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What You Ought to Know about TV Brackets before Buying Them

Different TV Bracket Characteristics If you’re planning to buy a, you have to do your research and no all about them before making your final decision. This is because there are many similar products that can offer you a lot of benefits. You have to be very intelligent in choosing the right TV bracket in Singapore.

Here are some of those things that you need to know about Singaporean TV brackets before buying them.

Different TV Bracket Characteristics

  1. The Size

First, you ought to know that these TV brackets vary not only in terms of design and function. These products all vary when it comes to size. The size of your TV bracket can depend on how much weight it can hold. In this regard, smaller brackets can hold smaller TV sets as well.

  1. Flexibility and Distance

The flexibility and distance by which the bracket functions efficiently is also something that can differ depending on the entire design of the product itself. Articulating brackets can definitely function to angle the TV much more extensively than a tilting TV wall mount for example.

The same goes for fixed TV wall mounts as well.

  1. The Designated Weight

As mentioned earlier, the weight of the wall bracket should be a consideration when buying it as well. The heavier the wall bracket, the better it would be for support. Buy a bracket that would be heavier than the TV you are trying to mount.

  1. The Specific Materials

In addition to this, the materials used to create the wall brackets should also be thought of when buying the product. The wall bracket materials should be durable enough to last for years. You can save more cash this way.

Metal brackets are far more robust and long-lasting than plastic ones for sure. Consult our website for more information regarding the different materials used to treat a TV bracket in Singapore.

  1. The Walls and Additional Installation Accessories

You should also think about your walls before buying the brackets. Most TV wall mounts and brackets are compatible with dry walls. They usually also come with different accessories that can help you install the mount effectively. These are as follows:

  • Metal bolts
  • Drywall anchors

However, if you’re going to install your brackets onto plaster or masonry walls, you would need stronger trinkets that usually don’t come with the TV wall mount package.

Don’t worry. Additional accessories for your television wall mount can be found in your local hardware store. Just take a short trip to your favorite hardware to get the materials.

Our company can give you detailed information about the different types of walls that you can certainly mount your TV on. If you’re not sure about your specific wall material and what kind of implements you can use to compliment the bracket, do visit the website for more information.

The Location

This is another factor that you should consider before buying TV wall brackets. You can’t just place your TV anywhere in the house. If you’re going to mount your TV onto the walls, make sure that your chosen location will be able to accommodate this new appliance efficiently.

Major Things to Avoid When Choosing the Right TV Bracket Location

Take note of the size of your TV. If you feel that the planes could be a bit cumbersome for the wall, do not place it there.

As much as possible, do not place it over the fireplace. The heat and embers from the fireplace can surely affect the mechanisms of the television set down the line.

If you want to save some space, it would be best to choose a smaller flat screen TV. This way, you won’t have to occupy the entire wall.

Main Demands on Customers Side

At the same time, if customers need the services of the company, the workers will come to the place and help in adjusting and fixing the TV.

  • Different sizes and shapes are available
  • Different color scheme are available
  • Different lengths are also there
  • Durable and flexibility of the product is guaranteed

Occasionally, customers are very choosy, they look into the product and want best. It is always remain challenging for TV Brackets to have to happy the customers. If you see the rates of their TV’s are as compare to the other shops in the market, you will come to know that a clear difference.


Now that you know everything with regards buying TV brackets, you should not have a hard time making the final choice.

If you want more data and professional help with installation or to learn more details about purchasing a TV bracket in Singapore, do not hesitate to contact TV Bracket SG as soon as possible.

The Best TV Brackets in Singapore: The Ultimate Criteria

The Best TV Brackets in Singapore: The Ultimate CriteriaWould you like to find the best TV bracket in Singapore? If the answer is yes, then you came to the right place. We will give you some of the best tips regarding the ultimate criteria when it comes to the most outstanding Singaporean TV bracket brands out there.

We at TV Bracket SG will also focus on giving you some key bits of information regarding what makes certain brands better compared to others. This way, you will be able to look for specific traits before you make a decision regarding your investment.

