How Do You Know If A Wall Is Strong Enough For Your TV?

How Do You Know If A Wall Is Strong Enough For Your TV in SingaporeAre all types of walls compatible with wall mounts? This is all dependent on the type of home and wall construction situation you may have. Different tv mounts are compatible with different types of walls.

Types of Walls to Consider

Load Bearing

This type of wall is an active piece of construction that is embedded in your home. Its basic purpose is to hold the weight that is above it. Load bearings are placed on top of the foundation structure itself.

Load-bearing walls are dividers that are forced from other pieces and bars.  These sorts of dividers convey loads forced on them from pieces and bars above them including their own loads and afterward they move it to the establishment.

Primary individuals like dividers on the floor are primarily used to separate different rooms or areas. Its height, weight, and length are sturdy and can also be used for support.

Load-bearing walls are common to attach a TV bracket in Singapore as it is already sturdy and does not require additional structural maintenance. A few examples of load-bearing dividers are that of stone, block brick, etc.

Non-Load Bearing Divider

Similar to load bearing it provides structure and separation however non-loading bearing dividers are primarily used to only serve as a divider. It does not have a foundation or bottom structure that needs to support it.

This renders a non-load-bearing divider to be a little less sturdy. Generally, these dividers are simply utilized as a segment divider to isolate rooms from an external perspective. This sort of divider is likewise called an inside divider.

Examples of non-load bearing divider incorporate block divider, empty divider, etc.

Television Sections Viable With Load-Bearing Dividers

It is possible to hang a TV bracket in Singapore on load-bearing dividers however it is crucial to note that not all load-bearing dividers can bear the weight or be compatible with TV brackets. This could also entirely be dependent on size and weight variables. Larger TV’s will require larger brackets.

This issue can be resolved by having the installation team find a solution to eliminating Huge LCD TVs that need sections of the fitting size, which thus need solid help.

A bearing divider may have an opening accessible for electrical wiring. Ensure to check with your installation team if it is safe to proceed. Depending on the wall usage, chipping can occur and damage new wiring or the bracket itself.

 Television Brackets Viable With Non-Stacking Bearing Dividers

Since these sorts of dividers are normally more fragile in nature than load-bearing dividers. Indeed, you can hang your LCD TV utilizing a TV section. The installation team will guide you as to how to proceed with the non-stacking bearing divider

When purchasing a TV bracket in Singapore ensure that the specifications of the TV section that is intended for non-load bearing dividers. This helps to decide on whenever you have chosen where to hang your TV set, you should discover two vertical studs inside the divider that relates to the openings in the TV section. If you experience issues finding the vertical studs, you can utilize plasterboard anchor fasteners screwed into plasterboard dividers to make a steady and secure highlight connect the TV section.

Considering the kind of divider is a significant advance with regards to mounting an LCD TV set. If your divider can’t deal with the weight and pressing factor, the TV may tumble off and break into pieces.

Construction and Installation

Construction and installation will handle the physical aspect of your tv bracket. However, it is worthwhile noting that making an appointment for your installation team first come to the home to investigate the type of walls and brackets they would be dealing with,

The installation team would happily assist in providing clarity and advice as to how your TV will be installed in accordance with your current home construction.

Electrical Outlets and Placements

A crucial aspect to consider is how the electrical outlets and power runs throughout the room or home.  A user would also have to enquire as to whether the walls in the room contain any electrical cords and wires behind the wall.

A client should find where all the electrical sources are found. Note that chaotic wiring or crosses and combinations of wires could represent a few issues.

Continuously guarantee that the zone where you will require the ability to be created is in a protected territory and not an issue to explore.

For instance, you are to put your gliding television remain in the lounge, yet the electrical source is set further towards the roof or corner of the roof, it would make trouble in appending your TV and parts. Furthermore, it may not look tastefully satisfying to have strings and wires swinging from one end to the other.

The establishment group will get to your circumstance and will likewise give help and direction regarding how they may deal with the assistance of your establishment, including discovering answers for even changing the electrical sources to be more advantageous for the TV mount.


