Where to put the TV if you have a Fireplace

ceiling mount tv bracket in SingaporeOver the years, this has become one of the topics that has drawn a lot of attention from home designers and most people have debated on where to locate the TV especially where the fireplace is involved. In most cases, most people have come out to say that a TV placed above the Fireplace presents an uncomfortable viewing angle. This is in some instances can be true because the TVs mounted over the fireplace will be above the eye level while seated.

However, here at TV Brackets Singapore, we have come up with some ideas to solve this problem. Read on to find out what you can do to help you bring closer the TV to the eye level if the mounting area is above the natural viewing height.

Mounting the TV over the fireplace

I have seen most expert disapprove of this claiming that mounting the TV above the fireplace is not a good idea. However, you might agree that this is a growing trend. There are two big advantages of having the Tv mounted over the fireplace;

  1. Mounting the TV above the fireplace when done correctly is an easy way that will help you create an overall balanced look with the TV on the top and the Fireplace below.
  2. Mounting the Tv over the fireplace will help you create a focal point which can simplify the furniture arrangement. This is achievable because you are not trying to structure the room layout around two competing focal points (Tv mounting area and the Fireplace).

Depending on the type of the mount that you use, you will find that some will help you mitigate the unnecessary neck strain. While it may seem like a good idea to have a fixed amount, tilting or the full motion Tv mounts are the best options.

Placing the TV next to the fireplace

Nowadays, many homes come with built-ins that are perfectly designed to house a TV so that it can rest in balance with the fireplace and other surroundings. In some cases, you might find that the house has no recessed built-in space for the TV, even so, this should not present any problem as you can use the space near the fireplace in a similar sense.

Unlike placing the TV over the fireplace, here, there might be some competing focal areas, but it will be minimal since the TV is much closer to the fireplace. One advantage of this is that it will help you reduce the challenge of creating a functional furniture arrangement that incorporates both the fireplace and the TV.

These are some of the best positions to place your TV by using our best TV Bracket in Singapore in case you have a fireplace in the house. Check out some of our other blogs to find out more tips that can help you work around your living area creating more space while turning your living space into an entertainment space.