Top Features to Look For

  1. Ease of Usage and Maintenance

First, you have to make sure that you look for a bracket that will be easy to use. The TV wall bracket of your choosing should give you much comfort when watching. You should be able to easily maintain the product as well.

It should also be able to handle internal pressure and physical strain despite long hours of usage. You should not worry though because most Singaporean TV brackets offer instructions on how to keep it clean.

You can also contact our website for more information on how to protect your TV wall brackets from future damage. Our staff will surely be glad to help you out with everything that you may need.

  1. Product Longevity

Secondly, you have to look for the TV bracket that will last for very long time. Longevity is one of the most important characteristics of any product that you should watch out for.

Fortunately, this is also one of the best and most prominent qualities that the TV bracket in Singapore usually has no matter what the brand. This is why you will not have difficulties using Singaporean TV brackets at all.

  1. Affordability

Another thing that you should consider when trying to purchase brackets in Singapore would be affordability. Most of these particular products can be quite expensive. However, some are far cheaper than the others, so you have to be extremely discerning when it comes to the price.

When looking for TV wall mounts or brackets, tried to look for something that will give you much comfort while not hurting your pockets. This way, you will have the best of both worlds.

  1. Product Design

This is another consideration that you need to make when it comes to purchasing TV wall brackets. Would you like to have a fixed bracket, or something that could offer you a little range of motion when watching television?

There are specific designs that can cater to your needs. You just have to do your homework and research about these designs as much as you can before making the final decision. This way, you will have no regrets about buying the brackets in Singapore.

  1. Ease of Installation

You should also look for brackets that are easy to install. If you want to do the installation on your own, these products usually come with easy to follow instructions. Just make sure to read the Manual thoroughly before attempting to install the product. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

The Advantages of Working with Us

Our company will provide you with the best professional help if you at ever feel that you can’t handle the TV mount on your own.

We take care of all the customers so you can be assured that you will be able to get the best service out of our own company staff when it comes to mounting TV brackets at home. We will also give you some advice regarding maintenance so you don’t have to worry about handling this TV accessory if ever it malfunctions. Installation is not difficult rather very simple. A customer can do it at his own, but still if any kind of technical help is required, the staff is there to help. These TV brackets are also the alternatives of laptops. You can use them as an alternate of laptop. It can also adjust according to the space in the room or area. It is quite flexible to adjust according to the sitting position of the people. The bright colors are so catchy and while watching you feel so relaxed and comfortable. The volume and pitch of sound is clear and sooth the ears of the audience. The outside structure is also very strong and not fragile to break so easily.


Closing Statement

If you want to do some more research before deciding to buy a TV bracket in Singapore, please do not hesitate to visit our website. TV Bracket SG will always be here for you when you need us. You will not have any regrets when working with us for sure.



Solution for TV Monitor with Not Flat Back

Solution for TV Monitor with Not Flat Back in SingaporeIf you are seeking for a solution for your TV monitor not flat, it’s a difficult task, maybe as hard as you thought it. These days every television comes with different designs and mounting a TV monitor back not flat is tough. However, don’t worry if you are looking for a reliable company in Singapore to mount your TV monitor not flat the TV Bracket in Singapore is a trusted and well-experienced company and they will have all solutions for your TV monitor back not flat.

When you look to buy a TV bracket for your TV in Singapore, you’ll found huge TV brackets for your TV. Therefore, we at TV brackets we always give our customer the best advice so they can pick the right TV bracket for their TV. The market is very saturated and you have to be aware of low-quality brackets. Read this article to know how you can pick a solution for your TV monitor not flat.

Televisions that Can Be Hanged

Many people ask this question that they can mount all type of televisions. The answer is yes you can mount al the televisions technically. However, these days the manufacturers are making extra thin televisions to make them mount on the wall easily. However, what if you have a TV monitor with no flat back the TV Bracket in Singapore solutions for both flat and no flat TV monitors mounting. They are working in this industry from many years and they know which bracket id perfect for your TV monitor with no flat back. Just hire a professional from them and you can get your TV monitor mounted within hours and now you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows on your TV monitor with a not flat back but mounted on the wall.

