THE PERFECT AND CLEAN LOOK - TV Table Stand in SingaporeIf your space happens to be littered with different gadgets like your stereo system, DVDs, game consoles, etc., a TV stand is likely the way to go. A stand gives your space a classy feel while getting rid of the previously cluttered appearance.

The stand positions your TV at an ideal height while preventing light reflections and neck strain. With a TV stand, you are guaranteed easy access to your TV port and relative ease in setting up.

At TVBracketSG, our stands are designed to provide a lift for your space and complement the rest of your furniture. Our TV stands come in varying sizes, all designed with durable materials. Variety, they say, is the spice of life. Why not spice up your home with this amazing TV table stand from the best brand on the market.

Our TV table stands are made in different designs with different materials, and available in different colors. This is because we appreciate that the living room comes in different sizes, colors, and styles, so no matter what you want, we have just the right designs of TV table stands that will blend nicely with your space. Do you want it in small, medium, large, or extra-large sizes? No worries.

Small Size… It’s Portable

The small size fits most 26″-32″ flat panel display and complies with VESA regulations of within 200mm x 200mm. It has a tilt angle of 0° and can bear a load of 35kg.

Special Features:

  • It has a distance of 29mm from the wall
  • It meets the essential requirements of VESA regulations

Medium Size does it right!

The medium mount fits most 32″-55″ flat panel display and has a VESA compliance of within 600mm × 400mm. It has a tilt angle of 0° and a load capacity of 45kg.

Special Features:

  • A perfect fit for your TV
  • Its material is made with SPCC coating.

Larger Mount, better look

The large mount fits most 40″-65″ flat panel display and complies with VESA regulations of within 600mm x 400mm. It has a 0° tilt and a load capacity of 45kg.

Special Features:

  • The best Tv mount for large screen TV

The extra-large mount fits most 40″-75″ flat panel display and has a VESA compliance of within 800mm x 500mm. It has a tilt angle of 0° and a load capacity of 50kg.

Special Features:

  • It can carry the heavyweight of your TV

Why You Should Choose TVBracketSG

Here are some of the reasons you should make an order for your TV table stands from TVBracketSG – TV Bracket Singapore:

  • Affordable prices

Our TV Table Stand is valuable products but with a reasonable amount. At TVBracketSG, we offer reasonably priced products and services and we ensure that the products and services we offer are worth the fees we charge you.

  • Quality materials

Every one of our TV table stands has been designed with quality and solid materials. Quality and durable materials are always at the front and center of the mind. Our TV stands are of good quality, durable and you are able to mount your TV with a classic look.

  • Great customer service

We have a team of well experienced, reliable, professional, and locally-based people that are ready to meet our client’s requirements and expectations. Our team is client-friendly and is able to deliver quality and professional workmanship as well as giving professional recommendations and advice to our clients on selecting the most suitable ceiling mount.

  • Speedy product delivery

At TVBracketSG, we also offer excellent delivery services for our products. Our professional drivers and team are able to deliver the products safely and in one piece as well as install the TV table stand safely and excellently.

Final Take

Our TV table stands are built and designed to be just the right height to watch and give your TV display a location to stay straight. TV displays are usually the centerpieces of the living room, so our TV stands are designed just to help decorate the space perfectly.

Now you have it as you want it. Information is essential. Maybe you have an awful experience with some of the electronic accessories you bought in the past. Search for this unique brand and trust me, you will come back to show gratitude.