too crowded, especially if you are living in a small room. The swivel TV bracket helps you save space in your living area without requiring you to hang a TV on a ceiling or purchasing a TV stand.

f)     Easy access to ports

If your TV is mounted in a flat mount, it is very difficult to reach the ports at the back of your TV without bringing it down. This is because the flat-mount is about one inch close to the wall. But in the case of the swivel mount, you can just swivel your mount to the side to access the ports at the back of the TV. This makes it very simple and efficient.

Disadvantages of a Swivel Mount

a)    It requires professional installation:

For better guarantee and security, it is better to employ professional assistance to prevent damaging your TV and also to combat any issues that can be encountered during installation such as drilling issues. At TV Bracket in Singapore, we offer trusted and professional installation on the wall bracket.

b)    Expensive cost of installments

Since professional installation might be required, it incurs extra cost especially if your installation company is charging a lot. But at the TV bracket in Singapore, costs of installation are quite inexpensive and affordable.

c)    Visible cords and wires

Because the TV is mounted on a wall, the cords and wires of the electrical appliances will be visible and may not be aesthetically appealing. You will require additional wiring assistance to hide the cords in the walls. This adds more expense to your budget.


Having known what a swivel wall mount is and the advantages and disadvantages of owning a swivel wall mount, it is best to employ the services of a professional company who will guarantee you that you will purchase the best swivel wall bracket and also take care of the installation services at affordable prices. At TVbracketSG we provide quality wall brackets and secured installation services through our professionals. Contact us at the TV bracket in Singapore for more information.

Installation of your best TV Bracket in Singapore

Looking for Installation of your best TV Bracket in SingaporeYou do need that stylish and fitting solution for that TV bracket to help you watch movies or during your gaming activities. As such, you need our services to provide you with a various selection of TV Brackets in Singapore that will match with the ambiance of your home and provide your curved or flat TV with a good place in your living room. When you need such a service in Singapore, you need trusted services by companies that not only offer a warranty but are known for their professional services.

Another thing you need is a company that not only provides consultation but also offers a free estimate. With this, you will manage to provide the type of design that you need to ensure that you are well fitted for your entertainment.

A Guide towards Installation

Choose your TV Mount

Naturally, this is the first step when looking for your TV Bracket in Singapore. What you need to do is ensure that you make your choice based on the type of TV you have. There are Ceiling mounts for your night view, there are tilting mounts for you during relaxation, and there are also fixed mounts to enjoy in your living room with the family.

Choose how high to mount the TV bracket on the wall

Naturally, the height of your mounting will determine the mood in that room where you choose to place your TV bracket or your curved or flat screen. As such, ensure you talk to the customer service and provide former information on the way you need to place your screen. The world is your oyster, be the one to choose how all this goes for the comfort of you and your family.

Mark TV Dimensions

Televisions come in different dimensions and sizes. As expected there are wall studs that are required when placing TV brackets in Singapore. Therefore, you do need to ensure that you check the kind of house building frame you have before asking for the TV bracket you need. Also, inform them of what dimensions your Television may have to ensure easy installation.

The positioning of your TV Bracket

You need to make clear demarcations of your placement of the TV bracket. You need to use a spirit level to ensure that if you are not placing a curved screen, the flat TV will fit in just well. Ensure you mark where holes should go before calling the technician in Singapore to provide the services. Also, be sure to inform the customer service of what you require if you know they will install your TV bracket and screen while you are away.

Attachment of the TV to the TV bracket

If you are home when your technician is attaching your TV to the TV bracket, you should help during the mount. Essentially, this is important as it helps you know the best position for using your screen as well as what makes your family comfortable. Also, be sure not to drill the screws all in due to vibration that may cause the screen of your TV to break. Be sure to call for assistance from anybody who may help as it is hard to do the task by yourself.

Mounting Plate

A mounting plate is a great way to prevent the back part of your curved or flat TV as that is how and where your TV gains operation. As such, ensure that after placing the mountain plate on your TV bracket in Singapore, you are also screwing in screws too much in as it may cause damage.

