TV Bracket in Singapore Offer Precautions You Need to Know

TV Bracket in Singapore Offer Precautions You Need to Know.  Safety firstThere are TV brackets in Singapore for walls, there are for ceilings. There are motorized or manual. There are fixed or mobile. For light or heavy monitors.

Perhaps just purchased, it can mislead: it is better to waste a few minutes and take note of the procedure and the necessary precautions.

Each TV is compatible only with some types of brackets. There are also universal ones: ask in the shop which ones are suitable for your TV. The two parameters to consider are the size and weight of the television: check that the weight of the TV is supported by the bracket. Also, make sure that the wall where the appliance will be positioned can support its

weight. At this point, it is necessary to decide what type of bracket (tiltable, swivel, with extendable arm), based on the movement we want to obtain from the appliance, and this depends very much on where we position it.

Diagonal Screen And Weight

As already mentioned, when choosing the ideal bracket for the TV, it is necessary to consider whether it should be fixed or moved. But we must also remember the screen size and weight. We could also use a stand for a 40 ″ TV with a 24 ″ one, but it does not mean that we can do the same in reverse, even if the fixing is compatible.


Each bracket is designed to support a certain weight. That’s why if I have to hang a 24 ″ display in the kitchen, the support will be different from a 55-inch one. The reason is simple, the system of fixing points to the wall must be suitable for the weight to be supported. Pay close attention to the maximum weight that the bracket supports and up to how many inches it can be used. This information must adapt to the characteristics of the TV brackets in Singapore.

The Separation Between Wall And TV

You thought of hanging the TV on the wall and enjoying it as if it were a painting. You bought a super-flat bracket, worked with the drill and fixed it to the wall, installed the TV and now you cannot connect the power cable, there is no space for the antenna connector, the start and the others connectors collide.

This is what happens to many people and it’s no wonder. Remember to take into account the connections on the TV, their position, whether the cables will be perpendicular or parallel to the screen, what things will be connected and how much minimum space is needed between the wall and the TV. And not only the distance counts but the support plate also must not cover or prevent access to the connections on the back of the TV, which many times are inconvenient to reach already.

Install The Bracket For The TV

At this point, you should know everything you need to choose the bracket you need, but now the best part is: mount it. Installing a wall-mount for the TV is not complicated, as long as the wall is strong enough to support the weight (therefore no plasterboard wall or similar) and use all the fixing points indicated by the manufacturer, wall bracket for mounting TV and monitor. Some do it first or because they think they are enough, maybe they only make two holes to fix the bracket. Yes, so keep it, look until it fails and your brand new ultra-flat smart-TV will not split on the floor.


If it is indicated to use screws, dowels or Fischer’s at least 6-7-8-etc centimeters long, then the screws must be 6-7-8-etc centimeters. The same applies to the fixing points and the holes to be made in the wall: if it takes four, then there must necessarily be four.

Why to Follow these Precautions & How we can Help You in this?

If you follow these precautions, it will be easier for you for the rest of the year watching your tv at home from any angle of the room without facing any problems, thanks to TV brackets in Singapore. If you want to know more information or want to know the best prices and how to choose a tv bracket etc. You can visit TV Bracket SG we’re available to help you with the right solution and we have professionals who can guide you in the best possible manner.

How to Install A TV Bracket like a Pro at Home

How to Install A TV Bracket like a Pro at Home in SingaporeYou finally bought the TV you have been saving up for the last few months. You can’t wait to power it on and get started with the amazing features that made you religiously save for. There is a little problem, however. You hadn’t budgeted for the installation costs. Instead of waiting for another month to raise the fees, how about you do it yourself?

Mounting a TV is easy. With the right tools and information, it is a task that you can do easily.

This article can give you the basic information needed to mount that TV bracket in Singapore like a pro.

First, let’s get you a good wall bracket for your TV.

Types of TV Brackets

There are different types of wall mounts depending on your preference.

  1. Fixed wall bracket- This wall bracket is immovable. The TV sits close to the wall.
  2. Tilting wall bracket – This only tilts (Vertical movements). It may be perfect when you have kids at home. Mount it high for their reach. Because kids will always be kids anyway. They are little explorers. But they don’t have to strain their cute necks to catch their favorite episode of Hannah Montana.
  3. Full Motion wall brackets – It swivels. Also another name for the wall mount. You could move it horizontally, vertically or even angle it.

