Everything You Should Know About TV Wall Mounting

Everything You Should Know About TV Wall Mounting in SingaporeFinding the best TV bracket in Singapore as well as good TV wall mounts from the market can be quite difficult. You have many things to think about and points to consider before making your final choice. It is why you need to do your homework when it comes to finding out more about the best TV brackets in Singapore. You are in luck because this article will give you the most helpful resource when it comes to things that you should know about TV wall mounts as well as TV brackets in Singapore. Here are some of the things you should know as follows:

The Top Considerations For Tv Wall Mounts In Singapore

If you want to have the best when it comes to TV wall mounts, there are certain things that you need to consider when attaching your TV on to the wall. These considerations will help you do the project in a much safer and steadier manner. Here are some of the things that you should know about TV wall mounting and what it entails in terms of tools and activities down the line.

The Location

The first thing that you have to consider when it comes to wall mounting your TV is the location itself. You have to ask yourself where you want to put your TV in the first place. This location will be used for a long time so you have to be very careful about your selection. It has to be safe and away from extreme heat and cold. This way, you can be sure that your TV will be safe from damage every time it is not in use.

The Wall Integrity and Television Size

Secondly, you have to be sure that the integrity of the walls will not be compromised by the TV itself. If you’re living in an apartment, it is important that you are able to contact your landlord or be homeowner’s organization for advice on how to install your TV wall mount. More often than not, apartment owners are forbidding to use nails and hammers to install things on the walls. Drills are the much safer way to go if in case your landlord forbids you to use the former.

You also have to take note of the size of the TV. A TV bracket in Singapore varies in size depending on how big the TV would be. And this is why you have to make sure that you did you get the right bracket designed for the correct TV size. It would be best for you to call the manufacturer to find out if they have an accompanying TV bracket for the flat screen that you’re planning to buy for the house.

The Best TV Bracket Design

As mentioned earlier, the TV bracket design can also play a role in mounting that television set on the wall. Are you planning to get an articulated TV bracket in Singapore? Or would you rather have a fixed TV bracket? If you want to move around while watching television, then it would be best for you to get an articulated TV bracket. However, if you prefer to sit back and relax a fixed or angular TV bracket will be the best option for you.

The Accessories

In addition to this, you also have to think about the accessories that come with the best TV bracket in Singapore. Does it come with its own screws or would you still have to buy it separately? You have to factor in this additional cost if you have to buy it separately. The best TV bracket in Singapore would be that which does not cost too much. If it’s not a budget-friendly, then you may consider finding another brand to use and get from the market.

The Customer Feedback

As the final tip, you should not hesitate to consider customer feedback as well as the opinions of other people that you already know. Asking advice from friends that you trust can help you make much more sound decision about the best TV bracket in Singapore down the line. All you really have to do is to log on and check on the customer feedback section of each online store. By doing this, you will learn more about the product and what other people might think about it down the line.

The Final Words

With these major points, you will never go wrong if you decide to get yourself a TV wall mount from Singapore right away. The best TV brackets in Singapore can hold up to 55 inches of flat screen TV. You wouldn’t have to worry about the TV falling down because of the weight for sure.

If you want to know more about the TV bracket in Singapore, it would be best for you to visit TV Bracket SG right away. They will be able to help you out if you want to learn more about wall mounting are getting professional help down the line. Give them a call right away and you will not regret it.


Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Tv Mount Company

Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Tv Mount CompanyMount a TV in a home or any other required place in the right way is very important. Because it is a common practice nowadays everywhere. As it plays a major role in the beauty of your home’s display. It also makes you more comfortable while you are watching TV.

Before we move to, should we hire a TV mounting company or not? The most important thing is, what is TV mounting?

The process of displaying a TV in a home, public, or workplace. In a TV mounting process mounting brackets and some mounting material is used suitable to do this very carefully high and high expertise are required. Right brackets are very important and TV brackets in Singapore are very suitable but the most important thing is, should we hire any company or not for tv mounting process. Below are the pros and cons of hiring a TV mount company.


If you are going to hire a company for a TV mounting process. It has not always been easy to find the right company. Not only have you had to find the right company but also a company that suits you regarding your work. In this regard, you need to search about some good companies and also need to check the reviews about that companies. It might be more time taking than you expected.

