The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying TV wall mount in Singapore

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying TV wall mount bracket in SingaporeNowadays it is not a surprise to find various types of TV wall mount and Brackets in Singapore, which is quite classy compared to placing the TV on a TV stand. The good thing with the TV mounts is that they enable your TV to be positioned in different styles and sizes either in a fixed manner or one that allows the TV to be tilting in various degrees of movements.

The do’s

Do buy appropriate style mount

There are three types of wall mounts that you will find in the Singapore market, these are the Fixed, the Tilting and the Full motion wall mounts. Fixed, just as the name suggests do not allow the TV to move in any way. The tilting on the other hand allow the TV to move in vertical adjustments and lastly, the full motion offer varying amounts of adjustments with the tilt and swivel combination. Therefore, consider what type or style of mount you want which in some degree will be dictated by the design of your house.

Do consider the TV size and weight (specifications)

Well, now that you know what you want for a mount, it is time that you consider the specifications for the TV. It should be your primary consideration before buying the mount. The TV size is usually expressed in terms of inches therefore, look for a mount that best suits your TV specifications.

Do install the mount properly

Well most people overlook this fact but is important because one single mistake could make everything a mess! If you do not know how, consult with the experts in Singapore, like the TVBracketsSG. The fixed and the Tilt mounts are very easy to install. The full motion on the other hand are not. Always, follow the instructions from the manufacturer. When considering the fixing position, bear in mind the distance from the TVs position to the viewing position. Ideally, this should be about one and a half times the screen size.

Don’t forget the VESA compatibility

For a TV to be securely fixed correctly, it needs to be compatible with the VESA regulations. Screws are important consideration with the wall mounts and TVs fit to brackets by them, the pattern of the screws should match the pattern found on the mount. More to that, you need to ensure that they are standardized. Most of the TV manufacturers and the models follow the VESA system.

Don’t overlook the safety and quality of the mounts

Make sure that the TV bracket in Singapore is installed correctly. There are so many reputable sellers in Singapore, just to point a few, TVBracketsSG is a trusted seller where you can find quality. Otherwise, it is good to also check some reviews both in the online platforms and offline. Most of the mounts will include a warrant which most seller give plus a return policy.

All these are the dos and the don’ts that you need to pay close attention to whenever shopping for a TV mount in Singapore. Remember that counterfeit products are everywhere which increases the chances of you compromising over the quality, therefore, before making the purchase, ensure that you are dealing with a trusted dealer.