The full motion and the tilting wall brackets help reduce reflections from windows. Gone are the days when you had to hire the big companies to wall mount your TV. Today you can simply hire a freelancing Company to do it for you or you can simply do it yourself.

Where to Mount

After getting the perfect TV bracket in Singapore for you, it is important to decide what wall you want your TV to be mounted. This might look like a mundane, little, unimportant decision but it can make all the difference.

So, do you have drywall or a brick wall? Are there any electrical connections running behind your walls that might be drilled through? Do you have easy access to power from the wall or do you have to run cables across the house to access power? Is the position you decide to mount your TV completing the look and feel and deco of your home?


  1. Drill
  2. Spirit Level
  3. Screws and Screwdrivers
  4. Bits


You have the bracket, you know where to mount it and the equipment. Let’s get to the interesting part, the installation

  1. Take the spirit level and measure horizontally
  2. Take the wall bracket, Mark the points to drill with a pencil
  3. Drill the marked points using drywall bits or the brick wall bits
  4. Install the wall anchors
  5. Fasten the wall bracket against the wall using a screwdriver
  6. Test the firmness of the wall bracket before mounting the TV
  7. Screw in the other mounts on the TV until firm
  8. Connect the necessary cables to the TV
  9. Mount the TV

Cable Management

Now, you don’t want to have a great looking, well-mounted TV and cables running everywhere ruining the whole show. There are various cable management options you could look into for the neat crisp finish.

Double-sided Tape – This option is cheap and easy to do. Bundle the cables together, but neatly, and tie the double-sided tapes around them

Cable Trunking – Another DIY option. They are cheap too. It involves laying a base. Drill it to the wall. Run your cables above the base. Lastly, cover. Best of all you can paint to blend into a wall.

There are other options like the in wall cable management systems where you run the AV cables and the power extensions in wall.


To conclude, TV Brackets are best in this modern era of 21st century. Consumers are trusting on the products which is very encouraging for the company and workers also continue the hard work to provide best services to the consumers in future so they continue their trust as well. The notion of online tv mount companies are fraud is also wrong and the new trend of online shopping is quite trendy even if it is tv products. Customers want to save the time and prefers to order online. It is easy for the read the review and make the guess that which is best for them. On the other hand, company is also putting its effort to make customers happy by providing excellent services and products.  Now that you know everything with regards buying TV brackets, you should not have a hard time making the final choice.

If you want more data and professional help with installation or to learn more details about purchasing a TV bracket in Singapore, do not hesitate to contact TV Bracket SG as soon as possible.

5 Major Points to Focus On When Finding the Best TV Brackets in Singapore

You can find 5 Major Points to Focus On When Finding the Best TV Brackets in SingaporeIf you would like to look for outstanding Singaporean TV brackets it is important that you consider a few significant pointers first. These pointers will help you decide which brand to work with when it comes to TV brackets for your own home.

Here are some of the most important points that you need to remember when trying to look for the best TV brackets in Singapore.

  1. Significant Features

First, you have to focus on the features that it has to offer. Is it articulated? Will it be able to hold off a standard size to flat screen TV without difficulty? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely consider buying the TV bracket of your choice. From the size, weight, measurements and overall appearance, the physical features of the product should play an important role in your decision.

  1. The Design

It should be able to perform well especially after long periods of use. The design and functionality of the implement can certainly determine its longevity and performance as well. Design goes hand in hand with the style and overall look of the bracket as well.

  1. Functions

There are at the three basic functions of TV brackets that you need to note when trying to purchase one. These are listed below:

  • The Angular Bracket
  • The Steady Bracket
  • The Articulated Bracket

The former provides angular motion for your television set. If you want to move your flat screen at a certain degree, this can provide it for you. The second function is the most limited of them all. You cannot move your flat screen with this type of bracket. The last one provides full range of motion.

  1. Material

Aside from the functions, you should also consider the material that the bracket is made from. This will determine that durability and strength of the TV bracket from Singapore. A standard TV bracket is made of stainless steel and composite materials of reinforced plastic and metal.

These materials ensure that your TV bracket will be able to support the Entertainment System without difficulty. The material is an important consideration to make especially if you are going to place your TV on the wall. You should use TV brackets with materials that can last for a very long time and something that can support the enormous amount of weight that most flat screen TVs have nowadays.

  1. The Brand

The brand is another consideration that you need to make when it comes to buying TV brackets in Singapore. You have to get products that only come from reputable companies and manufacturers. Otherwise, you will end up spending more than you have two on repairs that you could have avoided if you only bought products with the best quality from reputable manufacturers.