Type of Wall Mount You Need

Well, at TV Bracket in Singapore they have a huge variety of TV brackets for TV monitors back not flat. It depends on your choice what is your need and what you want for your TV set. They serve you with various kind of TV mountings. They have 3 categories of TV mountings.

  1. Fixed Mountings

Fixed mountings cannot be moved and they keep your TV set hanged fixed with the wall. Fixed TV mountings are the most famous type of TV mountings in Singapore. These brackets are best for TV monitors with no flat back.

  1. Tilting Brackets

Tilting brackets are opposite to the fixed TV brackets, these type of brackets allow you to move your TV. You can move your TV side by side or down and up at the fixed angles. It will allow you to view your TV from different angles to enjoy more. These brackets are good and better options when you want to mount your TV at a high position as compared to a normal viewing position.

  1. Full Motion Brackets

Full motions brackets are modified and advance type of TV brackets and these brackets allow you to move your TV monitor back not flat at any position you want. TV brackets expert professionals have experience and they can fix your back not flat TV monitor to the full motion TV brackets so you can enjoy watching your favorite movies at any angle or position.

Bottom Line

To sum up, while shopping TV Brackets in Singapore always make sure to pick the right bracket for your TV monitor with not flat back from TV bracket SG. If you try it on your own, it’s very tough hiring a professional from TV brackets will save your time and they’ll do it better than you. With years of experience in this industry now, they know all the pros and cons of TV brackets. Hanging your TV monitor with not flat back is tough as compared to flat back television, so always hire a professional from TV brackets to safely mount you not flat back TV monitor.

TV bracketSg is a licensed company and have several years of experience, many companies are working in this industry without a license and they don’t know how to pick the right TV bracket for your TV. If you want to install your TV bracket correctly must consider buying it from TV bracketSg and enjoy watching your tv more comfortably and joyfully.

Installing Your Multi-TV Monitor Ceiling Mount in Singapore

Installing Your Multi-TV Monitor Ceiling Mount in tv bracket Singapore A lot of people are fond of using a TV for entertainment – and for businessman and women, televisions are very useful to their business. It plays a huge role when it comes to advertising. These televisions are a great way to know what kind of business they are offering. There are many types of TV wall mounts and in this article, we are going to tackle the Multi-TV monitor ceiling mount that can be found in airports.

Why Use Multi-TV Monitor Mount?

There are many types of TV brackets in Singapore and all has its use. For now, we are going to talk about multi-monitor mounts. These mounts can hold and accommodate 2 screens at a time or more specifically on wall, countertop, and ceiling. So, where you will see multi-monitor mounts? This type of TV bracket in Singapore is commonly found in different businesses like lounges, hotels, casinos, medical office, security rooms, and lobbies. Furthermore, restaurants, as well as retail stores, are using multi-TV monitors along with multiple TV brackets in Singapore so that they can clearly advertise their specialties to the people, announce or let people know about their upcoming events, and broadcast their menu so people can see it and choose from it.

So, why do you need to use a multi-TV monitor mount? All in all, using a multi-TV monitor mount is specifically for people who own a business. They use it for advertising their business and services sold to people.

Guide When You are Planning to Buy Multi-TV Monitor Mount

If you have a big business and you are planning to use multi-TV monitor mount as well as TV brackets in Singapore to help you advertise and promote your business and services, there are things you need to consider. First, make sure that all the flat or LEC screen you are going to use are compatible with VESA. Once your televisions are compatible with VESA, you have peace of mind that it is fitted with most of the TV brackets in Singapore.

Are Multi-TV Monitor Mounts Suitable for Business and Home Use?

Just like what we have mentioned earlier, multi-TV monitor mounts and multiple TV brackets in Singapore are ideal for business use. However, if a homeowner chooses to use it when displaying their flat-screen TVs, there would be no problem with it.

  • Multi-TV monitor mounts are commonly seen in offices, but it can also be used in your home – it only depends on your choice and decision.
  • Flat television mounts can hold different numbers of LCD screens.
  • Using multi-TV monitor mounts will cost you less because you can put two screens in one TV bracket in Singapore.