Some companies are not sincere with their work and they don’t provide quality work to their customers. It is likely possible they don’t use the right material for mounting and even they don’t fix brackets properly which might cause a problem later for you. It might be possible you will have to face money loss problems.

It might be possible the company you hired don’t have competent employees and they are not sincere with their work and cause problems for you. They can take a lot of time than the actual time required to complete the job. Due to more time, it will be more costly than the actual cost required to complete the complete job. They might break any material or damage the place where they are mounting the TV due to their incompetency.

Due to workers’ incompetency, you need to supervise them and also to check whether they are using the right bracket material or not you need to leave your business activity which may cause business loss and loss of time.


As mount, a TV in the right place is very important and you should make sure that everything is going right from the start. You should hire professionals because they have art to mount tv brackets in a right place in the right way. If you do it yourself lots of chances you could not do it properly or even after mounted lots of adjustments you need to set later.

Choosing the right material according to the is tv the most important because it makes the safe your very expensive TV. Right brackets (as Tv brackets in Singapore are very easy to adjust) are adjusted with the Tv and do not create any disturbance later. Professional companies know very well the right material according to the right tv as they already installed many tv stands. They have high skills in their professions.

Before mounting a tv the first thing is to select the right place and the knowledge to use the suitable tools. If you try to do it yourself you might damage your wall or tv and it might be possible you cannot make the right measurement to select the right position. That’s why hiring a professional is very important to save your time and money.

If you hire a good company then you don’t need to guide them in everything.  You just need to provide them sufficient information and your requirements. Because they are expert in their work and they will manage then all required things their selves.

Professional companies also provide maintenance services even after installing the bracket stands and they cooperate with their customers. They provide good discounts for using their services.

Professional tv companies always do the professional mounting. During mounting they will also do basic setup to join back your TV cables and they will make sure the safety of your TV onto the walls.


So, you should hire a good tv mounting company. They always care about your work and provide you quality work. TV brackets in Singapore is a most trusted company with more than 6 years of experience. We provide you complete consultation regarding your work and quality work.

Be Aware Of TV Wall Mount Companies

Be Aware Of TV Wall Mount Companies in SingaporeA wall-mounted TV can be a lovely attribute to your living room if properly mounted by a trustworthy and professional installation company. Mounting a TV bracket in Singapore is not a straightforward, easy task and can end in chaos! Installations done by technicians that don’t have the knowledge, experience, and tools to do the job can end in a nightmare!

Except for the financial implications due to a shattered TV that can be replaced at a cost, there is also a safety issue. A falling TV might injure or scar one of your family members for life! Their safety and well-being can’t be bought with money, and the only thing you can do to prevent it is by selecting the right company to install a wall-mounted TV professionally.

Be therefore aware of TV wall mount companies and take care to select a company that can do the installation professionally. During this selection process, you can use a variety of clues to evaluate the company, and it will be briefly discussed.

A trustworthy and well-known company that can definitely be recommended is tvbracketsg.com. But I want you to evaluate them as well because they are the best TV Wall Mount Company in Singapore.

Track Record And History Of The Company

If you can find that a company has a history of installing TV brackets, you can know that they have correctly trained people with the right tools and attitude to do an excellent professional job. What you want is a TV bracket that is appropriately mounted and that will last a lifetime.

tvbracketsg.com has been supplying and installing TV brackets in Singapore since 2012. They have a track record of providing excellent service to Singapore’s people and companies for a long time.

What Do Previous Customers Say About The Company?

What previous customers say about a company is very important, seeing that they can provide evidence of the company’s quality of work. This evidence gets more critical if the company has a track record of supplying continuous, high-quality work.

That is what places tvbracketsg.com in the position as the best TV bracket company in Singapore. Please take a look at what customers are saying about their outstanding work.

Combine that with the fact that they operate since 2012, and you will have peace of mind if they install your wall-mounted TV bracket.

Range, Quality, And Price Of Their TV Brackets

The range of TV brackets that a company can supply gives you maneuverability as far as your TV placement is concerned. You know where you want your TV to be and you want a TV bracket in Singapore that can accomplish that.

The bracket quality is essential because poor quality brackets can be a safety hazard and bring financial losses. Some companies will supply a poor quality bracket at a low price!

