Where should you place your TV stand?

Where should you place your TV stand?One thing that you must have figured out by now is that TV is an essential living room element, whether you like it or not.

A while ago, the dimensions of your stand was determined by the width and the breadth of the TV set, which was so enormous (just stating the facts). But nowadays, a common feature in the house is the slim-fit televisions that make the house look classy.

These modern generation TVs have called for many positioning of the TV stand in the Singapore house. You will find that there are so many TV stand choices from the cabinets to the snugly fit corner stands and to the stands that pretty much act solely as storage unit beneath the mounted TV.

But that seems not to bother people much as, where to put the stand in the house. Therefore, here at TVBracketSG we are going to show you some top tips to decide where to fit your stand.

Keep your stand away from the sun

We might be in love with the sun but the stand and the TV do not. In fact when positioning your TV, make sure that you do not position in the direct path of the sun. If possible, it is best to keep the TV stand in such a manner that it will not be bathed in direct sunlight.

Corners are the best

You may not have realized this but for many, a TV that compliments the room rather than dominating it is the best option. In particular, if you consider your living room as a family space as well as a sociable gathering area, corner stands with the wall mounted TVs tucked into the corner work perfectly well. You will also find out that corner stands work well for a small living room.

Make use of the alcoves

Things just got better for the people having the compact living rooms because this is one tip that will save you. Also, for those who love having their TV take a backseat to the other features in the living room, utilizing the alcoves is the best option you have.

Most commonly the spaces either side of the fireplace make the ideal home for your TV stand. Another useful tip, is nestling the TV out of the way in the full view of the seating which often is directed towards the chimney breast. You can also try out using a cabinet that will remain closed if not in use which works also very well.

Mount the TV on the wall

At TVBracketSG you will find a variety of mounting brackets that work perfectly in any living room. Here is a secret for you, just as the Televisions can be mounted on the wall, so can the TV stands. As a matter of fact, TVs mounted on the walls often look best when tied up with a TV stand mounted. Many of the stands nowadays come fitted with wall brackets, ready to be fitted on the walls.

These are the positions that will always look best for your house. There are so many other positions that you can chose to place your TV. This largely depends on your living room, but these are the positions that we believe work for most living rooms, feel free to try them out.