Installing Multi-TV Monitor Ceiling Mounts

  • Recalling what we have mentioned above, multi-TV monitor mounts can be installed on desktops, walls, and ceilings.
  • If you will choose to use a ceiling mount, it includes an adjustable pole along with a certain bracket placed at the top of it to secure and fasten the overhead surfaces. Make sure to screw it to the structure and ensure that you will attach studs or even rafters.

Benefits of Using Multi-TV Monitor Mounts

Multi-TV monitor mounts have more benefits than other types of ceiling mounts. It makes you even more productive and lessens the strain of your eyes along with your neck in the entire day of work. Here are the following benefits multi-TV monitor mounts can provide:

  • Compact workspace
  • Prevent eye & neck strain
  • Improves productivity
  • Focused workspaces
  • Easily seek the attention of people

It does not matter whether how many LED screens you plan or decide to use as long as it will give and provide you the freedom to work efficiently. Furthermore, using a multi-TV monitor mount will help you monitor easily your work. With a multi-TV monitor mount, you would not be needing again separate mounts and control it separately. When buying the best multi-TV monitor mount and multiple TV brackets in Singapore, make sure to buy the best one and made of high-quality materials because your screens will be at stake and you do not want to have it broken easily. Additionally, you should let professionals and experts install it. 


 Choose a Stand Monitor Mount

tv Choose a Stand Monitor Mount in SingaporeWhenever anyone is planning to make home or office more presentable, the need of a smart and vibrant TV is very important. It gives a very stylishly look and also shows the taste of the honor. TV Monitor Mount is a strong but flexible ergonomic arm that supports the monitors. There is a major difference between traditional and monitor mount, as it allows you to adjust the position, lock the position, and adjust height, angle or position the monitor according to your choice. But on the other hand, the traditional monitors were in stationary locked position. Even though, if you have two monitors, you can use monitor mount to find the impeccable arrangement of the two, so they are smooth and easy to look at. So in this regard TV bracket in Singapore is a company that is totally trustworthy and help to buy in the right monitor mount for its customers.

Major qualities of using Monitor Mount

There are many benefits of using monitor mounts TV bracket in Singapore. The very first one benefit is that it increases the work efficiency level. For instance, if you are using only a laptop to do your work, you are probably wasting a lot of time because it can be frustrating to switch back and forth between multiple windows while just to complete one simple task. So, having two monitor mounts is a better choice as you will have three screens, and you can easily find, view and edit your work.  It also reduces your neck pain. When you are spending long hours to complete your work, it would have started pain in neck and you cannot even concentrate on your work in laptop. Instead of using laptop, you can replace it with the monitor mount and can take care of your health and at the same time to produce the quality work. As such monitors will not only allow you to adjust the screen and its position. It will reduce the discomfort and for a correct ergonomic position, you should be able to look at your monitor straight-on without looking anywhere and your neck should be relaxed. The use of monitor mount will also help you to prevent the eye strain. It is very tiring to star the screen the whole day, it will make you tired, dry eyes and particularly, if it is a screen that is too close or too far from your face. So monitor mount is about an arm’s length away from your face with the top of the monitor titled slightly away from you. Monitor mount also gives you a choice that you can have a sit-stand versatility. Like it is not necessary to work only in one single position. When you feel tired, you can change you position, e.g. if you are working in standing position you can sit and vice versa. Monitor mount provides the facility of enhanced focus. It helps you to improve your posture. Normally, when you are using laptop, you do not care about the position and posture, but after sometimes, you start uneasiness and pain in different parts of your body, specifically neck. After using, monitor, desk and chair are all ergonomically aligned and will reduce the work tension as well. On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable, even unconsciously, it’s hard to focus. So improving your posture will not only prevent back problems, it will make you happier, more active and productive as well. So, to sum up about the benefits and advantages of the use of the monitor mount, it can be said that they are to help in;

  • Still-stand versatility
  • Enhanced focus
  • Improved posture
  • Remove the neck pain
  • Increase work capacity
  • Make you more efficient

So, customers/consumers can easily trust and reply on TV bracket monitor mount in Singapore. TV bracket provides you installation services as well. Customers can mount at home but it is recommended that it is best if you hire a company like TV bracket. If you do installation by yourself, it looks simple but sometimes might meet some issues and there the company professionals are ready to help consumers. The company has reliable professionals that are ready to help the customers in fixing and ending any problem regarding installation. This is a trusted company and one can trust blindly, it has its name and a very positive repo in the world of industry from the past six years. It is a registered company and pays much more importance to customer services.



