TV Bracket Terminologies that You Should Know About

Singapore TV Bracket Terminologies that You Should Know AboutWhat is a television (TV) bracket? It is a necessary equipment needed in order to support modern TV sets. It is also known as a TV mount. Coming in many shapes and sizes, there are various TV brackets in Singapore. Customers are therefore spoiled for choices which depend mainly on their preferences. However, it is unwise for them to simply pick a TV bracket that simply looks beautiful to them. There are different terminologies associated with TV brackets in Singapore which can help customers make right decisions.

Importance of TV Brackets Today

This is the 21st century, where more people own flat-screen TV sets than a generation before. Such appliances may be too slim to stand on their own compared to their predecessors: TV sets with cathode-ray tubes. In order to maximize the viewing experience with flat-screen TV sets, a TV bracket is necessary.

A TV bracket in Singapore also helps with a house’s ergonomics. By installing a wall mount, it helps a TV set occupy less space. It also makes the flat screen look like it is part of the walls of the house. Thus, when a TV bracket is properly installed, a TV set becomes an inconspicuous appliance.

TV Bracket Terminologies

The following terms can help customers purchase appropriate TV brackets based on their needs:

  • TV bracket – also known as a wall mount or TV mount, it supports flat-screen TV sets
  • Fixed – also known as “low-profile” TV bracket, it is sturdy but does not offer screen adjustment. Although it is not as dynamic as other TV brackets, it is more affordable and easier to install. This mount is ideal for living rooms and dens with lots of space. However, this requires viewers to sit far from the TV set to watch comfortably.
  • Tilting – this TV bracket has a hinge designed to tilt the TV set vertically. It is adjustable between 5° and 15°. Price-wise, it is slightly more expensive than a fixed TV bracket. It is also ideal for families with children who benefit from a better viewing experience using this wall mount.
  • Full-motion – an umbrella term for the most dynamic TV bracket available in the market. It offers more viewing angles in different forms. It is also the most expensive and most complicated TV bracket to install.
  • Swivel – this TV bracket has a hinge designed to tilt the TV set horizontally.
  • Mounting hole – holes in the TV bracket which connect it to a TV set
  • Stud finder – detects studs behind a wall. It determines where a TV bracket can be bolted on.
  • Magnetic stud finder – pinpoints the location of screws or nails in a stud using powerful magnets
  • Electronic stud finder – pinpoints the location of studs using sensors that detect low dielectric constant values on certain parts of a wall
  • Articulating arm – an extendable part of the TV bracket which extends or shortens the distance of a TV set.
  • HDMI – a cable used to connect a TV set with another screen, such as a laptop or a phone.

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Now that you know the important terminologies to familiarize yourself with TV brackets, you can make good decisions. TV brackets are necessary in order to provide the best viewing experience possible. However, out of excitement, you might be tempted to purchase and install one right away. Installation may seem simple, but often there are issues that you might encounter. For instance, improper alignment, wrong TV bracket size, and poor ventilation could interrupt your Netflix show. You may be cost-cutting, but in the long run you end up spending more than you intended.

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Final Verdict

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