If you are able to find a brand that has all of these features and more, then you will have succeeded in ensuring that your TV bracket will be able to stand the test of time.

Additional Reminders: Learning the Importance of Second Opinion

You should not compromise the quality of the product just to save money. If you feel that the product is indeed expensive but would be able to last for a long time because of high quality material and superb functioning, you should not hesitate to purchase TV brackets from Singapore as soon as possible.

It will make your viewing habits even more enjoyable for sure. It would also be important for you to listen to some of the recommendations from your friends and family members before trying to purchase anything from the market. Try to look for people that already have the TV bracket that you are eyeing ask them about the performance of the product.

You can also look into public feedback from the manufacturer website itself. This will make it easier for you to make an informed decision regarding the TV brackets available.

The public assessment will provide you with more insight regarding the TV bracket that you would want to buy for your living room as soon as possible.


These are just some of the many considerations that you need to make when it comes to buying your very own TV brackets in Singapore. Getting to have the best TV bracket definitely will give you more satisfaction in time and when it comes to watching your favorite shows on your flat screen. Just make sure that you get all your facts straight before making the final purchase. This will allow you to rest easy knowing that you did not make a mistake with your chosen product.

If you would like to learn more about the best TV brackets in Singapore, please do not hesitate to click here for more information.


All You Need To Know About TV Brackets in Singapore

All You Need To Know About TV Brackets in Singapore companyHave you been thinking of mounting your TV on the wall? That would be fantastic. It would add more beauty to your room and save you space. It would save you the cost of a TV stand. It would ensure your TV is not at eye level, and give you more viewing options. But there are many factors to consider so that you can get the best out of his great idea.

Choose the Right Type

There are different types of TV brackets in the market. The most common ones are

  • Fixed
  • Tilting
  • Tilting and Rotating
  • Ceiling

The fixed type is a low profile type. It becomes rigid once installed, and you can no longer adjust it. That is just like nailing a frame to the wall. And to install it is as easy as that as well – just hang it, and you are done.

Tilting TV bracket is also very easy to install. The TV bracket has a pivot, which makes it possible to be tilted. You can, therefore, adjust the vertical angle after installation. It can move up and down, but not side to side.

Tilting and rotating brackets or full-motion TV brackets can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. You can move it up and down as well as side to side. It has an arm that makes it possible for you to move it more away from the wall if you so desire.

And if there is no space on your wall, you can get a ceiling bracket. This can be installed on your ceiling and can be rotated in all directions. The problem here is that the installation is complicated, and you may need a professional service.

But you don’t need to worry about which one is the best for you. TV Bracket in Singapore has an excellent customer service, which will assist you in making the right choice. You can also hire them for installation.

Check Your Wall

Many homes have dry walls. If such is yours, you won’t have any problem installing a TV bracket on your wall. But if your wall is lathe and plaster, then you may need further assistance. You will need to get more materials than the DIY installation kit that you might have bought, or you might simply acquire the service of a professional installer. TV Bracket in Singapore can effectively do it for you.

Determine How High

The height of your TV on the wall is significant. You must install your TV at a height that will give you a convenient viewing experience. Factors that you may consider to choose the height include:

  • The size of your TV
  • Your seats distance to the wall
  • Your angle of view
  • Your preferences

The size of your TV screen is an essential factor to consider before choosing the height at which the TV should be mounted.  First, you need to determine where you want the center of the screen to be located, then measure the height of the TV screen to calculate what the height from the ground should be.

The distance from where you will be viewing the TV to the wall is also an essential factor to consider before determining the height to mount your TV.

Your viewing angle relates to the angle in which your viewing position would be to the location of the TV. This is also very important to determine the height of your TV.

Also, your personal preference is important. After all, it is all about your comfort.

Consider the Weight of your TV

The size of your TV and the weight are different things. Some TV brackets may not be suitable for heavy TV. Therefore, you must check the specification of your bracket to make sure it is compatible with your TV before you buy it. But to be safe, you should buy from professionals. Tv Bracket in Singapore knows everything about TV breakers and installation. If you buy from them, you can be sure that you will get precisely what is suitable for your TV.

