Do TV Brackets Fit Every TV? Everything You Should Know About It?

Do TV Brackets Fit Every TV Everything You Should Know About It in SingaporeBuying a TV mount can be a mind-boggling task but the bottom line is that not all mounts are compatible with all TVs.

Aspects to Consider

VISA Information

When considering to buy a TV mount for your TV, have a look at the VESA specifications. The VESA specification represents the size variation between different products. VESA helps out consumers to have their other goods compatible with one another.

VESA proves very helpful in this aspect of sizing as VESA has its own standardized set of specifications for products. There’s a fair chance that a divider mount will be assessed reliant on the TV screen size to some extent.

Weight and Size

It is important to note your dimensions and heights of your TV before you purchase a TV mount in Singapore. Writing down this information will make it easier for the user to physically compare specifications in-store or online. To measure the size of your TV’s holes for attachments, the user needs to take a look at the back of the TV and measure the distance between the openings behind the TV itself.

It is important to note that your mount should be able to hold your TV securely and does not have any loose crevices. The suggestion would be to allow the installation company to handle the task for you. These professionals are experts regarding their fields of expertise.


Installing your TV on a bracket also comes down to who and how you will view the TV. The TV needs an amount that may accommodate large groups of people such as family and friends.

Size and weight become important once you have a look at your dividers. How tremendous a TV you buy depends upon different parts, like the circumstance of your decorations and the distance away you’ll be sitting when you see your TV.

For example, a 4K TV might require the installation to be closer to the seating area dedicated to the user. The ideal ratio in this scenario would be to place the TV mount to have the 4K TV to 3.5 – 5 feet away from the user.  For a traditional 1080p HDTV unit, the TV mount should be 5 and 8.5 feet away from the viewer.

The average TV mount in Singapore homes and businesses that are installed, are installed with the intention of longevity and quality.


The divider is important as it serves as the barrier between the TV and whatever it is attached to. This is to limit the damage to any scrapings or unnecessary damages caused to the wall or ceiling.

Table Mount, Wall Mount or Free-flow

The typical wall mount that most users are comfortable with is that of the standard wall mount. The bracket remains on the ground keeping the TV secure. It can also be placed on top of a dresser or strong coffee table. The advantage of a table mount is that it requires almost no effort or additional changes to the room it will remain in.

A wall mount has become quite popular in households today. A wall-mounted TV gives the room a little boost, especially if you are inviting guests over or entertaining. This kind of wall mount could also work to the advantage of almost any user; you may choose the angle and tilt to which you’d like your TV to be mounted. The downside to a wall mount is that there may be additional costs involved for installation purposes. The user may have to first assist with the construction of the wall and the house policies (depending on if you are renting or own the home). Luckily some professionals have a great understanding and the skills to have the installation done smoothly. The installation team knows their way around putting up a TV mount in Singapore.

Free-flow TV mounts appeal to the more modern homeowner alternatively it can be viewed as a creative piece in your living room area. A free-flow TV mount is attached to the ceiling and is adjusted to the length at which you’d like your TV to hang. A free-flow TV mount also has the disadvantage of making additional inquiries and purchases to evaluate the sturdiness of the ceiling. The installation team we provide will walk through each step with the user and make reliable recommendations.

Basic Brackets and Mounts


A swivel mount will allow the user to have more control and flexibility.

Flat Mount

The best advantage of a flat-mount is that it is sleek and not noticeable.

Tilt Mount

A tilt mount is a little more on the modern side of design. The tilt mount is also useful when you would like to adjust the TV at its viewing height to make it easier to see.


When purchasing a TV mount or bracket, it is vital to be aware of the various types of TV mounts and brackets that are available on the market. It is always best to compare your TV specifications to the intended mount or bracket you would like to purchase.