Tilting TV bracket: Pro and Con

tilting tv bracket supply in singaporeSome people would argue that the degree of tilt on a tilting Tv bracket is so small that it makes no significant difference if you’re using a fixed mount or the tilted version. The titled TV bracket is a slight modification from the already existing fixed TV bracket.

Like other types of TV brackets mounted on the wall, the tilt TV wall mounts come with standard equipment in the package, the distinction between this mount and the fixed mount is an extra pair of attachment extension that provides the tilt option. These generally have a number of holes that that the mount can appropriately be secured to the wall, these holes are called VESA and they are usually compatible with TVs in their size category. The components on the TV are coupled securely with TV bracket, which is bolted to the wall.

With our continuous access to the internet, it is becoming easier to make informed decisions. As facts are easily gotten. Most gadgets comes with both pros and cons in usage, but at TV bracket Singapore  , we’re here to ensure the cons are adequately addressed.


  • Standing top of this list is the fact that the screen can be tilted or bent to an angle. The ability to turn the screen provides the viewer with a range of positions and increases pleasure without adding stress.
  • The tilting of the screen helps in reducing strain on the eyes and neck pain that might occur if the TV is not installed at the correct height. In most cases, TVs are not fixed at the appropriate height, but tilting the screen helps improve viewing.
  • At TV bracket our tilting TV mount provides more space to hide wires behind the TV. Unruly wires can easily fit into the back area of the TV bracket; this factor leads to a better presentation of the TV area.
  • At TV bracket Singapore, our tilting TV brackets can carry large TVs easily without toppling over.
  • The issue of wondering if your TV mount is too high for your viewing pleasure can be avoided, because the screen can be tilted in the event that watching the TV becomes uncomfortable.
  • The tilting TV bracket provides the additional aesthetic beauty to the apartment or location where the TV is mounted.


  • If not properly screwed in, the television might fall over as a result of the extra gravity pull on the screen. Especially when big flat screens are in usage.
  • This TV bracket has limited options of adjusting the TV in comparison to the articulating TV mount.
  • Another con is, they’re expensive when compared to the fixed TV mount. The extra expense is probably as a result of the extra arm for tilting.
  • If you’re using an older version of LED, you might have an issue with the TV display as a result of the tilt. In this scenario, it is advisable you by the TV bracket that doesn’t have a noticeable tilt.

All cons talked about in this article can be addressed if your TV installation is handled by  professionals . At TV bracket Singapore we’re not just experienced in handling your home installations  but we’re also experienced in handling workspace installation. Issues like having your screen topple over as a result of errors in installment can easily be curbed.

The tilting TV mount is fast becoming an installation option for most homes. There are however other TV bracket options that can be explored. At TV bracket Singapore, we have had several installations  concerning mounting your TV on the wall.  Our years of experience and skill level makes us certified to handle your installation. For more information on the pros and cons of different designs, and functions of TV mounts and the TV bracket Singapore, you can visit our website at https://www.tvbracketsg.com to explore other TV brackets.

In conclusion, all these factors can be easily handled by us at TV bracket Singapore  . We would advise that you get the help of a professional to determine if your building structure can accommodate your dreams, and give you other options if your structure is not well suited for the installation.