TVBracketSG Has Your Choice of TV Table Stand to Boost Your Home Décor In Singapore

TVBracketSG Has Your Choice of TV Table Stand to Boost Your Home Décor In SingaporeTV table stand will enhance your home décor, making it more than just a place to place your television to watch your favourite TV programmes. TV table stands will take your television away from the floor, give you plenty of space to store all your important items and provide you with a better viewing angle. These stands are available in different sizes, shapes, and colours making it daunting to choose the right one for your home use, particularly if you are a novice.

Three Things to Look for When Shopping for the Right TV Table Stand

1. TV Table Stand Sizes

There are small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes of TV table stands from TVBracketsSG in Singapore.

The Small Size – This will go well with most 26″-32″ flat panel display. It has a load capacity of 35kg, VESA compliance within 200mm x 200mm and tilt of 0 degree.

Medium Size – This particular matches a good number 32″-55″ flat panel display. It has a load capacity of 45kg with 0 degree tilt. These TV table stands are VESA compliance within 600mm x 400mm

Large Size – The large size of TV table stand from TV Bracket SG fits nearly all the 40″-65″ flat panel display. It has 0 tilt degree and load capacity of 45kg. In addition, it is VESA compliance within 600mm x 400mm

The Extra-Large – This is the size that fits most of the available 40″-75″ flat panel display. It has a load capacity of 50kg with 0 tilt degree and VESA compliance within 800mm x 500mm.

You need to know the exact measurement of your television to buy the right size of table stand. However, break out the tape measure and measure the TV diagonally across the screen if you don’t know the exact measurement of your television.

The television table stand of your choice should be at least as wide as your television, despite the fact that you can choose a much wider stand and then centrer the TV, giving you chance to arrange other items on the sides.

2. The Styles of TV Table Stands

Choose a table TV stand that goes well with the style and décor of your home. You can go for a modern, bohemian or any other style of stand. But you can give a traditional TV table stand produced from durable hardwood a try for a classic appearance that never gets old. A modern stand with sharp, lustrous lines is an outstanding choice, if you are choosing a more 21st-century feel.

  1. The Materials

Diverse types of materials will provide different advantages for your table TV stand. If you want a modern look for example, glass is one of the most popular great materials. Glass TV table stands are exceptional because they can go well with any wall colour.

Wood is another great material you can choose for your table television stand in Singapore. Wood will offer you a rustic feel if you are looking for a more traditional design. Mahogany, oak, maple, and cherry are different types of woods used in TV table stands. These variations offer you the opportunity to go for a wood that looks good and suits your budget.

However, metal is your best choice if all you want is a modern corner TV table stand. This is because metal table stand works well in modern houses. Metal TV table stands Singapore frequently come with a chrome or powder finish to boost their appearance. A great benefit of this stand is that it doesn’t require much maintenance to clean.

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