At tvbracketsg.com, you will be able to select between a wide variety of brackets, with helpful staff that will help you to select the right bracket. Their brackets are of unquestionable quality, trusted and used by individuals as well as commercial companies while the price is affordable.

The Values That The Company Strives To Uphold

Companies that don’t uphold any values just want to make money out of you, the customer. Values give a company direction while it gives the customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Company values reflect the integrity with which a company does business. In the end, you want to do business with a company that strives to supply you with quality service at an affordable price. And the TV bracket installation must provide you with peace of mind and attribute to a sophisticated look in the room.

Again, only one company can supply you with the correct values, and that is tvbracketsg.com

They uphold the 4P principle as their primary value that they treasure. Professional people and a well-trained staff delivering a professional and friendly service. Products or brackets that meet every possible need of high quality and durability. People that are well trained, friendly, fast, and precise in their work. The last P is Price. They strive to supply you with the best quality at an affordable price.

Contact The Best TV Wall Mount Company In Singapore Right Now For Advice Or A Quote

We are the best, and we are here to serve you so that you can get the best TV bracket in Singapore installed that will supply you with relaxed TV watching for life!

Website: www.tvbracketsg.com

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Email: enquiry.tvbracketsg@gmail.com

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Benefits of Professional TV Mounting in Singapore

Benefits of Professional Mounting in SingaporeInstalling flat-screen LCD or Plasma TVs to the wall becoming popular and hopefully, the trend develops rapidly in the future. Mounting television on the wall not only saves space but also furnishes your room with an organized look. It enhances your room decor with cinema-like entertainment.

You don’t need to worry about mounting your television on the wall. Specific skills and tools are needed to perfectly and safely install TV on the wall. Visit our website TVBracketsg.com we will professionally install your television and take responsibility for all the drilling and measuring processes for you. Here are some important benefits of expert TV mounting services.

It won’t be crooked

It is incredibly frustrating when you disappoint after spending a lot of time following the manufacturer’s instructions and installing the TV mount.

An expert TV mounting ensures that your television is fixed perfectly straight and you can view all your favorite programs.

Perfect Adjustment

The high is critically important for fixing your television. You need to fix it at the viewer’s eye level for the best watching experience. It depends on the height of your sitting furniture and the size of your television.

You can surely understand all of these things to install a television. But an expert can install your television more efficiently without damaging your wall. A professional knows it better to exactly install your television.

Reduce Accidental breakage of TV

The price of flat-screen TVs has reduced considerably but that surely doesn’t assume cheap. When you spend on the latest LCD or Plasma television, you don’t want to lose it because of improper installation. Expert offers a secure mounting service to install your television perfectly that reduces accidental loss.

Professional TV mounting service

If you are afraid to install your television and considering hiring an expert then we are here to help you. We offer TV brackets in Singapore with inclusive services that cover installing your TV and managing tricky processes like wire concealing. We supply the most reliable, up-to-date, and suitable solutions for your television.

We accommodate VESA compatible TV wall mount solutions for fixed wall mount, tilt wall mount, full-motion mount, interactive Mount, TV ceiling mount. Our experienced team can mount your television efficiently and carefully.

Choose Us for Mounting Services

We supply a multi-size wide range of TV brackets and stands in Singapore. Our business in Singapore is progressing continuously. We offer installation and construction services for all LCD, LED, OLED, Plasma, curved, and commercial display television.

Our technicians are experienced in this industry for many years. If you are confused about choosing the right TV bracket in Singapore, then please reach our professional team for FREE advice right here.

  • Trained Technicians

We offer professional guidance to our customers. Our team always recommends our clients on choosing the right TV bracket to accommodate their requirements. We know the requirements and expectations of our clients.

  • Wide Variety of Products 

The TV brackets and services administered by our Company are durable and high-grade in qualities that are reliable for domestic and business use.

  • Our Talented Team

Our team is proficient and well-experienced. Our team is very polite and responsive to deliver high-quality work.

  • Best Market Price 

The prices of products fairly satisfy our clients. Our products and services are surely unique and reliable.


Installing a TV appears a simple task but sometimes it is tricky to handle. A professional television installer is equipped to understand your requirements. It is highly recommended to hire a technician for quick and efficient TV installation. If your TV is not installed perfectly, it could fall and break.