Final Touches

Eventually, your TV has been mounted to the wall with much precaution. Be sure to check it is secure. Turn on the TV while hoisted over the TV bracket and check all settings such as TV Singapore channels to ensure you are set. You can also ensure that it provides the right sitting posture regardless of the room.


In conclusion, it is great to know that there are countless services in Singapore for TV bracket services. To get the right bracket, ensure that you check the above list that provides you a guide that can help you manage the process of mounting a TV bracket to your home. As mentioned above, what you need to consider is your wall, your type of screen, and other factors such as vibration. By so doing, you have a perfectly placed screen for you and your family’s entertainment.

Guide to Choosing the Right TV Bracket for Your Home in Singapore

All About The Guide to Choosing the Right TV Bracket for Your Home in SingaporeThe great thing about flat or curved screens is that they are easily mounted on the wall to save space. To do so, you use a TV bracket in Singapore for your space-saving. Your TV can either be located in your living room or bedroom. Using a TV bracket, you can get a comfortable view in either the latter or the former. However, there are some factors to consider while doing so.

Television specifications

When choosing a TV mounting, you need to consider the specs and ensure that you have one that is compatible with the specifications of the mounting. For instance, most TV brackets in Singapore are made with the weight and size of the TV in mind. As such, what you need is to ensure that the one you choose will manage the weight of your television to prevent it from crashing on the floor.

Amount of Swivel

When buying your TV bracket, you have the option to choose whether it will have some swivel or will remain stationary. Most of the TV brackets in Singapore can manage either of the two functions. Therefore, be sure to ask the technician that installs your mounting what function it can perform. The reason for a mounting with a swivel is the positioning in case of room size or having a gathering.

Choosing a TV Bracket with an Arm

There are wall mounts in Singapore that you can choose to remain on the wall. Also, there are those that you can choose that have an arm that extends the TV some few inches above your floor. You do have the choice to decide based on the size of space in the room where you will mount the TV.

Consideration of Price

The TV brackets in Singapore are ranged in different prices depending on the type of mount you need. In addition, you will find that the type of Television you have will determine the type of TV bracket you get. Ensure you get a mounting that is of great quality and that holds up your expensive high definition TV. Avoid cheap materials as they will cause damage if they cannot accommodate the size and weight of your TV.


Some wires will be hanging out of the TV after mounting. Consider these wires and find some tubing to avoid damage to the wires. Wires from Blue-Ray Players or DVD or video consoles may be damaged if left exposed. By hiding the wires, you get an improved look to your system and the room’s ambiance.

Your Health

There are positions where you can place your TV bracket that can affect your health. This is specifically so for your neck. If your Mount is placed too high above, you may have to strain your neck trying to view your TV. As such, consider a proper height at least not above 2 meters from your floor before installation of the TV bracket.

Your Personal Budget

Naturally, you will need to consider your budget and the amount you need to spend on your TV Bracket in Singapore. As such, you need to consider the type of mounting you need as well as the cost. Your TV is expensive; as such, ensure that you do not choose low quality mountings as they may cause your TV to crash on your floor. There is professional staff in Singapore that can assist you in making this decision and ensure that you have the right TV Bracket. In addition, you need trained technicians to save you time and money during installation based on your budget.


As expected, you do have a specific type of TV that has a unique design. Therefore, ensure your design is matched by your TV design. Furthermore, the TV bracket you choose to install can look like a wall frame and improve the ambiance of your home. Therefore, choose the right design for your Singapore house based on the aesthetics you choose for your home.


As mentioned above, you need a TV bracket that is sturdy enough to keep your TV mounted. Therefore, while doing your shopping on the mounting you need, ensure you do enough research to ensure you get the right product in Singapore.


To surmise, we have provided a guide with nine good steps on how to get the right TV bracket in Singapore. There are other factors you can consider based on your living space and the size of your TV. By using the above guide, you are assured of not only saving space but keeping your high definition TV safe.