Ensure that you are aware of your home construction before considering the type of TV bracket that would be appropriate. Comparing specifications from the beginning eliminates any unnecessary and additional costs.


Modern TV Bracket Ideas for Living Room

Modern TV Bracket Ideas for Living Room in SingaporeThe TV is the prime item of a living room. The TV brings liveliness and entertainment for the household and its guests.

A wall mounts itself can also be considered a decor piece. Choosing a bracket includes many factors. This includes practicality, accessibility, and the matching of the overall decor.

Before choosing a TV bracket in Singapore, it is important to assess your room or the area in which the TV will be mounted.

A user would have to take into consideration the wall build as well as the size variations. This would help the user to find a TV mount that may be suited to the user’s needs when shopping around for a wall mount. The specifications of the area in your home that may require the TV mount will prove useful when making comparisons on the various wall mounts available on the market.

Why Do You Need A TV Mount?

A TV mount would serve as a space saver as a wall mount will hold your TV, of any size, against a wall. This becomes an advantage to those who have smaller living areas and require the floor space.

Another major advantage of a TV mount is that a TV mount also gives the user a better viewing angle when using the TV. By installing a TV mount, the user can adjust the wall mount according to viewing angles, best places from a sunlight glare i.e. away from the window, and even extending or tilting your TV via a TV mount.

A TV mount can seem like a basic installation however there are many ways to enhance your room with the correct wall mount displays and features.

Modern TV Brackets a Living Area or Space

Flat Screen TV Mounts

A popular TV Mount is that of the flat-screen TV wall mount brackets which can easily be adjusted and stored.

These wall mounts are designed to be installed in an already existing closet space. The closest will have the TV bracket mounted in the center of the closest.

The TV, as fitted according to specifications of the TV with the closest size, will be placed in the closet. The user can then pull the TV in and out of the closest via the wall mount mechanism. If the TV is not in use, simply push the TV back into the closest and close it.

This is space-saving and has the added safety feature of not having the TV on full display all day.

Contemporary Wall Mounts – Aesthetic

A Unique TV mount can be added to your contemporary home. A TV mount can be placed on an asymmetrical wall that may have basic colors such as grey, white, or black. This indicates that the room will still stay modern and chic even with the additional piece of a wall mount attached to the wall.

A TV mount that would be ideal for the contemporary aesthetic is that of a fixed wall mount or a Full TV Mount.

Floating TV Mount

Another popular TV mount could be to place a TV mount above your entertainment center. This will feature a floating TV stand. This gives the illusion that the TV mount is floating. According to many homeowners in Singapore, the TV bracket in Singapore is daily easy to maintain as well.

If you’re opting for a more basic and practical TV mount, you could find one at, specifically the TV Ceiling mounts. This TV bracket in Singapore is the easiest to obtain and quickest to install.

Monitor Desk Mount

If you’re a gamer, your TV mount would be required to be easily accessible and allow for your equipment to flow i.e. your TV, console, and additional equipment. A Monitor Desk Mount is the ideal option. If you are to the game, chances are you are using a TV for better viewing purposes. Mounting your TV on a mobile Desk mount serves as portable but also ideal for bigger TV screens or even monitor screens.

TV Base Stand Mount

If the user’s living room is quite spacious and there is room to play with, a TV base stand is a good option. Your TV mount has the option of being on the floor, a large desk, or placed on a side table. A TV base stand also allows you to be easily accessible and allow an easier connection to other electronics such as your consoles or computers.


Depending on the layout, design, and flow of your intended room, a wall mount can be purchased to accommodate your style and design needs. There are many TV mount sellers and retailers including TV brackets in Singapore that can be found and sourced according to your time and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tv Bracket and TV Wall Mount

Frequently Asked Questions about TV Bracket and TV Wall Mount in SingaporeWhat To Search For Prior To Purchasing A TV Divider Mount In Singapore?

When buying a TV mount or section, it is fundamental to know about the different kinds of TV mounts and sections that are accessible. It is in every case best to contrast your TV determinations with the expected mount or section you might want to buy.

Note that your mount ought to have the option to hold your television safely and doesn’t have any free cleft. The recommendation is to permit the establishment organization to deal with the assignment for you.