Trained TV installers use the right tools to carefully fix your television on the wall that reduces the chances of any accidental loss. A badly mounted television could ruin the wall, tiles, or even the television. After investing the money in the expensive flat-screen LCD or Plasma TV, surely you want to enjoy your television viewing experience. Now you need to secure your television so you can enjoy cinema-like entertainment.

Hiring an expert television installer to install your TV on the wall is the most reliable way to secure your investment. You can get the right TV brackets in Singapore. We offer a superb mounting package, flexibility, reliable television brackets at a reduced price. Our company is best for all types of TV brackets that provide a modern look to your home. You can choose us for perfect TV mounting services as well.

Mount your LCD with the Best TV Bracket in Singapore

 Mount your LCD with the Best TV Bracket in Singapore

When you plan to install your latest LCD on the wall, then the first thing that you need to consider is the type of TV bracket you need. It is frustrating to differentiate between fixed, swivel, and multi-position TV brackets.

You can visit our website TVbracketsg.com for durable TV brackets in Singapore and high-quality installation services. We supply the most reliable, stylish, and latest products for your television display. You should perceive reviews posted by many clients on the websites about wall mounts to choose the right TV bracket for you.

Benefits of Mounting Your LCD TV

  • It secures your children and pets from any accidental situation while they play near the television.
  • It has an apparent enchantment that makes your home more attractive and charming.
  • Mounting television on the wall provides frees space and your room looks more organized.

Choose the right Place to Mount your TV

Installing a television on the wall gives your room a more organized and spacious look. It enhances home furnishings which improve your television viewing positions. Ensuring that you’re in a suitable position to turn and enjoy your favorite shows.

Choose the best location to install your television; you can place it in the center or the corner of your living room. Depending on the kind of TV bracket you can decide your desired room location for TV wall mounting as well as managing the best viewing angle.

To completely hide suspending wires attach them to an outlet. The TV shouldn’t be placed to unessential light from sunlight. A fireplace is also not a good option for TV mounting. It could be attractive to mount your television over the fireplace but it is terrible. You should use a particular manufacturer’s guidance for your TV brand before installing it on the wall. Choosing the right location for mounting your television may seem easy but it can confuse you than your expectation.

Check your TV specifications

If you already have purchased a flat-screen LCD and now planning to buy a TV bracket in Singapore, then you need to check the specifications and features of your LCD. It is a more comfortable and quick way to get the right TV mounts for your television. TVbracketsg.com offers VESA compatible TV bracket in Singapore at a reduced cost. Our customer support team is proficient in guiding you to choose the right TV bracket and its installation as well. We offer high-quality mounting services and a variety of TV brackets in Singapore. Buy a television mount according to your room layout you can enjoy a full-motion TV bracket in a spacious living room.

VESA Specifications

When thinking about buying a TV bracket for your television, check VESA specifications. The VESA designation describes the size contrast between various products. VESA supports our customers to choose a compatible TV bracket with their television.VESA is very helpful with size as it has a standardized set of designations for products.

Select the Right TV Wall Mount

It is important to know that different TV brackets require specific tools to be installed on stone or cement walls. Get the television wall mount that suits your wall condition.

To avoid light when seeing your television, a full-motion wall mount is much suggested for you. Don’t forget to check the maximum load that your selected TV bracket can bear. Ensure that you choose the right TV bracket for your television display.

Visit our website, we offer a wide variety of TV wall-mount that accommodates different television screen sizes. Our products are made of high-quality materials that are strong enough to support the weight of your television. We supply durable, smart, and suitable TV wall mount products with the latest designs.


A TV bracket protects your television from accidental breaking and improves your watching experience. If you need to keep the middle of the television screen higher, then you should get a tilting mount bracket for you. Due to simple installation, fixed wall mounts are more demanded and improve the TV bracket industry.

If you plan to buy a TV bracket in Singapore, visit and check out our products and services. You can ask our expert team for advice to get the right TV bracket in Singapore with high-quality installation services.

