Reasonable TV Bracket in Singapore Price

Find The Reasonable Price of the TV Bracket in SingaporeHanging the TV on the wall is not only a convenience, but it also allows you to save space. In any case, you may also be interested in doing it for the feeling of cleanliness or because it is still a beautiful thing to see.

But what is the right bracket and what you need to consider to have a good TV bracket in Singapore at a reasonable price?

If you’re searching for a TV bracket in Singapore which incompatible at a reasonable price then you’re in the right place! Below you will find all your answers and reactions.

Tiltable Supports and Brackets

Tiltable supports are the second choice. They are like the previous ones, but with the difference that they allow you to tilt the screen, sometimes only downwards and others both downwards and upwards.

Why do you need a tilting bracket? Very simple, to prevent an excessive viewing angle from obscuring the view of the screen. The line of sight between your eyes and the TV screen should be perpendicular, so if you fix the TV at a certain height you need to allow it to tilt. For example, we’ve:

C45 Tilting Bracket

Tilt TV Stand – Wall Bracket for 26-70 Inch TV, Max VESA 400×400, Ultra Resistant Bracket 45 kg. 

●    Personalize your viewing experience

It features an integrated virtual axis tilt function that allows you to tilt 12 ° upwards and 12 ° downwards, so you can choose the most comfortable position while reducing glare and fatigue of the neck/eyes.

●    Suitable for different types of walls

Our TV wall mount works on a single pin of wood, concrete and brick wall, but cannot be installed directly on the drywall. If you want to install it on a plasterboard, you need to check if there are wooden studs or metal studs in the drywall using a search pin.

●    VESA compatibility

This TV stand is built with VESA holes ranging from 100x100mm up to 400x400m. Compatible with most TVs on the market today, but be SURE to check your TV’s VESA model before purchasing.

●    Resistant and Reliable 

The TV bracket in Singapore is equipped with safety screws at the bottom of the TV brackets designed to prevent the movement of the TV. Constructed of durable and sturdy stainless steel This TV stand is designed to support a TV weight of up to 60 kg.

Fixed Supports And Brackets

Fixed TV bracket the fixed supports are the simplest ones. These allow you to place the TV on the wall as if it were a painting, with no other possibilities. The TV bracket in Singapore will be completely fixed and will not be able to do anything, neither be oriented towards a particular point nor be inclined. Its use is recommended if you intend to position the TV at eye level when sitting.


NBD2F Ultra Thin Fixed Wall Mount for 32″ to 55″ Smart TV, max VESA 400 x 400, Capacity 45 kg, Level included

  •   Quality assurance 

This product fully complies with safety standards;

All TV wall mounting bracket rigorously stress tested to ensure safety;

  •   Screen size

32-55 inch-suitable for Samsung LG Sony Toshiba FINLUX Sanyo Sharp Emerson Panasonic Philips Insignia Westinghouse Coby element JVC AOC Dynex TCL Roku and more other brands Widescreen 1080p 3D Full HD LED 4K TV.

  •   Maximum capacity

45kg maximum load capacity, good quality to protect your TV perfectly;

Supports And Brackets With Swivel Arm

Supports with one or two arms allow you to move the TV from the wall and turn it to view the image correctly, even to place them in complicated places such as the corners of the room. Depending on the length of the arm you can have multiple possibilities of movement, horizontally or vertically according to the mechanism mounted by the arm. But be careful with the dimensions and maximum weight allowed.

KLCX7 Double Arm Full Motion TV Bracket (Medium)

KLCX7 Ideal TV Wall Mount Bracket for TV 32″ to 70″ Inch LED LCD TV Tilting and rotating (Vert. + 5 ~ -12,  Swivel 45 Degree and Max Vesa 400 × 400mm Maximum load 45Kg.

  •   Pre-installations

Your TV must have a maximum weight of less than 45 kg. The wall of your house is made of brick. Concrete or other materials. solid. If the wall is plastered, it must be reinforced before installation

  •   Swivel and tilt function

Swivel 45 ° left and right – Tilt 5 ° upwards and 12 ° downwards. This way you can choose the best viewing angles from anywhere in the house!

Now you can choose the type that is best with your TV at a reasonable price. To learn more about this topic you can visit TV BRACKET SG we are always at your disposal to help you.