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Deciding on the Perfect size Tv for your Room

Deciding on the Perfect size Tv for your Room in SingaporeChoosing the right TV size for your room depends on two factors; your budget and the size of the room. In most cases, the budget is the deciding factor but the size of the TV should depend on how far you sit from the screen or how immersive you want your viewing experience to be. You could just buy the biggest TV, but depending on the needs of the room and the overall purpose of the TV, this option could be too much.

Generally, the two factors mentioned I mentioned before plays a significant role in determining the right size of the Tv for your room size.


When it comes to determining the perfect size of the TV for your room, your budget obviously is going to be the biggest determining fact and basically, this may be the only factor that keeps people from getting the largest TV sets, however, assuming you have the budget to purchase the perfect TV set, here are some other factors you need to consider;

Viewing angles

The angle from which you will be viewing your TV will have a tremendous effect on the TV size of your choice. One may be tempted to mount the TV in a direct position to the eye, but that’s wrong. Ideally, you’ll want to mount the TV perfectly parallel to your eye, in a maximum of 15 degrees up or down and a maximum of 40 degrees left or right. Is it necessary for you to get these specifications? Yes! This will ensure that you get the perfect balance of detail and color. One disadvantage of wrong angling is that sitting in an off angle can result in distorted images.


Everyone wants a TV set with perfect resolution. However, at any particular moment, the human eye can only process so much information at a given angle and size and therefore, this means that the resolution becomes more important the larger the screen gets. For smaller sets of TV, that is, 40 inches or smaller, a 720p resolution may be all that is needed. However, for larger sets, you will notice a significant difference. Larger sets will require high resolutions.

Mounting or stand?

In today’s time and age, the ideal setting for your TV set is mount and even though a stand looks elegant for the house, you have to agree that they are somewhat outdated. Having a Television mounted on a wall provides you with so many advantages, which includes giving the viewer an ideal angle and proper height adjustments. In addition, mounting makes the room appear larger.

If you are looking for the best available mounting options for your TV, check out TV Bracket in Singapore range of products, get in touch with us today for more information.

How high should you mount your flat screen?

How high should you mount your flat screen in Singapore This is a question we get a lot of times and if you ask 10 people at what height should a flat screen be mounted; you will probably get 10 different answers. More people are discovering the advantages of mounting Tv screens over the traditional stand styles. However, determining the height at which the Tv Screen should be mounted is a trick. The last thing you want is to squirm or strain while watching your favorite show. The truth is, height determination all comes down to a combination of preference and trial and error.

Know the size of your Tv

In order to know the position or the height at which to mount your Tv screen, you need to know the size your Tv screen, the viewing distance from the Tv, the eye level height from the floor and the reclining sitting angle. All these are important to determine the height of your mount.

The size of the Tv

This is the viewing area of the Tv. Knowing the size of the TV will help you determine at what height the mount will be. One important consideration to make while mounting the Tv is knowing that you are not judging from the top or the bottom, but floor to the center of the TV. Lastly, your Tv size is going to represent a diagonal view area and therefore, this calls for accuracy and precision while measuring how far up and over the exact center of the screen is.

Eye Level

The eye level is calculated while sitting from the position you will be viewing your Tv from. But that’ s not to say that the eye level will be constant at all times. You will find that different viewers will have different heights, the height of the seat cushion, the distance from the seat and the height of the Tv are all significant factors to consider while determining the appropriate mounting height of the Tv. As a rule;

  • A 42” television should be mounted about 56 inches from the floor to Tv center.
  • A 55” should be mounted about 61 inches.
  • A 65” Tv should be mounted around 65 inches, floor to the center.
  • A 70” Tv should be mounted about 67 inches to the center of the screen.

Viewing distance

As mentioned earlier, it plays a significant role in determining how high the mount should be. Let’s get technical, the viewing distance is the distance from where you are viewing the Tv from, to the wall where the Tv is mounted and is calculated using the formula; VD=TVS*1.67 where TVS is the TV size. However, you do not need to know all that. For a quick reference, a 42” Tv should be mounted about 70-75 inches away. A 55” Tv should be mounted 90-100 inches away.