The Final Word

Hanging your TV on the wall might look like hanging a frame on your wall, and indeed, you should be able to do it yourself. But many a time, it is not as simple as that. Many people run into trouble when installing their TV brackets, and some get confused. That is why it is advisable to seek the service of professionals to install your TV bracket. You will always see the difference between the job done by a professional and the one done yourself.  But when you want to hire, make sure you employ the service of people with experience and license to operate. TV Bracket in Singapore is duly licensed to operate. It also has skilled staff and has been in the business of installing TV brackets for over six years. Hence, it is experienced enough to give you that professional touch you so much desire.

If you also buy your TV bracket from them, you can be sure that you will get the TV breaker that is best for you. And with their excellent customer service and after-sale service, this company will always be there for you even after installation.

Wide Angle Viewing At TV Bracket In Singapore

Wide Angle Viewing of TV At TV Bracket In Singapore Entertainment has never gotten better. The vast variety of widescreen TVs has just revolutionized how we watch televisions. Either at home or in your office, you need to get updated on what is happening around you all the time. Imagine having a TV which has a wide viewing angle from your favorite corner seat. You will find that a TV positioned in the right place will motivate you to watch a lot more.

Manual booklets are always provided when you buy your TV mount. There are also DIY videos online that take you through step by step on how to install them. They are good videos and very informative. But there is a big reason why many people are acquiring the services of TV Bracket in Singapore. They are licensed and have the proper skills to install your TV stand in a manner you will appreciate and enjoy.

We at TV Bracket in Singapore, are in the business of selling and installing TV Brackets, TV Mounts and TV Stands. We make sure you get the best entertainment on your TV. Towards this reason, TV Bracket in Singapore is dedicated to providing exactly that. We have the right personnel who have the know-how of providing and installing the best TV Brackets with wide-angle viewing.

Tips To Consider

After purchasing that widescreen TV, most of us always have a pre-determined place to place it. Nevertheless, we don’t as much think of how better to maximize our spaces or even how best to enjoy watching that TV. We are limited to our imaginations on how best and which is the position to enjoy watching our televisions from. TV Bracket in Singapore has some tips on how to get the best experience and why we should get professional help. There are several things you need to consider for your wide-angle TV viewing. They may seem very easy, but in fact, they will go a long way to ensure you get the best experience.

TV Design

TV brackets vary when it comes to TV designs. This is because they all do not have the same measurements and specifications. The design will also determine the weight and type of bracket your TV needs. If you are not sure, its recommended to ask for a bit of advice from professionals such as TV Bracket in Singapore. Subsequently, their years of experience may be of benefit to you in many ways.

Position Of Your TV

How far and high your television is from you matters a lot. I mean, who wants to have neck pain or even impaired vision. Professionals at TV Bracket in Singapore have been trained to do a good job. By that I mean they shall consider the height and distance of the TV keeping in mind that your comfortability and visibility are paramount to you.

The Type Of TV Mount

You may be confused by the vast array of TV mounts you may want for your TV. This is because they all have different designs and advantages the other doesn’t. Consider this, a fixed TV mount and a motion TV mount. Which one would bring the most desired effect and compliments your house space? I leave that to the professionals at TV Bracket in Singapore.


Professionals at TV Bracket in Singapore are more experienced in minimizing and maximizing of space. This means that they will only use minimum space when installing. They also give you advice on the space needed to get the maximum viewing angle.

TV Accessories

Obviously any good TV must have its accessories. You need to think about where to put them and how they will stay alongside the compartment. A floating shelf may a good option.


A good view of your television can be something to look forward to every day. The content of knowing that you will get to enjoy a premiering movie or series episode is a good thing to look forward to. At the end of each day, you get home tired and exhausted. All you need is a good rest and certainly some entertainment to take the edge off. And TV Bracket in Singapore has got you covered. Their top of the range TV stands, TV Brackets and TV Mounts offer the best wide-angle for viewing. In addition, you get to experience the ultimate view experience at the heart of your sitting room. What’s more, you can get in touch with them for an upgrade or other products that they offer. TV Bracket in Singapore is the place to be.

Types of TV Wall Mounts

type of tv bracket wall mount double arm full motion swivel large in singaporeAs technology keeps advancing with each day that passes, so are the electronics, accessories and the gadgets that we have in our households as well. Maybe a decade ago talking about TV wall mounts would be news to many, nowadays most people are actually finding themselves in the cross roads of deciding which wall mount best suits their home.

Different types of TV mounts are in the market today. Each with a unique design, purpose and features. This is making it more difficult for buyers to decide which TV mounts to take home at the end of the day.

The bracket TV wall mounts are so far the most popular and hot TV mounts up for grabs by most buyers. Full motion brackets, fixed brackets, and the tilting brackets are the only available variations for TV Brackets in Singapore that will anchor your TV set firmly on your home wall.

