What is the best height to mount your TV?

What is the best height to mount your TV?All of us want a beautiful home with impressive interiors, don’t we? We also like a big LCD screen for entertainment purposes. Combining the qualities of both these demands, we have at our disposal, the TV bracket technology. Also known as a TV wall mount, a bracket does not occupy extra space and you get enough area in the room to move around.

With many people choosing TV brackets in Singapore, you should not be left behind. A TV bracket does not come at a very expensive price and you should definitely consider buying one although a few things need to be cleared before you actually buy one. Among those pre-conditions, an important element is your placing of the TV bracket or the TV. In doing so, two factors are of crucial importance- the height and the distance.Given below are a few easy ways to place your TV at the best height:

  • If you place the TV bracket too high or too low, you might end up with a cramp at your neck and your back. Sit comfortably on your seat and judge the angle at which you would like to watch the TV.
  • For a comfortable viewing experience, first, place your seat in the place from where you would like to watch the TV and then calculate the distance which you would be comfortable with. Having the TV too near to your seat might put your eyes under strain.
  • There is no perfect height which will work for every user. The best way is to sit straight, with your backbone straight, in a healthy posture and place your TV accordingly.

There are also different types of TV wall mounts that are available in the market. The low-profile TV brackets are quite easy to handle and also come at a cheaper price. If you are sure about a certain angle at which you will view the TV, this is your best option. If you change your sitting posture often, a tilting wall TV bracket is a better choice in which the angle can be tilted according to your wish. The last one, a full-motion wall bracket gives you the freedom to move it at various angles, facing different corners of the room. This comes at the most expensive price, compared to the others and you can manipulate this in whichever way you are sitting or lying down.