Introducing your television on a section additionally comes down to who and how you will see the television. The TV needs a sum that may oblige huge gatherings of individuals, for example, loved ones.

Size and weight become significant once you examine your dividers. How gigantic a TV you purchase relies on various parts, similar to the condition of your improvements and the distance away you’ll be sitting when you see your TV.

Is A Wall Mount Safe And Secure?

The installation team of tv brackets in Singapore will ensure that the installation is of the best quality and securely placed.

What is VESA?

ESA assists buyers to have their different products viable with each other.  VESA demonstrates extreme support in this part of measuring as VESA has its own normalized set of details for products. There’s a reasonable possibility that a divider mount will be evaluated depending on the TV screen size somewhat.

The VESA Details can be found in the information section of your TV and the TV bracket product specifications would be displayed to the public in-store or online.

How Would I Know Whether The TV Section I Buy Can Hold My Television?

It is imperative to take note of your measurements and statues of your television before you buy a television mount in Singapore. Recording this data will make it simpler for the client to genuinely analyze details coming up or on the web. To gauge the size of your TV’s openings for connections, the client needs to investigate the rear of the TV and measure the distance between the openings behind the TV itself.

Where To Put My TV In My Home?

Contingent upon your necessities, your television can be mounted anyplace. It can likewise be mounted to the divider, the roof just as in a wardrobe with access electrical sources giving it is extensive.

The position is altogether dependent on the client anyway there are components to consider before establishment. These incorporate electrical sources, dividing, and television determinations themselves.

Size and weight become significant once you examine your dividers. How huge a TV you purchase relies on various parts, like the condition of your embellishments and the distance away you’ll be sitting when you see your TV.

Are There Different Brackets For Various Sorts Of Tvs?

There are distinctive section items that oblige to an assortment of items. Some incorporate that of Ceiling sections, divider sections (standard), and free flow sections.

The establishment group will counsel you as to which section would be most appropriate for your necessities.

For instance, on the off chance that you would incline toward your TV to be held safely from the roof, the establishment television would suggest that your television bracket in Singapore ought to have a roof section introduced.

The establishment team will additionally tell that a roof section really saves space.

What Is The Contrast Between A Swivel Mount And A Flat Mount?

A swivel mount will permit the client to have more control and adaptability. Its client to transform it around as indicated by your present necessities.

A level mount is smooth in its plan and can generally not be recognizable after establishment. A level mount makes the whole room look seamless. The amount can’t be seen and is invisible so to say.

Can Wall Mounts Be Installed On Stud Walls?

Firstly a stud wall is a vertical frame that will form part of the actual wall or partition. A stud wall is also referred to as a wall stud. The material usually used to contract a wall stud is that of timber. The timber itself is a sturdy and well-constructed material. This makes for the wall stud to be strong. You could also opt or already have steel studs installed.

Secondly yes, the divider plate has a distance between the mounting openings to coordinate the most well-known stud so that installation can occur.

Should You Start Using TV Stand or Tv Mount for Your Work From Home Life?

Should You Start Using TV Stand or Tv Mount for Your Work From Home LifeYou got some free time or are without a job, and now you must get a way of making some money. You might consider starting your own TV stand or mounting business and mount TV brackets in Singapore as a way of earning an income.

That’s a good idea, but first of all, you must go and see what it takes and what would be required of you to be successful in your newfound adventure. Before we can commit to anything, we must sit down and count the costs of what we are planning to see if the idea is feasible. Do you have the financial resources, knowledge, and persistence to be successful?

As a benchmark for what you want to reach, it is advisable to take a successful company as a basis for your calculations to see where you might fall short in any way.

I am going to use for comparison purposes to ensure that you have everything in place before you start your business. They are a trusted, reliable company that has been operating since 2012.

If your company can come close to its level of excellence, then you are on your way to becoming the market leader with TV Brackets in Singapore. Let’s have a look at what they have that you will need:

A Storefront For A Legally Registered Business

You must either buy a premise somewhere in Singapore and set up n nice looking store with ample storage space and a workshop from where you can run your business.

