Typology of TV Bracket in Singapore

Typology of TV Bracket in SingaporeTo hang a TV on the wall, the TV bracket in Singapore is essential. Fixed, tilting, rotating, of different types and sizes, the supports for flat screens allow you to watch television comfortably. Installed with wall plugs, the TV bracket in Singapore is easy to install. We can easily choose the best typology of Tv bracket from the description below to help you to choose the right one for your Tv.

  • Fixed TV bracket
  • TV bracket with track
  • The rotating and tilting TV stand
  • Swivel support TV bracket
  • Floor standing TV bracket

Fixed TV Bracket

A simpler and cheaper model, this device is easy to install. In the back, it is equipped with a plate that allows you to fix it to the wall and hooks to be fixed on the TV. This TV stand is appreciated for its small size. It is important to choose the positioning as the screen is then oriented in the only direction. The bracket, in fact, also has vertical and horizontal holes, which, by matching with the holes in the support, offer a safe and quick fixing. Below we insert a sample photo of a TV stand

TV Bracket With Track

Similar to a large grid that receives the flat screen and is fixed to the wall, this TV stand considerably reduces the space between the screen and the wall. By occupying a substantial surface of the wall, this support often allows use on the plasterboard. Depending on the configuration, the stand can be tilted or not. In the case of limited space, a tilting bracket can greatly improve the viewing experience. If, for example, we are forced to fix the TV high on the wall, perhaps at a height of 1.80 or 2 meters due to the lack of space, an adjustable bracket with an inclination of 10-15 ° allows you to enjoy the screen with the correct viewing angle.

The Rotating And Tilting TV Stand

This TV stand allows you to tilt and rotate the television according to the desired viewing angle, thanks to an articulated arm. Its fixing plate to the wall is of variable surface, and the length of the arm is more or less long. This type of support responds to any type of configuration. Therefore, rotating and tilting TV stand seems perfect for your living room.

Swivel support TV bracket 

The most economical solution is certainly the fixed TV bracket in Singapore, but it is impractical to even just in case of light beams that can disturb the vision. TV brackets can also be tilted or swiveled.

At other times, however, it may happen that the position from which we watch TV is not always the same. Let’s take a very common situation in the dining room of the Italians. It may be that in the evening we watch a movie on the sofa, while during meals when we are sitting at the table, the arrangement of the furniture and the shape of the room oblige us to be satisfied with a viewing angle poor. In this case, a revolving TV stand is sufficient and we can easily optimally look at the screen at all times. It is therefore always advisable to purchase an adjustable TV stand that allows you to tilt the TV in all directions. Thanks to the articulated arm or the plate connected directly to the back of the TV. It helps to rotate it in your desired direction, and you can enjoy your program without any interruption.

Floor standing TV bracket 

The huge assortment of floor-standing TV bracket or monitors, LCD, plasma, and for the most modern LEDs. A wide range of products of the highest quality, perfectly compatible with any type of environment – domestic or professional, able to satisfy all types of application needs, with attention to every detail, linear or design shapes, with wheels, shelves, or feet. Fixed or adjustable heights, colors of your choice, and countless functions to discover. Trolleys stand, and special trolleys, made to order and professional.

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