THE QUALITY OF A FULL-MOTION DOUBLE-ARM MOUNT TV BRACKET SingaporeThe full-motion double-arm mount is suitable for commercial use and in places where the TV could be mishandled. This mount is preferable for hanging your TV in the corners of the room, and the double arm gives it the capacity to bear the heavier weight of up to 200lbs. At TVBracketSG, we offer durable and heavy-duty mounts in varying sizes.

The full-motion double-arm offers a wide variety of movements like swing, tilt, depth, and panning as well as a high degree of mount flexibility and mobility. With the mount, you can now control the level of glare by just tilting to adjust the view angle and fix the situation appropriately.


Why Double-arm full-motion Mount

There are so many key features of the full-motion double-arm and they include;

  • The extra arm protruding from the mount bracket gives the double-arm mount more capacity to carry a greater load.
  • The double-are full-motion mount is professionally designed to take more weight up to 200lbs.
  • The mount is very reliable and designed for heavier TV screens.
  • It is highly recommended for commercial purposes where there is a high tendency for mishandling.

To fully enjoy our full-motion double-arm mount, we have portioned them into three categories, depending on the size of your TV.

Check out the Small size. It’s really portable and effective

Our small mount is a flat panel full-motion mount with a distance of 42mm to 452mm from the wall. It fits most 32″ to 55″ flat panel displays. Our products comply with VESA regulations of 100*100, 200*100, 200*200, 300*300, 400*200, 400*400mm, and have a tilt angle of +10°- 2°.

Key Features:

  • It has a load capacity of up to 80lbs
  • It’s made with SPCC materials
  • Its surface is treated with a powdered paint coating.

Do you want it in medium size? We’ve got you covered.

The medium mount is a flat panel full-motion mount with a distance of 49mm to 491mm from the wall which fits most 32″ to 70″ flat panel display. It complies with VESA regulations of 100*100, 200*100, 200*200, 300*200, 300*300, 400*200, 400*300, 400*400mm. It can swivel angle of up to 160°, which is dependent on your TV size.

Key Features:

  • It has a load capacity of 100lbs.
  • Fine black coloration.
  • It has a tilt of +8°-5°


Take a look at the large mount size

The large mount is 58 to 500mm from the wall and fits most 40″-70″ flat panel display. It complies with VESA regulations of 200*200, 300*200, 300*300, 400*200, 400*300, 400*400, 600*400mm, and a tilt angle of +10°~-2°.

Key Features:

  • It swivels up to 160° dependent on your TV size
  • It has a load capacity of 100lbs.
  • It is made with SPCC material

The extra-large mount is 116mm to 708mm from the wall, fits most 50″-80″ flat panel display and a VESA compliance of 200*200, 400*200, 400*400, 800*500mm. It can swivel up to 160°, and a tilt of +15°~-5°.

Key Feature:

  • This is one of the best Tv Mount
  • It has a load capacity of 200lbs
  • This Tv wall mount has a fine black coating.


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It’s quite clear that choosing a double-arm mount depends on the dimensions of your TV screen. So, buying a mount at TV Bracket in Singapore that will serve you well, regardless of whatever purpse you need it for is the ideal thing to do. However, before purchasing one, you should consider the dimension and weight of your TV screen and let TVBracketSG help advise you in making the right decision while selecting the right mount for your display screen.

What are you waiting for? The coast is now clear for you to make an order from TVBracketSG. It is the right place to be. You won’t regret any action taken to equip your living room with the most efficient electronic accessories.