You must ensure that you are legal, by the laws of Singapore, liable to operate the intended business from your selected store.

A Full Range Of High-Quality TV Brackets As well As Installation Tools

You will need a wide range of TV brackets and stands of high quality to meet the need of your most demanding client. In other words, you must be able to meet all your client’s needs with your range of TV brackets in Singapore.

Then you will need all the installation tools needed for bracket and stand installation, together with a vehicle or preferably two that are fully rigged. Ensure that there is safe storage available for tools not used to be stored in the vehicle that will stand in the street while the installation is done.

Trained Sales Personnel As Well As Installation Technicians With At Least 5 Years Experience

Now, this is a tough challenge to meet. You have a storefront and workshop, but now you must find qualified people to do the work. You could have started this process earlier, but it will still be an arduous task.

They must be legally employed according to the laws in Singapore, and either you will have to pay them before you actually start the business or afterward. Getting people that will trust you enough to install their TV stand or Tv bracket is not easy.

You Must Have Or Get A Marketing Campaign In Place

Like we have said before, clients don’t drop out of the air. You will have to advertise the service services you can supply. Depending on your contract, you will have to pay your installation team whether they are busy with work or not.

At this early stage of evaluating the feasibility of your business venture, I want you to have a look at your benchmark company;

How Do You Meet Up With Your Best TV Bracket Company?

TV Bracket in Singapore, has got everything in place, and it is working like a well-oiled machine. The employers know their employees for over six years, so there is mutual trust. Every employee has learned during more than six years what is expected and what not.

They have a wide variety of brackets and stands in stock and can satisfy all their customers’ needs attracted by proven workmanship and trusted professionals.

Their professional and friendly installation teams are trained in every aspect of their work and have the know-how to overcome any obstacle.

Their after-sales service is in place, and clients can even phone them for advice.


This was just scratching the surface of everything you need in order to start a TV brackets in Singapore work from home business. To start, it is easy, but to be successful in it much more is expected of you.


Installing A TV Mount: What Cost to Expect

Installing A TV Mount What Cost to Expect in SingaporeA TV set around the home creates a fun environment and makes the overall living conditions and experience a lot of relaxed. From the favourite TV shows to Soap Operas, News, Cartoons, Netflix Movies, Music, and Talk Shows, a lot happens at the homestead.

To an unimaginable degree, a TV bracket brings out the simple and innovative setup in the living room to enhance the fun of your TV watching experience. The TV brackets help securely attach your TV to a wall.

There are many professional installers out there who can help you install your TV, using the best TV bracket in Singapore. Alternatively, you can opt for a DIY installation. Either way, how much should you expect to spend if you choose to mount your Tv on a TV bracket? Let’s find out in this short article.

What Cost to Look For when Installing a TV Mount

The prices of installing your TV mount vary, depending on a range of factors, including whether you want a professional or DIY installation. The type of TV bracket, kind of project, and the wall space environment of your room also will inform how much you will spend. On average, you can spend up to $1,000 to mount a TV. Guess what? That amount may reduce drastically if you choose the leading supplier of tv brackets in Singapore.

The size of the TV bracket will determine the cost. Usually, some mounts are designed for specific width, type, or size of a television. In this case, the larger size of the TV mount (regardless of the Tv weight), the higher the cost of the installation will be. Functionality is also a factor that goes with size when determining the cost of installing a bracket.

Weight is another thing to consider. Typically, some TV mounts are built to attach TVs to a wall, regardless of the standard weight; others have limits of the TV load they can hold. The heavier the TV, the more cost the TV mount installation will become. If your Tv mounts can safely hold relatively light TVs, then you’ll have to spend less. This is because the process will be simpler.

What’s more, the type of TV mount you opt for will determine how much you’ll pay for its installation. Installing a tilting TV mount may cost you less compared to a ceiling mount which attaches directly to the ceiling and poses more difficulty during installation. In another breath, an under-cabinet TV mount may be relatively affordable to install, although they are not strong. The cost of materials and professional charges depend on the wall type you look to install. Some materials are cheaper while others are very expensive.

