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new fixed tv bracket in singapore hold up to 60 inchDue to the desire to wall mount your flat screen television, using TV bracket Singapore when there is limited space, TV mounting service is now a common request in Singapore. Mounting your TV on the wall instead of placing it on a TV floor stand will make your room spacious.

However, it is better to hire an experienced TV bracket installation service like TV Bracket SG in Singapore for your TV mounting if you don’t have the required experience, TV brackets, and tools. This is because unprofessional TV mounting may not be safe as the TV may fall, hurting somebody watching it.

TV Bracket Singapore Mounting Quotes

We offer elegant, safe, and the best fitting solutions for all TV wall mounts at reasonable quotes. This is due to the fact that we buy our TV brackets Singapore in large quantity. With us, you are guaranteed affordable installation quotes that will make you save money on the wall mount bracket you buy from us.

We will give you a good deal on all our TV brackets for television of all sizes including TV wall brackets with full motion and tilting capabilities, ultra-slim fixed TV brackets and lots more.

We are a reputable company and pride ourselves on inexpensive TV brackets in Singapore while offering durable TV bracket with good installation service based on our more than 5 years experience in the industry.

If you are interested in buying TV brackets or need our any of our services, feel free to check with us. In addition, all our TV brackets products prices include mounting or installation charges. We are also available to answer your questions on our products and services.

If you call us for call us for a commercial project, we will send our team of knowledgeable and specialised technicians to your site for inspection and then give you the best TV wall mounting quote. There are different quote prices for different requirements. With us, the best and reasonable-priced TV mounting quote is guaranteed!

Why Choose Us

Buy our products and services because we will provide you with the best customer experience with our more than 5 years experience in this industry. We have the experience to mount your TV on any type of wall such as less resilient tile, plasterboard, or lathe variants.

On the other hand, we are professionals with the expertise and equipment to mount a wide range of commercially available wall brackets in relation to your custom TV wall installation needs such as:

–  The Ultra-thin Brackets – This is a situation when the TV is mounted as close to the wall as possible

–  Ceiling Brackets – Normally used for mounting TV projectors to the ceiling.

–  Mantel Brackets – In this case, you can move your television vertically for improved viewing angle

–  Swivel Brackets – With this type of installation, you can move your TV in a horizontal way.

–  Low Profile Brackets – The television is placed flat beside the wall.

–  Articulating Brackets – With this system of wall mounting, the television can be pulled away or swiveled either to the right or left.

–  Tilting Brackets – To get a better viewing, you can tilt your TV downward.

Our Services

We supply diverse kinds of universal TV Brackets and give all our clients second to none TV Mounting Services in Singapore.

No other supplier has a product line-up that contains so many different types of TV Stands, TV Mounts and TV Brackets in Singapore.