Tips for Finding the Right VESA Compliant TV Bracket Singapore for Your TV

Tips for Finding the Right VESA Compliant TV Bracket Singapore for Your TVSelecting the right TV bracket Singapore for your TV mounting is not difficult if you know the tips and tricks involved. Nevertheless, it requires that you think about how and where you will use your flat screen television and the service of a professional installer of TV brackets in Singapore.

TVBracketSG is a professional TV mounting company in Singapore who will find the right VESA compliant TV wall mount for you at affordable rate. They know that 4 criteria must be considered when you are looking for the appropriate position to wall mount your television. These include the Room Lighting, Viewing Convenience/Flexibility, Viewing Height, and Viewing Area.

Read on to learn some useful hints for deciding on the type of TV bracket you need for your television.

The Video Electronics Standards Association – VESA

VESA is a group of more than 300 companies that came together to ascertain particular standards in the end user electronics industry. One of the standards is the mounting hole positioned at the back of your television which is also known as the VESA MIS (Mounting Interface Standard) or FDMI (Flat Display Mounting Interface).

In order to make sure their products are compatible with each other, all the foremost television and TV wall bracket producers comply with these standardised screw-hole positions. Choosing a TV bracket Singapore for your television will depend on your choice, the weight and size of your television. In addition, to avoid compatibility problems, there is a particular specification you will want to familiarise yourself with.

This simple and particular specification is called a VESA pattern or and shows the location of the 4 mounting holes on the back of your television. You may end up buying an incompatible TV wall mount without the VESA size of your television. This is a problem you can avoid easily if you hire TVBracketSG for your wall bracket installation in Singapore.

Finding the VESA size TV Bracket Singapore for your TV

You will be able to find a VESA size TV bracket for your television on the website of the manufacturer or in the user manual. Measuring it manually is the fastest method to go about it, even though you can do the measurement yourself by following these steps:

  1. Take the measurement of the distance between the holes straight from the centres of the right and left holes to give you the first measurement
  2. Measure the distance perpendicularly from the centres of the top and base holes vertically for the second measurement.

You can now determine the VESA size of your television, now that you have both the Vertical and the horizontal distance.


Before buying TV brackets in Singapore, make sure you have the right measurement for your television. Interestingly, nearly all the television brands in Singapore and TV manufacturers make use of the VESA standards.

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