Final thoughts

Whether you want to buy the best TV bracket in Singapore or you need a professional to help you mount your TV, is the best place to go. We offer the best prices and items on the market. We also provide top-quality after-sales services for our numerous customers to support them from the point of purchase through the installation.



Features of KLC181 Mobile Stand

Features of KLC181 Mobile Stand in SingaporeTelevisions can either be mounted on the wall or be made to stand on a mobile stand. Many tenants and homeowners choose their preferred option. But the more appealing method is using a mobile stand. In opting for this method, TVs should stand on a very sturdy, solid, and strong mobile stand. The best tv bracket in Singapore comes in handy, thanks to, the company that offers some of the best mobile stands on the market.

In this article, our attention will shift to KLC181, one of the top tv mobile stands from the supplier of the best TV brackets in Singapore. Buyers make this product their top priority when choosing their TV mobile stand for several reasons.

Great Dimension

The 200.4 lbs weight is also ideal to withstand heavy-duty TVs. When it comes to the VESA distance, the KC181 mobile stand measures 100x100mm to 800x500mm. The product’s TV height adjustment stands at 1350mm – 1650mm with an incredible base size of 1000mm x 680mm.

TV Compatibility 

You won’t have difficulty in making your decision when it comes to buying the KC181 mobile stand. It comes with a wide range of sizes (55-inch – 80-inch) that is compatible with 55”, 65”, and 70” TVs. Although it doesn’t feature any tilt swivel, you won’t regret having this guy in your room.

Useful Extra Essentials 

Those who love the best tv bracket in Singapore opts for an excellently shiny black KLC181 mobile stand because it features a DVD shelf where you can store your DVD and compact disc players.

Durable Construction

Every buyer or user of TV mobile stands knows that products made from SPCC are top-notch. The KLC181 is no exception. It comes with an amazing design made from commercial quality cold rolled steel, known for its solidity and durability.  The material is coated with a great finish that makes it resistant to the elements. Besides, this feature makes this product an all-season mobile stand.

Anti-theft Wheel Lock

Another feature that the KLC181 boasts is the incredible security system. The steering wheel lock protects your mobile stand and TV from theft. With the theft-deterrent wheel lock, you can be sure that your KLC181 is secure and immobilized against unauthorized persons.

Highlighted features

  • Inside pole cable
  • SPCC coated finish
  • TV Height adjustment 1350mm – 1650mm
  • TV Compatibility: 55-80-inch TV
  • Base Size: 1000mm x 680mm
  • Stand Dimension: 100x100mm to 800x500mm

Final Thoughts

Supplying the best TV brackets in Singapore is the core objective of With no tilt swivel, this mobile stand looks perfectly great. You won’t have issues buying this product. It boasts perfect user feedback. It doesn’t damage easily or give way after a few months.

Guess what? It is incredibly affordable. You won’t have to break the bank before you have the KLC181 in your house. is the right place to go if you need the best TV bracket in Singapore. They offer OEM TV brackets with great after-sale services and installation.


How Much Does A TV Bracket Cost?

How Much Does A TV Bracket Cost in SingaporeA TV bracket is an additional piece of equipment that enhances your watch time experience. A TV bracket can also be a safety feature as it will protect your TV from falling or being unbalanced.

A TV mount can appear to be an essential establishment anyway there are numerous approaches to upgrade your stay with the right divider mount shows and highlights. This turns into a favorable position to the individuals who have more modest living regions and require the floor space.

Another significant bit of leeway of a TV mount is that a TV mount additionally gives the client a superior survey point when utilizing the TV. By introducing a TV mount, the client can change the divider mount as indicated by review points, best places from a daylight glare i.e. away from the window, and in any event, broadening or inclining your television through a television mount.

What Defines The Price Of TV Mount?

The cost of a TV mount is highly affected by the size of your TV or monitor. TV’s are considered heavier hence the reason for the mount. Installation teams that have installed TV brackets in Singapore, have the necessary knowledge and skills on how to provide quality products at good prices.

Budget-Friendly Amounts

Their various TV mounts are available on the market that will cater to your needs. In some cases, once you purchase a TV, the company may have a policy that the consumer will receive a free TV Mount.