That said, let us take a closer look on the different bracket types for wall mounting of your TV in Singapore.

  • Fixed (Professional) TV Bracket

As the name betrays, they are ‘fixed mounts’ that offer no movement at all to your TV once installed. Similar to a painting or wall clock, Fixed TV wall mounts are the easiest to set up as well. Typically, an hour will do the job. However, your TV will never move up or down, left or right after fixing.

The advantage is that they offer strong and sturdy support. Also, they are relatively cheap to buy plus they are quick and easy to install as you can mount them at home without hassle by yourself. However, if in doubt of how to do it, better call TV Brackets in Singapore for professional assistance.

  • Tilting (Professional) TV Bracket

An advancement to the Fixed TV Bracket, Tilting wall mount can be vertically adjusted for a better TV viewing experience. For home with lighting problems, mainly light reflections, this is an ideal mount for your living room. Also, with a range between 5⁰- 15⁰ vertical adjustment, this tilting wall mount bracket will enable TV viewing from varied heights.

It’s important to note that Tilting TV bracket don not allow horizontal adjustment at all. This Wall mount can be found on TV Bracket SG at an affordable price together with their customer TV bracket installation service.

  • Full Motion (Professional) TV Wall Bracket Mount

A Full Motion Bracket also called “The Swivel TV Bracket” of the wildest TV viewing angles for homes and even work places. Flexibility is what you are getting here. This mount has a swiveling arm extending towards the viewers while it remains firmly anchored on the wall by the brackets.

The extending arm allows both vertical and horizontal TV adjustment for the perfect viewing angle depending on your sitting position. You can tell by the complexity of this mount that its price is way higher compared to the fixed and tilting mounts.

But with a higher price, comes extended flexibility and more benefits. You can control whichever angle you feel best to view your curved or flat plasma TV Set. The installation and maintenance of this mount is however wanting but with TV Brackets SG you are well covered.

Benefits of Bracket TV Wall Mounts

  • Appliance Safety

If you are a family with kids and pets who love playing in the house, you will definitely understand this more clearly. Compared to traditional standing TV stands that could topple over and break your expensive 4K or HD flat screen on just a knock from kids, wall mounts are safer as there is minimal physical contact with the mount.

Again, flat screen TV’s slender and light weight nature exposes them to easily lack balance on standing mounts when knocked accidentally compared to the firm and stable anchored wall mounts.

  • Better Viewing Experience

Compared to traditional mode of viewing TV from a fixed position, Wall mounts are offering better adjusting options to improve you TV viewing experience. With horizontal and vertical adjustments, we can only see Watching TV has a whole other touch nowadays.

  • Increasing More Available Space

As seen, there are many types of TV wall mounts available in the market today. These different brackets all aim at reducing the big physical TV used to occupy on physical mounts in the past. Hanging your TV on the wall will now leave you some extra space for a flower vase in the living room or some other revolutionary ideas put into ‘space’.


TV wall mounts are the game changer from the traditional TV stands that are slowly becoming obsolete and out fashioned. However, as the TV bracket wall mounts are slowly rolling out, installing and maintaining them will need skills and a level of professionalism. For this, TV Brackets SG remains to be the no 1 stop shop for your TV Brackets in Singapore  and installation services along with other TV bracket products.

And for a trusted and registered company with over 6 years of operational experience, your utmost TV mounting satisfaction is their primary concern.

Types of Plasma TV Mounts

Singapore offer Types of Plasma TV MountsWondering which type of mount to purchase for the full plasma TV experience? Well, time for that is up. We help you with all the information that will make all the difference.

After choosing that wide, 40 something inch plasma TV and you get home, what comes up next? That’s right, mounting. The right type and angle of mounting determines the experience that you will get from the TV. But don’t get anxious; we have you have you covered. With this article, you can rest easy now. Scroll down to see the information and much more that you need to know on plasma TV mounts. You will never go wrong after reading this article.

Types of plasma TV Mounts

We provide to you the common TV mounts in the market. We also add a little more information to help you as you set-up the TV; whether in the sitting room, den or bedroom.

  1. Fixed TV Wall Mount

As the name suggests, this wall mount allows for zero movement of the television once mounted. It has a simple set up and easy installation.

Circumstances when you should get this wall mount:

  • If your tv’s input are to the side
  • If you have young children in the house.
  1. Tilted TV Wall Mount

A tilting mount is a flexible type that allows you to tilt the television. The mount usually has a maximum angle to which the television can be tilted forward.

