TV Bracket Singapore Issues and How to Resolve Them

TV Bracket Singapore Issues and How to Resolve ThemIf you follow the instructions and have the right tools, TV bracket Singapore installation is rather easy. But then, there can be many issues associated with this exercise, particularly if you are not a professional in the field and not even a DIY person.

However, the general understanding when people buy their flat screen television is that wall mounting them is a breeze. But the truth is that people face installation issues due to one problem or the other.

Why There are TV Bracket Singapore Installation Issues

  1. Failure to Read and Understand the Installation Instructions

There is no doubt about the fact that there will be issue if you fail to take time to read the installation instructions as provided in the manual. In fact, a lot of people always rush through the instruction manual and just go straight and assemble the parts immediately, not taking note of the salient points therein. The funniest of all is that some don’t even border to go through the manual but rather depend on their common sense and instincts to put things together well.

Just like some other items that need to be assembled, TV bracket Singapore installation can normally be carried out using common sense or your intuition. Nevertheless, you need to consider some health and safety precautions when assembling the items, which are clearly stated in the instruction manual.


Take your time to read the warning messages and caution on the instruction booklet on how to assemble and mount a TV wall bracket in Singapore.

  1. Failure to Attach TV Brackets to Stud Walls

A number of TV wall brackets, most especially swivel, tilting, and extending arms can be extremely heavy,  making the additional weight too much for the wall once the television is installed. It is always safer to mount your TV wall bracket on a least two wooden studs at the back of the plasterboard, irrespective of the type of television and wall bracket.


Ensure that to fix the TV bracket Singapore to stud walls. In a case where the gap between the studs is very far, try as much as possible to get a TV wall mount that will close the gap or erect an intermediate stud between them. When you are fixing the wall mount on a cement or brick wall, make sure the cement anchors are safely in place.

More importantly, do not ignore the installation precautions whenever you are installing on a cement wall.

  1. Not Confirming the TV Bracket in Singapore Package Thoroughly

Quite a lot of people assume that all is well and fail to confirm the correctness of the items in the package box. But the fact is that some items may be missing while the specifications of some may be wrong. Mistake can happen and you might be the unlucky person of the incident.


Check the content in the box carefully to confirm that none of the items is missing or not according to specification. Also, ensure that all the screws and fittings are intact in the box and they are of the right measurements.