YOUR ADJUSTABLE CHOICE-TV Mobile Stand in SingaporeHave you been in a conference room during a presentation, and the screen seems too far for everyone to get the message comfortably? I know you’ve been in one. At TVBracketSG, our mounts are portable and built to bear the weight of your TV. To have the ability to move your display around to whatever position you want is very important in several scenarios. For instance, a trade show, you can easily set up and move to the most optimal spot, and for the classroom, you can also wheel the stand in and out whenever it is required.

Our range of large TV mobile stands gives our clients the freedom to take your presentation wherever you want. You can go making that presentation without any failure and damaged units and be totally confident because we only stock top quality TV mobile stands in the market.

Our stands also come with space for other TV components, and the varying sizes of stands are discussed below. We have the small, medium, and the large size for you to select from depending on your display dimensions and weight.

The 1.6m stand is ideal for a TV of 32″ to 65″ and a weight limit of 50kg. It complies with the VESA distance of 660mm × 430mm and has a tilt of approximately -15° to +15°. It has a mounting height of 1.3m to 1.5m and a base size of 910mm by 680mm.

Special Features:

  • The height and shelf are adjustable and

The 1.8m stand is suitable for TV sizes of 32″ to 65″ and a weight of 50kg. It has a 660mm x 430mm (Max) and a tilt of -15º ~ + 15º. It has a mounting height of 1.5m to 1.7m, which is the adjustable and base size of 910 x 680mm.

Special Features:

  • This mobile stand is correctly built for conferences

Our KLC151 stand fits TV sizes if 32″ to 65″ and a weight of 45kg. It complies with VESA distance of 100x100mm to 600x400mm and has no tilt. It has a height adjustment of 1030mm(40.5″) ~ 1530mm (60.2″).

Special Features:

  • Base size of 850mm x 600mm

Our KLC181 stand is for TV sizes of 55″ – 80″ and a weight limit of 90.9kg. It complies with VESA distance of 100x100mm to 800x500mm and has no tilt. It has a height adjustment of 1350mm – 1650mm and a base size 1000mm x 680mm

Special Features:

  • It is black and has both wheel lock and cable management.

Our heavy-duty stand is for TV sizes of 60″ to 100″ and a weight of 90.9kg. It complies with VESA distance of 200x200mm to 1000x600mm and has no tilt. It has an adjustable height of 1390mm(54.7″) ~ 1740mm (68.5″) and a base size of 1305mm x 669mm.

Special Feature:

  • It has a wheel lock mechanism and cable management.

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When we operate, we sell only the best quality products as that is our highest priority for our customers.

  • Affordable prices

The unit the cost of our products doesn’t come cheap but it is highly affordable. At TVBracketSG, we offer reasonably priced products and services and we ensure that the products and services we offer are worth the fees we charge you.

  • Durable and Solid materials

Every one of the mounts you see on our website has been designed with quality and solid materials at the front and center of the mind. Our TV Mobile Stand is of good quality, durable. With our TV Mobile Stand, you are able to move your TV to your comfortable position.

  • Quality craft.

At TVBracket, we are thoughtful and creative in our ergonomic design. We understand that every office should be able to gain access to an active work environment and we endure that happens.

Apart from the above listed, we also deliver the TV mobile stand to your doorstep as we have readily trained and experts who will ensure that your products get your doorstep safely and in one piece.


You shouldn’t wait until the ships are down before you identify the brand with the best features and identity. Your home deserves the best electronics and electronic accessories. Of course, these have to come from a reliable brand with proven experience, and TVBracketSG – TV Bracket Singapore is the deal.