TV Wall Brackets – Best TV Bracket for LCD or Plasma Screens

TV Wall Brackets - Best TV Bracket for LCD or Plasma Screens in Singapore (blog)The television marketplace repetitively changes. Recently has conveyed the issue of the first three Dimensional televisions on sale. This is presented after the release of LED technology into the television industry. Formerly discussing the existing LED TV bracket and LED TV wall bracket adoptions one must first understand the LED television.

What is it and what makes it diverse from your usual LCD television? TV wall escalating brackets and accessories are now extensively utilized in homes, offices, and public places like hospitals, and railway stations. Normally most of the twist and tilting brackets come with lightweight handling capabilities.

 Structures of Large In/Out TV Brackets

It contains a two-part arm for the inward and outward movement of the television from the wall. In/Out strategy is advantageous to carry the TV set in the forward direction as well as in a backward direction to the wall. Its skull can move 15 inches in vertical and 135 inches in horizontal position and provide an outstanding seeing angle. The TV bracket’s fixing is simple to manage.

These brackets are a leading option for large LCD or Plasma TVs weighing 75 kg. You can enjoy the view by outspreading the position of the bracket arm in a forwarding direction to 26 inches and sit it back just a half-inch away from the wall.

There are three major diverse categories of mounting brackets dependent on their usage and application accessible in the marketplace now a day to mount LCD television, plasma TVs, and Larger display screens.

 Normal TV Brackets

These are the utmost widespread and extensively utilized mount brackets and common in-home use, where people wanted to mount their Plasma or LCD TV to the wall, for a superior watching familiarity. The normal TV brackets help us in implanting LCD and Plasma TVs horizontally to the visiting level.  You can get a wide range of TV bracket in Singapore by visiting tvbracketsg.com

 Tilt Television Brackets

Tilt TV brackets are for those places where people desire watching TV in a tilted position. These positions are commonly utilized at public places where the presentation strategies are straddling on a height. They are flat disposed to the theft and to avoid damage because of superfluous public interference.

 Hanging Brackets

Hanging TV brackets are a dissimilar sub-type of tilt mount brackets. The only modification is that they are mounted towards the ceiling; however other brackets are mounted on the wall.

Ultra-slim bracket

Another choice for TV brackets is the ultra-slim bracket. The ultra-slim bracket emanates in the range from 26 to 32 inches and 37 to 65 inches. They are generated for this range because up until 2010 small-sized LED TVs were not being contrived. Now a day’s some corporations proposing below 30 inches.

The ultra-slim bracket does not look like your usual LCD TV bracket. It has four screws for the screens which are smaller in size, but it is in a horizontal position relatively than a square. There are two silver brackets for screws and then two black brackets. You have an option to adjust the size a little bit on the ultra-slim bracket. It is not a huge metal bracket, which makes it lighter and to some degree easier to install.

 Selecting a Mount Bracket for LCD or Plasma TV

Selecting a mounting bracket for your LCD or plasma television is a critical assignment. Since your requirement is the best match for the perfect bracket which is specially designed and made for your branded LCD or plasma television set. You will need to select a mounting bracket that is suitable for your preferred demonstration position. You can effortlessly get one matching for your desire and needs from the stores dealing with mount brackets for flat screen plasma television.

 Final Thoughts

 Although when you are buying a TV bracket, you have to keep some points in your mind that, they are going to grip your valuable LCD or Plasma TV. Consequently, leaving an economical mount bracket is not a good choice for your LCD or Plasma TV. It is better for you to check here for the latest TV brackets in Singapore with the maximum assurance and installing services.

How to Choose Best TV Wall Mounts – Marketing Guide

How to Choose Best TV Wall Mounts - Marketing Guide in Singapore

High-definition televisions are flat and suitable to fix efficiently on a wall, which can preserve a lot of space in your room or bedroom. It is well-known that the TV wall mount varies in size and quality. The most reliable TV wall mounts allow rotation of television in multiple angles.

The TV wall bracket is fastening between the television and wall. Both are important in choosing the suitable television mount bracket for a specific location. If you want to mount TV to drywall, must find studs to fix the bracket in a proper location, while the brick wall is a little more flexible. You need to know some important factors before buying a television wall mount.

Check Specifications of your LCD TV 

Buy a TV wall mount that fits the exact specifications of your LCD television. Most wall mounts are designed to accommodate the specific size and weight of televisions. If your TV wall mount can hardly carry up to a 32-inch television and you place a 50-inch TV on it, there is a great possibility that your precious television will fall on the floor and crashed. Ensure the wall mount specifications and purchase one that can sustain the weight and size of your television set.