Outsourcing professionals such as any professional that has installed TV brackets in Singapore, will provide you with the standard or average cost of $70-$399. Again, this may fluctuate depending on the size of your TV, the surrounding additional electric outputs, etc. suitable for family viewing.

The intended purpose of the TV mount will determine the placement of the TV mount.  If the area in which the TV would be. The walls may be too wide for the TV itself to fit,

If the room has a bigger area to play around with, rearranging furniture and deciding the cleanest area for electronics to stay, your best bet would be a floating TV mount or just a basic mount.

High-end TV Mount for Entertainment

If the intended room for the TV mount is big and spacious, you may have quite a several options to pace the TV Mount. It is not recommended to be installed where glare from a window will reflect onto the TV.

Your TV mount should also be purchased according to what your layout and room feel are.  Your cost is related to what you require as an individual. For entertainment purposes, additional equipment and costs will come into play if the TV mount will be used for your personal entertainment, the only costs you may incur is that of mounting and installation

A TV mount is also perhaps a necessity for some business owners. Restaurants that allow customers to enjoy their meal as they watch TV. In this case, the TV mount that would be required would be that of a ceiling mount.

The ceiling mount is also adjustable, and the user may slightly tilt it downwards in order to accommodate everyone. This team is ready and available to install TV brackets in Singapore and other areas within proximity of the business.

Electrical and Additional Costs

Rewriting is a cost on its own before the actual installation becomes. If you are to purchase a TV mount in Singapore, the user is encouraged to contact their customer support or the installers as they are always keen and ready.

Costs to redo your electrical outlets and power supplies may incur if the TV mount is to be installed in a certain room.

If you require extra floor space, it would be a beneficial venture to introduce a divider mount. This will permit the client to utilize the space encompassing the TV mount. The client can put an espresso or end table to store books or comforts and their games.

Measuring via TV specifications:

If you’re planning or have already purchased a TV that did not purchase a bracket, you would need to check the specifications and details that come in the box. An easier and faster way to find the best TV mount for your TV would be to contact professionals within the installation and setup of the wall mount and TV.

The installation team as well as the customer support team are excellent in providing advice regarding any part of the TV Mount item and its mount. The professionals have acquired more than six years of experience in installing TV brackets in Singapore. It is encouraged to enquire about installing your TV bracket in Singapore.


The final thing to note is that the consumer verifies that there is a warranty provided alongside your purchases.

What to Know About TV Wall Mounts

What to Know About TV Wall Mounts SpecNowadays, mounting your TV on the wall has become a necessity. Most flat screen types are customized to be on the wall. Fortunately, they come with a guide on how to install them and there are also experts like the TV bracket in Singapore that can do the work for you. Instead of doing all the work yourself, relying on them is much wiser since they are experts and will offer you the best service ever.

TV brackets in Singapore not only install TV mounts but also sell all types of TV mounts and they have professionals to help if you are not sure on what to pick and which mount is suitable for you.

If you are reading this, you probably know little about TV mount and you want to expand your knowledge before buying one. Questions such as what are the types of TV mounts? What size is suitable for me? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a TV mount? Where can I buy one? Are running on your mind. Don’t worry, all this will be addressed here.

Firstly, before you buy any TV wall mount you have to know the various types and choose which is suitable for you.

Types Of TV Wall Mounts

The Fixed Wall Bracket

The fixed wall bracket as the name implies it’s fixed on the wall. Once you mount your TV, you can not tilt nor move it at all. It does not work with flat screens with their back is also discreet and if you use it, only the TV will be visible and not the TV mount.

The fixed wall bracket is befitting of people who are not interested in moving or tilting their TV.

Ultra-Thin Wall Bracket

It’s another form of a fixed wall bracket. It’s suitable for minimalists and it permits the TV to sit close to the wall. Your cables must be hidden in the wall to use it hence it’s not suitable for people without partition walls.

The Movable Tv Wall Mount

As the name suggests, it allows the TV to move in different directions. There are TV wall mounts that can allow the TV to be tilted, or moved horizontally. Here are types of movable TV wall mount.

