Tips for Getting the Right Measurements for TV Bracket Singapore

Tips for Getting the Right Measurements for TV Bracket SingaporeThere are different types and models of stylish TV brackets in Singapore that you may be mistaken for quality TV bracket Singapore, but with inappropriate specifications for the mounting of your LCD television. If you are looking for quality and genuine TV brackets in Singapore, TVBracketsSG is the answer. We are the best supplier of durable and quality TV wall mounts and brackets in Singapore.

However, it is important for you to get the right measurements of your television before choosing a TV bracket in Singapore. Here’s how to get the accurate measurements for your TV bracket Singapore.

The capacity of the TV wall bracket to hold the TV securely and firmly in place should be your first consideration. This is to make sure your TV didn’t fall down and get damaged as a result of deviating from the weight and size of your TV set. You can easily determine both the size and weight of your television from the manufacturer or specifications page in the manual.

Give some gap on the load when selecting the type of TV bracket that can carry the television. They are in diverse sub-types depending on the ranges suitable for the size and weight load of your TV.

Despite the fact that a number of television manufacturers keep to VESA specifications regarding the mount holes at the back of your television, there are situations when insignificant deviations in the spaces and holes happen as some use inches while others use centimetres.

Using a measuring tape to measure the distance from the horizontal holes to the vertical holes is the right step to take. These holes are the mounting holes to be fixed on the TV brackets Singapore. However, make sure you set the TV down. Make use of a soft cloth to lay the TV face down as you measure the back.

Don’t lay your television on a hard surface or floor because the screen could get scratched. Take the measurement of the TV bracket Singapore and check it against the measurements you have taken from the back of the TV, when you choose the right type. Preferably, this should be an ideal fit between the mounting holes on your television and TV wall mount. Check the significance of deviation if any and confirm if it will affect the mounting of the TV on the bracket adversely.

You should seek the help of a professional company like TVBracketSG for your TV bracket mounting in Singapore because distributors will not give you warranty if you choose the wrong bracket for a certain TV model or brand. With TVBracketSG, you will always get the right TV bracket in Singapore.

Always make sure the measurements from the back of the television fit the TV wall bracket you choose perfectly. Once you know the exact measurements of your television, you will be able to choose the right TV bracket Singapore for your TV.

Do you still have problem knowing the exact measurements from the back of your television? Contact TVBracketSG to do the workings for you in a professional way. We are the largest Singapore supplier of TV Brackets. We also specialise in wall mount installation and other services.

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