Doing all these calculations can be tedious, let alone the installation part. Thus, calling for professional TV Bracket Installer in Singapore mounting service is a great way to help you get it right the first time. If you are looking for mounting packages and products as well as professional help, check out our products and get in touch with us for more information.

How to hide cords on a Wall Bracket mounted TV

How to hide cords on a Wall Bracket mounted TVMounting the TV on a wall for many people seems to work just fine. It is the best decision but there is something unsightly that has discouraged so many people from installing the TV brackets in their home. The hanging cords from the back of the TV when it gets hanged on the walls.

Hiding the TV wires

many people love the idea of the TV brackets in Singapore, but the ugly looking wires discourages them and therefore at TvbracketSG, we’ve prepared a guideline on how to hide these wires. But before anything else, you need to check that you have everything that you’ll require for the success of this venture.

Step 1 # attach the power to a plastic tube

this is the first primary step. The outlet power is to be attached to a plastic tube that you’ve placed behind the wall through 2 holes drilled into your wall. The wires will run through the plastic tubing. The top of the tube has the power plug, where you’ll plug the TV. The tube will run through the two drilled holes in the wall.

Step 2 # attach the bracket on the wall

this is just the normal procedure. After placing the mounting bracket on the wall, figure out where the 2 holes need to be so that the top one is hidden behind the Tv the other end needs to be close to the floor. This is where an existing wall outlet is.

Step 3 # push the tube with the cord through the hole

this is easy and fast. All you need to do is push the tube with the cords inside through the hole. It looks hard but in reality it is very easy. Remember to make sure that every cord or wire is inside the tube before running it through the holes.

Step 4 # secure your TV and plug the wires

After you’ve set up everything, it is time that you secure the outlet to the wall behind the TV. More to that, make sure that you have fixed all the wires into the TV and the power cable.

Make sure that every wire is accounted for otherwise you will have to repeat the whole process. If you need a second set of hand, you can ask your family member.

The process is quite easy. Now you have no reason to be afraid of buying the TV brackets in Singapore. Having the wires hidden presents a cleaner living room that isn’t clumsy.

Tip: how to mount the TV in a corner

Tip: how to mount the TV in a corner in SingaporeSometimes it is good to think outside the box and come up with some creative ideas rather than conforming with the norm. TV placement has evolved so much from the traditional stands to mounting. Creativity didn’t stop at that, people have found that it is great mounting the TV over the fireplace, some like it naturally fitted against the wall, but today, we are going to talk about mounting the TV in a corner using the best tv bracket in Singapore.

First, the mounts have brought about a lot of convenience in terms of our space arrangement, not to forget that they are magically flexible and this is where mounting a TV in a corner comes into play making it the perfect solution for most problems in the house.

Naturally, corners may not come immediately to the mind when thinking about mounting the TV, however, they are actually great space-saving solution especially where the room is small. Like we have covered in our previous posts, mounting a TV is not hard, also with the corners as you will be mounting the TV to the studs that are near the corner. This way, you will have a sturdy foundation for the mount. Once that is done, using a swivel mount you can then swivel the TV so that it looks directly in the corner.

Having the corner covered

Using the full motion mount, it will allow you to tilt, to swivel or even extend the TV in any direction that you’d like. TV Brackets in Singapore has all the tools and the tips to make the installation process move on perfectly. Installing the mount in a corner has also some challenges. The first one being, finding the right full motion TV mount with the right arm extension. Secondly, positioning the wall plate of the TV mount is the right distance from the corner of the wall so your TV fits perfectly in the corner has in many times proven to be a problem for most people.

Determining the angle to position the TV

The most installer will hang the TV at a perfect 45 degrees in the corner of the room. While this seems to be working for most people, it might not actually work for you and at times, your sitting might be off to one side from the corner, making the usual 45-degree undesirable. Using an AV-Express corner TV wall mount will help you fix this problem by allowing the full motion and swivel movement of the TV at up to 90 degrees to the wall.

Once the Tv has been mounted on the corners, the next step is to hide the ghastly cords that are left hanging. We have covered that in a different article. Check out our blogs for more information.

Buying a Wall Mount? Here is what you need to know

Buying a Wall Mount? Here is what you need to know in SingaporeHaving a wall mount is a great idea. Today’s thin flat screen TVs look really great when mounted on a wall, not to mention the fact that they help you save on space. It is important to note that not every television mount you find in the market will be of the same quality. Before purchasing the Tv mount, there are a number of things you need to consider.

