Ultimate Guide to Fitting TV Bracket Singapore on Walls

Ultimate Guide to Fitting TV Bracket Singapore on WallsWith the introduction of the LCD plasma television sets, TV brackets are in huge demand in Singapore. It is generally published that assembling and installing a TV bracket Singapore is very easy. But due to one reason or another, many homeowners are still finding it complicated to mount their own TV brackets successfully.

If you have just bought your TV bracket in Singapore and wants to install it, here are enough tips for you to install the TV wall bracket fast and easy.

  1. The Type of Wall

For a successful installation of a TV bracket Singapore, you must first know the wall type you are mounting the bracket on. Brick walls, partition wall with plasterboard, breeze block wall, concrete wall and stud wall are the normal walls. Seek professional advice from a professional like TVBracketSG, if you find it difficult to determine the type of wall you have in your home.

A number of homeowners find it difficult to distinguish between a breeze block aka thermalite block wall and a concrete wall since both of them look similar once completed. Gradually drilling a small hole in the wall with a non-concrete drill bit is a way to establish this type of wall.

The wall is perhaps a breeze block wall if a hole is made on it with the non-masonry drill bit. This is due to the fact that you can make holes within the thermalite block walls, with an ordinary nail and hammer.

However, making holes on a concrete or brick wall is tricky as making holes in this type of wall needs a masonry drill bit. Identifying and buying the right TV bracket Singapore is critical if you want to make the mounting of your TV set a breeze.

  1. Seek Professional Help

Seeking the help of specialised installers to get your TV wall bracket mounted in Singapore is the best option. Luckily, TVBracketSG is a professional and experienced company who will do the work in a professional way. They have the right tools and accessories on ground to do a neat a safe work for you.

Furthermore, they are the best supplier of different types of universal TV wall brackets and the best installer of TV brackets in Singapore. No other company can boast quick services and numerous product line-ups like TVBracketSG in the whole of Singapore.

  1. Use the Right Tools and Accessories to Install TV Bracket Singapore

You will find it easy to mount your TV bracket on any wall in Singapore if you have the appropriate tools. Normally, the tools are:

  • Dust Sheet
  • Marker Pen
  • Electric Drill with the necessary drill bits
  • Spirit Level
  • Phillips Head and Flat Head Screwdrivers
  • Electric Cable Finder and Pipe Finder
  • Stud Finder
  • The Nuts, Screws and Bolts as contained in the TV bracket package.

It is suggested that you have two people on ground to help you in the process of installation because TV bracket tends to be heavy and bulky.

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