TV Bracket Singapore Mounting and Installation Tips

tv bracket full motion mountSeeking the right TV bracket Singapore to put your TV in the exact place in your room but don’t know how to get started? Call TV Bracket SG Singapore.

TV mounting and installation is very important if you want to protect your unit and have a better view of it from any angle of your room. However, you need a professional to guide you choose the right TV bracket Singapore, the appropriate place of installation for better viewing, and the appropriate installation of your television.

Professional Way to Install a TV Bracket Singapore

Once you have identified the best spot to mount your TV, the next thing is to consider how to go about the mounting. Here’s a complete TV mounting guide, using a TV bracket.

1. Look for the Stud

The first step towards a successful TV mounting is to look for where the stud is located. Despite the fact that stud finders can be exceptionally handy, they can as well be misleading, based on the variety and position of the walls you want to use them on. Outer walls can be predominantly challenging, because they are near the concrete.

They can easily record fake positives, which will not work when you are mounting a TV bracket in Singapore. As a result, go gradually, make use of a painter’s tape to spot studs, and then distance between them. If uniformly spaced, mark a minimum of three studs in the region to give precise readings. First bore tiny pilot holes to make sure a stud is, definitely waiting at the back the wall.

Follow Your Precise Wall Mount Guidelines

Each TV bracket mounting instructions will be somewhat different. As a result, make sure you carefully follow the instructions on your particular product. TV mounting is very good, provided that it is done right. On the other hand, it can offer a bitter experience if done incorrectly. Hence, be careful or seek the help of a professional.

2. Level Things Out

Expectantly, your newly wall-installed TV appears flawlessly level on first attempt. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all times. In case your effort has turned out to be a screen looking a little off center, don’t be discouraged at all.

Try to force for the TV into being level cautiously, but firmly, by holding it on the sides and muscling it. At times, there is a slight wiggle room in leveling capacity and flexibility if the connecting bolts are not over tightened. However, be careful with this particular choice because there is possibility of damage to all your TV mounting with wall bracket.

Remove the TV from the wall and loose the bolts holding it to the wall mount. After pressing the arms right/left, or up/down in the direction they should be to make the TV balance, reinstall the bolts and see if it will work. If it doesn’t work, try these particular steps on the wall plate itself.

3.Make Provision for Longer Cords and Cables Than Necessary

Nothing can be annoying than having a wonderfully-looking wall-mounted TV pulled off-angle as a result of too short cable. To avoid this, buy longer cords and cables than envisaged.


When it comes to determining and looking for the right TV bracket Singapore for your space, there are quite a lot of variable to think about. The good news is that your TV mounting will no longer be challenging once you identify and break down your needs. With the above TV mounting tips and tricks, your TV installation is much easier.

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