Your TV specifications

You don’t want to go out in the market and get just any type of a wall mount. You first need to check your TV’s specifications. Most of the TV mounts are designed to fit a specific size of a TV set and weight. There are mount designed for a 32 inch TV and if you go ahead to mount a 50 inch TV, there are high chances that your TV will crash down. Therefore, it is important that before buying the mount, you are aware of your TV specifications.

Consider the flexibility

While shopping for a TV mount, especially online, you want to choose a TV mount that is flexible. If you want to see your TV from other rooms, a good option for you to choose from is the pivoting wall mount. This helps you change the direction in which the TV is facing to optimize the picture on the screen. If you are considering to mount the TV above the eye level, then you need to consider investing in a TV mount that you will be able to tilt down to improve the quality of the picture. Fortunately, with most of the mounts available, you can be able to tilt and pivot.

A fixed or a moving mount?

This is one other factor that you need to consider. Are you looking for a mount that you can be able to move or one that is fixed on a wall? If the TV can be positioned at an ideal height which means, you will not be accessing the TV ports on a regular basis, the fixed TV mounts will help you simplify the installation and the TV will be close to the walls.

Positioning the TV

Lastly, where do you intend to mount the TV? If you are mounting the TV in the corner, you will need a specially designed TV mount for the corners. Here, a fully articulate TV mount is necessary to secure the mounting plate to the wall and keep the TV extended at all the times.

While selecting the TV mount, it is good that you keep in mind the mount style that you will need and pay special attention to the size and the weight that the mount can be able to hold. If you need help installing your new TV mount, contact TV Bracket in Singapore. Once the mount is installed, all you need to do is sit, relax and enjoy all your favorite shows.

Are TV Mounts Safe?

Are TV Mounts Safe in SingaporeMounting a flat screen TV on a wall can dramatically help you improve the quality of the living area and improve the TV viewing quality and flexibility. But are the TV mounts really safe? Imagine a quite expensive TV dangling on a wall? Isn’t that enough to send shivers all over your body? Tv mounts on the surface may look quite dangerous but they are also valuable safety features. If you have kids, or pets, who at times tend to be very clumsy, then TV mounts are the best option available.

Comparing the modern age of TV with old TVs, there’s a significant difference. First, the old TVs of the cathode ray tubes were huge, bulky and heavy and this might seem like a bad thing but it is not. With their bulkiness, it also meant that chances of an accident with them were rare. However, today’s TV is entirely different – very slim and lightweight. Their small stands mean they tend to be very tipsy especially the larger screens.

Here’s what you can do to prevent accidents

Accidents happen all the time but you can do something to prevent them from happening. If your TV sits on an entertainment center or on another furniture, there are strapping tools that you can use to anchor the TV and the furniture to the wall. However, larger pieces of the furniture present their own hazardous problems in that they can easily fall off, especially if we are dealing with a case of furniture with drawers or doors that the kids can use to climb or pull aimlessly. The main advantage of the Anti-strap materials is that it can be able to secure both the flat screen TV and the furniture to the wall.


TV wall mounts are the best and will guarantee you the safety of your kids and the TV itself. The TV mounts rely on the strength of the studs in the wall to hold up the TV. Our brackets and TV mounts have been tested and proven, which means that your TV will be safely held against the wall. We will make the process of installation so easy using our manuals and guides. Our customer care team is comprised of experts who are willing to walk you through the installation process to ensure that you get everything right. Having the TV strapped to the furniture might look okay, but that won’t guarantee you the safety of your TV or your kids or pets. Mounting the Tv will.


While the safety of the mounts has often been a subject of criticism, many experts agree that there can never be any safer way to ensure the safety of the Tv and of your kids other than the TV mounts. TV Brackets in Singapore is a company that has been dedicated to making sure that you get the best Mounts in terms of quality. Our mounts will also ensure that you not only can be able to position the screen for better viewing but also, it helps you transform your entire living room or the media room aesthetic.

