What Type of TV bracket in Singapore is Best For You?

What Type of TV bracket in Singapore is Best For You? Alright, so you love your TV and want it to be in such a place where everyone can bask in its splendor. I won’t blame you, I love my TV too and that is why not only we want to give you the best TV bracket in Singapore but also let you in on the choices you have.

But first, allow me to tell just what brings about these different types in tv brackets. Of most importance, movement, some of us might want our TVs to be at one fixed position probably because of how our living rooms are planned, others have so many sitting options and might have the need to tilt and move our TVs from time to time.

Let’s get right into business then!

1.     Fixed Wall TV Bracket

Also known as the stationary mount, this is the best option for those who don’t prefer much movement with their TVs. Just as the name suggests they do not allow for manipulation of any sort. However, this is not recommended for those with flat-screen TVs with slight protrusions.

2. Tilting TV Bracket

I like to see them as partially stationary tv brackets in that there is only downward tilting of the TV that is allowed. This is a suitable option if you plan on having your TV high up on a wall.

3. The Ultra-Thin TV Bracket

It’s simply a stationary wall mount bracket where the TV is held much closer to the wall.

4. Articulatory TV Bracket

This is actually the TV bracket in Singapore that offers the most movement. The TV bracket is usually attached to a mechanical arm that allows for movement of the TV to or from the wall, to the left or right. Perfect if you prefer watching cooking shows straight from your kitchen.

5. The Swivel TV Bracket

Also known as the Low profile mount. Secondly, only to the articulatory TV Bracket, it doesn’t offer that much movement. It only allows for horizontal movement with some manufacturers adding a little bit of tilt to it.

6. Ceiling TV Bracket

Sometimes the ever trusted wall space might not be available or maybe for varied reasons it might not be the best option, for example when mounting movie projectors. This Tv bracket allows you to suspend your Tv in midair!

7. The Under Cabinet Bracket.

This is for those who don’t have that much space to play around like in the dorm or kitchen. Flip down and watch, once you are done flip up and no one will even know there was a tv in the room.

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