What No One Tells You before You Wall-Mount a TV

What No One Tells You before You Wall-Mount a TV in SingaporeMost households view TV viewing differently. To some, it is a place where they all gather to watch a movie together, others find it romantic to cuddle in front of the TV watching a movie together, and to some, it is the perfect place to relax and watch the big weekend games. This has made the TV occupy a central room in the living room

With TV’s becoming thinner and thinner, chances of them being dropped by children even with the push of a finger are high, and therefore most homes are considering mounting the TV on the wall.

Once you have purchased the right size and model of the TV, and you have purchased the best TV bracket in Singapore, then it is time for you to mount it to the wall.

Wall mounting a TV is the most straightforward task and should take you less than one morning to complete. However, as much as it is an easy task, there is so much that you need to consider before installation.


Most people forget that it is not just about TV mounting, but you should also consider what other accessories you have that need to be connected to the TV.  Do you a DVD player, a decoder or perhaps a game console?  Then you need to put these in a place where you can easily connect them to the TV once it is mounted.  You will find most people using floating shelves for that trendy look.  However, it is advisable not to put the accessories in closed cabinets because of the heat generated, which might decrease the life of these accessories.


Location of your TV is crucial.  There are a lot of things to consider on location before mounting the TV.

  • From what angle do you want to view your TV?
  • Where will you keep your connecting devices?
  • Where is the nearest power outlet?
  • Where will the hanging cables go?
  • Where is the fireplace located (Do not mount a TV above a fireplace)?


If your walls are regular and made of natural materials, then you will need a stud that can support the weight of your TV.  A stud is a board that works like a frame on your walls and run between the floor and the ceiling.  The wall in itself is not strong enough to support heavy equipment, and a stud helps in providing support for the fasteners.  You can find studs manually, or you can use an electrical stud finder.  Even with all the tools available for the job, it is advisable to use a professional who will be able to sort out the technical part like for example; the studs might be too far apart which might create problems.  Once you hire us, due to our experience, having been in the market for over six years, we will be able to sort all your stud and wall issues immediately and ensure your TV is safe from any impending accidents.


Once you have purchased your TV bracket in Singapore, make sure you buy the cables as well.

Buying the right size of cable is one of the biggest mistakes that most people make.  The best size to buy is long cables.  Buy longer cables than required. Purchasing a longer cable is crucial since it is easier to wrap up longer cables and hide them than it is to overstretch shorter cables.  Shorter cables can cause damage to your equipment.  Lastly, avoid cables with bulky connectors as they might be problematic if you have a slim LED TV.


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