What DIY Experts Never Told You About Mounting TV outdoors

What DIY Experts Never Told You About Mounting TV outdoors in SingaporeWe have heard it before, and it is not a trend anymore and more people are installing their television on the outside and maybe you are also considering it. Every where you turn to, there is some nicely done article on the benefits of mounting the television on the outside. You are so compelled and you are thinking to yourself you have to try it out. After all, it can’t be that bad. However, before going on I would like you to seriously consider whether it is worth it mounting the television on the outside.

With all the materials out there about mounting the television on the outside, I felt like most DIY experts failed to mention the obvious factors you need to watch out for when installing the television on the outside. In this blog you will uncover the usual problems that are mainly linked to having the television mounted on the outdoors and the possible solutions that will help you keep the television safe.

If you are going to mount the television on the outside, you have to understand one thing, nature will not stop to excuse you! And it is a sanctuary of beauty but nonetheless, at times it feels good to watch in the midst all the natural goodness. So, what are some of the problems you are about to face?


This is a big one. Even mild weather creates a huge internal variation in the working components of the television. Rain is another huge factor that you have to take seriously and animals too, not to forget that there are animals that can make a home out of your television very easily. We can not discount the effects of snowing.

Condensation from heat and humidity

This is another huge problem for the television mounted on the outside. Electronics do not work well with heat and also high humidity. Moisture collects easily wherever you find dew and therefore, mounting the television on the outside creates a condensation point where moisture collects easily. Electronics don’t like moisture and once in contact with moisture, it might short circuit resulting in damage for your television. However, you can compensate for condensation with a small fan inside the television or even having a moisture removing silica gel packs.

Extreme heat and cold

One thing you have to understand while mounting the tv brackets in Singapore is that electronics don’t work in the extremes and extreme heat reduces the lifespan of the television significantly. In the same manner electronics perform poorly in freezing climates and therefore, you will be forced to install a heater to keep everything at par and from cracking or deteriorating.

Having the television mounted on the outside presents so many problems for you as the homeowner, not to forget the fact that you will need to buy additional gadgets to ensure that it will work properly as well as guarantee its security.

However, if you are still compelled to installing the television on the outside, here are some possible solution that will help you protect your television.

  • A sunroom works best

This is a solution that will see to it that your television is protected against extreme and direct sunlight, and also robbery.

  • Choose an outdoor tv

If you didn’t know that there was such a thing as an outdoor tv, now you know and rather than buying the normal television to mount it on the outside, it is advisable that you purchase one that’s already designed to be used on the outside. What I love about these outdoor televisions is that they are a state-of-the-art solution for having the television on the outside and it wouldn’t matter the weather. However, they are expensive ranging from few hundred dollars for a small television say 22-inch tv.

  • Enclose your tv

As long as the television is on the outside, it will be exposed to numerous potential harms. As such you can buy an outdoor TV enclosure which are good since they are also weather resistant. However, as a precaution, you need to understand the weather patterns in your area before mounting tv bracket in Singapore on the outside.

These are some of the solutions that you can use for your outdoor television. If you need a tv bracket for your outdoor mounting, check out our store for some of the most affordable and quality tv brackets in Singapore.