Choose a Suitable TV Wall Mount Model

Make clear whether you need a swivel or fixed TV wall mount. The fixed mount does not rotate it may be pleasant sometimes to have a TV that remains on the wall and doesn’t turn angle, while a swivel mount can be useful for rotation at different angles.

Decide Position to Fix TV mount

Some TV wall mounts fasten the television adjacent to the wall like a photo mounting, while other wall mounts have a handle that holds the television away from the wall. Determine the exact position in your home to fix the wall mount for the perfect viewing angle.

Consider the Price of TV Wall Mount 

Ensure price so that you don’t overpay for a television wall mount but meanwhile consider the quality and features for your desired model, don’t buy a low-quality TV mount. The prices of television wall mounts vary from model to model.

TV Wall Mount Installing Tip

Think about purchasing some tool to cover cables through the wall, to modernize the appearance of your living room. Drill some holes next to each other in a selected place to instantly observe what sort of wall without damaging the wall.

Mounting the TV to the Wall

Usually, TV wall mounts are slightly simple to install, although it’s smart to take help to move a massive television into position. Typically, you’ll turn mounting tubes opposite to the television, and then twist the mount’s center to the wall. It is important to fasten the mount to wall studs. Eventually, you will install the wall mount.

To hide the wires hanging from the television in a wire covered the cords into the wall. So, you may need to consult installers to cut a small shutter into the wall near the electrical plug at the ground level where the cords emerge from the wall into the socket.

Where to Buy TV Wall Mount in Singapore?

The tvbracketsg.com offers the latest updated TV brackets and TV wall mount in Singapore installation services with the most reliable, secure, smart, and appropriate recommendations for your television performance.

We provide VESA compatible television bracket solutions for a huge variety of TV wall mounts.

Final Thoughts

It is necessary to compare market prices before you buy a TV wall mount. Otherwise, you might purchase one that’s not fit for the available place in your home. To install a television wall mount you need to know what kinds of TV mount are suitable for a proper viewing experience.

We have great information concerning your requirement for the latest TV wall mount installation. We have installed thousands of television if you are looking for high-quality TV wall mount and installation services you are at the right place. Our technicians, fully equipped specialists are ready for all your television installation requirements. We know perfectly how to fix your TV flawlessly finished on the wall. Schedule a TV installing service online at tvbracketsg.com anytime for comfortable best TV bracket in Singapore with installation service and our experts come to you.

The Plasma TV Wall Mount – Enjoyable viewing experience

The Plasma TV Wall Mount - Enjoyable viewing experience in Singapore A plasma TV can be fixed on a wall by a TV wall mount for a more pleasant watching experience. Different types of television mount having unique features and require some specific handling for installation.

Types of Plasma TV Wall Mount

The tvbracketsg.com offers a great variety of TV wall mounts in Singapore, depending on the budget and comfort demanded by the customer. Amazing types of Plasma TV wall mounts that are offered by us are specified here:

It is the most manageable to fit and a cost-effective television wall mount. The low-profile television mount is also called fixed as it does not allow tilting or rotating features. Once you fixed it, you cannot relocate the tube in a special orientation that you need. If you need to rotate your television then this is not the best selection for you.

The tilting wall mount allows the plasma TV to turn up and below. Your access is limited to the back of your TV for cable adjustment.

The full-motion mount is the most expensive model. It supports the TV to rotate forward and backward and to shift upward and downward.

Tilting Wall Mount VS Full-Motion Wall Mount

The tilting wall mount, lets you turn your TV up or down, but it limits you from side to side shifting. It allows limited rotation. If you install a full-motion TV wall mount it provide a full range of motion for your television up and down or from side to side. It allows pulling the television aside from the wall normally up to 20 inches. You can surely get space to the back of the television to turn out wires when required. The full-motion television mount is expensive and difficult to install as compared to other models. Fixing a plasma TV wall mount normally requires one hour and at least two people can execute it.

Full-Motion TV Wall Mount Installation Tips

The full-motion television wall mounts Installation is not very complicated. Though, it should be executed perfectly. When you purchase the television wall mount companies provide a full fixing guidebook that guides for installation. Many people make the mistake of fixing the television wall mount which makes the process complicated and dangerous.