How to Customize Your Monitor Stand

How to Customize Your Monitor Stand in SingaporeIf you want to customize your monitor stand, it might be good to invest in a durable solution. Sure, you can purchase a new monitor stand or you can customize your existing stand too. These days more and more people are using computers at home or at their workplace. Monitors are now becoming an integral portion of workspace. People are spending most of their time in front of the monitor, therefore the issue of safety and comfort has been addressed. Spending lots of time in front of a monitor at the workplace can cause back pain and neck pain related issues. IF you don’t place your monitor at the right position it can cause eye complications too.

Ergonomic engineers are working constantly to build the latest desktop monitor stand to overcome issues related to monitor stands. The single adjustable monitor stands are used to reduce strain on the human body. If you are struggling with the same problem and want to customize your monitor stand, the TV Bracket in Singapore have all the solutions for customization of your monitor stand. They are working in this field for many years and they know what is right for your monitor and what you need to customize your monitor stand.

How to Choose Right Stand for Your Monitor

If you are looking for your monitor stand customization, it’s a good idea.  Monitor stands come in various sizes and designs, everyone has their own taste also depends on their needs. If you have no idea how you can customize your monitor stands don’t worry TV Bracket in Singapore have the best monitor stands for you and they also help you to choose the right kind of monitor stand for your monitor. These stands come with an adjustable height of 2.3 to 7.5 inches, this will help you to adjust your monitor according to your comfort position. It will help you to level your monitor to give you extra comfort and flexibility.

Some stands come with a stable design and can be tilt up to 30 degrees, it means you can set your monitor to any position safely because they have a very wide base to hold the weight of the monitor. You can use these stands at your home too for watching your favorite shows and movies. The title feature of these monitor stands by TV Bracket Sg is best for giving you extra flexibility and comfort. Let’s take a look at some important steps to pick the right kind of monitor stand.

Step 1: The first thing is to consider is your monitor size this is the most important inquiry to pick the right stand for your monitor. If you pick a stand that cannot bear the weight of your monitor, it can increase the chances of damaging your monitor. Always hire a professional from TV Bracket in Singapore to make sure you’ll buy the right monitor stand.

Step 2: Are you using your monitor individually or it’s a shared monitor? Some organizations can’t afford many monitors for every individual. Keep this factor in your mind and TV Bracket in Singapore expert professional will help you out to buy the right kind of monitor stand so it can work for both individual and sharing a purpose.

Step 3: Monitor usage plans. How you are planning to use the monitor it’s an important point to consider while choosing a monitor stand for your monitor. Do you are going to use your screen daily or going to use your monitor periodically? If you are going to use your monitor for long hours, it’s a good idea to select an adjustable monitor stand so you can work flexibly.

Finally, this decision is yours which type of monitor stand you need for your work. At TV Bracket in Singapore, their monitor stands can bear a screen of 17-27’’, and support a load of 4.4 to 14lbs*per arm*. Their mounting framework can give you 360-degree rotation and gives you 180-degree swivel. TV brackets have trained professionals and they can customize your monitor stand better than you can. It looks easy to customize your monitor stand but it’s difficult. TV brackets have years of experience in this field and it better to take their help and customize your monitor according to your need.


This is Why You Need TV Mobile Stand KLC151 or KLC181 from TVBracketSG

klc151 and klc181 tv mobile stand in singaporeAre you looking for mobile stand with solid modern look for your TV? Look no further than TV mobile stand KLC151 or KLC181 from TVBracketSG Singapore. The height is adjustable, they are very solid with modern look, and they are very suitable for either home or commercial use.

