Understanding the Full Motion Tv Brackets in Singapore

Understanding the Full Motion Tv Brackets in SingaporeWe have in the past covered the different types of Tv Brackets in Singapore. But we have to do a recap of what a bracket really is. In our previous article, we said that a bracket, according to Wikipedia is an architectural element with some decorative properties, it can be made using all sorts of materials. Typically, it projects from a wall, to carry weight and sometimes to strengthens an angle.

Today, we’ll discuss a particular type of bracket, the full motion brackets which I think, is one of the most misunderstood Tv Brackets in Singapore and people are running towards other types of the brackets, foregoing the full motion television brackets.

The Full Motion Brackets

Just as the name suggests, the full motion brackets will enable the television to tilt in full motion. Just as simple as that! The beauty of these brackets, unlike other types of Tv brackets in Singapore, is that you can be able to view the television in a manner that you desire, from whichever position.

The motion, however, comes with a cost, that is something that I would like you to remember as we demystify further the concept of full motion brackets and perhaps, this is one of the reasons why most people prefer other types of brackets. In truth, the full motion brackets are expensive, BUT worth every cent.

One other reason that I think people avoid the full motion television brackets is the fact that they are too complicated to install. To install the full motion television brackets requires an assembly of three parts. There is the bracket itself, there is the arm and finally fixing the mount on the wall. Basically, to do all this work, you will need two to three people for the work. So, most people avoid this hassle by choosing the other types of Tv Brackets in Singapore that are much easier to install.

Full Motion Television Brackets and Tilting Television Brackets

Over the course of business, we’ve had to deal with people who do not understand the difference between the full motion television brackets and the tilting television brackets. They might sound the same, and actually seem the same but as far as the movement goes, the key difference between the full motion and the tilting television mounts is that the full motion bracket will allow the user to adjust the viewing angles of the television to a level that is much more comfortable to the user.

Basically, the full motion television brackets allow the user to move the television physically, unlike the tilting television just tilts the television but from the same position. That is what makes this type of television bracket very unique.

Technology Behind the Making

Earlier I mentioned that the full motion television brackets have three very distinct parts which is one of the primary features that tell it apart from all other Tv Brackets in Singapore. the full motion television bracket is a modified version of the tilting with the only addition being the moving arm.

The movable arm connects the flat panel to the wall and makes it possible for the user to extend the television from the wall. With this addition, the user is able to swivel the television on its horizontal axis.

Why Use Full Motion Television Brackets

It is expensive, yes and we cannot deny the fact that it is hard to install, but that should not deter you from using this television bracket. There are a ton of other benefits that you will get by simply using the full motion television brackets one of them being that they offer buyers extended flexibility. The full motion brackets allow the user to tilt and swivel the television allowing him or her to position the television in the best viewing position.


The full motion television brackets are mostly useful if you are planning to use your flat screen television set in a large room where placing the television statically in one position is not ideal. You want to place your television in a place accessible to everyone such as the corner, yes, all other television brackets may work, but the full motion television brackets are built for this highly advanced position.