What Size of Mount Should I Use

What Size of Mount Should I UseSometimes, getting a television mount can be a frustrating task. There are things to put into consideration such as the type, the technical specifications, and of course the size. Do you think it’s possible to squeeze a 7-feet television to a 5-feet TV wall mount?

Well, I guess the first thing on your mind when you think of a wall mount is how to place your television to your wall safely.

Getting the right size of mount for your television can be very complicated most times. But making a small investment beforehand will pay off when you have successfully decided on the location that you think is ideal for you.

To help make things easier, we have compiled this guide on what TV mount size you should go for. It contains a few facts and all you need to know about the size of a TV mount.

Does the size of the Mount matter?

Well, when it comes to making the right decision on picking out the suitable TV mount, the size matters, and sometimes, it doesn’t. Why is this? This is because most televisions and wall mounts usually conform to the VESA standard, which makes it easy to fit almost any television to practically any mount. However, fixing the television is not the thing to look out for, the mount also must be able to support the television or the TV might end up dropping and getting damaged.

Most people always recommend that your selection of wall mounts must be rated based on the display screen size the mount can hold. The ideal step to take is to check the real weight that the wall mount can handle. How do you do that? Check the mount description which is usually written on the box and find out what the manufacturing company says it’s best recommended for.

It would be best if you also had in mind that the TV weight and your television screen size do not necessarily have to go hand-in-hand. A large set from a particular brand can weigh less than a small TV display from another brand, depending on the type and quality of the television.

The wall

Sometimes, you find a place where the size of the TV mount matters and that place is your walls. The size of the television that you want to buy depends on factors like how you want to place your furniture and also the distance of your sitting position when you decide to view your television. Apart from these, you must also choose if the wall has got enough space to comfortably hold your screen.

There are varying types of wall mounts that you can pivot away from or even swivel out from the wall. Plus, if you have limited space like a corner, it is highly recommended that you pay keen attention to the space you will have after setting your TV against the wall. You can also check out our best TV bracket in Singapore to get the complete information on the different TV wall mounts, where to place your display, and how to select successfully the TV mount that is ideal for your kind of space.

Choosing the Mount Color

Don’t forget that the color of your TV mount should complement the location of the TV. So, when choosing the TV mount, do not go for a mount that’s lighter than the lightest subject. The dark-colored mount may make the picture from your display look smaller than it is. Mounts with light color can cause a subject to seem larger than it is. Also, it may cause your eyes to turn inward. However, the best color choices are black. These are usually easy and match the décor of any room.


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