Major Mistakes People Make When Mounting Their TV

Major Mistakes People Make When Mounting Their TV in SingaporeYes, it is true that wall mounting television can be a do-it-yourself job and can be down with your own hands. But there are many consequences if you don’t get it done properly and correctly. Almost everyone thinks that wall mounting LCD TV is easy to the point that they do not need professionals to help. But with the help of trusted companies that offers wall mounting installation services just like Tv Brackets Singapore, everything will be done successfully.

People Make a Wrong Choice of Wall Mount Bracket

The wrong choice of wall mount bracket is the most common mistake of many people when they install the television on their own. Just like with Tv Brackets in Singapore, they are offering a lot of wall mount brackets and each of them comes in different feature depending on the size of the LCD TV as well as its weight.  If you will purchase a wall mount bracket, ensure that it is strong and durable enough to hold your TV.

People Do Not Secure the Bracket on the Wall

Almost everyone thinks that installing or wall mounting a television is just putting or hanging it on the wall without thinking outside the box – and that’s totally wrong. When wall mounting a television, aside from knowing which type of bracket to use, it is important to secure the walls and know if they can hold safely your television for a long time.

People Do Not Use the Right and Proper Tools

Unlike with Tv Brackets in Singapore, their professionals use the proper and right tools to ensure the safety of wall mounting installation. In everything that you do, it is essential to use tools accordingly so that you can guarantee that you are doing the right thing.

People Do Not Calibrate Sound & Picture Properly

With your newly-purchased LCD television, you might think that it is ready to use – but no! Before you use your new television, you might want to calibrate the picture and its sound so that the sound will be clear and deep and the quality of the picture is better than ever. You just look for the settings and adjust it according to your liking.

People Mount the TV at Unfavorable Height

This mistake is a big no! If this happens, you will not be able to watch your favorite show or movie properly – and basically, you will not enjoy it. Your television needs to be at the right height so that everyone can watch comfortably.

Final Few Words

To make sure that you are not doing the same mistake just like other people did, hire a trusted company that offers Tv-related services like Tv Brackets Singapore. You may visit and talk to their professionals – because you deserve the best and comfortability.

Things You Should Know To Mount Your TV In The Corner?

Things You Should Know To Mount Your TV In The Corner in SingaporeAre you wondering if mounting your TV in the corner is the right choice for you? Well, it’s definitely one of the best solutions when you don’t have a lot of free space in your room and you want to expand your viewing angles.

Now, before buying a TV bracket Singapore there are some things that you should know.

You should make sure that the mounting bracket you’re buying is appropriate for your TV; you should check if the weight support is sufficient for your television and you must also know if your TV supports VESA standard.

If you want to, you can mount the TV mount onto the wall yourself. However, it’s not recommended if you do not have the required experience. But if you think you have what it takes, here are a few steps that will help you throughout the way.

The first step is to remove the base of the TV, and on most TV’s that’s easily done by removing some screws.

Next, you will have to attach the mount to your television; you should follow the instructions that come with your TV mount.

Now, before placing the TV in your preferable place, you should make sure there are no wooden studs, metal studs, pipe or wires in that place of the wall. There are a few devices you can buy that can help you with that. Now that you know which places of the wall you have to avoid you can proceed to the next step.

After you’ve made the required measurements, you can drill the bolts in the wall for the attachments and mount the TV mount onto the wall.

However, as mentioned before if you feel this is too much for you and you don’t have enough experience with stuff like this, it’s highly recommended you get professional help. A really recommended website is It does not only sell TV bracket Singapore but will also properly install it for you. They’re a professional trusted company and they have six years of experience.

The installation is fully taken care of and it’s included in the TV bracket price. So if you’re looking to buy a TV bracket Singapore you should really consider checking out their website .

One of the best things about this company is that it offers different types of TV mounts, you can buy fixed mount, a tilting mount, a full motion single arm mount, a ceiling mount, a gas strut ceiling mount, a full motion double arm mount, a TV table stand or a TV mobile stand. They come at different prices as well, so you’ll definitely find one within your price range.