Why Choose TV Mobile Stand KLC151 and KLC181

There are many reasons associated with buying TV mobile stand models KLC151 and KLC181. Read on to know the benefits of these stands.

  1. Steel Constructed and Well-built

This stand is particularly built from high-grade steel sheet material that will last for a very long period. With these TV mobile stands, you can be assured that your TV will not fall when you are moving the stand around your home. The sturdiness of these stands is just extraordinary. They are suitable for mounting nearly all 23″ to 60″ HDTV flat panel, LED, and LCD Televisions.

  1. TV Mobile Stands are Safe and Practical

These mobile stands are easy to move, and can be used in several places such as delivery shopping malls, conference rooms, workplaces, or other spacious rooms.
TV mobile stands showcase incorporated cord administration system and securing wheels to make sure that your tools stays neat and safe.

  1. Angle-adjustable

When it comes to viewing angle, these mobile television stands can give you a great viewing angle. You can rotate the installing brace forward and backward by almost 20-degree. In addition, the part that changes the angle is small style, and not loose or too tight.

  1. TV Mobile Stand Singapore Saves Space

The layout of the mobile stand is structured stamping, very attractive, and conserves space. It comes with a height-adjustable glass rack to display magazines, DVD players, gaming consoles, and also other small items.

  1. Top Quality Item in all Ramifications

TV mobile stands from TVBracketsSG are manufactured of heavy duty steel. They are well machined, and will take care of your level screen without problem. This product is easy to assemble and your TV can easily be readjusted even when set up. The wheels rotate on sphere bearings and roll over carpet quickly.

It is VESA compatible and will adapt to nearly all the available flat screens. The LCD display of the mobile stand is sleek and will match in nearly any environment.

Welcome to


Take a while to check out for our TV mobile stand products at  

We are the best supplier of all kinds of universal TV Brackets and provider of excellent TV mobile stand stands sales and installation in Singapore. No other supplier has a product line-up that contains so many different types of products like us.

Our product line-up includes:

(1) Fixed Brackets
(2) Tilting Brackets
(3) Full Motion Single Arm Mounts
(4) Full Motion Double Arm Mounts
(5) Ceiling Mounts
(6) TV Table Stands
(7) TV mobile Stands
(8) Gas Strut TV Mounts
(9) Gas Strut Desktop/Monitor Mounts

If you want to buy television mobile stand from TVBracketSG, all you need to do is to go to or Call / SMS / Whatsapp : +65 9183 7250. You can also send an email to:


More Monitors in Your Workspace, More Fun in Singapore

More Monitors in Your Workspace, More Fun in SingaporeResearch has it that people can perform better and get more work done if they have more screen area and using multiple monitors. Here at Tv Bracket Singapore, we have experimented this and found this to be true. Using multiple monitor mounts is a simple way to double or even triple your working area. However, even though there is an advantage of having multiple screens in your working area, that doesn’t mean that it would be the best option for you or for anyone else. That will depend on how you work, the programs you intend to run and the amount of desktop available for you, not to forget the amount of money that you are willing to spend.

What Does It Mean to Have More Monitors in Your Working Area?

First of all, having multiple mounts in your working space simplifies your work load. It enhances your focus and thus productivity. Tv Bracket Singapore advocates for the use of multiple monitors in your working area however, there is also a downside to that. If you are considering using a stand mount, having multiple monitors might not work for you and therefore, it would mean dedicating a large floor area to support monitors.

This is a costly undertaking, and it would definitely not work where the room is small. In addition to that, it would also mean that you have to sacrifice additional space just to hold the monitors. If you decide to mount the monitors, it would force you to go for multiple single mounts, which would not be worth. Therefore, having multiple monitors is a good option to go for when you need to simply work but a costly one.

TV Bracket Singapore Solution to Multiple Monitor Mounting

While multiple mounting can be advantageous to the user due to the versatility and increased focus, we cannot ignore the fact that multiple monitors requires additional installation costs, a lot of space which in most cases is a hustle for the user.

Tv bracket Singapore has a work around to this problem. Gas strut monitor mount is a mount that allows installation of multiple mounts with so much ease and added features that allows precise customization. While it is possible to get a single gas strut mount from TV bracket Singapore stores, we would recommend getting a dual mount for each pair of monitors.

