Some Guide About Choosing the Right Size TV Bracket in Singapore

Guide to Choosing the Right Size TV Bracket in SingaporeBuying a TV bracket can be a challenging task. This blog offers the ultimate guide to select the right TV bracket size for your television. Check the product description to choose the best TV bracket.

Follow our straightforward guide to buy the most suitable TV bracket size. Surely you will notice that it is not difficult to get the best bracket size for your flat-screen LCD or plasma TVs.

Follow VESA standards to select the right TV bracket

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) designed a regular format for all TV brackets that fit almost all television. These guidelines match flat-screen LCD to allow wall installation by checking the patterns of holes on the backside of the television.

Find VESA dimension by measuring the distance between the horizontal and vertical holes or check your television specifications. Some television companies don’t support VESA standards. Get a universal mounting bracket for non-VESA televisions.

Remember, the bigger television screen are heavier and need more support. Analyze your television load to the weight capacity of the TV bracket for durability. offers a diverse variety of TV brackets in Singapore. You can get one that will provide the best viewing angle and suitable for your available space.

Models of TV Bracket

Different types of wall mounts can turn out or swivel away from the wall. Before buying a TV wall bracket, you should consider the size and available space for installing it. Three main types of TV brackets are available in the market that you can choose depending on your needs.

  • Fixed TV bracket

It is affordable and the right choice for installing small-size LCDs in the central position. Such brackets keep the television in fixed positions.

  • Tilting TV bracket

It is easily tilted up or down to reduce sunlight for a perfect viewing experience entertainment. Tilting brackets are ideal for enjoying television in the bedroom.

  • Full-motion TV bracket

Full motion TV bracket provides freedom of rotating the television in all directions to enjoy watching at any desired angle. It allows you to swivel your television up to 180° horizontally and up to 20° vertically. It lets you move the back of your television to turn out cables.

What are the Benefits of TV Brackets?

  • It Saves Space

TVs are installed on the wall to save space and for comfortable watching from all angles. It makes your entertainment area streamlined and stylish look. It is very beneficial for small rooms.

  • It Protects Television

Investing time and effort to install your television on a wall is an obvious way to improve its appearance and safety. TV mounting keeps your kids and pets away from your television and protects them from harm.

  • Best Viewing Experience

For more entertainment, you need to ensure that your television must be visible from various angles. A full-motion TV bracket gives you the choice and versatility to rotate your television to overcoming glare for the best viewing experience.

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