Simple Steps to Follow to Wall Mount Your TV

Simple Steps to Follow to Wall Mount Your TV in SingaporeSingapore is a company that offers wall mounting installation for your television either residential or business. Wall mounting your television is a great way to save more space as it does not accumulate your flooring space. It is also ideal and perfect for everyone especially with those kids at home because when you wall mount a television, they cannot touch it or play with it. But if you think that you have enough knowledge about how to wall mount it, then you can do so. And if you aren’t sure how to do it correctly, then hire professionals to do the entire work – just like Tv Brackets Singapore.

STEP 1: Before anything else, allow yourself to know if the television you purchased is mountable. To check this, you can directly ask the employee who you dealt with or look for the manual of your newly-purchased television.

STEP 2: Select the appropriate mount for your LCD TV. There are different types of mounts available at Tv Brackets in Singapore, so this is not a big deal. If you aren’t sure which one to buy, then you can ask for their professionals to help you decide. In this step, you need to consider the size and weight of your TV.

STEP 3: Make sure that the wall you are going to mount your television is capable of handling it. That said, you will not be able to encounter future problems.

STEP 4: Decide how you are going to place your television on the wall. In this part, you need to consider the viewing angle of viewers and ensure that nothing blocks the entire view of the tv.

STEP 5: Make sure that there’s a socket nearby your LCD TV so that the wires are not totally visible to anyone. If there are any sockets nearby, then you can ask someone to make one.

STEP 6: Now, you need to have a finder for the stud so that you will know if there are any studs near your television.

STEP 7: In this step, you need to put together all the mounting rails at the back portion of the television.

STEP 8: Now’s the time to hang your new LCD TV. But first, you need to carefully read as well as understand the manual. Tighten all the screws.

STEP 9: You may now connect the cables to its proper position.

Final Verdict

Wall mounting any type of television is a tricky idea. A lot of people think that it is an easy job but the real thing is that they aren’t. With Tv Brackets Singapore, there are professionals that you can hire and communicate with so that the wall mounting procedure will be done safely.

Frequently asked Questions about TV Brackets

Frequently asked Questions about TV Brackets  in SingaporeCustomers have different questions crossing their mind about the particular product they want to purchase. This article will help in providing answers to some of the things you might be thinking about TV Brackets and NBSP.

How to Choose the Best Location for the TV Bracket in Singapore

Getting to pick the perfect spot to place your TV bracket is not as easy as it sounds. There are six different TV brackets in Singapore, each having various shapes and sizes. The different shapes and sizes could be a determining factor to choose where you will put your TV bracket. Setting your TV Bracket on the wall will make your room to be spacious and creates a nice angle. The compact style of TV Bracket in Singapore ensures smart home features, and it’s easy to install at home that’s why most people long for it. Choosing the right place should not be addressed with levity; it should be based on the particular TV mount you want. The six types of TV brackets in Singapore include Ultra-Thin, Tilting, Articulating, Swivel, Low Profile and Under-Cabinet.

Why a Full Motion TV Bracket in Singapore Is Always the Best Choice

Nowadays, virtually everyone who has one point in time bought a flat-panel design TV have the full knowledge of the advantages attached to its light weight and thin size. The new technology is advancing at a fast rate. The new designs are more appealing to senses and present a clearer picture.

Going by the name, a full Motion TV is multidimensional in its range of movement. This means you can set your TV allowing it to move freely away or towards the wall. Additionally, you can as well tilt it to whatever view that suits you, and the flat panel can probably be up or down.

The full motion TV Bracket is more expensive than others, and it requires technical assistance in for the installation. However, compared to the benefits and the sheer advantage, you will not at any point regret spending your last penny on the full motion TV.

How to Install a TV Wall Mount?

If you finally replaced your old television, with an advanced flat one, you have made a wise decision as it gives the room a good look. The process of installation can be complicated that’s why it’s better to get our service. If you are faced with the condition to install it on your own, below are the steps.

Get a TV bracket that’s compatible to your TV, lay your TV facing the glass down and locate the 4 holes at the back of your TV and tighten it with a screwdriver.

Secondly, mount your TV to the wall. You can make use of a stud finder, mark the stud with pencil and place the bracket on the wall to get them drilled. More preferably, get an expert and technical service from us. One cent one quality and also service is different if want cheap bracket cheap price but want good service it is difficult to find as well. We provide the best customer service and we not anyhow do business. If you have more questions about the TV brackets in Singapore, get in touch with us today.