A gas strut monitor mount from Tv bracket Singapore is one of the best monitor mounts. It is powerful, stable and comes with a lot of customization features. All of which are meant to help you position your television in order to get the best from your work space.

While you can also beat the problem using a large desk workspace, imagine the space area it will cost you, more than you will obviously stretch from time to time which defeats the purpose of multiple mounts. With mounting, the screens are made to appear as if they are fixed in one point. This enhances focus.

Advantage of A Gas Strut Mount From Tv Bracket Singapore

A gas strut monitor mount is one of the most powerful mounts from Tv bracket Singapore. Not only does the mount make the work easier for the user by simplifying the work area and space, it also helps the user add more customization features.

With this mount, you can adjust your viewing height appropriately such that you get optimal viewing while working. In addition, this mount allows you to adjust the angle of the television appropriately. With a gas strut monitor mount, you get a good immersion of your screen which enhances your viewership experiences. Lastly, with the gas strut mount your work performance is significantly. This is so because of the improved focus that you get because of mounting.


While there are many hindrances when it comes to multiple mounting, especially related to cost and space, multiple mounting of the monitors is one of the best things to do to improve your work space. With a gas strut monitor mount from TV bracket Singapore, you can work through those hindrances effectively. We offer this mount in a single or double package, more than that, if you need advice on how to go about installation, contact us for more details.

How to Set Up Dual Monitor Mounts

How to Set Up Dual Monitor Mounts by tvbracketsg.comAccording to an article that was published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, more than 80 percent of the people who have computers in their home suffer or complain about severe back pains. Most of these problems occur mostly because of the poor sitting posture while working on computers in Singapore. Poor posture occurs due to some several reasons, one of the prominent one being a poor setting of the working space. Wrong positioning of the computer causes stiff necks and a strain on the eyes, and the back.

Use A Gas-Strut Desktop Mount

Tv Brackets Singapore is a company that deals specifically with mounts and brackets in Singapore. The company was established in 2012 and has continuously been the leading supplier of universal and multi-size range of tv brackets and stands in Singapore. The company, apart from offering affordable and quality television brackets, it specializes in the installation and assembly services for all types of televisions, be it LED, LCD, OLED, Plasma, curved and commercial televisions. If you have any question or would need professional advice on the installation or purchase, contact us today or check out our store for the most quality and affordable television mounts.

Setting Up the Dual Monitor Mounts

One of the main reasons why should consider a desktop mount is for health reasons. With a desktop mount, you can be able to customize the mount to your specifications, that is, height, angel and depth for optimal viewing. More than that, a desktop mount also allows you to decluster your working space. TV bracket Singapore suggests the following steps necessary to set up a dual monitor mount.

Step One: Choose A Desktop Mount

One of the first steps, even before going ahead to determine the location of the mount or how to mount it, you have to choose the right desktop mount that you will be comfortable with. Tv bracket Singapore has a variety of these highly specialized mounts to choose from. Check from our store the desktop mount that you will be comfortable.  I would recommend using the gas strut monitor mount as it offers superb customization features.

Step Two: Assemble the Various Part of The Mount and Attach

Basically, as with most of the mounts in the market, they always come detached and you have to assemble the various parts of the mount to make a complete, well organized mount that can be mounted on to a wall. The process is fairly simple. TV Bracket Singapore offers the assembly process, we will walk you through it, so that at the end of it, you’ll have a complete gas strut monitor mount. The package comes with all the necessary tools that you need to connect together to make the different parts of the mount.

Step Three: Attach the Clamp to The Desktop

After assembling the various parts of the mount, you need to attach the clamp to the desktop by placing the washers at the top of the clamp’s bolt, and sliding it on to your desktop. Using a wrench, tighten the bolt until it is secure.

Step Three: Adjusting the Clamp

At times when setting up the mount, you might find that the clamp is not fitting the desk. Here at TV Bracket Singapore, we recommend not going ahead with the process until adjusting the clamp appropriately. You can do this by unscrewing the two bolts and then removing the lower clamp from the main clamp assembly. After making sure you have your clamp attached well, reassemble the clamp so as to make sure that it fits the desk well.