The Tilt Bracket

This TV mount allows you to tilt your TV downwards. It’s convenient in the bedroom since the TV will be at a higher place and you be at the low bed. It enables you to tilt it downwards so that you can watch with ease and comfort.

Swivel Wall Bracket

This mount allows you to turn your TV horizontally. If you are busy cleaning or cooking and you don’t want to miss a show, you can turn it to your directions and enjoy your show as you finish your task.

The Multi-Motion TV Mount

This is one of the best TV mounts. It’s flexible and it’s suitable to mount a TV in a corner. Since you can use it to mount your TV in a corner, it helps you save a lot of space. With it, you can swivel your TV and also tilt it. You can move your TV in different directions. How amazing is that!

The Size Of The TV Mount

Now choosing the size of your TV mount depends highly on the size and weight of your TV. If you don’t know which size is you can ask experts from TV brackets in Singapore for advice? The size of the TV mount you choose is important because if you choose wrongly and the fitting is done, your TV might end up dropping and breaking. This could put your kids or pets in danger. Losing a TV due to poor fitting can be painful. You don’t want such inconvenience. It’s advisable to ask experts about this.

Advantages Of TV Mounts

  • Using it makes it safer for your kids and pets to play around. You won’t have any fear of them knocking it down by accident and hurting them
  • It has a visual charm. Your house will be more presentable and pleasing to the eye.
  • Frees up space. You won’t have to worry about cramping your room plus your wall will be fully utilized. Your room will also be more organized.

In conclusion, if you haven’t bought a TV mount yet, visit the TV bracket in Singapore and check out their services. You can buy, ask expert advice and get high-quality service.

Do TV Brackets Fit Every TV? Everything You Should Know About It?

Do TV Brackets Fit Every TV Everything You Should Know About It in SingaporeBuying a TV mount can be a mind-boggling task but the bottom line is that not all mounts are compatible with all TVs.

Aspects to Consider

VISA Information

When considering to buy a TV mount for your TV, have a look at the VESA specifications. The VESA specification represents the size variation between different products. VESA helps out consumers to have their other goods compatible with one another.

VESA proves very helpful in this aspect of sizing as VESA has its own standardized set of specifications for products. There’s a fair chance that a divider mount will be assessed reliant on the TV screen size to some extent.

Weight and Size

It is important to note your dimensions and heights of your TV before you purchase a TV mount in Singapore. Writing down this information will make it easier for the user to physically compare specifications in-store or online. To measure the size of your TV’s holes for attachments, the user needs to take a look at the back of the TV and measure the distance between the openings behind the TV itself.

It is important to note that your mount should be able to hold your TV securely and does not have any loose crevices. The suggestion would be to allow the installation company to handle the task for you. These professionals are experts regarding their fields of expertise.


Installing your TV on a bracket also comes down to who and how you will view the TV. The TV needs an amount that may accommodate large groups of people such as family and friends.

Size and weight become important once you have a look at your dividers. How tremendous a TV you buy depends upon different parts, like the circumstance of your decorations and the distance away you’ll be sitting when you see your TV.

For example, a 4K TV might require the installation to be closer to the seating area dedicated to the user. The ideal ratio in this scenario would be to place the TV mount to have the 4K TV to 3.5 – 5 feet away from the user.  For a traditional 1080p HDTV unit, the TV mount should be 5 and 8.5 feet away from the viewer.

The average TV mount in Singapore homes and businesses that are installed, are installed with the intention of longevity and quality.


The divider is important as it serves as the barrier between the TV and whatever it is attached to. This is to limit the damage to any scrapings or unnecessary damages caused to the wall or ceiling.

Table Mount, Wall Mount or Free-flow

The typical wall mount that most users are comfortable with is that of the standard wall mount. The bracket remains on the ground keeping the TV secure. It can also be placed on top of a dresser or strong coffee table. The advantage of a table mount is that it requires almost no effort or additional changes to the room it will remain in.

