Best TV Wall Mount Ideas and Tips for wall mounting a TV

Best TV Wall Mount Ideas and tips for wall mounting a tv in SingaporeBest TV Wall Mount Ideas

As most of us already know, a TV set is an important part of the living room. Not only because it is an entertainment source, but it has a major impact on the feel and looks of your home as well. When you are deciding on the style of your living room, you need to consider how you are going to mount your TV set. The TV is going to be the centerpiece of the space and it also has to show your preferred style and feel.

Some great ideas for TV wall mounts are:

  1. Fit a gliding panel

While this style might look more like a country-styled paneled wall, but the middle area of this style can slide away, exposing your beautiful TV set. To achieve this style, the mount your TV set on the bracket and build a superficial cabinetry around it. A lot of brackets can be used for this style. The Static Arm bracket is most commonly used for this purpose.

  1. TV Wall mount with storage space

Fitting your TV set within an integrated storage shelve will help solve two problems in a single go – producing a spot that is free of any hassle for your possessions and you can mount your TV set with racks of the same approximate size. In this style, the TV set seems to be the only attribute to this wall. The walls full of shelving can be opened by opening each side.

  1. Simple TV mount

If you want to install your TV set looking modern and streamlined in your living space, you can set up a drifting credenza. Choose the black color to match your TV; additionally, the color will also give you an impressionable and simplified shelving of all your other black boxes.

  1. Gallery wall includes a wall-mounted TV set

An asymmetrical gallery wall filled with graphic illustrations, family photographs, and motivational phrases will look great when a TV set is included among them. Additionally, you can make use of retro lockers-inspired cabinets that will bring a very minimalistic feel to your viewing room. A white-washed wall is an added advantage.

The above are just some of the bright ideas one can come across while fitting a TV bracket in their room. Whatever design you choose, you just need to make sure that your viewing pleasure is not compromised at all; this is the reason why you have purchased a TV bracket. For the best TV bracket Singapore, make sure you get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Tips for wall mounting a TV

Mounting a flat screen TV on the wall makes a lot of sense as it frees up floor space at home. But, the project can present itself as intimidating to some people. Mounting a TV set can be an easy and quick job, but can feel very complex at times. The entire process consists of putting four bolts in the wall to hold the TV bracket and hanging the TV set on it; the job is that simple.

Here are some tips if you cannot grip a handle on the job:

  1. Always buy long cables

You should opt for longer cables than you think you might need. This is a tip that is ignored by a lot of people. It does not really matter if the TV is sitting on a stand or being hanged on a wall, you should always opt for longer cables. The extra wire can always be hidden. If the cables are too short, they might damage your equipment, not reach the power plugs, or fall off.

  1. Straightening an unleveled TV set

DIY methods always end up with TV sets that do not look quite level. One way to correct this is to force it into being level. The success of this method depends on how snug the bolts are. If they are not over-tight, you have a little room to level the TV set. If this does not work, you can loosen the bolts holding the arms and push them up and down while tightening them.

  1. Hiding the cords in the wall

Of course, there is nothing more visually disturbing than tangled wires exposed on the back of your TV set. But hiding them is very easy and cheap. You can purchase a power bridge kit or an IWPE (in-wall power extension). These are kits that contains everything you need to run power to your TV set while hiding the exposed wires. Also, it is not legal to drop the extension cord to the wall instead of installing an outlet in some places.

The above are just some tips that you can make use of if you have decided to hand yourself the task of wall mounting your TV set on the wall. But, it should be reminded that it is a very risky job and you might end up with a smashed TV set. For hanging TV bracket Singapore, make sure that you get in touch with us.