Surely, these suggestions will help you to install a TV wall mount perfectly in no time. The comfort that you feel and the money you save from taking on a TV wall mount installation by yourself are rewarding. Just practice is required to execute it perfectly hopefully; your fixing process will run much smoother.

Why Should You Buy TV Wall Mount for Plasma TVs?

A variety of incredible plasma TV wall mounts is available, for the living room. With the advantage of a wall mount, you can easily handle the common challenge that so many people face in adjusting space and securing television. The plasma TV wall mount is considered attractive, as it protects the plasma television and modifies room appearance.

The dimension of the rooms is the main problem. The improvements in technology have offered flat-screen plasma television that is smart in style. The wall mounting of the plasma television occupies less use of space with exciting entertainment. Additionally, the use of frames and wall brackets covers all the wires to give a neat and smart finish.

Plasma TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

A TV wall mount cost varies depending upon its type. You can compare prices and client reviews for the best purchasing price. During buying a TV bracket in Singapore at furniture markets, you may be confused by several available options. Our experts can assist you to interrogate your preferences when buying television mounts. Quality is an imperative factor that makes a perfect decision. The tvbracketsg.com online television wall mount store offers high-quality television stands, brackets, TV wall mounts in Singapore with installation services.

If you need a reliable selection then visit our best plasma television wall mount online store. Weight limit is also an essential concern; you should choose a television bracket that can sustain the weight of your television for a long time.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to have the most reliable full-motion television wall mount in your room. You must purchase it from a reputed company that produced VESA-certified stocks. Before installation, follow the guidelines precisely and select a position on the wall that will proffer the best watching angle rather than the size of the room.

A Guide to a Perfect TV Wall Mount Installation for Flat Screen LCD

A Guide to a Perfect TV Wall Mount Installation for Flat Screen LCD in SingaporeA TV wall mount is a simple and stylish way to mount your television to the wall. It occupies fewer places in the room and leaves free space for additional things. TV brackets have great features that will let you adjust the screen to multiple angles so that you can watch television from anywhere in the room.

TV wall mount installation is a great idea to save place. If you are facing trouble with the installation you can use the services of our experts to install TV wall mount bracket in Singapore. Although that can be executed even with some basic skills, some effective tips will assist you in its installation.

Installing Technique for TV Wall Mount

The proper mounting of TV on the wall is very important for enjoying the features of the big screen of Plasma TV. If you are confident that you can fix television mount on your own instead of hiring a professional, then the following steps can help you to install it for your LCD or Plasma TV.

Select TV wall mount model

Initially select a television mounting bracket. The brackets are available in three different models, such as tilting wall mounts, flat wall mounts, and articulating wall mounts. See their features and benefits to select the suitable model. The selected bracket must be able of carrying a full load of your television.

Select the right position

Before installation of TV mount, choose the best position for your television. The installation process is time-consuming and may damage walls. So, if you are not easy with television position, after installation it may be frustrating and difficult to change the position. So, it is very important to decide the suitable location for your television before installation. Confirm that TV wall mount fitting is fixed on a level that is not too high and is adjusted at a suitable angle for watching.

Fix studs in the wall

When you buy a TV wall mount and decide the exact place for it on the wall, you necessitate finding the studs on that wall.

Many bars and hooks are applied to fix massive things, such as mirrors, large pictures, and television mounting systems. These heavy objects need to be settled in studs because the wall isn’t strong adequate to sustain the weight. The center of a stud holds heavy things better and preventing them from dragging out under the weight. The studs can simply find on the wall by using a stud spotter.

Drill into the wall

Mark the midpoint of the stud with a line on the wall. Sure the mounting bracket site level and appropriate height by cardboard which should have the dimension equal to your TV. After the correct markings, drill into the impressing on the studs. Be sure before drilling into the wall for the exact levels.

Attachments of TV wall mount

Next to exact drilling into the studs, the mount can be attached to the wall with the fasteners. Wirings can be covered by drilling a hole back to the bracket for a perfect and smart look. If you don’t like to drill repeatedly, different tools are available to hide these cables.

