Take Your Television Anywhere with TV Mobile Stand from TVBracketSG

supply tv bracket & tv stand with wheels in singaporeTV mobile stand can be described as a gadget designed to hold tour TV in place to offer a suitable viewing angle from different positions of your room. With advent of mobile television stands from TVBracketSG, you can now take your TV anywhere you go without hassle. TV mobile stand with wheels is a unique way to give your basement, den, or room an urban touch.

Mobile television stands are elegant and space conserving devices that simplify your entertainment center. This stylishly designed mobile stand from TVBracketSG is very easy to assemble and allow you to mount your television for a sparkling, stylish look.

Ability to Hold Many Devices in Position

Television mobile stand holds a variety of devices in place and gives ergonomic relief in its ability to be moved and its adjustability. TV mobile stands Singapore are easily moveable, which means that you can watch television from anywhere in your house, once you can move the TV there.

In other words, you can rotate your TV making it possible for you to view it from several angles within the house. This makes the stand handy whenever you want to watch television all alone from an angle that doesn’t always get the full view of the TV.

Height Adjustability

On the other hand, television mobile stand lets you adjust its height allowing you to view your TV from diverse angles based on the height chosen. As a result, you can watch the television while standing, seating, or lying on the floor. You can also adjust the height to suit your little ones. With the height adjustment feature of the stand, you can increase the number of people who can view the TV at a certain time by increasing its position from the floor.

Rotating Shelf

A number of TV mobile stands have rotating shelf for holding important gadgets like decoder, remote control and gaming console for easy access.


Owing to the adjustability of television mobile stand, it is very compatible with various television sets. A good number can hold TV sets ranging from 32 inches to 65 inches and this covers many TV sets. They are also capable of supporting weights of up to 50 kilograms making them good for a lot of televisions.


Mobile TV stands are extremely stable, therefore condensing the chances of tipping them and damaging your TV and other items on the stand. The design of the stands will let you bind cables to them to avoid tripping hazards.


With increase in choices from movies, gaming, and much loved TV series, a lot of people are getting glued to their television screens for entertainment. With such a technological advancement is to guarantee that you are comfortable while watching your TV set.

This is why ergonomic technicians and engineers have made different types of mobile TV stands to lessen the damage on the user in the course of watching television.

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