Why Freelancer TV Bracket Installation Will Ruin Your TV Bracket Experience

One of the most important advantages of having a flat screen TV is that you can mount it on the wall once you have purchased the best TV brackets in Singapore. One of the most important advantages of having a flat screen TV is that you can mount it on the wall once you have purchased the best TV brackets in Singapore. A flat-screen television is an expensive item in your home, and therefore you need to be careful about how to go about doing the installation. Hiring a professional company to do the installation for you is the best bet. Most companies that sell TV brackets will already have their own technicians to do the job for you at a fee.

Most people find these technicians expensive and opt to do the installation on their own. It might look like it is an easy task until you encounter difficulties that you cannot handle. Imagine how difficult it is to hang pictures on the wall? Now imagine hanging a large picture on the wall and how cumbersome it can get? The process of mounting your brackets on the wall keeping in mind that the television will not be attached to the TV Bracket when installing, then connecting the TV only to realize that the TV bracket is crooked, removing and re-mounting the bracket again is not a job for the faint-hearted. Therefore we advise that you hire a professional TV bracket installer.

Although many freelancers do the job at a lower price than most registered companies, the risks that come with hiring them is quite expensive.

Why you should not hire freelancers.

 They have no physical address

Freelancers are just that, freelancers with no physical address and no physical contacts to reach them at in case of a problem. Sometimes everything can go well during mounting, but then a few days later you realize there is a problem that might destroy your TV and you need a quick fix. There are no guarantees that you will find the freelancer since he has no address where you can launch a complaint.

 No Background check

Most legitimate companies will send you a professional and will give you a background check on their qualifications and experience. They will also allow you to do a background check since they have a legit website where other customers have left feedback. You will, therefore, hire someone that you have vetted giving you that confidence you need.  Freelancers, on the other hand, have no background information, and you will have to rely on their word. You will, therefore, be putting your TV and walls at risk since you are not really sure if they can do the job.

  1. They are expensive

Since there are no contracts signed when hiring freelancers, chances of getting over-charged are quite high. This can happen in two ways; one is when during installation, and the freelancers come up with a list of items that they claim you need to buy to complete the process. Since you have nowhere to check whether you need those items, then you have no option but to believe them and yet the items might have been unnecessary if you had hired a registered company. The items may not even be bought, and you have no way of verifying if they were used in the installation process. The other way you can lose money is when you break your TV due to wrong installation, and you have no place to claim, then you bear the cost of replacement all by yourself. Although the initial cost might look cheaper than most registered companies, you end up paying more at the end of the day.

Final thoughts

Freelancers might look like the right choice, but we always encourage our customers to hire only good and vetted companies to install their TV’s once they have purchased the best TV brackets in Singapore. We also offer not only the best TV brackets in Singapore but also the most professional TV installation services. Once you check us on our website which is https://www.tvbracketsg.com/blog/ and we assure of full support to ensure you enjoy your TV viewing.

We are a registered company, and we have been in operation for more than six years; therefore, we are experienced and professional in our work. Installing your TV might look easier, but we will help you save time, choose the right placement, ensure correct mounting, and hide hanging wires.

We have a physical address where you can reach us easily in case of any complaints on any of the services offered. There are also no hidden charges, and you pay for only what was agreed. Hire us today for the best experience.