TV Bracket Singapore: Quick Tips For Mounting A TV on The Wall

TV Bracket Singapore Quick Tips For Mounting A TV on The WallPeople mount their TVs on the wall for various reasons. Some do it for the aesthetic value it provides, and some do it for safety reasons. This article will see the benefits of putting your TV on the mount in detail and some quick tips for mounting a TV on the wall.

Mounting a TV on the wall is a simple yet challenging exercise. When not done carefully, it may land one into losses and accidents. Many DIY training and tips are available on the internet for such tasks. Still, you are advised that you seek professional assistance from a reputable company like TV Bracket in Singapore.

Benefits Of Mounting Your TV On The Wall

  • Mounting a tv on the wall saves space. When operating in a limited area, putting your TV on the wall will save you the space that you could have otherwise used to put a table.
  • When you mount the TV on the wall, the cables are well tucked behind and secured. This neatness prevents accidents that can be caused by tripping on loose cords.
  • A tv put on the wall or ceiling is out of children’s reach. Kids won’t play with your device, accidents will be minimal, and your TV will last long.
  • There is no straining. The TV is at a perfect angle for your viewership and offers no stress to your neck.
  • Tv on the wall is not easy to grab. So mounting a tv acts as security against robbery too.

Tips for mounting a TV on the wall

As a professional team, Tv bracket Singapore will guide you through easy tips that will help you mount your TV on any wall. This include:

  1. Identifying the right equipment and position.
  2. Identifying the right angle for your TV.
  3. Making all the cord concealing plans.
  4. Mounting the TV on the wall and securing all the bolts.

Identifying The Right Equipment And Position

For one to mount a TV on any wall, he must first have the TV. The next thing that they need is a  wall mount bracket and wall clips. They also need to spot a favorable spot. Decide on whether to mount it on the ceiling or the wall. The wall mounts brackets are of different designs and sizes.

Most frames fit TV s between 24” and 55”. There are tilting brackets, full rotation brackets, and fixed mounts. Depending on the purpose of mounting your TV, you can pick that which suits you.

Identifying The Right Angle For Your TV

The TV’s right angle on the wall mount should be such that one’s neck and eyes don’t strain when watching. The viewer and the TV distance should be reasonable, and the angle tilts around 90 degrees.

Making All The Cord Concealing Plans

To avoid unnecessary tripping and falling on cables, you will have to tuck all the cords behind the TV neatly. This organization, you can do by using cord boxed or using cable clips to hold the cords. This process also increases the environment’s aesthetic value because the cables will not be hanging all over.

Mounting The TV On The Wall And Securing All The Bolts

Here is where the real work is. Most people may try to do it by themselves, but it is not safe as an eventuality may occur. We advise people always to seek professional assistance regardless of how competent they feel they are installing the TV on the wall.

One should drill holes in cases where holes are not readily available on the wall. Install and fix the wall bracket. Secure all the studs well on the wall. Place your tv carefully on the frame and fasten the nuts and bolts appropriately. Ensure the side bolts are also secured to prevent your Tv groom from falling off from the sides. Adjust the TV to the desired angle, switch it on, and enjoy viewership.


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