Connect the Flat TV

After wiring, the last thing is to install the television into the wall mount. It’s recommended to connect all of the wires to the TV before instilling on the mount. It becomes challenging to attach the fasteners with inadequate places amid the television and wall. You will not face such a problem with a swivel and tilt television wall mount.

After termination of the above-mentioned steps, you have completed the installation of the wall mount for your flat-screen LCD or plasma TVs. It adds glamour and style to your room and provides an inclusive amusement.

Final Thoughts

By installing TV wall mount you can preserve a carpeted space with a stylish appearance. You can find the best tv mount according to your need and, it can be properly installed with a little effort. Now it is secure on the wall and looks perfect.

For more detail on TV wall mounts bracket in Singapore for the latest flat-screen televisions, you can contact us. We supply enduring varieties of all kinds of universal tv brackets, tv floor stands, fixed brackets, tilting brackets, full-motion tv mount, mounting services and etc in Singapore. All these products and services are offered at affordable rates.

Mounting Your Tv Safely: Wall Mount For Your New TV?

Mounting Your Tv Safely Wall Mount For Your New TV in SingaporeIf you are reading this blog post and are unsure how and where you want to put or mount your Tv, you have found what you need. This article will allow you to realize that mounting your new Tv on a wall with the best Tv bracket in Singapore is the way to go!

Must You Put Your Tv On A Stand/ Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount?

That’s the options you have where to put your newly bought Tv.

The first option I will rule out is the stand option because of various reasons. Tv’s on stands are dangerous, and you are wasting a lot of valuable space. Disadvantages of a Tv on a stand are discussed later in the article.

Ceiling mounts are too expensive and impractical in other circumstances. I think we can rule that out and stay with the best and safest wall mount.

But when deciding where you want to put or install your Tv, you might need help from experts!

Everybody doesn’t know everything, and some people are specializing in various jobs. Therefore my advice is to seek specialized help from the beginning.

For the best Tv bracket installation in Singapore, I want to introduce you to people you can rely on, and that is TVBracketSG.com.

Before we go any further, I think we must understand the advantages of working with TVBracketSG.com:

  • They will help you every step of the way, from selecting the best place to install your Tv up to the Tv’s final professional installation.
  • Their Installation Technicians are professionally trained with over five years of experience.
  • They give excellent after-sales service and even service before your installation. Contact them right now on this number!
  • But the best test is to read what their clients have to say at the bottom of their Home page!
  • Their first priority is you, the client, and how they can satisfy your needs.

Now you have the help of a company specializing in the supply and installation of the best Tv bracket in Singapore. You still have to understand why they do certain things in a certain way.

So let’s go through the advantages of a wall-mounted Tv.

Advantages Of A Wall Mounted TV

Mounting your Tv on a wall is a general procedure nowadays. That is because of certain advantages it has, and we will have a look at that in the rest of this article.

It Is The Safest Solution

Accidents happen when we expect them the least. A child or animal might run and bump into a Tv on a stand and injure themselves or damage the Tv.

Even when you are moving stuff in and out of the house, this might happen to you or somebody helping you.

You Save Space

No stand for your Tv if it’s mounted against a wall safe a lot of space. This is of more importance when you live in a small apartment.

You can keep your old Tv cabinet. Now you will have more space on top of it to put stuff or equipment on.

Flexibility in Selecting The Desired Height For The Tv Screen

If your Tv is not at the right height, it will create a strain on your eyes and neck. The Technicians at TVBracketSG.com will install it at a height that will ensure that your body relaxes while all possibilities of glare will be eliminated.

A more excellent Looking Room.

Mounting your lovely NewTV will look like a giant portrait on your wall.

A Great View From Anywhere In The Room.

If you use a full-motion Tv mount, you will be able to watch Tv from your table as well as from your couch. You need to adjust the angle to have a perfect view from both.

No More Annoying Glares.

It doesn’t matter from where the sun or a light at night is shining. You will never have an annoying glare from your screen because the Technicians of TVBracketSG.com will take care to eliminate it.


So to enjoy hours of entertainment and relaxation in front of your new Tv, call or SMS TVBracketSG.com right now.

Their Professional Technicians and staff will help you right from the start. To ensure that your Tv is installed with the right Tv bracket in Singapore, at the right place, and in the right way.