Types of TV Wall Mounts

type of tv bracket wall mount double arm full motion swivel large in singaporeAs technology keeps advancing with each day that passes, so are the electronics, accessories and the gadgets that we have in our households as well. Maybe a decade ago talking about TV wall mounts would be news to many, nowadays most people are actually finding themselves in the cross roads of deciding which wall mount best suits their home.

Different types of TV mounts are in the market today. Each with a unique design, purpose and features. This is making it more difficult for buyers to decide which TV mounts to take home at the end of the day.

The bracket TV wall mounts are so far the most popular and hot TV mounts up for grabs by most buyers. Full motion brackets, fixed brackets, and the tilting brackets are the only available variations for TV Brackets in Singapore that will anchor your TV set firmly on your home wall.

That said, let us take a closer look on the different bracket types for wall mounting of your TV in Singapore.

  • Fixed (Professional) TV Bracket

As the name betrays, they are ‘fixed mounts’ that offer no movement at all to your TV once installed. Similar to a painting or wall clock, Fixed TV wall mounts are the easiest to set up as well. Typically, an hour will do the job. However, your TV will never move up or down, left or right after fixing.

The advantage is that they offer strong and sturdy support. Also, they are relatively cheap to buy plus they are quick and easy to install as you can mount them at home without hassle by yourself. However, if in doubt of how to do it, better call TV Brackets in Singapore for professional assistance.

  • Tilting (Professional) TV Bracket

An advancement to the Fixed TV Bracket, Tilting wall mount can be vertically adjusted for a better TV viewing experience. For home with lighting problems, mainly light reflections, this is an ideal mount for your living room. Also, with a range between 5⁰- 15⁰ vertical adjustment, this tilting wall mount bracket will enable TV viewing from varied heights.

It’s important to note that Tilting TV bracket don not allow horizontal adjustment at all. This Wall mount can be found on TV Bracket SG at an affordable price together with their customer TV bracket installation service.

  • Full Motion (Professional) TV Wall Bracket Mount

A Full Motion Bracket also called “The Swivel TV Bracket” of the wildest TV viewing angles for homes and even work places. Flexibility is what you are getting here. This mount has a swiveling arm extending towards the viewers while it remains firmly anchored on the wall by the brackets.

The extending arm allows both vertical and horizontal TV adjustment for the perfect viewing angle depending on your sitting position. You can tell by the complexity of this mount that its price is way higher compared to the fixed and tilting mounts.

But with a higher price, comes extended flexibility and more benefits. You can control whichever angle you feel best to view your curved or flat plasma TV Set. The installation and maintenance of this mount is however wanting but with TV Brackets SG you are well covered.

Benefits of Bracket TV Wall Mounts

  • Appliance Safety

If you are a family with kids and pets who love playing in the house, you will definitely understand this more clearly. Compared to traditional standing TV stands that could topple over and break your expensive 4K or HD flat screen on just a knock from kids, wall mounts are safer as there is minimal physical contact with the mount.

Again, flat screen TV’s slender and light weight nature exposes them to easily lack balance on standing mounts when knocked accidentally compared to the firm and stable anchored wall mounts.

  • Better Viewing Experience

Compared to traditional mode of viewing TV from a fixed position, Wall mounts are offering better adjusting options to improve you TV viewing experience. With horizontal and vertical adjustments, we can only see Watching TV has a whole other touch nowadays.

  • Increasing More Available Space

As seen, there are many types of TV wall mounts available in the market today. These different brackets all aim at reducing the big physical TV used to occupy on physical mounts in the past. Hanging your TV on the wall will now leave you some extra space for a flower vase in the living room or some other revolutionary ideas put into ‘space’.


TV wall mounts are the game changer from the traditional TV stands that are slowly becoming obsolete and out fashioned. However, as the TV bracket wall mounts are slowly rolling out, installing and maintaining them will need skills and a level of professionalism. For this, TV Brackets SG remains to be the no 1 stop shop for your TV Brackets in Singapore  and installation services along with other TV bracket products.

And for a trusted and registered company with over 6 years of operational experience, your utmost TV mounting satisfaction is their primary concern.