The ultimate buyers guide on TV stand in Singapore

The ultimate buyers guide on TV stand in Singapore TV stands are perfect for taking your house appearance to the next level, taking the TV off the ground giving you a better viewing angle and adding plenty of space to store related items. But the decision on which stand to buy seems to scare most people and therefore, this article is designed to help you make informed decision about the perfect TV stand. I will outline the vital factors you need to focus on when buying the TV stands.

Consider the size of your TV

If you do not know the size of your TV set, here is what you need to do, break out the tape measure and measure across the screen diagonally. Doing this, you need to keep in mind that while the TV screen are measured in a diagonal manner, the stands use a width measurement. Having a TV stand with exact measurement as your TV, the stand will actually be wider.

Basically, you need a TV stand as wide as your TV, however, there are some people who prefer the stand to be wider and then center the TV which give room to set other things on the side.

When it comes to height, short standard height and a tall stand are also available. Choose the one that fits with the height of your seating and also your preferred viewing angle.

The making material

When it comes to the making material, you are spoilt for choice, but generally, the metal stands are a good choice. Here is secret for you. The metal stands are the best when you want to give your home the exotic, modern look.

Most of the metal stands in the Singapore market are designed or professional application. With the metal stands, you are assured of its durability, and very easy to use and customize.  Unlike the traditional wooden stands metal stands are the best as they do not use up a lot of space in the house. Therefore, when looking at the making material of the stands, go for the metal designs.

The type and style of the stand

The popular TV stands in the market include entertainment centers, corner TV stands and TV hutches. The entertainment center type provide plenty of storage for other items. The corner stand on the other hand are smaller and designed with a triangular edge. They are perfect to fit at the corner of the house. While the hutches have an enclosed shape making it less of a focus in the house.

When it comes to the stand styling, select the stand that fits into the house style and brings the room together. To get the classic taste of appearance in your home, we’d recommend a stand made out of a durable hardwood.


Given that the modern TV stands are made out of metal material, it is not surprising that most of the stands are either black in color or chrome. One of the most popular colors. Well, according to TVBracketSG it is an excellent choice. The shades of black work also work well in a variety of color schemes and style.

We recommend black color and endorse it greatly. Why? This is for a contemporary-style home. It works the best. Black and chrome may seem the best to most people but you can also choose other unique colors.

Want to shop for more TV stands in Singapore? Well, TVBracketSG offers the best stands and given the recent rise in the Bracket usage, more people are shifting their attention from the traditional stands and considering TV Bracket in Singapore, but if you do not want to loose the traditional sense, TV stands are the best and this guide will help you shop for the best.