Top ten Tips to Enjoy the Best Quality View on TV Wall Mount

Top Ten Tips to Enjoy the Best Quality View on TV Wall Mount in SingaporeWe’re now living in an era where lightweight televisions are conjured on the wall. This process should be handled with care. You don’t need to fret, however, as TV Bracket in Singapore presents you ten tips to enjoy your view on a TV wall mount.

Pick The Perfect Location

Before getting your hands dirty, you need to come up with the right location for your setting. Your decision could be based on the viewing angle, sun exposure or just choosing where the nearest power outlet found.

Hiring A Professional

If you’re not so sure about the process or handy work is not your cup of tea, you can always call for qualified technicians. If you purchase from TV Bracket in Singapore, our technicians with more than six years of experience take care of the installation service. We can also assure you of a quality service of TV installation if you’re in need of mounting your TV.

Ask For Technicians’ License And Registration

If you’re calling for professional help, make sure you get a registered technician as many freelancers work without one. We at TV Bracket in Singapore are a trusted company with more than six years of experience in the area. We value customer service and you’ll witness it firsthand.

Gather Your Tools

You need to put all the tools nearby and make sure to know what to do with them. A drill, a drill bit, screwdriver bit and a stud finder are the main apparatuses. It’s also better to use a wall mount for ports especially if they’ve to be plugged in the back of the TV.

Decide On The Type Of TV Wall Mount

The procedure of installing a TV wall mount is all the same for all types but you have few options here. If you want a stationary position for flushing the TV against the wall, you can go with Fixed TV mounts. For viewing access within a room, a Swivel TV mount might be preferable in which the screen can pivot in both directions.

If you are going to install it higher on a wall, Tilting TV wall mount gives you the freedom of angling the screen down. But the utmost freedom of scaling the television comes with a Full-motion TV mount which would manually allow you to adjust at all angles.

Get in the Stud

You can just go about it but it’s better to find a stud to hang the television mount so that you avoid tumbles. You could use a stud finder. It’s also basic that you first need to know whether your wall can hold it up. Our professional team at TV Bracket in Singapore can be on top of the installation process on the spot.

Avoid Mounting TV Above A Fireplace

It could be tempting but this would clearly be a dangerous game. It’s not really comforting to know the risk is always there with heat bubbling up beneath a hang up electronics product. It’s also believed to skew your viewing angle insignificantly.

Double Check … Always

Before you call it a success, make sure once again that the connection between the wall plate and TV plate is secure. You could follow specific manufacturer’s instructions for your TV brand while mounting it to the wall.

Don’t Forget About Your Devices

Now your TV is shining on the wall. What’s left? You have to put a system in place to identify and separate different sets of cables, consoles or simply remote controls. Or your smart home assistant, for that matter. It could result in an absolute mess if you mix one with another. Installing a floating shelving unit under the television or using a bookshelf around could ease the process. You could find your choice of high-quality tv bracket here at TV Bracket in Singapore with reliable installation service.

Covered up

Remember those hideous tangled cables? After you’re done with everything, it’s better to use a cord cover for a better viewing experience. One of the reasons for mounting a TV on the wall is to have the cables well tucked behind and secured.


It looked simple but the process of mounting TV on the wall could create issues. TV Bracket in Singapore is a perfect place to provide quality installation. We deliver professional service with a competitive price as you don’t need to risk it all with random freelancers. We also take responsibility for accidents during our work. Our technicians would be at your doorway the moment you reach us for the best TV experience.