Safety Concerns at Home That Make TV Brackets or Mounts a Must

TV Bracket Singapore install at Training Vision SchoolUnlike older CRT TVs, LEDs, LCDs and Plasma TVs are way lighter. They weigh as less as around 15-20% of CRT TVs. Due to this lightness, the modern television is very unstable and vulnerable to fall. Even a slight push or a slight knock can result it in falling to its death. During the old days, a physical damage to TV was a rare event but today this is a common thing. TVs today are also getting bigger and even the customers prefer larger screen TVs. The large size further makes them susceptible to unintended jolts and bumps. A damaged TV is also poses electric shock hazard.
As owners report, TV falls can be mostly attributed to young children and pets in the household. No matter how well you instruct your children or train pets, they are not aware that their running around in the house could damage the TV and in some cases cause injuries. Sometimes the wagging tail of a happy dog can make the TV topple.
Many customers now choose to buy insurance for their expensive TV sets. This practice, although insures you against losses but is also a drain to your resources.  A better solution is to get rid of the problem itself. You could do this by simply getting a TV bracket or mount in Singapore . TV brackets and mounts from TVBracketsSG costs as low as SG 30 Dollars. When you consider insurance premium you would pay over the years, this is a super bargain deal.

Safety Concerns at offices/Businesses That Make TV Brackets or Mounts a Must

A similar case is also observed in offices too. Although there are usually no children or pets in offices, the number of people working in offices makes up for them. TVs that are kept in recreation room/tea room usually take the blow. This is because all employees working in the office gather around this place during the break time. I have known many cases where people have reported TV falling incidents that occurred during tea breaks.

If you are running a business/shop, the worst thing you could do would be to keep your swanky LED panel on a table. Customers and shoppers of all age including children visit shops. There is also a risk of robbery, although it is not common to have TV/monitor stolen from shops but you never know what the thief is up to. The best thing you could is to hang your TV high on the wall using Brackets or Mounts of your choice and requirements.
By using Brackets or Mounts from TVbracketsSG, you can safeguard your precious TV from all dangers and that at a bargain!