TV Bracket in Singapore Offer Precautions You Need to Know

TV Bracket in Singapore Offer Precautions You Need to Know.  Safety firstThere are TV brackets in Singapore for walls, there are for ceilings. There are motorized or manual. There are fixed or mobile. For light or heavy monitors.

Perhaps just purchased, it can mislead: it is better to waste a few minutes and take note of the procedure and the necessary precautions.

Each TV is compatible only with some types of brackets. There are also universal ones: ask in the shop which ones are suitable for your TV. The two parameters to consider are the size and weight of the television: check that the weight of the TV is supported by the bracket. Also, make sure that the wall where the appliance will be positioned can support its

weight. At this point, it is necessary to decide what type of bracket (tiltable, swivel, with extendable arm), based on the movement we want to obtain from the appliance, and this depends very much on where we position it.

Diagonal Screen And Weight

As already mentioned, when choosing the ideal bracket for the TV, it is necessary to consider whether it should be fixed or moved. But we must also remember the screen size and weight. We could also use a stand for a 40 ″ TV with a 24 ″ one, but it does not mean that we can do the same in reverse, even if the fixing is compatible.


Each bracket is designed to support a certain weight. That’s why if I have to hang a 24 ″ display in the kitchen, the support will be different from a 55-inch one. The reason is simple, the system of fixing points to the wall must be suitable for the weight to be supported. Pay close attention to the maximum weight that the bracket supports and up to how many inches it can be used. This information must adapt to the characteristics of the TV brackets in Singapore.

The Separation Between Wall And TV

You thought of hanging the TV on the wall and enjoying it as if it were a painting. You bought a super-flat bracket, worked with the drill and fixed it to the wall, installed the TV and now you cannot connect the power cable, there is no space for the antenna connector, the start and the others connectors collide.

This is what happens to many people and it’s no wonder. Remember to take into account the connections on the TV, their position, whether the cables will be perpendicular or parallel to the screen, what things will be connected and how much minimum space is needed between the wall and the TV. And not only the distance counts but the support plate also must not cover or prevent access to the connections on the back of the TV, which many times are inconvenient to reach already.

Install The Bracket For The TV

At this point, you should know everything you need to choose the bracket you need, but now the best part is: mount it. Installing a wall-mount for the TV is not complicated, as long as the wall is strong enough to support the weight (therefore no plasterboard wall or similar) and use all the fixing points indicated by the manufacturer, wall bracket for mounting TV and monitor. Some do it first or because they think they are enough, maybe they only make two holes to fix the bracket. Yes, so keep it, look until it fails and your brand new ultra-flat smart-TV will not split on the floor.


If it is indicated to use screws, dowels or Fischer’s at least 6-7-8-etc centimeters long, then the screws must be 6-7-8-etc centimeters. The same applies to the fixing points and the holes to be made in the wall: if it takes four, then there must necessarily be four.

Why to Follow these Precautions & How we can Help You in this?

If you follow these precautions, it will be easier for you for the rest of the year watching your tv at home from any angle of the room without facing any problems, thanks to TV brackets in Singapore. If you want to know more information or want to know the best prices and how to choose a tv bracket etc. You can visit TV Bracket SG we’re available to help you with the right solution and we have professionals who can guide you in the best possible manner.