Circumstances when you should get this wall mount:

  • If the tv is going to be above eye level; to avoid straining of the neck
  • If your tv’s input are directly behind the Tv
  1. Full Motion TV Wall Mount

This is one of the unusual mounts used. In most cases, it comes with an articulating arm that allows you to move the mount from side to side or up and down. This type of mount is most commonly used in kitchens and bedrooms where the angle of view has to be constantly adjusted since you are constantly moving within the room.  Circumstances when you should get this TV wall mount:

  • If you need a tv for your kitchen or bedroom
  • When you have a wide viewing area

Our recommendation?

Mounting your TV has become quite the beneficial setup in any house. It leaves you with more space to work with and also gives off that organized and trendy look. But that is only if it is done right. It may look so simple but the process may have technical issues that the typical handy man cannot solve. That’s why we recommend TV bracket in Singapore.

This is a registered and renowned company working in the electronics industry. They have been in the market for the past 6 years and are known for their excellent customer service. And who doesn’t want to be treated, right?

FAQs on TV Mounts

  1. How high should I mount my television?

This might not be such an easy question. There are a lot of determinants or variables to consider such as the TV weight and size, the type of wall finish, viewing distance, the presence of children and much more. Our recommended professionals will be able to provide guidance on the way forward.

  1. Why can’t I mount my TV above the fireplace?

Most clients want the trendy look with the TV above the fireplace. But one thing they forget is that heat does not go well with electronics. Especially heat of high degree e.g. the heat released in a fireplace. Some of the parts in the TV are very heat sensitive. If one has to do so, they must provide proper ventilation. In addition, choosing the right type of wall mount will help reduce contact between the hot wall and the television.

  1. What are the benefits of hiring a professional to mount my TV like TV brackets in Singapore?

Two of the chief benefits that you will gain is that you will not be needed to rent out any installation tools if needed; and secondly, you get a guarantee of good workmanship. A professional reduces the odds of mistakes or issues arising.


Never knew there could be so much information on TV mounts, right? And this is just a drop in the ocean. There is much more information that where this came from. As in our recommendation above, check out a trusted and registered company, TV Brackets in Singapore, to do a spruce up job for you. That and much more are just a click away. Both literally and figuratively. Just click here.

Let’s Install a TV Bracket to revamp Our Home

Let's Install a TV Bracket to revamp Our Home in SingaporeWhy You Need a TV Bracket at your Home?

Imagine this: it’s the opening day of the Singapore Swim Series. You’ve been preparing for weeks. Your guests have arrived, the popcorn’s popped, the snacks are out, and your television is on the floor. Well, that’s a party killer. As the events begin and you’re huddling around the screen with eight of your closest friends and coworkers, you think to yourself, why didn’t I mount this thing on the wall??


Chances are, if you’re like the average person, the answer is probably that you didn’t know where to find a quality TV bracket in Singapore. Sure, you could order one online, but would it be a trustworthy product? And how on Earth would you install it?? You don’t want to be like one of those YouTube fails who ends up with a massive hole in the wall and a cracked screen to match but you’re not fond of watching your favorite shows from the ground, either.

Don’t worry, we get it. That’s exactly what we’re here for. Not only does our company have an impressive array of products to perfectly match your home or business style and entertainment needs. But also we offer professional installation services that are quick, easy, and worry-free. Whether you’re a restaurant owner who wants to showcase all the latest sporting events, an office manager who needs a portable TV monitor in the conference room, or the parent of a pesky teenager who’s asking for a screen that they can easily view from the top of their bunk bed, we have all of the essentials.

Create a Sense of Luxury

Our fixed wall mounts provide a sleek and sophisticated feel which is the perfect way to create a sense of luxury in your desired space. If you’re looking for a bit of flexibility, we’re stocked with many different options of tilting and full-motion mounts for your liking that is great for rooms with more than one viewing angle. A ceiling mount is a cool addition to any area, but especially handy in sports bars, workout gyms, or any place with multiple monitors in use.

Install the High-Quality TV Brackets

We are hands down the best company to contact when you need a TV bracket in Singapore, and not just because of our large assortment of high-quality products. We also offer competitive pricing, satisfaction-guaranteed installation services, and unparalleled customer relations. Our staff is always on hand to provide an informative consultation when it’s time to select your product. They will explain the features of each model and give a custom recommendation that fits your specific vision. We hire experienced and top-rated technicians who come to your home or business and install your mount in no time at all!