Step Four: Attach the Dual Arm

This is fairly simple all you need to do is to insert the dual arm in to the clamp set up. In addition, insert the two gas arms into the dual adapter. Lastly, insert both the horizontal rms into each gas arm. Caution, for this process to work, you have to make sure that you have the set up on the clamp part is nicely done. Otherwise, you will keep on reassembling your set up every now and then.

Step Five: Monitor Attachment

After setting up the dual mount, the next step is to place the monitor. When doing this, place the monitor face down on a plain surface, this is a precaution we advise people in order to make sure they don’t scratch the television in any way. Attach the vesa mounts on the back of each monitor using a screw driver.

These are the five steps that TV bracket Singapore advise you to follow when setting up the monitor mounts. Once the monitor attachment is complete, insert the horizontal arms tighten them and that should be it. The process is fairly simple and very straightforward.

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Importance of TV Brackets in Modern Era

Importance of TV Brackets in Modern Era in singaporeTV is one of the most significant need of the time. Nobody denies it’s important as it is the part of every place, whether public or private. To make a right choice of the company is important whenever anyone needs TV. It is such product which needs to buy for a longer time period. Being customers, it is the duty to survey and know which company is more reliable and trustworthy. TV Bracket in Singapore is one the most influential company which has the motto to provide best product in reasonable amount. That is why, the demand is increasing day by day. People show more interest in buying TV Bracket in Singapore and the business is flourishing very fast. The company deals its customers in both ways; online and in real market.

Modern Era and TV Brackets Role

TV Bracket in Singapore is very stylish in designs and make a best choice for your place to make it complete.Company values the consumers and customers and the preference is to provide paramount services to them. There TV’s are best in shapes and one can adjust them according to the height, position or angle. If it compare with the traditional monitors they were in stationary locked position. Even if one has two different monitors, they can be adjust and it is not a big deal. 21st century has made many revolution in the field of electronic products, the trend of trend is totally new and old traditional TV’s are no more in the market.

Characteristics of TV Brackets

Before buying any product it is important to know the characteristics of that product. It helps to buy the right product. There are different ways to come to know about the products qualities. Nowadays, due to the increasing trend of online shopping, customers usually give the feedback. Such feedbacks are important not only for the new customers but also to the company. It will help them to see the demand of the product in the market and if the reviews are negative then there are chances to make it better. Usually, TV Bracket which is only six years journey in the market, the customers reviews are very encouraging and pleasing the company which make the workers more energetic and motivated towards the efficient of the products. The size and looks are very attractive for the customers. Company paid special attention towards it so, people can get rid of the old style and more enjoy while using it. Following are the major advantages of TV Brackets;

  • It increases the work efficiency level
  • It is still-stand versatility
  • It enhances the focus
  • It also helpful in improving the posture
  • It removes the neck pain
  • It increases the work capacity
  • It makes your more efficient

Customers Choice

In conclusion, it can be said that customers should trust and rely on TV Bracket Monitors. They provide you installation services, if customers can mount at home, it is good but if they need the company’s services that is excellent. This company is a big challenge for the already giant companies in the market which have big name and history. Company also provides the professional services and facilities. The staff of the company is very efficient and wants the happy customers. They have the motto that if customer is happy, they get their reward at its best. The company is most authentic and reliable even for outside the Singapore.  It can happen when you are installing yourself, it looks simple but sometimes might meet some issues and then company’s people can help you out in providing the services and fixing the problem. Reliable professionals are working in the company and they try their best to develop a positive relationship between company and customers. This company is new and only a history of six years but in this short span of time, the reputation is quite brilliant. It is competing the other giant companies in the market. The valuable comments from the customers are also very helpful in improving the quality and reliability of the products. It is a registered company and with only agenda to provide services to the consumers 24/7. The quality is improving by each passing day. Within the six years the progress is marvelous. It is only because of the consumers trust on the company. It will progress with providing more quality TV Brackets in the market.