A wall mount has become quite popular in households today. A wall-mounted TV gives the room a little boost, especially if you are inviting guests over or entertaining. This kind of wall mount could also work to the advantage of almost any user; you may choose the angle and tilt to which you’d like your TV to be mounted. The downside to a wall mount is that there may be additional costs involved for installation purposes. The user may have to first assist with the construction of the wall and the house policies (depending on if you are renting or own the home). Luckily some professionals have a great understanding and the skills to have the installation done smoothly. The installation team knows their way around putting up a TV mount in Singapore.

Free-flow TV mounts appeal to the more modern homeowner alternatively it can be viewed as a creative piece in your living room area. A free-flow TV mount is attached to the ceiling and is adjusted to the length at which you’d like your TV to hang. A free-flow TV mount also has the disadvantage of making additional inquiries and purchases to evaluate the sturdiness of the ceiling. The installation team we provide will walk through each step with the user and make reliable recommendations.

Basic Brackets and Mounts


A swivel mount will allow the user to have more control and flexibility.

Flat Mount

The best advantage of a flat-mount is that it is sleek and not noticeable.

Tilt Mount

A tilt mount is a little more on the modern side of design. The tilt mount is also useful when you would like to adjust the TV at its viewing height to make it easier to see.


When purchasing a TV mount or bracket, it is vital to be aware of the various types of TV mounts and brackets that are available on the market. It is always best to compare your TV specifications to the intended mount or bracket you would like to purchase.

Different Kinds of TV Wall Mounts

Different Kinds of TV Wall Mounts in SingaporeIf you’re on the search for a brand new TV, but you don’t know the right mount that would be ideal for your home and the new TV, you’re not alone. Many people can’t tell the difference between the different kinds of people, and a TV mount is usually the last thing people consider when getting a TV. However, it should be a serious consideration so you can find the best TV bracket for your home.

Pros of A TV Mount

If you use a TV stand, then you know the constant battle you’ve had to face with them. You can effectively avoid such issues with a TV mount; it makes your home look tidy and much more organized. When you install a TV mount, there is more flooring in view, which makes the room look spacious while naturally enhancing your home décor.

Mounting your TV allows you to stay in your favorite position when watching programs on your TV. Whatever position you want your TV to be, whether at the center of the room or a corner, a TV mount can help you achieve it.

You need a TV mount that is flexible and easy to use. Besides, it must be compatible with a wide range of TVs. This way, you won’t have to be buying a mount each time you change or replace a bad TV at home.

The Different Types of TV Mount

There are two kinds of mounts, and they include the flat and moving mount. Before you buy a TV mount, you need to decide if you simply want the TV hung in the home, or you would like the TV angle to be adjustable to your preference.

This is a common TV mount. This kind of TV mount prevents any form of tilting or maneuvering to be done on the TV once it is installed. However, this is preferred because it allows the TV to lie flat on the wall and is non-fussy. A fixed TV bracket works with different kinds of TV except those with a protruding back. A unique type of wall bracket is the Ultra-thin wall bracket that allows the TV to stay close to the wall if you want a minimalistic design. If your home doesn’t have partition walls, using this wall bracket might be hard. This is because the cables need to be hidden in the wall for the TV to lie completely flat.

  • Moving Mount

The second type of TV mount is the movable mount. There are more options available in the moveable wall mount to pick from, and below is a breakdown of your options.

  • Swivel BracketThis is like the low profile wall mount, but it differs from the flat-mount because it allows you to move the TV horizontally. The Swivel TV bracket comes with an extended arm to assist the horizontal movement.
  • Tilt Bracket: This is quite similar to the flat-mount but allows users to tilt the TV downwards. This is a great way of enhancing your view if your TV is mounted high on the wall. It also works in a bedroom where your viewing position is lower than the TV placement.
  • Full-Motion Bracket: This is a TV bracket that allows users to mount in a corner. You can adjust your TV in any direction to attain the ideal viewing experience. It usually comes with a small extending arm that allows you to tilt and swivel your TV conveniently.

Final Thoughts

When picking a TV Bracket, ensure that you first pick where you would like the TV mounted and the type of view you’re hoping to get. Although the fixed wall bracket is quite popular, it doesn’t give you the adjustability option to maneuver your TV as you want. If you’re still confused about the TV wall mount for you, you can check out the products we have available and make your choice.

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