Hire Someone Professional for TV Bracket Installation

It’s a task that seems simple at first glance, but if done incorrectly, it can result in major damage to your wall and television screen. Our technicians are professional and reliable. They know exactly how to handle any problems that may arise during the process. Because we are a registered company, you’re free from the risk of destruction that you may face with freelance services or self-installation. After six years in the business, we have earned trust and respect from hundreds of happy customers. You can expect us to complete a perfect installment in less than an hour! We’ll even conceal cords and wires for the ultimate pristine finish.

 Get our Customer Services, Hire Us?

No matter what you need, we are ready to help. We’re passionate about the work we do and we have the experience to back it up. If you’re on the lookout for a dependable TV bracket in Singapore, look no further! Browse the wide selection of merchandise on our menu and make a call to one of our dedicated customer service representatives through the contact tab to set up your delivery and installation appointment. If you prefer email correspondence, send your inquiries to

We are so excited to give you the entertainment system of your dreams and look forward to making all of your gatherings, whether business or personal, an unforgettable experience. offers the professionals services either you are looking for the professional and perfect installation, any repairing, or guidance about the TV Brackets. Just let us know we are always here for you!

Reasonable TV Bracket in Singapore Price

Find The Reasonable Price of the TV Bracket in SingaporeHanging the TV on the wall is not only a convenience, but it also allows you to save space. In any case, you may also be interested in doing it for the feeling of cleanliness or because it is still a beautiful thing to see.

But what is the right bracket and what you need to consider to have a good TV bracket in Singapore at a reasonable price?

If you’re searching for a TV bracket in Singapore which incompatible at a reasonable price then you’re in the right place! Below you will find all your answers and reactions.

Tiltable Supports and Brackets

Tiltable supports are the second choice. They are like the previous ones, but with the difference that they allow you to tilt the screen, sometimes only downwards and others both downwards and upwards.

Why do you need a tilting bracket? Very simple, to prevent an excessive viewing angle from obscuring the view of the screen. The line of sight between your eyes and the TV screen should be perpendicular, so if you fix the TV at a certain height you need to allow it to tilt. For example, we’ve:

C45 Tilting Bracket

Tilt TV Stand – Wall Bracket for 26-70 Inch TV, Max VESA 400×400, Ultra Resistant Bracket 45 kg. 

●    Personalize your viewing experience

It features an integrated virtual axis tilt function that allows you to tilt 12 ° upwards and 12 ° downwards, so you can choose the most comfortable position while reducing glare and fatigue of the neck/eyes.

●    Suitable for different types of walls

Our TV wall mount works on a single pin of wood, concrete and brick wall, but cannot be installed directly on the drywall. If you want to install it on a plasterboard, you need to check if there are wooden studs or metal studs in the drywall using a search pin.

●    VESA compatibility

This TV stand is built with VESA holes ranging from 100x100mm up to 400x400m. Compatible with most TVs on the market today, but be SURE to check your TV’s VESA model before purchasing.

●    Resistant and Reliable 

The TV bracket in Singapore is equipped with safety screws at the bottom of the TV brackets designed to prevent the movement of the TV. Constructed of durable and sturdy stainless steel This TV stand is designed to support a TV weight of up to 60 kg.

Fixed Supports And Brackets

Fixed TV bracket the fixed supports are the simplest ones. These allow you to place the TV on the wall as if it were a painting, with no other possibilities. The TV bracket in Singapore will be completely fixed and will not be able to do anything, neither be oriented towards a particular point nor be inclined. Its use is recommended if you intend to position the TV at eye level when sitting.


NBD2F Ultra Thin Fixed Wall Mount for 32″ to 55″ Smart TV, max VESA 400 x 400, Capacity 45 kg, Level included

  •   Quality assurance 

This product fully complies with safety standards;

All TV wall mounting bracket rigorously stress tested to ensure safety;

  •   Screen size

32-55 inch-suitable for Samsung LG Sony Toshiba FINLUX Sanyo Sharp Emerson Panasonic Philips Insignia Westinghouse Coby element JVC AOC Dynex TCL Roku and more other brands Widescreen 1080p 3D Full HD LED 4K TV.

  •   Maximum capacity

45kg maximum load capacity, good quality to protect your TV perfectly;

Supports And Brackets With Swivel Arm

Supports with one or two arms allow you to move the TV from the wall and turn it to view the image correctly, even to place them in complicated places such as the corners of the room. Depending on the length of the arm you can have multiple possibilities of movement, horizontally or vertically according to the mechanism mounted by the arm. But be careful with the dimensions and maximum weight allowed.

KLCX7 Double Arm Full Motion TV Bracket (Medium)

KLCX7 Ideal TV Wall Mount Bracket for TV 32″ to 70″ Inch LED LCD TV Tilting and rotating (Vert. + 5 ~ -12,  Swivel 45 Degree and Max Vesa 400 × 400mm Maximum load 45Kg.

  •   Pre-installations

Your TV must have a maximum weight of less than 45 kg. The wall of your house is made of brick. Concrete or other materials. solid. If the wall is plastered, it must be reinforced before installation

  •   Swivel and tilt function

Swivel 45 ° left and right – Tilt 5 ° upwards and 12 ° downwards. This way you can choose the best viewing angles from anywhere in the house!

Now you can choose the type that is best with your TV at a reasonable price. To learn more about this topic you can visit TV BRACKET SG we are always at your disposal to help you.

Importance of TV bracket and Mounting during this Quarantine

Everyone is now working and staying at home on this epidemic of COVID-19. Television has now become one of the most valuable assets in the house.

Most People, including the elderly, adults, and children, are glued on their sets either for general entertainment, streaming of movies, music, and also online learning.

These sitting rooms have also become learning rooms for the kids and also working stations for those who are working at home. With all these occurrences, it is now vital that you should consider having your television mounted on the wall, mainly to save space and also to secure it.

Our product, TV bracket in Singapore, comes in handy at this time. It firmly secures and holds your valuable screen on a wall. This bracket is easy to fix, and anyone can do it on their own.

However, to have it well-fixed with proper methods and equipment, you can contact us to provide this valuable service in your home, at your convenient time.

What is TV Mounting?

TV mounting is the fixing of a television set in a wall by the use of brackets. TV bracket in Singapore is a fantastic TV holder that can secure your set firmly in your living room. It can be fixed at any of your desired locations facing at any angle, as per your preference.

At this age and era, most television sets are flat screened, and if not mounted on a wall, they are prone to fall and break due to their fragile nature.

To enable your television set stay safe from falling objects and out of reach from kids and probably pets, you need it to be mounted.

TV bracket in Singapore is a company that deals with the most reliable and robust wall brackets for any kind of television. It can accommodate every make and size including 24inches, 32inches, 40inches, 43 inches, 46inches, 55inches, and all other bigger sizes. We provide different price quotes for different sizes. Do not hesitate to contact us at the end of this article.

Our company is registered, and we have been in this business for over six years providing quality services to our clients. We are much better than many freelance individuals doing this work since we give a better bracket and a better installation service.  There are several reasons why you should fix your television

Some of these reasons that should make you fix your set include the below:

  • TV mount secures your TV. Imagine having toddlers in your house, who, while playing, can throw and push on anything they come around? Fixing your TV makes it safe, away from reach by these kids.
  • TV mounting saves space: there is no need to waste much of your sitting room space buying stands and tables to place your TV on, when it can just be fixed on a wall saving so much space.
  • Appealing: with proper installation and tucking of cables, our kind of fixing will give your sitting room an excellent appeal, making it organized and neat.
  • Adjustable from destructions: with our unique type of installations, you can move your TV from one angle to another, away from direct light from doors and windows.
  • Cheap compared to stands: have you ever thought about the cost of mounting a television versus the cost of buying its stand? Well, if you compare it keenly, mounting is way cheaper.

Why You Should Try Us

After purchasing your TV bracket from Singapore, you can install it by yourself, which is way cheaper and convenient.

However, some installations come with unseen challenges. You might break your set or damage your house while trying to fix this wall bracket. That’s why it is advisable to contact us.

There are several reasons why you should contract us and not any other freelancer who comes-by. Below are just but a few:

  • We are qualified: well, we have been doing this service for over six years, garnering enough experience to give you the best service. We have experience in all types of mounts and all makes and sizes of TV sets.
  • Cheap: our services are affordable. Compared to other companies, we provide cheap and reliable services. We even offer after-sales services to ensure you have a guarantee on our service.
  • Reliable: We do fixing on your scheduled time. You can book us in any day and any time during working hours at your own convenience.

To contact us, Kindly call or send us a message to our number: +6591837250. You can also email us for enquires and quotes using this email address: We will be glad to have you on board.